The first in a series on buying custom suits, I settled on Hong Kong known for its quick turnaround.  I flew on American Airlines with the routing DCA-DFW-HKG  777 flight AA137 out and turnaround on AA138.  A Harbour View room at the Sheraton in Kowloon was a quick and reasonable pick I was familiar with from my days at Mattel.

Of course, I came to Hong Kong to research the custom tailor market.  Now only to find a tailor. Just walk down Nathan Road and they will find you. Apparently I had neon lights across my forehead, because I couldn’t walk 20 steps without some industrious business development guy putting his card in my face, offering to make me a suit.  On my first pass, I took many of their cards, and tried to make mental notes on the approach and presentation of the sales person. If they were too pushy, forget about it.  If they were not at least dressed neatly, no need to talk further.

So I settled on one and I take the walk down a side street in the wake of this excited salesman, into a nondescript building.  I met the tailor exchange pleasantries and get to business.  I was drawn to this beautiful cashmere fabric — an iridescent blue/green with pattern. I was excited, but I notice that there is not enough fabric on the bolt to make a suit as it take 3 1/2 to 4 yards to make a man’s suit.  But the tailor assured me that he has more at another locale.

2015-12-07 20.42.14-1 copy

2015-12-07 20.42.14-2 copy

I got into the details that I want in the suit: hand stitched canvas, functioning button holes on sleeves, buttonhole on my slightly peaked lapel, details on the width of my pant leg, size of cuff, etc.

2015-12-07 20.42.14-5 2015-12-07 20.42.26-2

Everything was good and no problems.  We plan to do a fitting at my hotel later that evening.  So I pay my 50% deposit and off I go.

Just before the scheduled fitting I get a WhatsApp saying that there is not enough fabric to make a suit. I needed to come in to choose another.  My initial reaction was to cancel, but how can I go to Hong Kong and not get a suit made, right. So I went in and chose another fabric.  A glen plaid with an interesting color combo. Also cashmere. We set another fitting time for late that night.

2015-12-08 05.54.09-2 copy 2015-12-08 05.54.09-1 copy


They came to my hotel for the fitting.  I finally met the real tailor, the first guy just took my measurements.  He made a few minor modifications and off they go with the promise, “the suit will be ready tomorrow at 11:00 am,” just in time for me to take a car to the airport for my 1:40 pm flight home.

11:00 am comes and goes, so I called to confirm.  They made it by 11:20 am and I try the suit on.  The jacket fit well, but the pants were too short, so I left the pant, took the jacket and rushed down to take my waiting car to HKG.

2015-12-12 10.30.09 copy

It wasn’t until I returned home that I really took a look at the details on the suit.  For example, no button holes on the sleeves, which aren’t functional.

2015-12-12 10.30.46 copy

Other than fitting well, none of the details that I requested were included.  The moment I noticed, I called the shop to alert them. Not much in the way of a response, other than to request the balance before the pant is shipped. Unacceptable, so as of this posting I only have jacket with no details.

Stay tuned to see how this gets resolved.  Hopefully this helps a few of you in the future.

The return of the bowtie as an everyday male fashion accessory has presented handsome, well-dressed men all over the world with a pending dilemma: to bow tie, or to necktie?

I’ll start by running through the difference between the two:


A bow tie is a small tie that has an ending which is straight and rectangular or one that tapers and flares out at the end. Bow ties are often for more elegant occasions, but lately have been used with more day-to-day looks, and often provides a playful, whimsical touch to an outfit.

A dapper necktie spotted in London

A dapper necktie spotted in London

Neckies are more traditional, longer ties that can vary in width. Recently, the skinny tie is a hipster trend that can be worn with just about anything, no suit needed.

Why Wear A Bow Tie?

Wearing a bow tie may be easier for those with an busy lifestyle. It won’t fall into your soup and salad lunch combo or get stuck in a car door or machinery. Men of action will like the bow tie and it also gives off a retro, spirited and elegant vibe. 

Bow ties don't always have to be dressy

Bow ties don’t always have to be dressy

Millennials also enjoy wearing bow ties with just about any outfit, including a more casual looks like paired with jeans. Of course, the old-school elegance of a bow tie can go a long way when you are trying to impress.

Downton Abbey regal British cast wouldn't be caught dead without their bow ties

Downton Abbey regal British cast wouldn’t be caught dead without their bow ties

Famous bow tie wearers: Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin

Why Wear A Necktie?

Wearing a more traditional necktie can actually make you look taller, so all you height-challenged dudes out there listen up: Tie lengths are usually between 52 and 58 inches and make sure your tie is proportional to your height.

Neckties can express your style

Neckties can express your style

Width of  ties is also important. Three inches is always a good choice and skinnier ties can give you a more hipster, downtown look. A necktie is a safe bet–one you can never go wrong with as long as you can tie it properly!

George Clooney isn't starting any new trends, but looks great in a traditional necktie

George Clooney isn’t starting any new trends, but looks great in a traditional necktie

Famous necktie wearers: Donald Trump, George Clooney, The Blues Brothers

Commit to whatever style you choose and wear it with pride

Commit to whatever style you choose and wear it with pride

Regardless of which you choose, commit to it, and choose one that reflects your personality. If you are stuck wearing a suit all day, this may be one of the few ways you can truly accessorize, so have fun with it and pick a tie you can be proud to wear.

A bolo tie can make a bold statement

A bolo tie can make a bold statement

Tie Tips: 

  • Looking impeccable means you know how to perfectly tie your tie
  • If you want something really original and retro, try a bolo tie
  • Enjoy and embrace all tie styles. You don’t always have to stick to one or the other–that’s the beauty of accessories! You can have a great collection of both bow ties and neckties.

Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Darrel Hunter and Paloma Canseco.

How Do Know: When Is It Time To Fire Your Mother And Hire A Stylist?

In sales, you deal with all kinds of people; however, mothers of adult men make me shake my head. Most of the time they are guessing sizes and desperately wanting to make their son happy.  So, this is my shot in the dark. I get it: everyone doesn’t like to shop. You look at ad campaig1ns or magazine layouts and you like the looks but you don’t know where to began. Or you’re racked with anxiety at the idea of getting yourself together for your friends wedding. Your dream jobs is one interview away and you NEED to look every inch the part or worse, you get the job and you only have your interview look. Once you’re over your hives it maybe time to make a call; not to mommy, but to a stylist.

Styling is a pretty new phenomenon. 10 years ago, not to many people knew that was a legitimate business. Wardrobe stylist used to work with celebrities flawless for their personal appearances.



What a stylist does is elevate. They learn the client’s body type, likes and dislikes and with their knowledge of fashion create the appropriate looks. They usually have a broad understanding of the world around them and at the same time they know how to reference fantasy, a different era or updated trends. Their ultimate goal is to teach you how to make yourself eye popping amazing or just do it for you.

I have worked in retail for many years and when you’re trying to help a frantic, stressed out mother two days before a big event, pick out a look (sight unseen) for a 40 year old, you become team mom. Gentleman, it’s time to give Mom a break and get professional help. In most major cities you can find people through social media.


Also, a lot of department stores have personal shoppers, so call and inquire. The perk with going that route is all the product is in the same place and the company pays them. Occasionally, you will find a sales associate who is amazing at it. A lot of shops and small businesses are hiring people with a styling background to make their brand fashion savvy. When picking a personal stylist, chemistry is key. So you may not find the right person immediately but when you do your outlook will shift. Now I am aware that some people are not fashion challenged and are in fact rock stars, and this isn’t for those people. Some people just don’t need a personal shopper!

However, some of us are not as lucky, and there are many reasons a person would hire a wardrobe stylist, for instance updating their style.  Learning to dress a new body, like a change in weight. A new city, a new job or a new lifestyle can also warrant searching for the right stylist–pretty much anywhere you want to look your best.

So when is it time to fire your mother? When she’s had enough and you hate everything she picks out. Free Mom!!!!

Post and photos by Denee Davis.

The Gosling Effect

The Gosling Effect

BDMOTP has already written about celeb favorite Ryan Gosling and his incredible transformation from normal dude to fashion icon, otherwise known as ¨The Gosling Effect¨. We put this theory to the test in Washington D.C with young Miles, a normal guy who was transformed into a stylish, elegant gentleman via the Gosling Effect. A series of unfortunate events actually led us to good fortune, as BDMOTP had the opportunity to try a Gosling Effect makeover out in Europe with young lad Benoit.

Welcome to the Gosling Effect: Á La Française!

Chilling in the cafe.

Chilling in the cafe.


Oi! Life is a drag!

My name is Benoit – but call me Ben; I am 29 years old and I live close to the Belgian border in France in a small town of 17,000 souls.  I work in supply, sales, distribution, and delivery of supermarket products, and one day last month – I swear by the steeple of a Belgian beer-brewing monastery – I am on the auto-route on a Friday at 9 PM driving coming back from Paris close to the airport, when a  guy gets stranded running off the highway with one wheel on the bare rim – worst exploded tire I have seen – but I am right there so I help him, and bail him out; and this guy Sandro– I am not kidding you – he gives me a business card from BDMOTP, some US based fashion blog, and he invites me to come back to Paris soon to thank me, where he says they will style me,  where they will pimp me out, where they will groom me, shave me, and dress me up for the day!  Oi, we pimped his car all right, and it took several guys to fix that bloody tire and to get the wheel back on.

So Sandro from BDMOTP has offered to style me into becoming the French Ryan Gosling, the Hollywood actor, so that I will start to look smooth and cool and stylish, and I suppose also sexy and unrecognizable, and so that all the ladies will look at me – they call it the Gosling Effect:  Changing the regular guy into a well-dressed and stylish man –, so yeah man, why not, I need some style too, and if I can skip being a hipster all together – no need for that, then why not try to go straight from the cobblestone streets in the provinces near Belgium to the boulevards and catwalks of Paris; but is it really possible ?!  So oi, yes, I am coming to Paris guys, and I am now standing in the metro waiting for the train to take me to meet my stylist, but I am a little bit nervous…

I anxiously wait for the metro...

I anxiously wait for the metro…

 The Story

They say they have a stylist for me and that she has worked for Gucci Homme—and her name is Noor, and frankly, yes,  I am nervous because I am supposed to be just the regular guy – not some fashionista or hipster – and besides, what am I going to tell the stylist, and what will my friends say back at home?   We are meeting with BDMOTP to go to see the barber first, and I know what a barber is all about, although I have not cut my hair in three months, and no I didn’t shave for a week, so maybe the change will be huge!  But wait, what is this barber doing to me – they are calling him a visagiste homme – he is using an electric trimmer on my unshaven face giving me a goatee, and is then using the clipper to shave my hair; can someone please stop this, because I feel uncomfortable:  There goes all my hair!?  This barber is in one of the ‘quartiers populaires’ of Paris – in the hood, in the ghetto – where people still know how important style can be to make a difference in a man’s single life, so what am I going to do, I cannot go home like this now, it is too late, but my hair is being pimped, and I am losing it:  ‘Help!’  This looks like a ‘coupe de cheveux moyen-age homme’ – a medieval man’s haircut, and I am now starting to look like, not like Brad Pitt, but more like Jean, Duc de Berry, in the year 1382, somewhere before the battle of Roosebeke…

Petrified, I watch the barber chop and chop!

Petrified, I watch the barber chop and chop!

Goodness, no, my visagiste just did my face with a small single razor blade, removing everything except my skin around my new goatee, but quickly – oh there she is, my stylist is coming to the rescue –, what is this green substance – hmm, it is Brut, the original, and it smells good but it burns my face!?  I guess they thought about everything with BDMOTP, but we have to leave now immediately because we are on a strict time schedule and my stylist, she is now supposed to help me find a store where we buy a suit or a costume.  But I still prefer my jeans, my sweater, my hoodie, and I need my backpack too.  Which store will she enter?  All these stores look expensive to me, and we have only a shoestring budget, so I will never find something decent, and I confess that after the barber started shearing off all my hair that I almost lost all confidence in this project, but that the presence of a real stylist has given me a new reason to believe; perhaps I am even up to it now!  We are on the Rue de Turenne in the Marais district of Paris, and I hear this part of town is well liked by both hipsters and people with style alike, because it is well-known for men’s fashion.  Welcome to the big city I guess, because they have been taking my pictures since early this morning – flash, flash, flash –; hmm, this store is called Zakoya, and my stylist, she likes the blue suit in the window for only 139 euro!  Oi, we are going inside, and I think I am ready…

Trying on the blue suit...maybe this isn't so bad after all!

Trying on the blue suit…maybe this isn’t so bad after all!

I think I am starting to like this, all the attention, so let them take all the pictures they want – who doesn’t love the limelight?  I am trying on that blue suit she selected, where is the mirror?  Ah there it is …   I’ll be darned if I look good after all this!  So, Ryan Gosling, ey?  I DO look good, first time I noticed a mirror in my life, and first time I am noticing not just myself, but my STYLE as well, I guess they call mirrors Venetian glass for good reasons, because yes, leave it to the Italians, they always have style, and because now I too, Benoit, have some serious style – I even have a STYLIST, and her name is Noor, and she has worked for Gucci Homme.  I bet you even Ryan Gosling does worse than this. Word! Here is my main man now, an expert sales associate who is dressing me up while my stylist is helping; this is like having a second stylist, and I know I am ready:  So yes, I say bring it all on and dress me up, measure my suit, knot my tie, wash my face, comb my hair, re-sizzle my frizzle, pimp my ride, shine my shoes, and hey, why not a manicure!  Paris here I come!   No more beer for me, I’ve got two stylists and one barber and one photographer, and that must be at least one more thing than which Ryan Gosling can account for – so from now on today it’s going to be mojitos, coladas, caipirihnas…

This whole Gosling Effect makeover isn't so bad after all...

This whole Gosling Effect makeover isn’t so bad after all…

I am leaving it all behind bro:  Robert Pattinson eat your heart out, because this is still a better love story than … – I swear by a good pot of moules frites marinières – your new Dior commercial doesn’t fly because you cannot act, because you are no Ryan Gosling, and I am not acting this part for I have a classy stylist, ey, I got two, and I even have a visagiste – so no need for Dior – or any other fancy brand name – with fancy camerawork and prancing pretty girls like entourage to make a good guy into a real man – I AM a real man because all you need is STYLE, a friendly stylist, a simple barber, a sales associate – and the Best Dressed Man on the Planet.

Indeed it was very nice of BDMOTP to arrange a black Mercedes to get me back to my hotel, because the Paris Metro can be dreary, a drag, and dangerous.  Now where is my backpack?  Ah here it is, there is plenty of space on this backseat, and I love the car, it matches my suit! Dior with all their black and white images can make my day – because my photographer he says he will be rotoscoping some of today’s pictures ; they have been flashing that camera all morning long all over me:  I have become the unlikely character out of a novel by Philip K. Dick, my image, my move no longer existing on screen, camera, or photo, but drawn on paper only, a drawn image of an image of a form of style – I have been ‘rotoscoped’; and nothing else remains.  Pimped and rotoscoped into the French Ryan Gosling!  So let’s take a ride and get back to the hotel, now that I have found the STYLE which makes it possible to turn my own image into a cartoon character – I am the road runner, and I am off!

Dashing off into the sunset in my black I look the part!

Dashing off into the sunset in my black Mercedes…now I look the part!


You know what?  I never knew cigarettes tasted so good with Mojitos, and now I am going to have to give up on beers; but I am glad to be back and that this fashion deal is over and done with; yeah, I was nervous at first and I did not really want to lose my hair or want to change, but in the end I did, and now that I have found a style of my own and I love it.  After the shoot and the styling we tried to enter a fancy hipster hamburger place in the Marais but they refused us entry because it was five minutes to twelve and they only open up at noon.  Normally I would have never done this, but due to my newfound confidence and style, I was decided to tell them off for not letting us in and for leaving us standing outside to wait in the cold for no good reasons. Because, you know, style is timeless, and style waits for no one, and my own style is so special, that if it ain’t good enough for you, then I will simply turn around and go somewhere else where they will like it and where they can appreciate me for what and who I am:

‘Why ?  Cause I am Benoit, the Ryan Gosling à la française!’

Oi!  Let’s have a smoke …

A smoke and a mojito...styling...

A smoke and a mojito…styling…

Stylist & Visagiste (barber): 100 euro

Shoes : Bata 80 euro

Tie : Virtuose 10 euro

Shirt : Franco Nero 29 euro

Costume : Zakoya 139 euro

Belt : Zakoya 20 euro

Glasses : Ray-Ban Aviator 179 euro

After-shave : Brut 6 euro

Story & Photos by Sandro Joo.

It’s an ironic reality on most Hollywood sets: some of the least stylish, most disheveled people are the ones responsible for keeping the stars looking their best: the makeup and hair people.


One notable exception is Tyson Fountaine, a successful makeup artist who would make anyone’s best dressed list in tinsel town.

Tyson has worked with everyone from Lady Gaga to Johnny Depp, Brooke Shields to Betty White. Tyson’s currently the head makeup artist for “The Middle,” starring Patricia Heaton on ABC-TV and Tyson has been nominated for two Primetime Emmys. Tyson also helped to create a sensation at the Playboy Mansion, the body-painted Playmates – but that’s a story for another time and place. Tyson is married to a fellow makeup artist. He and wife Michelle Daurio live in Valley Village near Los Angeles. He sat down to share some thoughts and tips with another one his clients, BDMOTP’s Steve Oldfield.

So how did you get started doing makeup? I was an art major at the junior college in Santa Rosa.

A friend of mine suggested that I try a theater makeup class. This I thought was a crazy idea. But I ended up loving it! It was amazing. Now I could create art on a three dimensional living surface and get paid for it! I could prove to my dad that I could survive as an artist.

So other than the steady (and good) paycheck, what do you love about the work?

It’s very self gratifying to make someone look their best. To change them into a character is a great creative outlet and a passion of mine.

You’ve traveled all over working on movie sets and shows – what do you like about your current gig on “The Middle?”

I like working on a reoccurring show for the job security. It’s nice going to work every day. “The Middle” is one of the MOST underrated and overlooked shows out there. The writing is so good, the cast and crew are amazing. We are in our 5th season and I am the department head makeup artist. Supervising is a lot of responsibility – It can be fun if you have a good crew. You must respect your team.

So what advice to you have for men when it comes to their face? 

I think men should wear some sort of sun block. And always use moisturizer. I think it’s important to keep your sideburns and the back of your neck trimmed.

If a man is going to have an important photo taken, should he use any powder or concealer? Any “do’s” and “don’ts?”

Men should use an anti-shine for photos. This will keep them less shiny. I also think concealer under eyes and on blemishes is a must for photos. Tinted moisturizer is a nice way to give the over all complexion a healthy glow. A no-shine lip balm is nice to keep the lips looking healthy and not dry. Don’t use shiny lip balms; don’t wear too much makeup. If your lashes are light you can tint them or use a very light coat of mascara, preferably brown or brown black. Some men have sparse eyebrows on the ends or spots missing they should be filled in with a matching color (I prefer a graphite pencil the grey works with most colors).

A lot of times, makeup, hair and crew people look like they just climbed out of bed and threw on something from their dirty clothes pile. But I’ve always thought you look stylish – Can you talk about your personal philosophy on dressing for work? 

I agree a lot of crew people do look like they rolled out of bed. I understand some crew are doing work that requires getting dirty and I too would wear clothes that I didn’t care too much about , but some departments that should look presentable do look very sloppy. I see it more times than I think anybody should. We’re often referred to as the ‘glam squad’ we should look professional not disheveled. It instills confidence in the talent.

So today on the job, you’re wearing Michael Kors pants, a great Paul Smith sweater and a scarf from The Gap – I love how it all comes together!

I’m definitely eclectic when it comes to fashion. My fashion advice is to wear a scarf – it’s the modern day tie. I think the way to rock a scarf is all in the way you wear and tie it. I don’t believe it has to match the outfit perfectly and cost does not matter. I have $8.00 to $100 scarves and you would be surprised how many times the cheaper ones score compliments!

What’s your advice for readers who’d love to be a makeup or hair person in Hollywood or fashion?

Dress professional, be yourself, and don’t get caught up in all of the gossip and drama, it’s a small world and people talk.

Interview by Steve Oldfield

Rocking the perfect scarf is like wearing just the right tie: it can add the finishing touch that shows off your good taste, or it can turn an otherwise mundane outfit into a festive and fun look that’s perfect for the holidays.


We found a bunch of great options at 45/46 in Hyde Park, Ohio, just north of Cincinnati. Manager Jim Young features many scarves by London’s Seaward & Stearn.  Most are what you might call reversible, featuring different colors/looks on each side.  Many of them sport bright colors and patterns that can hold their own with a Luchiano Visconti velvet blazer or dress up a surplus store Navy pea coat.



There are two basic features to keep in mind when you’re hunting for a scarf – color and texture.  If you’re looking for a scarf to play ball with a tweedy blazer or cable knit sweater, opt  for a meaty weave that can stand up to the challenge.  By contrast, it’s often better to choose a finer fabric to match  a perfectly tailored blazer – think silk, merino wool or cashmere, of course.

scarves-oldfield6 scarves-oldfield8

When it comes to color, a scarf can pull out an accent tone in a blazer.  This shaw-collared Ted Baker gray tweed jacket features a subtle orange pattern that really pops when paired with a bright orange and white scarf.


For a busier blazer with a more pronounced pattern like this brown plaid Boss jacket, a two-toned scarf  works well – one side perfectly matches the chestnut color in the blazer, while showing off the scarf’s  deep berry side adds a dash of color and whimsy to an otherwise old-school look.


Notice how the polka-dot scarf sports the dominant color of this Visconti velvet blazer, giving you two choices – one is more subtle with maroon used as the main color with fun, brighter dots in geranium; The other side  makes a bolder statement that still looks like it belongs,  because the blazer’s base color shows up in the dots.

scarves-oldfield10 scarves-oldfield11

This blue and bright red paisley scarf dresses up a casual corduroy jacket  like this one by Ted Baker.  The fringe and bold red add a festive tone to a more basic blazer.

scarves-oldfield19 scarves-oldfield20

You have a lot more choices when it comes to pairing a scarf with a winter coat.  Think about adding a brightly colored scarf, in plaid or polka dots.  Make sure to show off both sides, like the burgundy and gray polka-dotted scarf paired with this updated version of a pea coat.


A bright orange, blue and green plaid scarf turns an otherwise mundane army green coat into a fun look ready for a tailgater or holiday party.


Just like a tie, a well-chosen scarf can confirm your good taste, show off your dashing side, or trumpet your sense of adventure – and that’s a small price to pay for a designer accessory that can become a big weapon for a best dressed man.

Styling and Photos by Steve Oldfield

Model – Julian Klaene (45/46’s Fashion Consultant)

Christmas, Work Parties, Thanksgiving Supper, whatever the occasion, you should be prepared. Well, you will look prepared at least…you never know what will go down at holiday parties. But we are here to help you look the part and find the perfect holiday sweater or suit for your party.

Depending on what type of guy you are there are different ways to go with your wardrobe for holiday social events…

There’s the Hilarity Route or the GQ Route.

Go with where your ambitions lie! Remember, your outfit may depend on nature of the event. For a formal work Christmas party, obviously you’d go the GQ route. But if it’s a low key get together with co-workers Thanksgiving weekend, maybe the hilarity route look is perfect!

Hilarity Route: clumpy sweaters with bold colors and funny patterns/pictures, colors with an autumn undertone overall (ex: browns, mustard yellow, maroon, deep red, dark green).

Reindeer Sweater

Try this reindeer Ralph Lauren Sweater. It’s a guaranteed conversation starter.

Winter Sweater

This goofy Ralph Lauren sweater brings together all the good things in winter, like snowflakes,skiing and Christmas trees!

GQ Route: dress pants, button down shirt, cardigan (for color) and a tie (optional)

GQ Look

Try this snazzy look: waist coat and trousers by Indochino, and cable knit cardigan by Onassis Clothing, maroon tie by Nautica.

NOTE: Both are routes are solid choices, just make sure you choose the option that most reflects your personality (the jokster, or the suave one), and the event.

Good luck outfit hunting and happy holidays!

Posted by Anne Grimaudo

*Images in order from: Fashion Hunt World, Highsnobiety, and Mens Style Pros.

I present to you Miles Burrell, 29, single and in need of the Gosling Effect. If you aren’t sure what the Gosling Effect is, it’s a transformation (performed perfectly by actor Ryan Gosling, among many others) of looking just regular to looking fabulous. Everyone knows your first impression shapes what people think of you; however, what if you looked amazing all the time? Simply, dress for the role you want, not the one you have. Miles here is in need of the Gosling Effect, so lets get to it!

Before1 c

I can hear what you’re thinking …“He doesn’t look that bad.” OK, let’s put this in perspective. You’re a cute woman at a speed-dating event and it’s Miles sitting across from you in that look. Still looks ok to you? New scenario, You’re starting a new business and you’ve emptied your 401k to make it happen. You are interviewing for your new graphic guy. Does he get the job?

Let’s review what is The Gosling Effect. In a nutshell, it’s dressing for the life you want, not the life you have. Miles is a freelance graphic designer/ fine artist. As in the case of most artists, he has a job in an unrelated field, but the objective is to paint and create for a living. However, that future goal means parties, gallery showings, interviews, client meeting and more meetings, etc. As an artist, I know how hard it is to live on ones talents and looking the part can help.

In the beginning, I asked Miles what he wants to look like. His answer: “I want people to compliment me.” Full Disclosure: Miles and I are friends and I expected him to say “I.D.K. (I don’t know).” I could help him with that. So, we started from his feet and worked our way up.


Shoe shopping told me a lot about his personal taste. He didn’t care for very traditional or fussy shoes. Hard heavy wingtips were rejected. Shoes that had too much happening and felt complicated never left their boxes. Clean, simple, comfortable and easy seem to be the theme. Those were adjectives I could work with. Next came an everyday work wear.


He tried on a quilted hunting style jacket. He wasn’t happy. Then he tried on a sports jacket that wasn’t right either. But, there was an overcoat in navy that made him perk up. Later, we met up and put together four looks that worked for his life now.


Look 1 is an easy casual upgrade from his everyday look. He can wear this to work or to the art store. It’s comfortable enough for him to work in but all the pieces can serve him a hundred ways.

Black & Brown Car Coat $149.00
Blue Plaid Ben Sherman shirt $85.00 Insert: Look 1
Perry Ellis Jeans in Dark indigo $69.50
Polo Boots $98.00


Look 2 is a nod to classic Americana prep. We decided on a look that he could wear to work but also on a date. Miles’ complexion lets him wear colors that others can’t easily wear.

Look 2
Black & Brown Cashmere Sweater in
Heathered blue $225.00
Buffalo David Bitton Shirt $69.00 Insert: Look 2
Calvin Klein Pants $55.00
Cole Haan Lunar Grand Wingtip
In Gray $198.00

Tip: When looking to add a little color to your wardrobe; remember to check the item in good lighting, like sunlight, against your face. For example: Some yellows or greens will actually make a person look sick.



Look 3 is a weekend look that can go a lot of places: a party, a meeting with clients or drinks with friends.

Look 3
Perry Ellis Faux Leather Jacket $170.00
Ben Sherman Sweater $130.00
Black and Brown shirt $89.00 Insert: Look 3
Perry Ellis Jeans $69.00
Polo Sneakers in Black leather $65.00


Look 4 is a sophisticated, grown-up look that completely elevates his appearance. Suiting comes in separates. You don’t have to always wear matching pieces. A little bit of James Bond meets Tyson Beckford.

Look 4
Tallia Blazer $325.00
Buffalo David Bitton $69.00 Insert: Look 4
Michael Kors black Slim Tie $65.00
Cole Haan $198.00

Sidebar: While no one knows what was the click that caused Ryan Gosling to change his look, it’s pretty clear no girlfriend or stylist made it happen. Most people need help.

Posted by Denee Davis

With the coming of fall, comes the opportunity for great coats. And the influence of British suave, polished men in film and television offer different options for all types of men and their style.

During the beginning months of fall one needs more of a jacket, like the one John Watson wears on the BBC show “Sherlock.”  This is a modernized rendition of a classic sporting jacket. Notice the leather patches on the shoulder and elbow? It is also neutral color to work with any outfit that may be in need of warming layers.

John Watson-Sherlock

Details like leather elbow patches give John Watson some extra style.

As the months wear on and the weather grows colder, British icons such as Sherlock Holmes (from BBC’s “Sherlock”) and James Bond offer the suave capabilities of longer length coats, and scarves to stay warm. Choosing a dark pattern, gives a coat more personality without it loosing versatility.

Look cool like James Bond with a patterned coat.

Look cool like James Bond with a patterned coat.

Sherlock Holmes-Sherlock

Long coats are not only stylish, but keep you extra warm on a blustery day.

Tip: Make sure you love this coat pattern; you will be wearing it over your wardrobe for many months!

Tip: You can change the look by changing the warm scarves you pair with it. (See how Sherlock Holmes wears a purple scarf with his dark coat? Or how about adding a handkerchief to your outside pocket? Or keeping your ears warm under a snug beanie?)

A beanie looks funky and cool matched with this plaid coat.

A beanie looks funky and cool matched with this checked coat.

Emphasizing dressing for the weather and looking great doing it is what is at stake here. You do not need to sacrifice one for the other. Dark colored plaids patterns, checkers, detailing on collars (dual tones) or patches on elbows/shoulders will all work.

You can also choose a lighter color coat, such as camel or light brown.

Try a brown coat, like this one.

Try a brown coat, like this one.

Try a brown coat, like this one.

Try a brown coat, like this one.

These colors also provide a neutral hue that will go with most clothing. Bear in mind that lighter colors are more apt to show dirt and grim that may occur from daily wear. If that doesn’t faze you, then you are the right candidate for lighter colored outerwear.

Also, don’t be concerned about mixing any dark colors. For example if you are wearing brown shoes and a black coat, it still works. Take a look at how John Watson wears it and you will see that his lighter shoes add a pop of contrast to his otherwise dark outfit.

The key to a great coat is to make sure it answers these three questions:

  1. Will it keep me warm?
  2. Does it fit in a way that I can wear it with heavy or light layers?
  3. Does it work with my style and the things I already have in my closet? (Note: that doesn’t mean it should look like everything you already have. Just make sure it compliments what you already have.)

If the coat you are deliberating over answers these questions, you have a winner!

Have a warm and pleasant fall season.

Posted by Annie Grimaudo

So, I’m on the subway when what could only be described as a little bit of masculine heaven passes by me. He should have been Mediterranean perfection except for that buzz kill of a suit. It needed a minimum of two inches cut away from each side or better yet; he should have bought a suit that fits.

Really Bad Fit

Yikes! Bad fit! Don’t be ” this guy”.

Gentlemen, the difference between a sophisticated man and a guy in a suit is tailoring. When you buy a suit, fit is key. Are your shoulders stopping in the right place? Is there space in the neck area? Is the jacket gapping anywhere? You want your suit to flatter you, not make you look untidy. However, it’s not likely that a suit will be perfect off the rack. On average, most men have thicker necks, broader shoulders and/or longer arms than the size the design world uses. Think of the sizes as an educated guess. Also, you should keep in mind every designer cuts differently. It’s possible to find your perfect match.

Attempting to get more information on this, I sat down with my favorite tailor, Ruth, and found out what you should know. I can’t prove it but I suspect she was birthed at a sewing machine with a measuring tape around her neck. Needless to say she’s been making people look perfect for a long time.


Ruth says:
• If the shoulders and chest don’t fit, then it’s simply not worth it. It will cost too much to fix it. Leave the suit behind.
• The sleeve, the side seams, the collar and the back seam can all be adjusted within reason.
• Don’t forget the pants. The hem should stop about 1 1/2 inches below the ankle. There are some newer slim fits that stop above the ankle. Don’t hem those pants.
• Look at yourself in the big three-way mirror in the best light and consider the length of the jacket and the style of the suit. Are you too short to carry off the six button double-breasted blazer? Should you have a shorter jacket?

Good Fit

This is how a suit should properly fit.

There are a few ways to go in terms of where to look for suits and suiting. The most expensive alternative is custom.

Custom made suits can be pricier, but worth it.

Custom made suits can be pricier, but worth it.

Truthfully, while it’s not cheap, I suggest having it done at least once for the experience. If that’s too tall of an order, I suggest the department store. Higher end department stores like Saks, Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman carry suits that GQ dreams are made of. For the cost conscience guy, there are lots of department stores that sell quality suits at reasonable prices. Sometimes department stores have sale events where you get free tailoring with purchase. Depending on the retailer you could get crazy good deals.

What I haven’t talked about are the smaller specialty stores and the smaller privately owned shops. Most small specialty stores can’t afford a full time tailor, however, asking costs you nothing. Private shops usually can offer great service and sometimes face time with the designers. Where some men make their mistake is choosing a suit solely based on price. A good deal doesn’t make for a great look.
The suit doesn’t have to be custom; it can be vintage, but take the time to have it tailored. A little bit of effort in your appearance will put you heads and shoulders above the rest.

*Special thanks to Ruth Wongdebalderas at the Washington DC Lord and Taylor for her collaboration.

Posted by Denee Davis



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