LAT has done a incredible job honoring his Latin American heritage and depicting what a modern day gentleman, brave enough to break social and cultural norms should wear. The collection is basic in color and structural in design. Lautaro has created monochromatic outfits in black, white, grey and navy blue, using noble materials like leather, wool and fur.

lat (2)

Combining ath-leisure with ancestral history, the collection is both powerful and gentle, which he depicts by mixing textures. Navy blue leather shorts combined with a short and loose shirt shine through the massive, masculine black fur coat, matching perfectly with the moon boots.


Tailored leather jackets, paired with loose-fitting pinned stripped wool trousers. Every outfit was its own masterpiece, completed with some remarkable urban and gaucho style hats, scarfs and belt chokers.

Posted by Teodora Musovski and press photos by Bernardo Moura.


Joao Paulo Guedes featured simple, monochromatic black, white and hunter green outfits, embellished with spectacularly imagined prints and patterns found in the microscopic world for his Vancouver Fashion Week Collection this season.


Everyday garments like tight-fitting trousers, turtlenecks, sweaters and jackets are gorgeously combined and harmonized with a slightly darker color palette. The looks were made fresh and innovative by adding webbed kaleidoscope patterns in teal, grey, and emerald.


All in all, a quirky collection for a man who wants to feel original.

Posted by Teodora Musovski and press photos by Bernardo Moura.


If you are the type of gentleman who has drive and determination to be an individual, one who thinks for himself and does everything his own way, the Encima line is for you.  It’s all about looking amazing but not conforming.


The couple Suzy and Fiaz Lalani are the masterminds behind the brand Encima, and they have been diligently working on their new collection, which is manufactured right here in Vancouver.  Using comfortable fabric knits, terry fabric and cotton, these looks are for a man who strives to look his best simply walking down the street. The collection is also versatile, offering pants, dress shirts, cardigans, tees and jackets,structuring chaos with plain, sensible, elongated garments designed to complement each other.


It’s all about layering and creating your own fashionable streetwear ensemble with Encima: daring to be different. A typical outfit from Encima’s creative and practical vision would be: classic  trousers and a long sleeve shirt, paired with a mandarin dress shirt, topped off with either a hooded pullover or coat made from moleskin cotton, water repellent material of course. A look perfect for daytime errands on a rainy day.

Posted by Teodora Musovski and press photos by Bernardo Moura.


The Alex S. Yu catwalk at Vancouver Fashion Week was all about questioning freedom and its capacity and transforming that into apparel. There was a huge emphasis on the difference between the looseness and comfort on one side and constriction and conformity on the other.

We saw lots of wide and loose three-quarter pants, paired with a sweater with amusing written details, turning focus to hypocrisy.


BDMOTP especially loved the beige trousers paired with different color and pattern sleeves tee, with a white-striped grey jacket, toned beautifully with a touch of contrast, finished with espadrilles (also in beige).


Model wearing blue and grey layered outfits with exaggerated fullness in the middle, cut off with tight-fitting sea green leggings is a walking demonstration on the designer’s reflection on this important individual and social topic.

Posted by Teodora Musovski and press photos by Bernardo Moura.

Shen Yao Huang, set out in the Fall of 2015 to deliberately mix up the gender norms in the realm of fashion.  Based in Taipei, he believes that the body, male or female, is just a vehicle and he strives to break the boundaries confining menswear.  Clearly he has done just that with this collection.

While in town for Vancouver Fashion Week, someone suggested that I go down to Old Town to take in a meal and get a sense of the city.  Cruising around Old Town, Vancouver, also known as Gastown, you can immediately recognize why it is considered the heartbeat of the city.  Filled with mid to upscale boutiques and a wonderful selection of restaurants, it is easy to get into something fun.