Stockholm Fashion Week showcased over 30 different fashion brands for SS15, mainly womenswear with a splattering of menswear.  Erik Bjerkesjo was one of talented Scandinavian designers that walked the runway this season, and minimalist lines and toned down colors ruled his ready-to-wear collection. Having started as a luxury shoe designer, Bjerkesjo has recently branched out to include well-tailored and modern clothing.

The SS15 collection was named “Storm Within” and his simple but expressive lines allude to a basic exterior, but chaos inside, which makes for a unique vibe. Boxy, square cuts and juxtaposed matte and shiny fabrics gave off a utilitarian vibe, a sort of utility/work uniform gone stylish. The colors were basic, with mainly black, navy and a small section of white, with red being a brighter option for a few looks.

The ever trending shorts suit will continue on for SS15, as per Eric Bjerkesjo’s point of view, and we see images of a more “formal” tuxedo, with black and white color blocks built into a more casual look. Sleeves cut at the elbow, followed by what can only be described as “arm bands” were an interesting detail, of course, letting those elbows out for a springish, summery look.

Looks like minimalism is the name of the game for SS15, at least in Scandinavia.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos from the Office Erik Bjerkesjo Facebook Page.

This edition of MB Stockholm Fashion Week was a solid one for menswear. More highlights include Oscar Jacobson and Whyred.

Oscar Jacobson

The Fall/Winter 2014-15 collection from Oscar Jacobson is called ” Sartorial Leisure”.  The collection was inspired by artist Andy Warhol and other modernism influences. The garments don’t just look modern, they actually ARE modern, for example, some of the jackets have special pockets specifically size for an iPhone. Functional and cool. Isn’t that what men are really searching for in fashion anyway?

The clothes are modern, but they don’t lose the aspect of being well tailored and well fit.

BDMOTP favorite: Gold jacket with cuffed denim pants.



























WHYRED is a brand known for it’s distinct contrasts. They love to create the unconventional, and mix and match items, colors and fabrics that don’t typically “mix”. WHYRED takes it’s inspiration from music and art, and these inspirations are reflected in all their designs, and well as the entire brand concept.

The WHYRED Fall/Winter 2014-15 collection is definitely unconventional, with graffiti sprayed suits and lots of layering with warm knit scarves to top it all off. We see a mix of colors and silhouettes, the slim short pant as well as the baggy pant, and some fantastic camel colored leather gloves.

BDMOTP favorite: Tom Rebl-esque graffiti sprayed suit with camel scarf and gloves.


























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Kristian Löveborg from the official MB Stockholm Fashion Week website.

Highlights of this edition of MB Stockholm Fashion Week this season were designers J.Lindeberg and Tiger of Sweden.


J.Lindeberg is a Swedish based brand that was founded in Stockholm in 1996. The J. Lindeberg collections consist of sportswear, ski and golf fashions for both men and women.

The J.Lindeberg Autumn/Winter 2014-15 collection is entitled “Medusae/Arctic Black”. The garments were inspired by the jellyfish, beautiful yet lethal. Deep black colors with bright accents like oxblood and maroon encompass the collection. The prescence of hats is prominent, both fedora and ski hats. Notice the new ways to update the basic suit, like a sweater underneath the blazer, or fur gloves. The collection is also filled with accessories, the aforementioned hats and gloves, plus scarves, bags and more.

The J.Lindenberg collection is sexy and dark, yet well tailored and modern.

BDMOTP Favorites: The oxblood suit combined with accessories in various shades of deep red.


























Tiger of Sweden

The Tiger of Sweden Autumn/Winter 2014-15 collection has a distinct 70’s vibe to it. Iconic and retro yet still up -to-date, this collection makes you reminisce for the days of the Beatles and Woodstock.

The collection is characterized by the main color used: camel. The use of this color in an Fall/Winter collection is refreshing after seeing so much black and navy. Browns and tweeds give it another twang of retro. Layering is out in full force, with fun fabrics like knit and leather piled upon each other under longer outwear silhouettes.

The collection is muted yet strong, and is a nice twist for the upcoming cold weather seasons.

BDMOTP favorite: baseball sweater paired with short tweed pants.


























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Kristian Löveborg from the official MB Stockholm Fashion Week website.

You may recognize Niklas Ankar’s loud plaids and bright, festive chinos from New York Fashion Weeks past, because they’re difficult to forget. …You make your surrounding happy in a certain way. Ankar champions the use of contrasting patterns and you’d be hard pressed to find more pink in a single collection than if you were lucky enough to catch him during Spring 2012 Fashion Week.

Ankar contrasts the forward-thinking patterns and colors with a classic fit that he says calls back to movies and resorts of the 1950s, with tight lapels and slim fitting chinos that cut the narrow profile we’ve come to expect from European designers.

Best of all, Ankar’s clothing (what precious little of it you can find on his website: is moderately priced and on par with his lookbook (which, of course, you can also see on his website).

Most striking about Ankar’s collection, though, is the prominence of Kikoys, a versatile piece that can function as anything from a skirt to a scarf. According to Ankar, they were originally used by the fishermen in East Africa and they wore and still wear them instead of trousers.

Now, he says, every second kid, woman and even man in Sweden wears them as scarves, (they’re) a great accessory that will brighten up or tone down whatever else you are wearing. And it’s absolutely true, especially because the versatility allows Ankar to use patterns that even he wouldn’t dare put on a pair of pants or a jacket, with bright, peacock patterns and brilliant frills.

Pick one up for a cool 350 Swedish Kroen (that’s about $50 to us stateside, and Ankar’s online shop offers the option to pay in good ole US Dollars).

While Ankar’s clothing certainly isn’t for everyone, as it takes a certain sort of sartorial commitment to wear a pair of blue plaid trousers, if you’re the type of man that likes to make such a statement, look no further than this Swedish-born son of a textile man.


Niklas Ankar himself

Posted By: John