South Korea is rapidly becoming  fashion capital. This season, although Seoul’s catwalks coincided with Tokyo’s, the turnout was bigger than ever, with fashion-hungry stylists, buyers, press and tuning in to see what the city had to offer for SS18.

Munn was easily the strongest menswear show, starting off with a plethora of fancy colors like pale pink pastels from bright orange to brown plaids. Functional athleisure came in the form of windbreakers and track pants, though the volume and form was right on trend, keeping the garments relevant.

The suits were all about volume, with baggy trousers combined with more fitted blazers with nothing underneath, making an otherwise-elegant look more like streetwear. Details like zippers, ropes and panels sewn into the garments keep things interesting. Baggy military coats and pastel pink shorts suits brought some vintage into the designs. Baseball caps and sunglasses accessorized the outfits.

We also can’t help but notice the appearance of the ‘murse’ or the man purse, which came in several different forms, like small clutches, backpacks with plaid print and wallet-like bags attached to trousers with rope.

Although there were also several female looks, the  menswear was really where the Munn collection made its mark and it seemed like everyone was talking about the innovative designs well after the show ended.

Munn would be perfect for a man who wants to push the envelope with cool fabrics and voluminous silhouettes this spring. When in doubt, pair one of the windbreakers with a pair of jeans or layer a baggy suit over a well-pressed shirt.

Words by Lori Zaino and photos from Munn.

























It’s fashion week in Paris and BDMOTP is invited at the K – fashion event at the Palais Brongniart hosted by the Korean fashion industry where we can do a backstage interview with one of five acclaimed young designers and the only one who is doing real menswear. Voilà Bumsuk Choi, designer and creator of the brand General Idea.

Backstage is underground, where a quite amenable and classy modeling and styling parlor comes to life by scores of Hollywood vanity mirrors and powder tables and where a special fashion week buffet featuring low calorie diet potato chips and coconut juice will keep the crew and models going throughout the day.

We get to speak for ten minutes with mister Choi and his manager and it appears he is a big fan of New York and its style and runways, but that he also loves Paris (he is wearing a royal blue French beret for good measure on some great pastel colored azure sweater with a light jade screen scarf), and of course we speak about K – pop and K – fashion of which here below you will find a small summary. The General Idea collection here discussed is last year’s SS17 but we’ll be sure to show you the SS18 before the year is over.

Q. For the Mars collection where did you get the inspiration for the salmon red background color?
A. A lot of travel (Cuba is mentioned).
Q. What is the name of the Mars color?
A. Red Pink
Q. What is the name of the Korean style pants in the collection?
A. The baji.
Q. Why you use many pastels whereas so often so much black is used in Asian fashion?
A. Sunlight is different in Asia but we like to use soft milky colors.
Q. What you think of Zio Song (Songzio) as the godfather of Korean fashion?
A. He is conservative and old school and has older customers. I am a second generation designer.
Q. What is the advantage of having your fashion displayed at Colette (Paris’ most famous high-end retail outlet located on 213 rue St Honoré)?
A. It’s the scene. Influence. Young people will see it.
Q. Do you use traditional Korean techniques or materials in your creations?
A. Mostly western but we do use traditional Korean hanbok dress as a model which requires special skill.

We thank mister Choi and his manager for the interview and exchange business cards, and indeed his reads Gangnam, Seoul at the bottom. At BDMOTP we may therefore safely assume that we have discovered (after Gentle Monster earlier) Gangnam style.

Word by Sandro and photos from General Idea.

























Oversize was the name of the game at South Korean designer Munsoo Kwon’s Milan Fashion Week runway show. Having seen the brand before in Seoul, BDMOTP was very excited to learn they would be gracing the Milan runways, and the show did not disappoint.

Inspired by individualism through the years, Kwon based his collection on a number of themes. The concept of yuppies —  young urban professionals in the 1980s, then the bobos, those engulfed in material culture and of course, yolos or millennials, people who live in the moment.

The collection was full of layers, stiff, voluminous shirts layered over wide-leg pants and topped with a large, floating trench. Huge striped sweaters with huge necklines and baggy sleeves were layered over floral and striped tank tops and shirts.

Utility jumpsuits and two-piece sets gave off a workman’s vibe, as well as a military feeling, with camo prints and beige and green garments. Pinstripes and denim reflect some of the yuppie trends. Comfortable anoraks and track pants give millennials that in the moment hedonism.

Baseball hats were paired with many of the looks as well. Models walked the runway in mismatched shoes, perhaps contributing towards that individualism theme– each foot is a different part of personality? BDMOTP isn’t quite sure the mismatched shoe trend will take off, but we can definitely see a Brooklyn millennial sporting the oversize trenches next spring, perfect for a cool, relaxed look or even to stay warm and dry on a windy, rainy spring day in 2018.

Words by Lori Zaino and photos from Munsoo Kwon.

























Gentle Monster is celebrity and collector’s eyewear from Seoul, Korea that needs no introduction for the simple reason that today you will see them all over buzz feed and social media hot zones as every paparazzi’s favorite for its thrilling vapid and vacuous colors and odd and icky shapes. Most recently spotted in abandon this weekend at the Cannes film festival on the red carpets worn mostly by women, but also by men. For this is the ultimate K-Pop Gangnam style.

According to its press release for the 2017 collections Gentle Monster is based on what they call ‘high-end experimentation’ on ‘product, space, styling, culture, and technology’. This high design product is available in 150 countries in over 500 stores globally in selected showrooms only. Uniquely styled and colored the designer theme-eyewear comes in many variations of which here below you can enjoy a small slideshow courtesy the creators.

As for the style we will aptly follow calling it K – Pop (from Korean pop culture), and as the concept it is cited to be ‘creative-disruptive’. That’s the sad thing that Justin Bieber or Kanye West try to do all the time when they are purposefully trying to get into some other celebrity’s crosshairs. Kids call it looking for attention.

But with a real pair of Gentle Monster’s that kind juvenile behavior becomes of course entirely meaningless. Because these are highly prized high design high-end accessory items. In vapid and vacuous colors. With a daft and icky shape or form. The perfect accessory to look – as the Sex Pistols once so adequately put it forty years ago – absolutely pretty vacant.

Prices for a pair range from $200 – $500. Definitely also for men.

Words by Sandro and photos from Gentle Monster.














D.Gnak is typically a BDMOTP favorite. Designed by Kang Dong Jun, the collections typically have a very Korean feel, but thanks to the designer’s training in NYC, also a very international, modern element as well. It’s no wonder D.Gnak often shows their collections not only at Seoul Fashion Week, but at Milan Fashion Week as well.

The SS17 collection sticks with a lot of the silhouettes that D.Gnak is know for: voluminous, draped layers and a focus on cool coats and jackets. Every man will be able to find the right spring outerwear in this collection, as there are bomber jackets, leather, blazers, long trenches and more, all, of course, in the signature color of black, as well as looks in white, orange and evergreen.

You have to have a little sass in you to wear D.Gnak, as their items are very fashion forward and not for the faint of heart. For SS17, give some newness a try. You could go karate style with their white, martial-arts inspired shirt jacket or pair a more traditional top with a pair of oversize D.Gnak pants, which, this season, tend to hit slightly above the ankle. Or, for a bold statement, the evergreen leather jacket is definitely a “wow” piece within the collection.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos from D.Gnak.

Beyond Closet, everyone’s favorite Seoul streetwear brand, showed a dynamic collection for SS17. Summer finally arrived on the runway with models sporting shorts, ripped jeans and unbuttoned shirts under sleek blazers. BDMOTP loves how Beyond Closet is able to look urban yet poised at the same time. Perhaps it’s the layers…hoodies under blazers and ascots paired with shirtless abs. Either way, the collection is youthful yet elegant, full of interesting juxtaposition.

The brand made sure to participate in some of spring’s biggest trends, like the long trench, the leather bomber jacket, baggy trousers and of course, a stripe here and there. Fun patterns, ripped denim and quirky t-shirt decals added playfulness to the line. Casual sandals and sneakers, plus a baseball cap here and there finished the looks off. All and all, a different kind of dapper — an entirely more underground one.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos from Beyond Closet.

Ordinary People is anything but ordinary. These casual, youthful designs at Seoul FW were characterized by long, striped trenches, baggy pants and short suits. Stripes came in the form of both regular and pinstripe, and thanks to the extra-baggy and oversize trend, the garments seemed on the more casual side, even though suits were present.

Again, we see the ever-present trench trend, but Ordinary People had an interesting take on it: making it extra oversize and baggy. The baggy look paired with chunky sandals would be perfect for a barrier-breaking man, ready to be original and fashion forward in his looks.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Natalie Rap.

Jarret is a brand that is uniquely Korean, as Jarret designer  Ji Youn Lee actually uses pieces of Korean costumes and turns them into tailored, trendy clothes for both men and women.

The menswear looks were cool, calm and collected, featuring solids and patterns with gauze overlays (remains of a Korean costume, perhaps?). Jacket, t-shirts, shorts and even suits with quirky detailing appeared in the line, making sure a gentleman could be dressed for any occasion: work, evening wear and weekend.

Of course, fitting in with the Seoul FW aesthetic: the long trench made an appearance.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Natalie Rap.

Despite its interesting name, Nasty Habit isn’t nasty at all. In fact, their designs were pretty fabulous. Casual looks involving stripes and pinstripes, shorts and trousers and colorblock ruled the runway here. Pocket patterns screen printed with eyes and other patterns appeared as a trend. Patches also seemed prevalent within the collection.

An interesting trend was the double belted pant. The top of the trouser had another section with a different fabric above it, making for two pant closures. I’m not sure how practical this is, but it was something that made this particular collection quite unique. The appearance of the trench coat also put this collection right on trend with several of the other Seoul Fashion Week styles.






















Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Natalie Rap.

D.Gnak has always been a BDMOTP favorite. In fact, we’ve had the pleasure of seeing the D.Gnak collections not only at Seoul Fashion Weeks but also at Milan Fashion Week. We always love how they add a little bit of funky street edge to their designs.

Their newest collection featured quite a bit of layering and draping. Suits with a trendy twist of short pants covered with stylish trenches walked the runway alongside hoodies and shorts. Black, blue and white dominated the collection (these colors are usually dominant in the D.Gnak garments).

The designs are appropriate for a creative yet classic man, sometime who wants to make a statement in something a little different, but still relevant to a classic working environment. A D.Gnak suit you’ll be stylish, trendy and modern.






















Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Natalie Rap.

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