How Do Know: When Is It Time To Fire Your Mother And Hire A Stylist?

In sales, you deal with all kinds of people; however, mothers of adult men make me shake my head. Most of the time they are guessing sizes and desperately wanting to make their son happy.  So, this is my shot in the dark. I get it: everyone doesn’t like to shop. You look at ad campaig1ns or magazine layouts and you like the looks but you don’t know where to began. Or you’re racked with anxiety at the idea of getting yourself together for your friends wedding. Your dream jobs is one interview away and you NEED to look every inch the part or worse, you get the job and you only have your interview look. Once you’re over your hives it maybe time to make a call; not to mommy, but to a stylist.

Styling is a pretty new phenomenon. 10 years ago, not to many people knew that was a legitimate business. Wardrobe stylist used to work with celebrities flawless for their personal appearances.



What a stylist does is elevate. They learn the client’s body type, likes and dislikes and with their knowledge of fashion create the appropriate looks. They usually have a broad understanding of the world around them and at the same time they know how to reference fantasy, a different era or updated trends. Their ultimate goal is to teach you how to make yourself eye popping amazing or just do it for you.

I have worked in retail for many years and when you’re trying to help a frantic, stressed out mother two days before a big event, pick out a look (sight unseen) for a 40 year old, you become team mom. Gentleman, it’s time to give Mom a break and get professional help. In most major cities you can find people through social media.


Also, a lot of department stores have personal shoppers, so call and inquire. The perk with going that route is all the product is in the same place and the company pays them. Occasionally, you will find a sales associate who is amazing at it. A lot of shops and small businesses are hiring people with a styling background to make their brand fashion savvy. When picking a personal stylist, chemistry is key. So you may not find the right person immediately but when you do your outlook will shift. Now I am aware that some people are not fashion challenged and are in fact rock stars, and this isn’t for those people. Some people just don’t need a personal shopper!

However, some of us are not as lucky, and there are many reasons a person would hire a wardrobe stylist, for instance updating their style.  Learning to dress a new body, like a change in weight. A new city, a new job or a new lifestyle can also warrant searching for the right stylist–pretty much anywhere you want to look your best.

So when is it time to fire your mother? When she’s had enough and you hate everything she picks out. Free Mom!!!!

Post and photos by Denee Davis.

It’s an ironic reality on most Hollywood sets: some of the least stylish, most disheveled people are the ones responsible for keeping the stars looking their best: the makeup and hair people.


One notable exception is Tyson Fountaine, a successful makeup artist who would make anyone’s best dressed list in tinsel town.

Tyson has worked with everyone from Lady Gaga to Johnny Depp, Brooke Shields to Betty White. Tyson’s currently the head makeup artist for “The Middle,” starring Patricia Heaton on ABC-TV and Tyson has been nominated for two Primetime Emmys. Tyson also helped to create a sensation at the Playboy Mansion, the body-painted Playmates – but that’s a story for another time and place. Tyson is married to a fellow makeup artist. He and wife Michelle Daurio live in Valley Village near Los Angeles. He sat down to share some thoughts and tips with another one his clients, BDMOTP’s Steve Oldfield.

So how did you get started doing makeup? I was an art major at the junior college in Santa Rosa.

A friend of mine suggested that I try a theater makeup class. This I thought was a crazy idea. But I ended up loving it! It was amazing. Now I could create art on a three dimensional living surface and get paid for it! I could prove to my dad that I could survive as an artist.

So other than the steady (and good) paycheck, what do you love about the work?

It’s very self gratifying to make someone look their best. To change them into a character is a great creative outlet and a passion of mine.

You’ve traveled all over working on movie sets and shows – what do you like about your current gig on “The Middle?”

I like working on a reoccurring show for the job security. It’s nice going to work every day. “The Middle” is one of the MOST underrated and overlooked shows out there. The writing is so good, the cast and crew are amazing. We are in our 5th season and I am the department head makeup artist. Supervising is a lot of responsibility – It can be fun if you have a good crew. You must respect your team.

So what advice to you have for men when it comes to their face? 

I think men should wear some sort of sun block. And always use moisturizer. I think it’s important to keep your sideburns and the back of your neck trimmed.

If a man is going to have an important photo taken, should he use any powder or concealer? Any “do’s” and “don’ts?”

Men should use an anti-shine for photos. This will keep them less shiny. I also think concealer under eyes and on blemishes is a must for photos. Tinted moisturizer is a nice way to give the over all complexion a healthy glow. A no-shine lip balm is nice to keep the lips looking healthy and not dry. Don’t use shiny lip balms; don’t wear too much makeup. If your lashes are light you can tint them or use a very light coat of mascara, preferably brown or brown black. Some men have sparse eyebrows on the ends or spots missing they should be filled in with a matching color (I prefer a graphite pencil the grey works with most colors).

A lot of times, makeup, hair and crew people look like they just climbed out of bed and threw on something from their dirty clothes pile. But I’ve always thought you look stylish – Can you talk about your personal philosophy on dressing for work? 

I agree a lot of crew people do look like they rolled out of bed. I understand some crew are doing work that requires getting dirty and I too would wear clothes that I didn’t care too much about , but some departments that should look presentable do look very sloppy. I see it more times than I think anybody should. We’re often referred to as the ‘glam squad’ we should look professional not disheveled. It instills confidence in the talent.

So today on the job, you’re wearing Michael Kors pants, a great Paul Smith sweater and a scarf from The Gap – I love how it all comes together!

I’m definitely eclectic when it comes to fashion. My fashion advice is to wear a scarf – it’s the modern day tie. I think the way to rock a scarf is all in the way you wear and tie it. I don’t believe it has to match the outfit perfectly and cost does not matter. I have $8.00 to $100 scarves and you would be surprised how many times the cheaper ones score compliments!

What’s your advice for readers who’d love to be a makeup or hair person in Hollywood or fashion?

Dress professional, be yourself, and don’t get caught up in all of the gossip and drama, it’s a small world and people talk.

Interview by Steve Oldfield

A Seasoned Nail Technician Talks The Trade & Offers Some Tips

He’s one of the toughest guys in Chicago but even former Chicago Bear Brian Urlacher has been known to get a manicure – it comes with the territory when you’re pitching products on television, print or online. He definitely puts the MAN in manicure – and he’s not alone.

Brian Urlacher Chicago Bulls

Yes-this tough guy gets manicures!


More men of all ages and backgrounds are paying someone to keep their hands looking good, according to Martine Fung-Cap, Nail Department Director at Studio 110 Salon in Chicago’s Gold Coast area.

Studio 110 salon Chicago

“I’ve had everyone from a construction worker to a retiree.”  Not to mention music moguls and business executives of all ages.  About 20-25 percent of her clients are men and the price is the same whether you’re a Joe or a Jane:  $23. Pedicures go for $45.  Martine says those are more popular in the summer when flip flops are likely to expose problems that can turn-off a date.

The self-confessed former nail-biter says she never intended for manicures to become her mission.  Martine worked as an office-manager before trading in her desk for a station at the salon.

“Every day is different,” she says. “I love it!“ Quite a few clients are referred by wives and girlfriends who want to hold a more tailored hand to go along with that Patek Philippe watch and Zegna suit.  Martine has plenty of regulars but she also meets traveling businessmen from around the world who are staying at the neighboring Four Seasons Hotel.

“I love the interaction with people,” she says.

steve oldfieldManicure1sm

Martine sees regulars about every two weeks; some also opt for a pedicure once a month. Many clients schedule their manicure to coincide with monthly haircuts, hopping from the stylist’s chair to the nail technician’s in a visit that can last an hour-and-a-half.

“We also offer express service for people who just want a touch up instead of the full-treatment,” she says. The half-hour express service is $30 for a pedicure and a combo manicure/pedicure express is $45.  While a standard tip is 20-25%, Martine has also had clients tip her as much as 100% of the bill.

“I’ve found many clients don’t mind spending money if they feel it’s money well spent,” she says.

Right from the beginning, you know this is NOT your Grandma’s manicure – or the one you used to see in those Palmolive commercials if you’re over 40. You don’t start by plopping your paws into a bowl of soapy water – or “bath” as it’s called in the biz.

Martine sanitizes your hands and then she sprays them with a conditioner.  For men with tough cuticles, she’ll also wrap your hands in a warm, moist towel before going to work, using a brand new nail file for every client.

“That costs us a little more, but we want to make everything as sanitary as possible,” she says.  Martine always wears gloves during pedicures.  She says you should also make sure you’re going to a “Certified Nail Technician,” who has an active license with city or state.  While many customers find a technician by word-of-mouth, she also recommends checking websites like ‘Yelp!” for reviews.  Martine says once you arrive at the salon the first time, take a quick look around and make sure the place is spotless BEFORE you sit down and surrender your hands. “You just can’t be too careful when it comes to being clean and sanitary,” she says.

steve oldfieldManicure2sm

KNOW THE LINGO: Martine will ask you if you want “a free edge” (showing a little of the white part of the nail) or only pink.  And just like when you get your shoes polished, you have a choice of a “buff” or “shine,” finish to the nail.  Some men may opt for a coat of clear polish. You can even get a polish designed just for guys, “Matte for Men,” that dries quickly without any trace of a shine.  While many men want a manicure that isn’t obvious, some clients are happy to show off their lacquered nails.

“It’s just a matter of preference,” Martine says, adding that even the most masculine clients have nails as shiny as the finish on their sports cars.

Martine prides herself on getting all of her first-time clients to settle down and enjoy the experience.  For the nervous ones, she often completely finishes one hand before starting on the other.

“That way, they can see that this girl knows what she’s doing,” she says. “Then they settle down and it’s fun.”

Image Credist:  Brian Urlacher Photo:, Salon Exterior:

Posted By: Steve Oldfield


Let’s start at the beginning, who is Ryan Gosling? He’s an actor.  He’s no more handsome than any other young Hollywood star. However, post 2008, he wasn’t the best dressed. In fact, he was a shabby mess. And even though he was the leading man in the tearjerker, The Notebook, no one was blogging his or her fingers numb about his style. In fact, because of the success of that movie, he should have been Hollywood’s “go to” leading man.

Ryan Gosling My Daily

Ryan Gosling in 2004 on the Red Carpet

Legend has it that sometime between “Lars and the Real Girl”, a small indie film that earned him a Golden Globe nomination and “Blue Valentine”, his inner fashionisto was awakened or Cinderella’s fairy godmother arrived and fixed him. Either way, he had no aid from a highly skilled stylist. He showed up on the red carpet of the 63rd Annual Cannes Film Festival for “Blue Valentine” May 18 2010, in a crisp white fitted shirt and a pair of white and blue striped pants with a white lace shoe; he was flawless.

Ryan Gosling at the Canne Film Festival

Ryan Gosling in 2010 at the Cannes Film Festival

But enough about Mr. Gosling… the Gosling Effect happens when your look impacts your life for the good.  Everyone knows your first impression shapes what people think of you; however, what if you looked amazing all the time? Simply, dress for the role you want, not the one you have.  That being said, anyone can have his or her own Gosling Effect.  Here are a few tips:

1. Tailor it.

  • It is not likely that off the rack will be a perfect fit, so find a good tailor and invest in yourself.

2. If it doesn’t fit, then you should quit.

  • If you’re wearing things that are too loose or too tight out in public, it makes you look like a sloppy mess in need of a mommy. Too tight looks like you’re trying too hard to be noticed.

3. If you can’t afford or find a stylist, find a great sales associate.

  • Sometimes, you just don’t have the aptitude to put together looks. Sometimes being color blind or style challenged can hold you back.  Stylists are paid to make you look great and effortless. They can go in your closet and get rid of the mess that is holding you back and give you the tools to be your own leading man. And if you can’t find one or afford one, ask around your favorite stores for the honest associate and get their help.

4. Grooming…Grooming….Grooming

  • Get a great hairdresser or barber and make them your new best friend.  The right scent on a man leaves a great impression (not too strong or musky). Don’t live in fear of product, invest in your skin care or find a dermatologist.

At the end of the day, gentleman, you’ll feel different and that’s good. Your day-to-day life is your red carpet at Cannes. Success is bigger then profession… it’s having it all (whatever that means for you), and you can learn from the great and chic Mr. Gosling.

Go forth and look good doing it.

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Posted By: Denee Davis

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