When the whole gym-shoe-paired-with-suit concept started happening a year or two ago, I am not going to lie, I turned my nose up in disgust. Then, I started pairing sneakers with more formal outfits, and not only did my feet begin to thank me, I also realized that I was right on trend, because everyone else was doing it too!

Street Style Milan Uomo (79)

Now it seems as if the trend is evolving…white sneakers everywhere, with everything, and AFTER Labor Day. I’m having a harder time with this trend, mainly because it reminds me of some specific life experiences:

1. The 80’s, straight up

2. My mother buying me white gym shoes and then me feeling dumb because they were “too” white and trying to quickly dirty them

So forgive me if I am having a bit of trouble jumping on board the white gym shoe trend…especially as they are becoming seemingly chunkier by day–anyone remember those platform Lugz or Sketchers from the early 90’s?

To do or not to do? I guess this depends on your personal style. If you really want to be on top of the trends go for it. I also find this works best with hipster looks, and young people. Forgive me for feeling alienated from a 20-year-old in skinny black jeans and white gym shoes….however here at BDMOTP we have seen it done well, so for some ideas, check out a few of our street style photos below.

Which Ones To Buy

We love this white pair of Louis Leeman Paris kicks

We love this white pair of Louis Leeman Paris kicks

The label isn’t really important (for once). Converse, New Balance, Adidas, Reebok even Dior and Y3 all have a pair of perfectly white gym shoes. Just pick your poison, and above all, make sure they stay as brightly white as possible. You could even go “vintage” and dig out those old Sketchers or Lugz, or even the dreaded white K-Swiss kicks from the bottom of  your closet. High or low tops are both a variable of the trend, so pick whichever you prefer.

You could go with a classic pair of high top white Reeboks

You could go with a classic pair of high top white Reeboks

How To Make It Work

To avoid looking like a vagabond Brooklyn teenager, trying pairing your look with something tailored, but don’t overdo it. This young man looks crisp and fashionable with his blazer, hat, and white kicks.



If you want to make a real statement (go big or go home, right), pair your white shoes with a black outfit, or black and white if you feel like being sartorial. This will definitely show people you are in it to win it.

SS17 SSmad08

Good luck in your styling, and when in doubt, cuff those pants and blind people with the whiteness of your footwear. Remember, this time around, it’s cooler if they stay white, so don’t play in the mud.

Posted by Lori Zaino, and images by Paloma Canseco, Yulia Gromova and Darrel Hunter.

After a year of fluorescent colors shocking the system at the Arnold Classic, basic black is back. The majority of the hottest fitness and casual clothing here has a biker meets Game of Thrones vibe: heavy on shields and tough text – as logos or words of inspiration. 

Gymshark’s black/camo tank was a hit at the Arnold Classic.

Gymshark’s black/camo tank was a hit at the Arnold Classic.

Some vendors went all out with their booths to catch  the eyes of  more than 175,000 people who come from all over the world for the four-day festival in Columbus, Ohio. Making the biggest splash here:  Gymshark.  They created an elevated red carpet experience where visitors could pose with familiar faces like The Hodgetwins,  YouTube and Instagram sensations. Gymshark has re-imagined the tank top, with a variety of two and three-toned designs, with black or white and a muted color or camouflage, for $30.

Former Mr. Canada body builder Mike Johnson sported a kilt during the festival as he worked the Headrush booth.

Former Mr. Canada body builder Mike Johnson sported a kilt during the festival as he worked the Headrush booth.

Headrush’s slogan,”Fortune Favours The Brave” makes for some smart t-shirts.  The company also features Native American inspired accents, and the brand is endorsed by the popular Canadian bodybuilder Mike Johnson who sported a kilt throughout the festival.

Gorilla Clothing Booth

Gorilla Clothing Booth

Monsta Clothing Co.’s in-your-face designs showed off a bit more color and a “go big or go home” attitude. Gorilla also makes a big impression with some smart jackets and t-shirts sporting their popular logo.

Swiss bodybuilder and fitness model Stan Imal sported a Team Cutler tank, named in honor of former Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler.

Swiss bodybuilder and fitness model Stan Imal sported a Team Cutler tank, named in honor of former Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler.

Many of the fitness celebrities proved that with the right physique, a simple black tank top can make a strong impression, like  legendary Powerlifter Mark Bell and Swiss bodybuilder and fitness model Stan Imal.

Governator Arnold wear

Governator Arnold wear

Some popular items here  include black tshirts emblazoned with “Governator,”  in honor of the festival’s namesake, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The sports and movie icon usually dons fancier duds for his appearances, typically a blazer and crisp dress shirt without a tie. His Expendables co-star Randy Couture wore a leather blazer and jeans while Michael Jai White rocked a smart custom black brocade blazer by Gentleman’s Cooperative.

Martial Arts Champion and Movie Star Michael Jai White looked smart in his custom blazer by The Gentleman’s Cooperative.

Martial Arts Champion and Movie Star Michael Jai White looked smart in his custom blazer by The Gentleman’s Cooperative.

Michael joined a group of best dressed athletes inducted into the International Sports Hall of Fame, including wrestler Paul “Triple H” Levesque, powerlifter Ed Coan, body builder Lenda Murray, kickboxer and movie star Don “The Dragon” Wilson and boxer Evander Holyfield. Presenting the awards was another best dressed fixture at the festival, Dr. Robert Goldman, founder of the hall of fame. When Arnold came to the podium, he ribbed “Dr. Bob” for his impeccable bespoke suit and tie. “You look studly!” Arnold said, encouraging the crowd to applaud.

Namesake Arnold Schwarzenegger usually is spotted in a blazer and crisp dress shirt at The Arnold Classic.

Namesake Arnold Schwarzenegger usually is spotted in a blazer and crisp dress shirt at The Arnold Classic.

Post and photos by Steve Oldfield.



This is not (yet) mainstream. But it will come. Soon. Very near you. It is called SRS (Selective Laser Sintering) and it uses 3D printing high tech methods to cut many odd materials and substances (including chemicals, minerals, and other compositions) made – to – (digital) measure: From nylons to steel, from leathers to plastics – you name it.  It is currently being tested and introduced worldwide by an-ever-so-hungry-for-new-ways-materials-and-designs fashion industry and the first results for men are on the table; and they are palpable:  From shoelace clips to enhanced T-shirts, from sunglasses to bow ties & ties and sports bags, this is a collection fit for an information age dandy’s curiosity cabinet or shelve. Or just get creative and do-it-yourself. At  home.  With your tablet hooked up to your domestic 3D laser printer.

To feel the hype here is a short BDMOTP favorites overview, with our originality and style rankings, 10 being the most original and stylish.


The Rebento Sports Bag by Nike

The Rebento (‘explode’) sports bag by Nike is a work of art and has a flexible, fly-knit wasp-like 3D laser-printed nylon base, which perfectly seams into a leather strapped top, with the additional feature that one can also customize a player’s name or monogram with golden plates into the sides:  Talk about branding – in this case the name is NEYMAR – he of World Cup fame. Only three bags like this exist. One was made for Wayne Rooney, one for Neymar Junior, and one (of course) for Cristiano Ronaldo. And that is it.  

BDMOTP originality & style ranking: 8.5.

The Neymar gold laser-sintered monogram

The Neymar gold laser-sintered monogram


The Mylon (sun) glasses collection by MYKITA

The Mylon Sunglasses collection by MYKITA. Something out of an old DEVO music video from the eighties when people were still wearing platform boots?  No, today it is all possible with Selective Laser Sintering.  All shapes.  All forms.  All designs.  All textures.  Every possible geometrical configuration as MYKITA puts it.  But do not try this at home.  This is high tech and heavily patented stuff and MYKITA has won many design awards ever since they started experimenting with polyamide power & CO2 (yes really) and feeding it into the 3D printers.  The objects and designs are first digitally coded, then come out as the finished product of high design.  Automated Information Age Men’s Accessory Designing has arrived.  Let’s call it AIAMAD by its acronym.  Warning:  High cool factor!  Impossible to imitate unless you have THE code.

BDMOTP originality and style ranking: 9

The shoelace clip by Cubify

The shoelace clip by Cubify

The Cubify Shoelace Clip. Simple but genius. Mind you this company also makes 3D ties, cuff links, money clips, and yes, even dandy gloves in 3D. But the shoelace clip is so simple in its design and concept – if not in style – that it takes the cake. Go to their website and you can probably simply have them printed to measure, shape, form, and color yourself. With all the different color codes possible here, one can easily see some silent future college or high school turf war occurring – either in the movies – or in real, with clueless latter-day Ferris Bueller-type school officials trying to guess what the fuzz is all about, until they discover something which they will never understand.

BDMOTP originality & style rating: Hors d’Age


Snakeskin covered street style Tee by Stampd (photo credit: Hypebeast)

The snakeskin street style long sleeved crew neck Tee by Stampd.Clearly the SRS 3D printing process is revolutionizing the look, feel, and image of men’s accessories but will it also change men’s fashion?  Here is an example as introduced by Stampd, from LA. Stampd makes many different street style T shirts and other items like hats but a snakeskin 3D print is included on several items of the collection.  Online a snakeskin Tee goes for 80 dollars. Again, it has this ‘Hunger Game’ futuristic look to it – young people trying to rebel against some unknown but ubiquitous form of high tech control, as if Grunge had long been dead but was revived in the distant future as a retro style symbolizing some or other form of long forgotten disenchantment.

BDMOTP originality & style scale: Remains yet to be seen


We live in the information age and quick research shows that even at Ali-Express (yes at the Alibaba check-out counters) for US $14.46 (free shipping from China) one can order an ‘x-men tights magneto short sleeve T shirt’ catalogued as a ‘quick-drying male money 3D printing T shirt’. Of course the item is available in the different colors and looks of the various X-men out there.  But not in the different shapes one would expect if this were real 3D printing.

So why is it that in today’s instant-from-code-to-3D-printing information society, that we cannot order an original X-men T shirt which enhances chest size while giving me good six-pack?  Which makes muscles stand out as if we are Magneto or Wolverine?

Turns out that the chest shapes and muscles are digitally re-mastered into the T shirt fabrics and that Alibaba mistakenly calls it 3D printing. Yes, you can really SEE the six-pack and the muscles clearly on the T shirt, but you cannot FEEL them. Not yet anyways. But this will come. Soon. Very near you. Not made in China. But PRINTED in China.

Posted by Sandro Joo.

You may recognize Niklas Ankar’s loud plaids and bright, festive chinos from New York Fashion Weeks past, because they’re difficult to forget. …You make your surrounding happy in a certain way. Ankar champions the use of contrasting patterns and you’d be hard pressed to find more pink in a single collection than if you were lucky enough to catch him during Spring 2012 Fashion Week.

Ankar contrasts the forward-thinking patterns and colors with a classic fit that he says calls back to movies and resorts of the 1950s, with tight lapels and slim fitting chinos that cut the narrow profile we’ve come to expect from European designers.

Best of all, Ankar’s clothing (what precious little of it you can find on his website: ankarsweden.com) is moderately priced and on par with his lookbook (which, of course, you can also see on his website).

Most striking about Ankar’s collection, though, is the prominence of Kikoys, a versatile piece that can function as anything from a skirt to a scarf. According to Ankar, they were originally used by the fishermen in East Africa and they wore and still wear them instead of trousers.

Now, he says, every second kid, woman and even man in Sweden wears them as scarves, (they’re) a great accessory that will brighten up or tone down whatever else you are wearing. And it’s absolutely true, especially because the versatility allows Ankar to use patterns that even he wouldn’t dare put on a pair of pants or a jacket, with bright, peacock patterns and brilliant frills.

Pick one up for a cool 350 Swedish Kroen (that’s about $50 to us stateside, and Ankar’s online shop offers the option to pay in good ole US Dollars).

While Ankar’s clothing certainly isn’t for everyone, as it takes a certain sort of sartorial commitment to wear a pair of blue plaid trousers, if you’re the type of man that likes to make such a statement, look no further than this Swedish-born son of a textile man.


Niklas Ankar himself

Posted By: John

African textiles generated a lot of interest at New York Fashion Week.

An example of African designers presenting at New York Fashion Week.

Ozwald Boetang


The original British rebel now offers the popular 8-eye boot ($130) and 3-eye shoe ($120) as part of their Vegan Collection. Featuring felix microfiber uppers, the hand-stitched details and traditional Dr. Martens sole make these as durable as the original. This look isn’t limited to PETA punk rockers (if that even exists). Refined gents can take inspiration from Lou Dalton Fall 2012 collection and add some edge to their clean-cut look.

For more information or to purchase, visit the Dr. Marten Website.

Photos: Dr. Marten facebook page

Posted By: Jess

When searching for a pair of vegan shoes comparable to the high-end leather ones of your work colleagues, look no further than NOHARM. Producing footwear for the ethically responsible and style conscious, this brand specializes in cruelty-free, environmentally-friendly, fair-trade products. Styles include brogues, loafers, boots, and traditional lace-ups handcrafted in Italy. Each pair holds the Vegan Society Trademark. Prices range from $300 to $400.

For more information or to purchase, visit the NOHARM website.

Photos: NOHARM.com

Posted By: Jess

This LA-based company boasts a hip collection of unisex cruelty-free kicks. There canvas styles are comfortable and unique, and have quickly gained street cred among hipsters and indie musicians alike. A collaboration with the band Animal Collective benefits the Socorro Island Conservation Fund, which protects the threatened marine biosphere off the coast of Baja California. This fall, a new collab with BonIver will support the Best Friends Animal Society, an advocacy group for abused and abandoned animals. All shoes are $75.

For more information or to purchase, visit the Keep website.

Photos: From the Keep Company Facebook and Pinterest

Posted By: Jess


According to this Parisian vegan shoe company, good guys don’t wear leather. And why would they with these dashing animal-free designs. The sophisticated brand utilizes synthetic suede and leather to create 1950s style shoes with a modern twist . Their desert boots, dandygolf shoes, and oxfords come in an array of hues, from camel to pastel blue. All Good Guys products are made of fine microfibers, and are light, breathable, and water repellent. Prices range from $190 to $250.

For more information or to purchase, visit the Good Guys website.

Photos: Good Guys Facebook Page

Posted By: Jess

Spanish and Portuguese for “no cow”, this eco-friendly company makes 100% PVC-free shoes with high quality synthetic and biodegradable microfibers. Their products truly have a texture and wear that rivals leather. Styles range from boots to sneakers to dress shoes with prices from $120 to $215. They also have an exquisite collection with the Brave Gentleman, an offshoot of the popular men’s blog The Discerning Brute, for fall ($199 to $300).

For more information visit the Novacas website. Products also available at the Moo Shoes website.


Photos: Novacas.com

Posted By: Jess

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