I present to you Miles Burrell, 29, single and in need of the Gosling Effect. If you aren’t sure what the Gosling Effect is, it’s a transformation (performed perfectly by actor Ryan Gosling, among many others) of looking just regular to looking fabulous. Everyone knows your first impression shapes what people think of you; however, what if you looked amazing all the time? Simply, dress for the role you want, not the one you have. Miles here is in need of the Gosling Effect, so lets get to it!

Before1 c

I can hear what you’re thinking …“He doesn’t look that bad.” OK, let’s put this in perspective. You’re a cute woman at a speed-dating event and it’s Miles sitting across from you in that look. Still looks ok to you? New scenario, You’re starting a new business and you’ve emptied your 401k to make it happen. You are interviewing for your new graphic guy. Does he get the job?

Let’s review what is The Gosling Effect. In a nutshell, it’s dressing for the life you want, not the life you have. Miles is a freelance graphic designer/ fine artist. As in the case of most artists, he has a job in an unrelated field, but the objective is to paint and create for a living. However, that future goal means parties, gallery showings, interviews, client meeting and more meetings, etc. As an artist, I know how hard it is to live on ones talents and looking the part can help.

In the beginning, I asked Miles what he wants to look like. His answer: “I want people to compliment me.” Full Disclosure: Miles and I are friends and I expected him to say “I.D.K. (I don’t know).” I could help him with that. So, we started from his feet and worked our way up.


Shoe shopping told me a lot about his personal taste. He didn’t care for very traditional or fussy shoes. Hard heavy wingtips were rejected. Shoes that had too much happening and felt complicated never left their boxes. Clean, simple, comfortable and easy seem to be the theme. Those were adjectives I could work with. Next came an everyday work wear.


He tried on a quilted hunting style jacket. He wasn’t happy. Then he tried on a sports jacket that wasn’t right either. But, there was an overcoat in navy that made him perk up. Later, we met up and put together four looks that worked for his life now.


Look 1 is an easy casual upgrade from his everyday look. He can wear this to work or to the art store. It’s comfortable enough for him to work in but all the pieces can serve him a hundred ways.

Black & Brown Car Coat $149.00
Blue Plaid Ben Sherman shirt $85.00 Insert: Look 1
Perry Ellis Jeans in Dark indigo $69.50
Polo Boots $98.00


Look 2 is a nod to classic Americana prep. We decided on a look that he could wear to work but also on a date. Miles’ complexion lets him wear colors that others can’t easily wear.

Look 2
Black & Brown Cashmere Sweater in
Heathered blue $225.00
Buffalo David Bitton Shirt $69.00 Insert: Look 2
Calvin Klein Pants $55.00
Cole Haan Lunar Grand Wingtip
In Gray $198.00

Tip: When looking to add a little color to your wardrobe; remember to check the item in good lighting, like sunlight, against your face. For example: Some yellows or greens will actually make a person look sick.



Look 3 is a weekend look that can go a lot of places: a party, a meeting with clients or drinks with friends.

Look 3
Perry Ellis Faux Leather Jacket $170.00
Ben Sherman Sweater $130.00
Black and Brown shirt $89.00 Insert: Look 3
Perry Ellis Jeans $69.00
Polo Sneakers in Black leather $65.00


Look 4 is a sophisticated, grown-up look that completely elevates his appearance. Suiting comes in separates. You don’t have to always wear matching pieces. A little bit of James Bond meets Tyson Beckford.

Look 4
Tallia Blazer $325.00
Buffalo David Bitton $69.00 Insert: Look 4
Michael Kors black Slim Tie $65.00
Cole Haan $198.00

Sidebar: While no one knows what was the click that caused Ryan Gosling to change his look, it’s pretty clear no girlfriend or stylist made it happen. Most people need help.

Posted by Denee Davis

With the coming of fall, comes the opportunity for great coats. And the influence of British suave, polished men in film and television offer different options for all types of men and their style.

During the beginning months of fall one needs more of a jacket, like the one John Watson wears on the BBC show “Sherlock.”  This is a modernized rendition of a classic sporting jacket. Notice the leather patches on the shoulder and elbow? It is also neutral color to work with any outfit that may be in need of warming layers.

John Watson-Sherlock

Details like leather elbow patches give John Watson some extra style.

As the months wear on and the weather grows colder, British icons such as Sherlock Holmes (from BBC’s “Sherlock”) and James Bond offer the suave capabilities of longer length coats, and scarves to stay warm. Choosing a dark pattern, gives a coat more personality without it loosing versatility.

Look cool like James Bond with a patterned coat.

Look cool like James Bond with a patterned coat.

Sherlock Holmes-Sherlock

Long coats are not only stylish, but keep you extra warm on a blustery day.

Tip: Make sure you love this coat pattern; you will be wearing it over your wardrobe for many months!

Tip: You can change the look by changing the warm scarves you pair with it. (See how Sherlock Holmes wears a purple scarf with his dark coat? Or how about adding a handkerchief to your outside pocket? Or keeping your ears warm under a snug beanie?)

A beanie looks funky and cool matched with this plaid coat.

A beanie looks funky and cool matched with this checked coat.

Emphasizing dressing for the weather and looking great doing it is what is at stake here. You do not need to sacrifice one for the other. Dark colored plaids patterns, checkers, detailing on collars (dual tones) or patches on elbows/shoulders will all work.

You can also choose a lighter color coat, such as camel or light brown.

Try a brown coat, like this one.

Try a brown coat, like this one.

Try a brown coat, like this one.

Try a brown coat, like this one.

These colors also provide a neutral hue that will go with most clothing. Bear in mind that lighter colors are more apt to show dirt and grim that may occur from daily wear. If that doesn’t faze you, then you are the right candidate for lighter colored outerwear.

Also, don’t be concerned about mixing any dark colors. For example if you are wearing brown shoes and a black coat, it still works. Take a look at how John Watson wears it and you will see that his lighter shoes add a pop of contrast to his otherwise dark outfit.

The key to a great coat is to make sure it answers these three questions:

  1. Will it keep me warm?
  2. Does it fit in a way that I can wear it with heavy or light layers?
  3. Does it work with my style and the things I already have in my closet? (Note: that doesn’t mean it should look like everything you already have. Just make sure it compliments what you already have.)

If the coat you are deliberating over answers these questions, you have a winner!

Have a warm and pleasant fall season.

Posted by Annie Grimaudo

So, I’m on the subway when what could only be described as a little bit of masculine heaven passes by me. He should have been Mediterranean perfection except for that buzz kill of a suit. It needed a minimum of two inches cut away from each side or better yet; he should have bought a suit that fits.

Really Bad Fit

Yikes! Bad fit! Don’t be ” this guy”.

Gentlemen, the difference between a sophisticated man and a guy in a suit is tailoring. When you buy a suit, fit is key. Are your shoulders stopping in the right place? Is there space in the neck area? Is the jacket gapping anywhere? You want your suit to flatter you, not make you look untidy. However, it’s not likely that a suit will be perfect off the rack. On average, most men have thicker necks, broader shoulders and/or longer arms than the size the design world uses. Think of the sizes as an educated guess. Also, you should keep in mind every designer cuts differently. It’s possible to find your perfect match.

Attempting to get more information on this, I sat down with my favorite tailor, Ruth, and found out what you should know. I can’t prove it but I suspect she was birthed at a sewing machine with a measuring tape around her neck. Needless to say she’s been making people look perfect for a long time.


Ruth says:
• If the shoulders and chest don’t fit, then it’s simply not worth it. It will cost too much to fix it. Leave the suit behind.
• The sleeve, the side seams, the collar and the back seam can all be adjusted within reason.
• Don’t forget the pants. The hem should stop about 1 1/2 inches below the ankle. There are some newer slim fits that stop above the ankle. Don’t hem those pants.
• Look at yourself in the big three-way mirror in the best light and consider the length of the jacket and the style of the suit. Are you too short to carry off the six button double-breasted blazer? Should you have a shorter jacket?

Good Fit

This is how a suit should properly fit.

There are a few ways to go in terms of where to look for suits and suiting. The most expensive alternative is custom.

Custom made suits can be pricier, but worth it.

Custom made suits can be pricier, but worth it.

Truthfully, while it’s not cheap, I suggest having it done at least once for the experience. If that’s too tall of an order, I suggest the department store. Higher end department stores like Saks, Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman carry suits that GQ dreams are made of. For the cost conscience guy, there are lots of department stores that sell quality suits at reasonable prices. Sometimes department stores have sale events where you get free tailoring with purchase. Depending on the retailer you could get crazy good deals.

What I haven’t talked about are the smaller specialty stores and the smaller privately owned shops. Most small specialty stores can’t afford a full time tailor, however, asking costs you nothing. Private shops usually can offer great service and sometimes face time with the designers. Where some men make their mistake is choosing a suit solely based on price. A good deal doesn’t make for a great look.
The suit doesn’t have to be custom; it can be vintage, but take the time to have it tailored. A little bit of effort in your appearance will put you heads and shoulders above the rest.

*Special thanks to Ruth Wongdebalderas at the Washington DC Lord and Taylor for her collaboration.

Posted by Denee Davis



Not every man is comfortable in pink as  pink is the one color traditionally appropriated by women, but should we really care? Why NOT wear pink just like any other color on the spectrum? It seems to make no sense NOT to wear pink. There is no reasonable argument or logic not to wear pink. Yet despite the many pink business shirts or polos, and the occasional pink tie that we notice in man’s wardrobe & fashion, the color pink is generally grossly under-represented for men to wear since what appears to be the beginning of time.

Therefore, please follow carefully the following analysis of why perhaps men CAN wear pink if they want,after all, it’s analogy of sports fashion, which will indicate that no man should fear to wear pink, not in any form, style, or fashion.  Men in pink it is!

The old joke is that in order for a man to qualify to be on the Italian National Soccer Team, one’s first qualification must not be talent, fitness, stamina, or experience – but simply beauty. One would expect therefore that Italian men in soccer would neither exhibit fear nor shame to wear pink. And indeed, the venerable soccer team of Juventus of Turin (whose nickname is the Old Lady), last season (2012/2013) for the first time dared to have their AWAY jerseys – good grief – in the controversial color of pink. Why, we shall never know – besides the fact that sponsors and clothing manufacturers often change the away jersey kits while keeping home jerseys colors the same –, but for this season (2013/2014) Juventus now has changed their away jersey from beautiful pink to ordinary canary yellow. Was pink too progressive even for the Old Lady? Even for beautiful men, all of them close to gods?

No, but now we must look to most southern and isolated part of Europe, a place which was once part of ancient Greece, and not of Rome, to find the ONLY soccer team in Europe which has the courage and the sense of style and fashion to wear pink – pink & black shorts, pink jerseys, pink socks – for their home jerseys; it’s the Sicilian city of Palermo.  The Telegraph of London once had the Palermo outfit listed as number one in a series of ugliest sports’ wear on record, but we respectfully digress, because the Palermo players look good and comfortable in their jerseys, and most definitely handsome as well.


But its glaringly clear that all men are not comfortable in pink. Not even in sports. Quick research shows (and you can try this yourself) that if you Google a man’s sport and the color pink that many different items show up, but hardly any teams or players. Palermo is an exception confirming the rule. The NFL has a pink program to create awareness for breast cancer apparently, but no team has appropriated the color. No hockey or basketball or baseball teams in pink. Pinkseems to be limited for fundraising efforts in men’s sports, also in baseball. And when grown up men and professional soccer players are asked to put on pink shirts for just one such a fundraiser, the results may be sadly comical. Here is, if one picture is worth a thousand words, a picture of Everton (the Premier League) trying on their pink fundraising jerseys before the match; all players look HIGHLY uncomfortable (except the goalkeeper who is in green).


So are there really no real men who love wearing pink in the universe except the beautiful Greek-Italians of Palermo?
Well, to make mother proud, and to change the name of the game, there certainly is ONE gravity defying professional rugby outfit in the Capital of Fashion itself – the Stade Français of Paris – who may very well have appropriated the color pink in a way that no woman’s sports team ever could. They wear pink on their sleeves, not just soft pink like Palermo, but frequently outrageous bright pink, decorated with flowers no less, setting the tone in voluptuous colors, and not just the tone before the match. These guys mean serious business not only when it comes to crushing opponents, but when it comes to style. If indeed it is true that, to paraphrase Oscar Wilde, every good conversation always starts with a pose, then these guys are not afraid at all, and they will start their rugby games with no fear and living the full bounty of what is superior style & color. Pink is their name & pink is their GAME. It is said that a man’s armor is his body and such, in all their skin colored hues, Stade Français, make all MEN – and their mothers – proud! Shocking indeed, but shockingly beautiful!


Thus visiting the Stade Français boutique at the stadium to do research for this article, the thought dawned that perhaps here was the only Pink Men’s Wear Store in the world. All items imaginable (lanyards, flags, hats, scarfs, shirts, underwear, socks etc. and then some) at the store were available in different hues and shades of pink, generally ranging between the color of fuchsia and soft pink, but with the flash pink missing for this season.

BoutiquePink Caps2Pink CapsPink

Stade Français carries a beautiful and grand Lily as a logo on all items (many rugby teams worldwide, both at the national level as well as club, have appropriated symbols NOT from the animal kingdom, but from kingdom of plants (the English Rose, the Fern of the All Blacks, the Lily-of-the-Valley by Toulon rugby, etc.)) and recently the venerable South African rugby team, to stay in style, has changed its logo from the Springbok, an animal, to the King Protea Flower, a grand flower, as the new symbol of a united post-apartheid South Africa.

Stade Français, by living up pink, has single-handedly smashed with both hands the stereotype that pink for women only.  The color pink has now become available for men to be courted and used. But how is this going to affect men wearing pink in the future of every-day life? Pink in the office? Pink at the bar? Hmmm.

Must we really first become a soccer prima-donna with a gun tattoo on the arm, and wearing a number 10 on the back, and then score goals like Fabricio Miccoli of Palermo?


Must we really become first like James Haskell of Stade Français: Ugly, mean, English, and fearsome, before pink looks good on us!?


No! I think not.

Aerosmith sang long ago:
Pink, it’s my new obsession
Pink, it’s not even a question
Pink, it’s the color of passion
Cause today it just goes with the fashion

So just to make sure, and to be on the safe side, we asked the pretty saleswoman at the boutique Stade Français, what, if anything, a man should NEVER wear in pink. The answer was ruthlessly immediate and direct, and yes gentlemen, there does remain a single taboo which even Stade Français Rugby will not break for you: A man is never EVER to wear PINK dress shoes …words to live by!

Posted by: Sandro

A Seasoned Nail Technician Talks The Trade & Offers Some Tips

He’s one of the toughest guys in Chicago but even former Chicago Bear Brian Urlacher has been known to get a manicure – it comes with the territory when you’re pitching products on television, print or online. He definitely puts the MAN in manicure – and he’s not alone.

Brian Urlacher Chicago Bulls

Yes-this tough guy gets manicures!


More men of all ages and backgrounds are paying someone to keep their hands looking good, according to Martine Fung-Cap, Nail Department Director at Studio 110 Salon in Chicago’s Gold Coast area.

Studio 110 salon Chicago

“I’ve had everyone from a construction worker to a retiree.”  Not to mention music moguls and business executives of all ages.  About 20-25 percent of her clients are men and the price is the same whether you’re a Joe or a Jane:  $23. Pedicures go for $45.  Martine says those are more popular in the summer when flip flops are likely to expose problems that can turn-off a date.

The self-confessed former nail-biter says she never intended for manicures to become her mission.  Martine worked as an office-manager before trading in her desk for a station at the salon.

“Every day is different,” she says. “I love it!“ Quite a few clients are referred by wives and girlfriends who want to hold a more tailored hand to go along with that Patek Philippe watch and Zegna suit.  Martine has plenty of regulars but she also meets traveling businessmen from around the world who are staying at the neighboring Four Seasons Hotel.

“I love the interaction with people,” she says.

steve oldfieldManicure1sm

Martine sees regulars about every two weeks; some also opt for a pedicure once a month. Many clients schedule their manicure to coincide with monthly haircuts, hopping from the stylist’s chair to the nail technician’s in a visit that can last an hour-and-a-half.

“We also offer express service for people who just want a touch up instead of the full-treatment,” she says. The half-hour express service is $30 for a pedicure and a combo manicure/pedicure express is $45.  While a standard tip is 20-25%, Martine has also had clients tip her as much as 100% of the bill.

“I’ve found many clients don’t mind spending money if they feel it’s money well spent,” she says.

Right from the beginning, you know this is NOT your Grandma’s manicure – or the one you used to see in those Palmolive commercials if you’re over 40. You don’t start by plopping your paws into a bowl of soapy water – or “bath” as it’s called in the biz.

Martine sanitizes your hands and then she sprays them with a conditioner.  For men with tough cuticles, she’ll also wrap your hands in a warm, moist towel before going to work, using a brand new nail file for every client.

“That costs us a little more, but we want to make everything as sanitary as possible,” she says.  Martine always wears gloves during pedicures.  She says you should also make sure you’re going to a “Certified Nail Technician,” who has an active license with city or state.  While many customers find a technician by word-of-mouth, she also recommends checking websites like ‘Yelp!” for reviews.  Martine says once you arrive at the salon the first time, take a quick look around and make sure the place is spotless BEFORE you sit down and surrender your hands. “You just can’t be too careful when it comes to being clean and sanitary,” she says.

steve oldfieldManicure2sm

KNOW THE LINGO: Martine will ask you if you want “a free edge” (showing a little of the white part of the nail) or only pink.  And just like when you get your shoes polished, you have a choice of a “buff” or “shine,” finish to the nail.  Some men may opt for a coat of clear polish. You can even get a polish designed just for guys, “Matte for Men,” that dries quickly without any trace of a shine.  While many men want a manicure that isn’t obvious, some clients are happy to show off their lacquered nails.

“It’s just a matter of preference,” Martine says, adding that even the most masculine clients have nails as shiny as the finish on their sports cars.

Martine prides herself on getting all of her first-time clients to settle down and enjoy the experience.  For the nervous ones, she often completely finishes one hand before starting on the other.

“That way, they can see that this girl knows what she’s doing,” she says. “Then they settle down and it’s fun.”

Image Credist:  Brian Urlacher Photo: Watercoolersports.com, Salon Exterior: Giltcity.com

Posted By: Steve Oldfield


Let’s start at the beginning, who is Ryan Gosling? He’s an actor.  He’s no more handsome than any other young Hollywood star. However, post 2008, he wasn’t the best dressed. In fact, he was a shabby mess. And even though he was the leading man in the tearjerker, The Notebook, no one was blogging his or her fingers numb about his style. In fact, because of the success of that movie, he should have been Hollywood’s “go to” leading man.

Ryan Gosling My Daily

Ryan Gosling in 2004 on the Red Carpet

Legend has it that sometime between “Lars and the Real Girl”, a small indie film that earned him a Golden Globe nomination and “Blue Valentine”, his inner fashionisto was awakened or Cinderella’s fairy godmother arrived and fixed him. Either way, he had no aid from a highly skilled stylist. He showed up on the red carpet of the 63rd Annual Cannes Film Festival for “Blue Valentine” May 18 2010, in a crisp white fitted shirt and a pair of white and blue striped pants with a white lace shoe; he was flawless.

Ryan Gosling at the Canne Film Festival

Ryan Gosling in 2010 at the Cannes Film Festival

But enough about Mr. Gosling… the Gosling Effect happens when your look impacts your life for the good.  Everyone knows your first impression shapes what people think of you; however, what if you looked amazing all the time? Simply, dress for the role you want, not the one you have.  That being said, anyone can have his or her own Gosling Effect.  Here are a few tips:

1. Tailor it.

  • It is not likely that off the rack will be a perfect fit, so find a good tailor and invest in yourself.

2. If it doesn’t fit, then you should quit.

  • If you’re wearing things that are too loose or too tight out in public, it makes you look like a sloppy mess in need of a mommy. Too tight looks like you’re trying too hard to be noticed.

3. If you can’t afford or find a stylist, find a great sales associate.

  • Sometimes, you just don’t have the aptitude to put together looks. Sometimes being color blind or style challenged can hold you back.  Stylists are paid to make you look great and effortless. They can go in your closet and get rid of the mess that is holding you back and give you the tools to be your own leading man. And if you can’t find one or afford one, ask around your favorite stores for the honest associate and get their help.

4. Grooming…Grooming….Grooming

  • Get a great hairdresser or barber and make them your new best friend.  The right scent on a man leaves a great impression (not too strong or musky). Don’t live in fear of product, invest in your skin care or find a dermatologist.

At the end of the day, gentleman, you’ll feel different and that’s good. Your day-to-day life is your red carpet at Cannes. Success is bigger then profession… it’s having it all (whatever that means for you), and you can learn from the great and chic Mr. Gosling.

Go forth and look good doing it.

Photo Credits:

Red Carpet-Zimbio.com


Posted By: Denee Davis

I’m sure we have all seen the couple at a given event that looks like they went to a his & her store and bought matching outfits. The immediate impression this gives to onlookers is that they are trying to hard.

There is an easy fix to this situation which includes the man standing up for his right to choose what he want to wear and not letting his matchy-matchy date go crazy.

Men, when you are going to a formal event, inevitably the main decision encompasses buying a suit. It is in your own interest to not blindly go with whatever your date wants you to wear like a trained dog; you need to present yourself well also. Your formal wear will be more versatile and able to transition to other occasions as well.

And so the challenge arises, how will our outfits go together without being obnoxious?

The fatal flaw is having perfectly matching colors. It appears corny and forced.

new bad matching outfit example

DON’T perfectly match colors-it’s over the top and too literal.

Image Credit: Charlotte Prom

Men, when choosing a suit to go with your date’s outfit, show you care and find out what color she will be wearing. In general it is better to go with a neutral, darker shade suit. Then you have more liberty to be heavy on the details.

The finer points are where you should “match” your dates color scheme, and here’s how.

TIPS: How to compliment her outfit in a subtle way

Is she wearing pastel colors?

Choose a gray suit with a light colored shirt. Again the colors do not need to match her exactly, they just need to compliment each other. Maybe even go a few shades lighter or darker of her main color.

Is she wearing rich colors (red, purple, blue)?

Choose a navy or black suit, with a white or black shirt.

These sharp, crisp neutrals will make the colors in her outfit stand out, and if she is wearing a rich color she wants to stand out so let her.

If you feel a solid suit is too boring for you accents such as light/thin stripes are a great choice. And since they are so subtle they can match a color in her outfit and not be overkill! Another option is a rich color handkerchief visible in your breast pocket.

matching outfits (good example)

DO color compliment!

Image credit: JustJared

Matching is what children do when their parents still dress them, do not let your date make it look like she dressed you! It is important that you wear something that works for you, and at the same time compliments her outfit when attending a formal event. You already have a great head start; suits always make men look good. Getting the details right is your task. If you have trouble making a decision, watch your favorite action movie and see what suit choices the leading man wears. And take comfort in the fact that the only wrong choice you can make is if your entire outfit looks as if it came from the same fabric as hers.

Posted By: Annie Grimaudo

Generally speaking, European men are not afraid to own it.

The associations that arise in America make it difficult for some straight men to feel it is acceptable to care about their appearance. This is a misrepresentation of what everybody desires because both men and women want to look appealing. Gay or straight, we all want to look and feel good. We want to be considered attractive. A large part of that is determined by how you present yourself in public. European men blatantly value looking and feeling good about their appearance by discovering easy additions to their wardrobe. These small additions show they care about what they put on their backs, and that is an attractive quality in itself.

How to adopt European Men’s Fashion tricks:

– Don’t be afraid to wear scarves.

– Don’t be afraid of pastel colors.

– Own some real shoes: these consist of having hard soles. There is nothing wrong with sneakers, but it doesn’t take much to look good with high quality leather shoes. Make certain that they fit properly and you may even find they give you more support during your days of endless walking. An added bonus is the color of the leather does not need to match your pants. Just choose what you like (light brown, dark brown, black, white) it will all look good!

– Wear a suit jacket, they go with anything! Viewing a suit jacket as an all-purpose jacket will expand your wardrobe and allow for more creative looks. An example, wear jeans a T-shirt and a suit jacket. Immediately your casual look will appear more suave and thought out.

european  men fashion 1 european mens fashion 2

European Men have discovered that it is not the job of women to take a few minutes to decide on an outfit in the morning. It is the job of us all to present to others how we want to be perceived. Choosing a slightly more unkempt, suave outfit will allow others to think more highly of you overall. Showing you care about your appearance gents, shows a lot to an outside viewer, and gets you that much closer to reaching your objective.

For you European men that are expert at dressing like a European, share your tips with the BDMOTP community either here on the comment section below or on our Facebook page.

Image Credits: Justjared.com, fashionbeans.com

Posted By: Annie Grimaudo

Ties can be a tricky accessory, mainly because there are many options when choosing one. Each event requires the perfect tie.  The best bet, however, is to express who you are. If you feel comfortable in your tie of choice and if you feel you are owning it, guess what? You are. Here are your options…

1: Goofy ties: pictures, themes, bow-ties, extra wide

tie example 1 goofy

2: Classic ties: solid color (red, blue, black, white, gray) simple and gets the job done

tie example 2 classic

3:  Retro ties: thinner, burnt colors, textured fabric

Tie example Retro

4:  Colorful ties: silkier fabric, a bolder statement choice (purple, pink, orange, green, etc.)

tie example 4 colorful

5:  None: going without a tie makes you look more casual or even approachable (it could be the way to go if you are going to an event stag) just leave the top two buttons undone. Remember the key is for you to feel comfortable. If you cannot decide on a tie, maybe the right choice is none.

tie example 5 none


When choosing a tie, think about the context…are you going to work? To a wedding?  A party?  Decide which of the above types of ties would be the most appropriate for your specific event and…get shopping!

Image credits:

Goofy Tie: Blog.tiesociety.com

Classic Tie: posh24.com

Retro Tie: Justjared.com

Colorful Tie: Details.com

None: Fashionablethings.com


Posted By: Annie Grimaudo


It is fairly easy moving around Florence, Italy if you are comfortable with a map.  Even then there are a few major landmarks that help….Santa Maria Novella train station, Duomo, and River Arno.  Great city for walking, and walking, and walking, and walking.  Chatting with a gentleman he mentioned that some friends were averaging 11 miles per day on their pedometer over a few days.  I didn’t have a pedometer with me, but I am certain I eclipsed that figure on a couple days.  Just have comfortable shoes…no revelation there.

Getting a taxi on the other hand can be a bit of a challenge.  Unlike New York City, London, or most other large cities for that matter, you cannot just step to the curb and hail a taxi.  You need to call for a taxi or reserve one the day before.  On busy days like Pitti Uomo, even when you call ahead, you may be waiting.

Pitti Uomo114

Waiting for a taxi…waiting…and waiting…

We walked to Fortezza da Basso, the Pitti Uomo venue, after it became apparent that our taxi was not showing up.  The walk turned out to be not so bad.  We got a jump on our 11 miles for the day!

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