Another huge trend we’ve been seeing on the AW 14/15 runways not just in Toronto, but really all over the world is fur. Fur is making a huge comeback for both men and women alike, and if you aren’t into real fur-no problem-in some cases faux fur can absolutely do the trick.

The Farley Chatto brand invested 100% in this trend for their show at Toronto World MasterCard Fashion Week, as colored fur was everywhere in this fun and formal collection. The checkerboard grey jacket paired with red pants and a fur stole was very dramatic, as was the dyed bluish fur coat.
























Posted by Sari Colt and photos by Tanya Hsu.

Sexy and daring describes the AW 14/15 Mackage collection.  Jackets were the name of the game this season. The woolen pink and black leather jacket was a total standout. Motorcycle jackets with fleece pants, black leather with black velvet pants, and camo black jacket with leather pants were very dramatic. Not only were the jackets fashionable, but they also looked warm and wearable as well, which is outstanding feat to achieve in my opinion! The plaid suit was also right on point for next fall.
























Posted by Sari Colt and photos by Tanya Hsu.

As there were so many menswear shows, we wanted to include a little bit of all the great fashion we saw. Today’s highlights include fur and leather from Krane, denim from Triarchy Equine Apothecary and a little rock n’ roll from Rudsak.

Krane used fur and leather to the max in their AW 14/15 collection. Combinations included brown leather with black fur and full length navy coat with fur collars.
























Triarchy Equine Apothecary used denim as the focus of their show with an emphasis on equestrian design. Baggy pants were shown in both leather and in denim.

photos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsu























Rudsak, celebrating its 20th anniversary, had a strong rock n’ roll energy to the collection. Leather paired with fur, metallic leather jacket and pants wowed audience members.

photos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsu























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There were actually several menswear collections at Toronto World MasterCard Fashion Week, which was exciting. It was impossible to catch everything, but we were able to pick out some highlights and trends from several of the shows. Trending for fall in Toronto…plaid, oversize, military style, and urban prep.

Thomas Bálint featured oversize and boxy shapes. The use of linen for fall/winter was a refreshing choice in fabric.
























Klaxon Howl boasted three -piece suits with fitted vests. “Men at work” was the theme reflected here with camo pants, marine jackets, and dotted overalls.
























Outclass was all about modern prep. Collegiate jackets and plaid reflected this youthful vibe.
























Gsus sindustries was casual and hip with black quilted  jackets were paired with graphic t-shirts , dotted sweaters, crew neck sweaters, and patterned cardigans.
























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Rugged and casual came to mind while watching the Bustle AW 14/15 runway show.  The line was pretty amazing due it’s great use of texture. With a distinct fisherman’s theme, cable knits were featured in sweaters, jackets, and pants. Plaid vest was paired with purple chino pants  which “popped” on the runway. In fact, there was a lot of plaid in this collection, and we can see it as an emerging menswear trend across the globe for menswear next fall.

BDMOTP favorite: Grey plaid coat.

photos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsu























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The Christopher Bates collection for AW 14/15 was strong yet wearable. There was a definite softness to the clothing, with a mix of both dark and light color palettes. Grey striped suit was dressy and casual at the same time.  The black cashmere cardigan was elegant and comfortable. High collared black trench coat with black leather pants had raw sexy appeal.

BDMOTP favorites: brown blazer with patch detailing, sleek black trench coat with popper collar.

photos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsuphotos by Tanya Hsu























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Toronto’s World MasterCard Fashion Week FW2014 showed a mix of lines from designers who showed that it is possible to dress for cold weather and still look fashion forward. Color choices were covered the spectrum, ranging from pink to metallic. Fabrics used varied from leather, wool, velvet, denim, fur, flannel and linen. Plaids were featured many of the collections.

I’ll be posting some of the top menswear collections throughout the week, so stay tuned. We’ll start off with one my favorites, HD Homme.

Day 1 HD Homme-47

The HD Homme AW14/15 collection at Toronto World MasterCard Fashion Week.

The HD Homme collection was all about formality, embracing the tuxedo look.  Clothes were fitted and detail oriented.  White tuxedo shirts with black satin and sequins stood out.  Velvet jackets came in a range of colors from black, red, royal blue, which added a lot of excitement.

BDMOTP favorites: white tuxedo shirts with black detailing, and of course the showstopping, bright velvet blazers.
























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When people think of vintage clothing, the old painful memories of grandparents’ mothball-filled closets come to mind. And any treasures found had to be sent for dry cleaning, immediately.


Nowadays, vintage is the way to bring back style from the past and pairing with something modern, giving one a new, unique look. Men who vintage wear know that it is about having fun and wearing history at the same time. Tastes can vary from SteamPunk Victorian to 1950’s Marlon Brando biker chic, to 1960’s Mod, to 1970’s Bowie Glam, and to 1990’s Goth. With so much to choose from, vintage stores are the place to shop for these one of a kind treasures. Wearing vintage is lots of fun and can be quite addictive.


House of Vintage  in Toronto carries everything from motorcycle jackets to a 1950’s Rockabilly wool coat, with a focus on European style. If you want to find a classic item like a 1960’s Hudson’s Bay coat (which are famous for their red and green stripes), then House of Vintage is the place to go.


Owner Dennis Adamidis has been an industry insider for 20 years. His expertise in the field of vintage and antique clothing globally recognized. House of Vintage has recently gone international with their second location opening in London, England.


For those very particular about wearing something that is “used”, please be reassured that each item they carry is professionally cleaned and carefully hand restored.


When it comes to boots, the popular choices are Fry cowboy boots, combat boots, (especially 1980’s-90’s classic Doc Martens), and Red Wing workboots. Some of the hidden gems that I found were a black velour jacket, an authentic nautical top and 1920’s spectacles. Flannel shirts are quite popular , especially ones with an Aztec pattern.


House of Vintaage carries the full line of accessories from cuff links, vintage patterned ties, hats, and bags. And for those who remember Converse running shoes back as a teenager, here is the place to relive one’s youth.





Post and photos by Sari Colt


IMG_20131201_173216 (640x480)

Most under apparel for men has traditionally been very basic with a few companies designing colorful patterns. But comfort hasn’t always been the main priority. Until now. Toronto-based designer Tiffany Ho (a botanist by training) saw a need for mens’ under apparel that was both stylish and super comfortable. She created her line, Bangers & Mash™ which is available in boxers-briefs and trunks in a multitude of cool patterns. No more boring tighty whities. Classic prints, colour blocking and bold designs are seen in the line. With names likes GridIron, Safety, Breakaway, Blitz, Trifecta and Rollermonkey, the individual designs appeal to those living busy and active lives. And in tribute to her background in botany, there is a Botanist floral pattern as well.

IMG_20131201_173253 (640x480)

The underwear is also specially designed with an EPA certified technical panel, to help with odor and moisture. They breathe and keep the temperature even in any condition. The fabrics used are breathable ones like bamboo rayon, organic cotton and cotton spandex. Bangers & Mash™ are known for their snug fit and hugging in all the right places. Those wearing them rave äbout how flattering they are on their derriere and how one “feels in place all the time.”

IMG_20131201_173622 (640x480)

Bangers & Mash™ are known for their comfort. As happy client explains “what is important; not just how they feel when you first put them on, but (how you feel) after a day in them.”

Sizing is very important to Bangers & Mash so that the undergear are cut properly. What I found interesting was their special “test drive” offer which allows for a full refund if one is unhappy with the fit. You simply keep the underwear for free.

There is also a line of active undergear including tees, tanks, shorts, and long pants. These have been also designed using the same principles of comfort and style.

Bangers & Mash has a retail store in Toronto , 100 Harbord St. and you can also purchase through their website.

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This suit is stylish and could save your life!

This suit is stylish and could save your life!

Ever considered combining safety AND fashion? That’s exactly what the design team at Toronto based boutique Garrison Bespoke decided to do. Garrison Bespoke is known for their impeccable custom fits and now, they have a new idea to make something stylish that also keeps there customer safe!

The boutique explains that often times in the world of business, men need to travel to countries that are potentially dangerous or unsafe, particularly in industries such as the oil or diamond business.  To respond to this need, Garrison Bespoke wanted to create something fashionable, comfortable and practical, but that will protect you in case you are shot at.

The Garrison Bespoke design team worked alongside the US 19th Special Forces to develop this custom suit. This suit looks just like a typical suit- no one would ever know the difference! The bulletproof suit uses nanotechnology and is made from the exact same carbon nanotubes that were used in the US troops uniforms in Iraq. However, Garrison Bespoke prides itself on the fact that the fabric, although bulletproof, has been slightly altered as to feel more flexible and lightweight for maximum comfort AND safety.

Canada Bulletproof Suit

These suits have been tested at shooting ranges and will protect against a 9, 22, and 45 mm bullet.  The suit won’t come cheap, and is priced at $20,000.  But can you really put a price on safety?

Canada Bulletproof Suit

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