Sao Paulo in sunny Brazil hosted their Autumn/Winter 2014 fashion collections early this November. There was very little menswear but from what I could gather, the highlights from Sao Paulo Fashion Week in the realm of men’s collections were Ellus and Joao Pimenta.


Ellus started as a customized t-shirt brand in the 1970’s and later expanded to making pants. They were actually the first company to introduce stonewashed jeans to Brazil in the 1980’s.  Although they’ve long since matured, you can still see how denim influences their designs. The AW14 collection for men is all dark colors, mainly black with some denim. The name “Ellus” actually means link chain in Portuguese, and I think you can see this reflected in some of the Ellus AW 14 designs, as there is always some additonal detail, a strap, a chain, a clasp, etc.
























Joao Pimenta

Joao Pimenta started his fashion label in 2003 and in my opinion, the clothes scream Brazil. I imagine year round sun and everyone running around in white suits and hats. Now, I am not sure if this is really how it is over in Brazil (probably not!) but in Joao Pimenta’s AW14 collection it certainly seems to be.  The collection was mainly white, incorporating trends like the bulky blazer, skinny pant and baggier suit pant, ombre looks, the hat, and more. The few black looks he added in were gothic and sexy, featuring leather and plaid, a perfect juxtaposition to the innocent white looks.
























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This is the second time BDMOTP has visited with Brazilian designer Diego Vanassibara and seen his fabulous shoe collections.  Diego´s collection during the January London Collections: Men for FW 2013 was truly exquisite and we absolute couldn´t wait to see what Diego would come up with this season.

As predicted, we were not disappointed.  For SS14, Diego has introduced a new color palette that includes a light blue, a beige and a grey, and an army green color in addition to the more basic tones of black and brown.  There is nothing basic about these shoes, however, they are original and funky and fun while still being classic and elegant.

Not to mention Diego and his team are passionate about the shoes.  As I watched Diego explain his vision behind the designs, I could truly see he loves designing and creating and his passion shows in the craftmanship of the shoes themselves. The shoes, in addition to having Diego´s signature wood panels, have some movement in the design so your foot can move and breathe along with the shoe.  The color scheme was inspired by the idea of travelling to Rio de Janiero, Brasil, this of course being the blue and beige of the sea and sand.  Then a classy navy blue and grey for the next destination of Singapore and a more intense black to represent one final trip to Tokyo.

Diego V (2)

Diego V (3)

Diego V (1)

Diego V (4)Finally, BDMOTP wanted to know if there was a female shoe line in the worlds.  He noted it´s not out of the question for the future to have a separate line for women.  However, for now, females around the world can rejoice because he now makes his men´s shoes as small as a men´s US size 5 so women can wear them! In future lines he will even start from a men´s size 3 so women with tiny feet can wear his strong, independent, masculine shoes.

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Photos By: Yulia Gromova


Diego Vanassibara is an up-and-coming shoe designer with a fresh outlook on the typical English oxford. He handcrafts his own unique collections of shoes, boots and loafers.Diego Vanassibara

The Brazilian designer comes from an architechtural back ground. These skills, when combined with his shoemaking talent, create finished products that are aesthetically pleasing structural masterpiece. His main motivation is: ¨Give men the opportunity to dream too.¨ And men most certaintly will dream about these amazing shoes.

Diego Vanassibara´s work is extremely special because of it´s craftmanship. His work showcases exclusive wooden details hand carved onto the oxfords, boots and loafers. The hand crafted mahogany and rosewood components make for the perfect combination of a classic and modern shoe or boot.

Diego Vanassibara

The shoes are colored in a mix of earthy and dusty tones like olive and grey leather. Even better, the collection is ethical and ecological : the wood components come straight from a sustainable plantation. The shoes are clean, contemporary, comfortable, and easily combinable with a man´s wardrobe. If you are looking for something ecological, beautiful, and comfortable all in one, then Diego Vanassibara shoes are for you.

Diego VanassibaraDiego VanassibaraDiego Vanassibara


For more information and where to purchase, visit the Diego Vanassibara Webpage. 

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Since 2003, this international emblem of Argentine dressing has worked to perfect a timeless men’s style. The high-end brand designs clothing that fits impeccably and gives off an aura of sexy, effortless ruggedness, all while looking completely polished. The fitted Italian wool suits, basic luxe T-shirts, slim pants, charcoal sweaters, leather jackets, and more are all essentials for the best-dressed man. Citing motorcycles and classic cars as inspiration, it’s no wonder Etiqueta Negra designs are every bit as masculine and beautiful as an Aston Martin DB5.

Not only do they offer top notch apparel, the brand offers fragrance and accessories as well. Try the Acero watch for a touch of dark style or one of their formal suits for your next wedding.

Visit the Etiqueta Negra website or follow them on Facebook  for more information.

Vedia 3652 C1430DAH

Dot Baires, Buenos Aires


10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Etiqueta Negra Etiqueta Negra Etiqueta Negra Etiqueta Negra Etiqueta Negra


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