If you are looking for an original pair of handcrafted, trendy boots, look no further than Hey Mr. in Vienna, Austria. Everyone knows that booties are trending this fall, and Hey Mr.’s high end materials and funky patterns should have everyone man in the world jonesin’ for a pair of these original kicks.

Hey Mr. shoes focus on the quality of the materials used, with an emphasis on soft, supple leather, and even more taboo materials for menswear such as lace and satin. However, his shoes retain a masculine and stylish appeal, while retaining a subtle elegance to them. The company also has a small output of production, so it may be possible that your pair of Hey Mr. shoes is truly a limited edition.

A focus on environmental concerns keeps the company using local materials and labor–it’s always a plus to know that beautiful shoes can be made without destroying our precious environment.

Matching your bag, wallet and shoes isn’t just for the women out there. Hey Mr also creates matching bags and wallets which you can carry separately or together with your fabulous new boots or shoes. Try the bold gold booties for a night out on the town, of the dual black patent leather and pattern shoes for a more professional look.

Laszlo Lukacs, the young designer of Hey Mr., has a distinct eye for style and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.












Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

If you’d asked me a few days ago what “Steampunk” fashion was, I honestly would have had no idea. But wandering through pop-up shops at MQ Vienna Fashion Week, I spotted some of the most original and creative jewelry for both men and women I’d ever seen at Kupferdach Production, which literally stopped me in my tracks.

Steampunk Jewelry made of vintage watches

Steampunk Jewelry made of vintage watches

Theodor Kupferdach has been creating vintage steampunk jewelry out of old watches for about a year. Just think about all the broken and discarded watches there are in the world.  Theodor collects these and turns them into rings, cuff links, buttons, pins, bracelets and more. This really gives new meaning to the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!”

There are also items for women--the perfect gift for a mother, sister, girlfriend or wife!

There are also items for women–the perfect gift for a mother, sister, girlfriend or wife!


Each item has been delicately molded and changed to create a new piece of jewelry, but not so much the original charm is lost. Most of the pieces feature the inner works of the watch at various sizes, shapes and colors. The pieces are made of brass and coated to preserve the color, though they will wear over time. You can easily clean them to get their color back.



The bow tie pins are especially original, and the cuff links would made for an extraordinary “wow” piece — a conversation starter for sure.

Even buttons!

Even buttons!

Kupferdach also creates clothes, which are “steampunk” period pieces. The are made as eco-friendly as possible, produced in Austria with material purchased in Austria as well.


If you are hoping to purchase one of these original pieces for yourself, you may have to head over to Vienna. You can find more information on the brand by visiting the Steampunk Jewlry: Kupferdach Production Facebook page.

Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

Bangkok Fashion is a staple at Vienna Fashion Week, and it’s a showcase of promising young Thai designers. This season, Bangkok Fashion: The Next Generation featured four talented young designers from Thailand: Adhoc, Paul Direk, Lakwilai and Pattric Boyle.

Additionally, there is always a feature on the traditional Thai silk. This season, the Thai silk presentation was actually two parts: designs by Kamlangjai and by Sacict. Kamlangjai is a design group where female prison inmates are taught to sew and design and they themselves have created the garments. The second part was by Sacict and the museum shop of the Grand Palace in Bangkok, which featured the Princess of Thailand walking the runway in a traditional Thai silk gown, among many other silk designs—two of which were for men.

Pattric Boyle

The first designer, Tanyapat Srivisakorn showed his Pattric Boyle menswear collection. Having seen some of his designs last season, I was excited to see what he would come up with. The result was “Once Upon a Time in Mexico”, a collection of whimsical and playful t-shirts, shorts, pants and even suits patterned with typical and cultural references such as chili peppers, cactus, and my personal favorite, Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Day references. The Pattric Boyle collection is perfect for a young male, perhaps college age, looking for a casual, eye-catching way to stand out in a crowd.



Paul Direk



Krungthep Direkmahamongkok showed his Paul Direk collection, geared towards what he considers “high street men”—urban streetwear for the young and fashionable. His menswear looks were few but featured black and white patterened shirts and shorts, adorned with his logo, topped with bowler hats.

Sacict: Thai Silk



Finally, the two silk looks for men from Sacict  were definitely different, but it’s always special to see something that is created from a deep cultural back ground into the Thai culture. The colors of pale blue and beige/brown were soft and welcoming.

Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

Mariella Morgana in cooperation with Love Irene put on a great show this season at MQ Vienna Fashion Week, with just a few select menswear looks.

The trends spotted were plaid pants, oversize coats and layers, and turtlenecks. The showstopper was a large wool coat fit for a king. Each look was covered with knitwear from Love Irene, in the form of shawls and scarves of different styles and sizes. There was also a wool cape (right on trend with the cape comeback), and belts made of rope appeared in some of the looks.

The designs were warm and perfect for a chilly fall or winter day. The knitwear was a wonderful addition to the looks, really completing the fashions and pulling them together as stylish outfits.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

The Szimon & Rosenthal show at MQ Vienna Fashion Week was eclectic and quirky. It’s clear that the designer Benny, who is also the editor of Faux Fox magazine, has a taste for the art scene, blurring the difference between male and female for a collection of looks, some of which can easily be androgynous.

Each design has a bit of personality, and the looks are casual streetwear for an urban cool dude. Tattoos optional, of course. The comfortably, uber trendy looks range from skirts to hoods to capes, made out of movable and relaxed fabrics.

Scarves and layers were also a big part of the collection. The big finale included a groom and bride, the bride wearing a mustache and a black, structured wedding “dress”, and the groom swathed in a velvet, urban tuxedo and a sheer shirt. Olé!
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

Paptiste showed unqiue collection at MQ Vienna Fashion week filled with colorblocking and layers. The two designers, Juergen Christian Hoerl and Martin Wagner explained that a real man should dress according to his emotions, which may be different every day. According to them, fashion is about dressing how you feel.

Their most recent collection is futuristic yet simple. The designs are basic, with one splashy like an interesting neckline or turtleneck. Bright blue is the color pop of choice, and the occasional 3-D butterfly or yellow duck adorns the outfit. Layers play a big part, with a pair of slim leggings under a pair of shorts, plus vests layered over shirts. Long vests were the chosen vest style, and grey was also a large part of the collection. The standout piece was a huge floor length blue west wool coat, with a beautifully structured, avant garde neckline.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

The Shakkei collection at MQ Vienna Fashion Week was not only stylish, but we can rest easy knowing it’s almost 100% eco-friendly, as almost all of it is manufactured right here in Austria, and the remainder within the European Union.

It’s no easy feat to product a collection in such a manner but designer Gabriel is passionate about the collection being organic, and so he combines eco-friendly fabrics to make luxurious and fashionable clothes.

This season, he delves even deeper into menswear with some “Great Gatsby-esque” hats and suits, a spring ode to the roaring 1920’s. Plaid blazers, spring colors such as lavender and yellow, and beautiful patterns paired with crisp khaki’s ruled the runway. A beige trench pulls the line into spring, as well as a lavender one for some color pop. These retro chic suits and looks are not stuck in the past though, modern details and touches like a boxier suit jacket and tapered pants, keeping them right on trend.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

Liniert, founded by a team of two people, one from Vienna and one from Barcelona who create casual urban sportswear. The designers describe their clothes as “armour” which I think clearly fits for their style of creation. The Liniert designs are not only fashionable, but functional styles for an urban man who needs to have a daily garment that can weather rain, sun, wind, public transportation and any other hazards the modern man may face.

The Liniert Show at MQ Vienna Fashion Week opened with a solemn-faced opera singer and a tribute to the original designer, recently deceased. It set the tone for the collection, sober but important.

The Liniert show opened with an opera singer

The Liniert show opened with an opera singer

The garments were elegant and well-tailored, but also extremely wearable and ready for a city man sport. Most of the garments looked to be wind and rain resistant, reversible, and very lightweight. However, fashion and trends were not compromised to create useful and waterproof looks. Liniert still found a way to incorporate pinstripes, plaid, vests and other cool details that put the clothes on a stylish level.

The fabrics were airy and light, and the collars and necklines were open and comfortable. Even fabrics like neoprane were used–water resistant yet fashionable.

Liniert has created a collection that works on so many different levels–being a part of the fashion world but also useful for a man that wants a no-fuss look.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.


Pitour is a sporty, casual brand that designer Maria Oberfrank (who also organizes and runs the entire MQ Vienna Fashion Week) has taken to new heights this year. Though there is little menswear, what she does show is unique and imaginative, as her take on mens lifestyle and activewear looks is interesting and modern.

There were only about seven menswear looks shown in the collection, each with its very own vibe. The grey cutout sweater is an original and special piece that could be paired with denim or dressy trousers. The linen, relaxed jackets and the casual suit are great pieces for warmer weather, and the pieces always come with delicate lines throughout, adding shape and detail to each look, making them special.

When we chatted with Maria from Pitour, she was quite excited with the growth of the brand and hopes to take it to new heights this year, over the pond to the USA, and expanding in her menswear as well. Her trendy and urban sense of style tells us there will definitely be more to come from Pitour!
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

Versatility was the name of the game for Callisti’s newest collection this season here at MQ Vienna Fashion Week. One of the most popular shows at the entire week long event, Callisti’s luxe leather looks wowed a packed runway.

BDMOTP was pleasantly surprised to see an increase in menswear this season, with about 15 looks for men. It’s always a treat to see designers newly inspired to create menswear. Martina, the designer explained to us that for this collection, she was excited to delve deeper into the world of menswear, and expand her clientele by encompassing even more styles and of course, adding more menswear.

The collection was definitely a “collection”. Somehow everything fit together perfectly, and there was something in this collection for everyone. It’s rare to say a banker on Wall Street and Jay-Z each might find their perfect garment in the same line, but somehow Callisti managed to create a diverse, yet unified collection, where every style of man (or woman, for that matter) can find something fabulous to outfit themselves in.

The looks for men ranged from conservative to urban streetwear, with leather being used as the main fabric. However, the more conservative looks consisted of a wool winter coat, with just a touch of military-style leather on the top of the shoulders, perfect for a business man. As the show when on, we saw full on leather head-to-toe outfits with cutouts, for a more urban dresser, and of course–everything in between those two extremes.

Callisti has very much proved to be a high ranking designer this season, fit for a runway in New York, London or Milan, and BDMOTP cannot wait to see what comes next for this up and coming brand!
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

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