The name Ports 1961 brings visions of yachting along the Mediterranean, stark-white from head-to-toe and sailor-style navy and stripes. While this isn’t quite the Ports 1961 aesthetic, we were pleased to note that Milan Vukmirovic did add a dash of stripes to his Fall/Winter 2017/18 collection — though that’s where the boating vibes end. Instead, the collection features urban contemporary styles with an underlying European fit and Asia/European tone.

We see some stripes from Ports 1961,but we aren't getting a beachy vibe here. Thank goodness for autumn.

We see some stripes from Ports 1961,but we aren’t getting a beachy vibe here. Thank goodness for autumn.

The designer co-founded the legendary concept store Colette, which is closing its doors December 20, 2017 to the dismay of fashionistas around the world. We could harp on this sad occurrence all day, but we won’t, because focusing on the Ports 1961 Fall collection makes us much happier.

Some Asian influence, along with Parisian amour.

Some Asian influence, along with Parisian amour.

Ports 1961 really went visceral with the colorblocking trend this season, covering sweaters and shirts with large sections of contrasting tones. We get a flash of pastel and white here too — don’t forget winter white is still a thing and the Labor Day white rule goes out the door when you exit the good ol’ US of A. So feel free to sport your winter white with pride all over Europe, Asia and beyond this fall and winter.

You can still wear a little white in the winter.

You can still wear a little white in the winter.

A rather literal colorblocking situation.

A rather literal colorblocking situation.

It wouldn’t be fall without a dash of layering, and Ports 1961 goes more formal with a open-cut style sleeve cape over a colorblocked, partially unbuttoned shirt. The contrasting formal style juxtaposes perfectly with the more casual baggy trousers and unbuttoned, untucked shirt, still crisply ironed, of course.

Layers galore.

Layers galore.

Words by Lori Zaino and photos from Ports 1961.

When I got the invitation for the Sankuanz runway show, sponsored by GQ China, I knew I was in for a treat! How could a show with that invitation not be fun?

The invitation for the Sankuanz show.

The invitation for the Sankuanz show.

The show was fun and crazy, with white oufits with all sorts of writing on them in various languages. AThe prints were inspired by Russian prison tattoos from the 1940’s, and the looks are sporty and casual. The second half of the show, models walked with giant hand-pieces. Although the clothes might seem a bit extreme, having been to Asia, this type of stuff, especially paired with more basic pieces, is quite popular there, and could easily be trending in your city soon!

GQ China, having launched in 2009, plans to be part of London Collections: Men in future years, bringing new Asian designers to the British market.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

BDMOTP’s Steve Oldfield catches up with Godfrey Gao, considered to be the ” First Asian Supermodel” in Los Angeles.  Gao, starring in a new movie,  “Mortal Instruments: City of Bones”, speaks about his must-have items and gives style advice.

godfreyGao BDMOTP from Alton Barber on Vimeo.

Miharayasuhiro 1

Miharayasuhiro is a muted, monochomatic and overall, distinctly modern brand created by designer Miharaya Yasuhiro.

Miharaya Yasuhiro began designing footwear in Japan in 1994. In 1998 his first store was launched in Tokyo and by 1999 he had decided to expand into mens clothing and accessories. In 2000 he collaborated with Puma to create a funky line of sneakers and sports clothes, ¨The Black Line¨ which featured fur, studs and metallic on the shoes and clothing. In 2004, his success continued with fashion shows in Milan and eventually in Paris.

He´s been chosen by as one of the Top Mens Designers and he´s collaborated with not only Puma but also Husam el Odeh and Tasaki on jewelry and other projects. Miharayasuhiro stores are spread out over several countinents and many different cities. However, his flagship store in Tokyo is the biggest and brightest of all. Recently, he´s branched into womenswear as well which you can find online and in his shops.

Mihara Yasuhiro´s urban and trendy designs make him one of the world´s most fashionable designers. Make sure to stop into one of his boutiques or visit the Miharayasuhiro Webpage, Facebook or Twitter.



The below images are from the Miharaysuhiro RTW Fall 2013 Collection.


























All photos from the Miharayasuhiro Facebook Page.

Posted By: Lori


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