Fall is here. The leaves are changing, the pumpkin spice lattes are out in full force and most importantly, fall fashion trends are on the go. Here are some of this season’s most popular trends and ideas on how to make them work for you.


If you don’t want to buy a whole new wardrobe, you can simply go at this trend on a grassroots level: pairing various solid-color items together. If you want to invest in a key piece, a jacket or sweater is perfect. Make sure the colors work with your particular skin tone and don’t wash you out. Often times, one color paired with black is a great way to interpret this trend.

Image by Darrel Hunter.

Image by Darrel Hunter.

Trench coats

Pretty much every single designer showed a trench coat on their fall runway and this is a really easy trend to participate in. It’s likely you have a trench already hidden in the back of your closet, so dig it out. If not, purchasing one in a basic color like khaki or black will ensure you can sport your trench for many  years to come. You can push limits and go uber-trendy with a giant, oversize coat, or stick to a more classical design.

Image by Acne Studios.

Image by Ermanno Scervino.


It’s fall so that means plaid anything and everything is fair game. This season, feel free to mix plaids, wear different color and pattern styles of plaid — just go crazy with plaids. Even better, this trend can carry on into those colder winter months too. If you don’t want to invest in a coat or blazer, a plaid scarf is an easy way to participate in this trend without going overboard.

Image Tommy Hilfiger.

Image by Darrel Hunter.

Words by Lori Zaino and images as specified.

Trap music lovers can now help end child poverty and stay stylish at the very same time by purchasing this shirt designed by Uniform and rap artist/fashion icon A$AP Ferg. The shirt was designed for Red Nose Day, which falls this year on May 25, 2017. You can buy this funky teeshirt for $28 and the proceeds go to support children in need.

Pickup this cool shirt and support a charity.

Pickup this cool shirt and support a charity.

If you’re wondering what Red Nose Day is, it’s a day that benefits a charity that helps kids stay safe, healthy and empowered through education and care. The charity donates to programs in every single state in America as well as communities and projects in places like Latin America, Asia and Africa.

If you want to know exactly where your shirt money is going, it may be for an American child to eat a meal. It also might give a Ugandan child access to clean drinking water or vaccinate a child in Asia. It could even help at at-risk teen or child participate in an after-school activity or help a homeless child get off the streets.

Being a gentleman isn’t just about fashion, it’s about helping the world become a better place. Plus the shirt is pretty cool, so why not kill two birds with one stone and snap one up and wear it on May 25, 2017 to show your support. Uniform also offers some other tee shirts for purchase, by the one designed by A$AP Ferg is by far the most stylish and cool.

Words by Lori Zaino and photo of shirt from Uniform.


So here is your pre-summer assignment should you chose to accept it. You are a wannabe rich kid of Instagram and because you missed the Coachella 2017 event in mid-April (while all your super cool friends went anyway) you just paid several thousand to attend the Fyre Festival on the Exumas later in the month to make up for things as you do not want to lose any followers. So you want to wear something cool and chic which is going to set you apart – in style – from whom you consider your peers. But they already have whatever you are having because they are just as wealthy and just as desperate for attention. What do you do now? Think quickly.

Too late; but here is the BDMOTP summer style solution 2017 which of course has been flying high in Italy, Spain, Greece, and France for ages (after all is this where Ibiza and all the other party islands are located) and forever: You buy what is called in French ‘a foulard’ – a summer silk holiday scarf.

The summer silk holiday foulard 2017.

The summer silk holiday foulard 2017.

Obviously a company making such gems ought to be called aptly Les Belles Heures (the beautiful hours) where they introduce to you what they call their ‘effortless chic’ (gotta love that one as euphemism for silky or smooth) multi-colored silk neck scarves.

Yes, yes, yes – this is actually what the boys wear ON THE BEACH. Don’t be shy! At 120 dollars each, it’s so very perfect to make a simple and discrete impression on your friends and followers while they are struggling to scramble for a flight back home from the Exumas. Everyone is looking miserable except you, because your silky neckerchief is giving you the perfect day-look as the salty Atlantic wind is too brisk even for your friends’ long hair to remain clean while attempting their best impression of Jay Alvarez.

Make my summer holiday.

Make my summer holiday.

It could have all been so perfect. But now you are the only one to have things still under control. Thanks to your Les Belles Heures Summer Holiday Foulard 2017. Let the party begin.

And guess what, this latest item by Les Belles Heures was released on the same date (April 28) when Fyre Festival was supposed to open. No coincidence that and it would have made for a nice promotional tie-in had the party not ended in organizational disaster thanks to inadequate planning. But that is not your problem now – no need to go into losermode, because you are ready under all circumstances. Instagram here I come. Party or no party.


Words by Sandro and photos from Les Belles Heures by GPS Radar.


With holiday parties happening all December long, you may be wondering what’s appropriate to wear. Here is a guide to help you choose what is best for each style of event you have. Red and green are definitely not required for a great holiday look!

Family Time

Family gatherings are usually pretty casual, so for a get together with relatives, try a cosy, winter-warm sweater. It will give you flexibility to sit on the floor and open presents with the kids but still look nice at the dinner table. Extra points for anything turtleneck or plaid, which are both trending this season.

Extra points for a turtleneck.

Extra points for a turtleneck.

This sweater is trendy and warm.

This sweater is trendy and warm.

Out On The Town With Friends

Chances are you’ll be heading out for champagne on New Year’s Eve or for pre-holiday drinks and dinner. You may be bar hopping or heading from spot to spot, so really, you can wear something casual, but make sure to cover it with a warm coat. A longer, heavy coat is perfect if it’s snowing, or try a fur collar for a windier evening to keep that neck warm.

Gotta love a fur collar and a beanie

Gotta love a fur collar and a beanie

A long coat is ideal for an evening out with friends.

A long coat is ideal for an evening out with friends.

An Important Date

You want to look extra dapper for your girl this holiday season. Something smart, like a suit or sharp blazer is ideal. Make sure to focus on the fit, as it should be form-fitting by not too tight, or that could be unflattering. For a daytime date, a leather jacket and hat combo is perfect.

Depending what kind of date it is, a casual yet streamlined look could work.

Depending what kind of date it is, a casual yet streamlined look could work.

Look sharp for a night out with your lady.

Look sharp for a night out with your lady.

That Work Holiday Party

Holiday parties at the office usually run after work, so wear something professional that you can dress down a bit to relax. For example, a blazer with a cool shirt underneath so you can peel layers off as the night goes on.

Take off these blazers for a more casual look.

Take off these blazers for a more casual look.

Of course, you don't need a bike to pull this style off.

Of course, you don’t need a bike to pull this style off.

All photos by Darrel Hunter.

The weather is beginning to change and the wind is blowing a slight chill into the air. It’s time for fall, so what to wear? Here are some of the top trends for this fall and winter season, and they’re actually wearable trends that any man should be able to easily participate in.

1. The Bomber Jacket

Matthew Miller shows a bomber style jacket layered over a longer coat for a modern look.

Matthew Miller shows a bomber style jacket layered over a longer coat for a modern look. Photo courtesy of Matthew Miller press.

This jacket, which is lightweight and perfect for fall temps, has been popular for many years, in fact, since the 1940’s. This season, it’s back with a serious vengeance and every man should be able to dig one out of his closet or pickup a new one.

This guy, spotted in Paris looks sleek in his two-tone bomber jacket. Photo courtesy of Darrel Hunter.

This guy, spotted in Paris looks sleek in his two-tone bomber jacket. Photo courtesy of Darrel Hunter.

These jackets have been spotted all over the AW16/17 runways as well as in the streets. Combine it with some chic trousers or layer it (see number 2) over a longer shirt or coat for a cool silhouette.

2. Layers, layers, layers

E. Tautz shows some lightweight layers in his AW16/17 collection. Photos from E. Tautz press.

E. Tautz shows some lightweight layers in his AW16/17 collection. Photos from E. Tautz press.

This may be one of the easiest fall trends to partake in, simply because there a very few rules and anything goes. Just take some garments and pile them on to stay warm. See, fashion is easy!

Loving these layers spotted in Milan, not to mention the copper jacket! Photo courtesy of Darrel Hunter.

Loving these layers spotted in Milan, not to mention the copper jacket! Photo courtesy of Darrel Hunter.

Obviously you want to pick thing that aren’t too bulky so you aren’t ballooned out, but this trend is both practical and fashionable, as you can peel off layers if you become warm.

3. Copper

We are swooning over this rich copper coat spotted in London. Photo courtesy of Darrel Hunter.

We are swooning over this rich copper coat spotted in London. Photo courtesy of Darrel Hunter.

This is a super cool color that immediately reminds us of autumn. It’s been spotted on virtually every runway from London to New York to Tokyo, so if you plan to invest in a new item this fall, a rich copper jacket or sweater is the ideal item.

These colorblocked pops of copper are super stylish. Photo courtesy of Charles Wosselin.

These colorblocked pops of copper are super stylish. Photo courtesy of Charles Wosselin.

The return of the bowtie as an everyday male fashion accessory has presented handsome, well-dressed men all over the world with a pending dilemma: to bow tie, or to necktie?

I’ll start by running through the difference between the two:


A bow tie is a small tie that has an ending which is straight and rectangular or one that tapers and flares out at the end. Bow ties are often for more elegant occasions, but lately have been used with more day-to-day looks, and often provides a playful, whimsical touch to an outfit.

A dapper necktie spotted in London

A dapper necktie spotted in London

Neckies are more traditional, longer ties that can vary in width. Recently, the skinny tie is a hipster trend that can be worn with just about anything, no suit needed.

Why Wear A Bow Tie?

Wearing a bow tie may be easier for those with an busy lifestyle. It won’t fall into your soup and salad lunch combo or get stuck in a car door or machinery. Men of action will like the bow tie and it also gives off a retro, spirited and elegant vibe. 

Bow ties don't always have to be dressy

Bow ties don’t always have to be dressy

Millennials also enjoy wearing bow ties with just about any outfit, including a more casual looks like paired with jeans. Of course, the old-school elegance of a bow tie can go a long way when you are trying to impress.

Downton Abbey regal British cast wouldn't be caught dead without their bow ties

Downton Abbey regal British cast wouldn’t be caught dead without their bow ties

Famous bow tie wearers: Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin

Why Wear A Necktie?

Wearing a more traditional necktie can actually make you look taller, so all you height-challenged dudes out there listen up: Tie lengths are usually between 52 and 58 inches and make sure your tie is proportional to your height.

Neckties can express your style

Neckties can express your style

Width of  ties is also important. Three inches is always a good choice and skinnier ties can give you a more hipster, downtown look. A necktie is a safe bet–one you can never go wrong with as long as you can tie it properly!

George Clooney isn't starting any new trends, but looks great in a traditional necktie

George Clooney isn’t starting any new trends, but looks great in a traditional necktie

Famous necktie wearers: Donald Trump, George Clooney, The Blues Brothers

Commit to whatever style you choose and wear it with pride

Commit to whatever style you choose and wear it with pride

Regardless of which you choose, commit to it, and choose one that reflects your personality. If you are stuck wearing a suit all day, this may be one of the few ways you can truly accessorize, so have fun with it and pick a tie you can be proud to wear.

A bolo tie can make a bold statement

A bolo tie can make a bold statement

Tie Tips: 

  • Looking impeccable means you know how to perfectly tie your tie
  • If you want something really original and retro, try a bolo tie
  • Enjoy and embrace all tie styles. You don’t always have to stick to one or the other–that’s the beauty of accessories! You can have a great collection of both bow ties and neckties.

Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Darrel Hunter and Paloma Canseco.

With the biggest shopping day of the year coming up the day after Thanksgiving, we thought you men out there might need a little guidance on holiday shopping. So regardless of if you are shopping on Black Friday, Christmas Eve, or at any point in between, we’ve put together a little plan to make things easier for you!

Gift Giving Guide

Girlfriend/Boyfriend: if you listen when she/he talks, it shouldn’t be too hard

Does she/he love old movies?

Have a private screening with her

outdoor movie screening

An outdoor movie screening is a thoughtful and romantic gift!

Has she/he always wanted to see the Lincoln Memorial lit up at midnight?

Take her there!

Honestly, do something that shows you care and you’re golden.

A romantic stroll in the park  can a beautiful present!

A romantic stroll in the park can a beautiful present!

Wife/Husband: NOT the same thing you always get her (follow guidelines for boyfriend/girlfriend’s gifts)

Mom/Dad: there are two categories, practical (things they need) and things of luxury (things would like but will never buy for themselves). With both categories factor in their interests:  gardening, home improvement projects, sewing, cooking, parlor games, travel, gadget fanatic, etc. Odds are, your parents like at least one of these things, so factor this interest into focusing on a gift they will appreciate.

Co-Worker/Boss: based on jokes/conversations shared, get something small that applies. If you don’t have a cool boss give them a card/gift card combo, it can’t fail. Don’t go overboard with co-worker and boss gifts, usually something small is perfect.

Sister: a cute, unique piece of jewelry (ring/necklace/bracelet) She will appreciate the thought you put into it. If you shop at stores: Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Free People, you will find something any sister will like.

anthroplogie gifts

Brother: Bookstore/Amazon Gift Card, it has everything! Books, movies, clothes, tools, videogames, etc. Perfect for the brother with multiple interests.

Amazon Gift Card

Final Tips:

*A silly heartfelt card (not overly sappy, but an ‘I care and Love you sentiment) goes a long way with the folks, and will butter them up before they open their gifts.

You can never go wrong with a cute card.

You can never go wrong with a cute card.

*All gifts must be individualized and thoughtful at the core for them to be considered a success.

Have a great holiday season and good luck shopping!

Posted by Anne Grimaudo

I present to you Miles Burrell, 29, single and in need of the Gosling Effect. If you aren’t sure what the Gosling Effect is, it’s a transformation (performed perfectly by actor Ryan Gosling, among many others) of looking just regular to looking fabulous. Everyone knows your first impression shapes what people think of you; however, what if you looked amazing all the time? Simply, dress for the role you want, not the one you have. Miles here is in need of the Gosling Effect, so lets get to it!

Before1 c

I can hear what you’re thinking …“He doesn’t look that bad.” OK, let’s put this in perspective. You’re a cute woman at a speed-dating event and it’s Miles sitting across from you in that look. Still looks ok to you? New scenario, You’re starting a new business and you’ve emptied your 401k to make it happen. You are interviewing for your new graphic guy. Does he get the job?

Let’s review what is The Gosling Effect. In a nutshell, it’s dressing for the life you want, not the life you have. Miles is a freelance graphic designer/ fine artist. As in the case of most artists, he has a job in an unrelated field, but the objective is to paint and create for a living. However, that future goal means parties, gallery showings, interviews, client meeting and more meetings, etc. As an artist, I know how hard it is to live on ones talents and looking the part can help.

In the beginning, I asked Miles what he wants to look like. His answer: “I want people to compliment me.” Full Disclosure: Miles and I are friends and I expected him to say “I.D.K. (I don’t know).” I could help him with that. So, we started from his feet and worked our way up.


Shoe shopping told me a lot about his personal taste. He didn’t care for very traditional or fussy shoes. Hard heavy wingtips were rejected. Shoes that had too much happening and felt complicated never left their boxes. Clean, simple, comfortable and easy seem to be the theme. Those were adjectives I could work with. Next came an everyday work wear.


He tried on a quilted hunting style jacket. He wasn’t happy. Then he tried on a sports jacket that wasn’t right either. But, there was an overcoat in navy that made him perk up. Later, we met up and put together four looks that worked for his life now.


Look 1 is an easy casual upgrade from his everyday look. He can wear this to work or to the art store. It’s comfortable enough for him to work in but all the pieces can serve him a hundred ways.

Black & Brown Car Coat $149.00
Blue Plaid Ben Sherman shirt $85.00 Insert: Look 1
Perry Ellis Jeans in Dark indigo $69.50
Polo Boots $98.00


Look 2 is a nod to classic Americana prep. We decided on a look that he could wear to work but also on a date. Miles’ complexion lets him wear colors that others can’t easily wear.

Look 2
Black & Brown Cashmere Sweater in
Heathered blue $225.00
Buffalo David Bitton Shirt $69.00 Insert: Look 2
Calvin Klein Pants $55.00
Cole Haan Lunar Grand Wingtip
In Gray $198.00

Tip: When looking to add a little color to your wardrobe; remember to check the item in good lighting, like sunlight, against your face. For example: Some yellows or greens will actually make a person look sick.



Look 3 is a weekend look that can go a lot of places: a party, a meeting with clients or drinks with friends.

Look 3
Perry Ellis Faux Leather Jacket $170.00
Ben Sherman Sweater $130.00
Black and Brown shirt $89.00 Insert: Look 3
Perry Ellis Jeans $69.00
Polo Sneakers in Black leather $65.00


Look 4 is a sophisticated, grown-up look that completely elevates his appearance. Suiting comes in separates. You don’t have to always wear matching pieces. A little bit of James Bond meets Tyson Beckford.

Look 4
Tallia Blazer $325.00
Buffalo David Bitton $69.00 Insert: Look 4
Michael Kors black Slim Tie $65.00
Cole Haan $198.00

Sidebar: While no one knows what was the click that caused Ryan Gosling to change his look, it’s pretty clear no girlfriend or stylist made it happen. Most people need help.

Posted by Denee Davis

Chris is a radio and television personality in Cleveland. The Canadian-born talent was named Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Bachelor of the Year for 2011 and donated the $10,000 prize money to The Boys and Girls Clubs of Cleveland. He was recently awarded the “Personality of the Year” honor from the Broadcasters Hall of Fame. We caught up with Chris at the Waldorf-Astoria in NYC where he traveled to interview the stars of “The World’s End” and “Closed Circuit.”

steve oldfield Chris VanVliet21sm

1) What’s your must-carry item when you’re on the road to feel stylish?
If I’m traveling for work, a suit is an absolute must-have for me. And great shoes too. When I’m conducting an interview, I firmly believe in the idea of dressing in a manner that shows that you respect the person you are speaking with. I feel like it’s very easy to under dress for a situation, but you can’t overdress.

2) Where did you learn your sense of style?
I would stay my personal style is a real mash up from a lot of different places. Being a big movie fan, I take note of what an actor is wearing both on the screen and on the red carpet. I also love checking out new styles in magazines like GQ or Esquire and picking up ideas from there. I do little things with each outfit to try to make what I’m wearing stand out, even just slightly. Whether it’s a different colored button hole on the sleeve of my suit, or adding a tie bar or a pocket square. I also love socks. Even if no one else sees them, I love knowing that I have crazy socks on.

3) Who do you think are the most put-together, stylish actors you’ve interviewed?
Hugh Jackman is not only one of the nicest guys in Hollywood, his style is always on point whether he’s dressed up or dressed down, same thing with Ryan Gosling, Channing Tatum and Will Smith just to name a few. Being a huge professional wrestling fan since I was a kid, I think The Miz (who just so happens to be from Cleveland) always has great style with great suits both in the ring and the many times I’ve interviewed him.

steve oldfield Chris VanVliet2sm

Interview by Steve Oldfield

At 25, Jake Hamilton is one of the most popular young film critics in the United States. While his main job is working for KRIV-TV, the Fox station in Houston, Jake is seen by audiences the world over, with his popular channel on Youtube. He has had several celebrity interviews “go viral.”

Jake is known as one of the most stylish critics on the circuit. We caught up with him outside the SLS Hotel, in Los Angeles – which has its own red carpet – a place where Jake is at home when he’s not in Houston. Jake was there to interview the stars of “You’re Next” and “Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.”

JakeHamilton head shot

1. What’s your must-carry item when you’re on the road to feel stylish?
It’s all about the little things — a nice tie-clip, a classy pair of cuff links, a colorfully popping pocket square. To add attention to a detail of your ensemble that might initially go unseen says you care less about what other people think of you and more about what you think of yourself.
2. Where did you learn your sense of style?
My sense of style comes from details over history that have remained timeless. A well fitted black suit will NEVER go out of style — that’s the sort of thing that has always been appealing to me. Boys may have swag, but men have class.
3. What do you love about the store that supplies your clothing?
For me, it’s all about the fit. Whether the pieces of my ensemble come from Banana Republic, Express, H&M or Target, they all have one thing in common — they fit like they were made just for me. I’ve often paid more for tailoring than I have for the suit — and that’s where it counts. The name on the inside of the jacket doesn’t matter as much as the name of the tailor who fit it for you.
4. Who do you think are the most put-together, stylish actors you’ve interviewed? And why?
I’m always impressed by actors who rock what they know works for them. I could never pull off Johnny Depp’s look, but it fits who he is. So that sort of thing is what impresses me — not having an actor wear what I would wear, but wearing what works best for them. Style isn’t always the clothes on your back, but the confidence you use to back it up. That goes a long way.


Interview by Steve Oldfield


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