Dressed Undressed always throws in something just a little bit interesting on their runways. This season, the Tokyo catwalks were competing alongside Seoul’s, but Dressed Undressed still managed to bring something unique to the table.

One of the main themes of the show was the androgynous vibe. Many of the females marched the runway in masculine looks while some of the men delicately strutted the catwalk in short shorts and silk overlays.

Several of the looks simply crossed the gender line ever-so-slightly as both male and female models both sported almost the exact same long as they walked together on the runway. We loved the white tshirt and grey pants, perfect for a basic female or male look.

There was even an interesting take on a basic black pant for both men and women, the half short, half pant. Not sure how practical that particular garment is for a spring day in the office, but we get the point that Dressed Undressed is trying to make.

Some of the trends spotted in the Dressed Undressed collection were long, waterproof trenches that would be perfect for spring rain layered over tshirts and even leg warmers. BDMOTP especially loved the oversize navy blazer layered over a white tee with a red block stripe — a serious statement.

Whether or not you and your lady friend plan to wear matching outfits, Dressed Undressed makes their point — the gender line is blurred these days, especially when it comes to fashion. And while we may not sport the exact same outfit as our partner, this blurred line just gives us more options when deciding what to wear each day.

Words by Lori Zaino and photos from Dressed Undressed.














Baggy was the name of the game for the Sulvam SS17 collection, designed by Teppei Fujita. A relatively new brand that was first launched in 2013, wide silhouettes were the only kind walking this runway. However, fashion was not sacrificed in this collection. Although the trousers, tops and jackets were all oversize, there was still an abundance of style: ties and crops, V-necks and wraps, cowl necks and cuffs.

The collection was predominately black, red and white and relaxed kicks worn on the models feet gave the garments a playful touch. Somehow, the looks still seems to give off a tailored vibe, despite the grandeur (size-wise, we mean). Perhaps it was the fact that shirts covering the neck/chest area always seemed to hug just the right spots, and the wider parts were saved for the appendages. Either way, a man hoping to make a serious statement would love a piece from the Sulvam SS17 collection.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos from Amazon Tokyo Fashion week.

Name, designed by Noriyuki Shimizu, showed an eclectic mix of casual spring wear for the SS17 collection. The brand offers layer after layer of chic, modern menswear (also sported by female models, so technically, the clothes can be worn by either sex), with plenty of bright colors and windbreaker-style jackets and trenches. Just in time for Halloween, there were several pops of orange, but don’t worry–the collection will still be relevant in spring, with it’s practical yet trendy trench coats and vests with pockets.

Baggy pants, jackets and shorts dominated the runway and the occasional accessory, a “murse” (man purse), a baseball cap, or a sleek pair of shades added a little fun to the collection, which seems comfortable yet stylish at the same time.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos from Amazon Tokyo Fashion week.

PlasticTokyo, created by designer Keisuke Imazaki, describes itself as a street brand, and that it is. The clothes are casual, urban and just the likes of outfits we’ve spotted on the streets of Tokyo. For SS17, PlasticTokyo pulls out volume, the color grey and vests. Key looks included garments like baggy bomber jackets with silk sleeves and tweed fronts paired with casual black trousers, color-blocked, two-tone suits and blazers layered over utilitarian workman onesies.

The crazy, blunt cut hairstyles were oh so Tokyo: funky, cool and cutting edge (literally). These looks aren’t for those going to a traditional office setting, but if you want to roam the mean streets of Tokyo looking super chill, try a PlasticTokyo grey sweatsuit and you won’t be disappointed.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Amazon Fashion Week.


The Dressed Undressed SS17 collection, designed by Takeshi Kitazawa/Emiko Sato was all about layers and hovered between sleek looks and extensive volume. Skinny suits covered with voluminous trenches and raincoats formed an integral part of the collection — BDMOTP especially adored the long, khaki colored coat/cape lined with sheepskin. An interesting take on the poncho, this coat has “loose” arms giving it a cape-esque appeal. However, the long length stays within the Aw16/17 trend of long coats, we which love and are thrilled to see are still waking the runways for spring. The collection also featured a very unique style of layering: double button-ups. Literally one button-up dress shirt was placed over another, perhaps a way to stay warm on a cool spring day.

Another interesting trend walking this catwalk was the one-sleeve look: a plaid button-up or long trench with just one sleeve. A promising solution to that funky spring weather when you just aren’t sure to select long sleeves or no sleeves! Probably not one BDMOTP will venture into trying anytime soon, but Dressed Undressed does get an A for effort and creativity.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos from Amazon Tokyo Fashion Week.

It seems that Tokyo’s bi-annual fashion week has a new sponsor instead of the traditional Mercedes-Benz. This year, Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo is showcasing Japan’s most talented designers. While there isn’t nearly as much menswear as womenswear, SS17 did have a few key designers when it comes to the gentlemen.

Jun Hashimoto considers his brand to be classical Japanese fashion. But what exactly is that? The SS17 collection has its roots in the beautiful Italian tailoring but then offers a more traditional Japanese aesthetic, which consists of a comfortable, practical garments, designed with both appearance and functionality in mind.

The Jun Hashimoto SS17 presentation didn’t consist of live models or a catwalk, instead, a photo presentation of all the coming looks as designs. Indeed, the looks were sharp and practical, for a man looking to be clean cut and ready to go at any moment. We appreciated the slight artistic touch of the photo presentation as well, using silhouettes and editing to create some unique angles.












Posted by Lori Zaino and photos from the Amazon Tokyo Fashion Week Official Website.

Martell and Donya Patrice Campbell are London’s hottest sibling duo when it comes to style, so it was only a matter of time before the two designed their own collection–and D’Lyle Treasure is born.

I recall the first time I spotted the two on the streets of London: Donya, effortlessly pulling off her signature masculine style, somehow still looking feminine and lovely, and Martell, whose utmost confidence can be felt from miles away. The two clearly have impeccable personal style and their fashions fit perfectly together, each complementing the other with signature accessories such as hats, sunglasses and socks. Certainly makes an only child crave a sibling, doesn’t it?

Perhaps you’ve seen them around town, wearing looks like this:


Or this:

Street Style London (18)

Or perhaps this:


Now that you’re convinced that these two are the coolest siblings in town, it’s time to check out their new collection. I’d rather hoped that it would reflect their own personal style, and I was proved right. The D’Lyle Treasure line which BDMTOP viewed at MBFW Tokyo is full of accessories not unlike the ones Donya and Martell have been sporting for years: funky socks, quirky pocket squares and refined hats, all with a distinctly dapper British feel to them.

The silk pocket squares are the perfect combination of vibrant and subdued, giving a gentleman an edge to that suit. The patterned socks also have a similar effect: they seem elegant but playful, and a small peek at them between the your shoe and pant cuff could take that outfit over the top.

Donya and Martell, looking proud of their first D'Lyle Treasure collection

Donya and Martell, looking proud of their first D’Lyle Treasure collection

My personal favorite are the beaded bracelets, decidedly masculine…but let’s be real, I want one for myself! I’m sure I will see both Donya and Martell sporting accessories from their own collection–oh wait, they already are. You can see from the photo above they are both wearing the bracelets from their collection, proving that D’Lyle Treasure accessories work just as well for men as they can for women.












Posted by Lori Zaino, street photos by Paloma Canseco and D’Lyle photos by Natalie Rap.

The Yoshio KUBO collection at MBFW Toyko featured long tunics, boxy shapes and of course some creative jackets–and here at BDMOTP we just love the jackets. The collection was prepared to weather all sorts of obstacles, with head and face coverings for those heading out into the desert, on a motorcycle ride, or into the mean city streets. The line was strong and fierce, and head coverings gave it a kind of all-terrain feel, like the KUBO man could handle anything!

Whereas several of the looks were military-esque and had army green and beige colors, there were a few interesting patterns and pops of color, like turquoise which gave it a softer feel. Interestingly enough, the man skirt was even featured, juxtaposing the masculine strength with a more approachable feminine feel.

The jackets were unique. From blazers to leather bombers to even a denim jacket, a KUBO jacket could look cool paired with any outfit.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Natalie Rap.

If you combine Lucha Libre Mexican fighter masks with artist Jason Pollock, this might give you an idea of the PlasticTokyo look. Made of fabric and not plastic, the designs are vibrant graffiti prints combintions complete with face and head coverings. While the looks are definitely not for the faint of heart, one might combine a jacket with an all black look for a milder look. After all, Pollock isn’t for everyone!

Bandanas also proved to have a new use in the collection, folder into hat shapes for a different style of head covering than in your typical J.Lo music video. Peace signs and marijuana leaves bring us a 70’s theme, though the silhouettes were decidedly modern.

If you are a man hoping to get noticed, you definitely will be by wearing a PlasticTokyo look.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Natalie Rap.

Once again, MBFW Tokyo’s favorite Patchy Cake Eater blows us away with a grand collection, making his name slightly less disturbing with each season that passes. His designs certainly aren’t patchy or cakey, for that matter. Instead, the Patchy Cake Eater SS16 collection shows us style and maturity with it’s dapper yet trendy suit selection and spring-ish trench coats.

Different types of button closures for the blazers give each of the suit looks a bit of originality and the plethora of muted colors works perfectly for early spring. The occasional appearance of stripes and dots gives the collection that extra bit of oomph. Bowties and vests over more casual-style looks give off a delicate hipster vibe. A pool table placed on the runway provides some context for the clothes and the man who will be wearing them. Confident, precise and sharp.























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Natalie Rap.

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