Wilkes Bashford has been open for almost 50 years and is the place to go for men´s fashion in Northern California. The original store was opened in 1966 in Union Square in San Francisco. In 1978 the store began to carry women´s clothing and in 1984 the shop was moved to a seven story townshouse. In 2001 a second location was built in Palo Alto, specifically catering to those in Silicon Valley.

Wilkes Bashford himself has been seen on Esquire´s ¨Best Dressed Men¨ list since 1972. A fashion icon, Wilkes was the first retailer to bring several European brands in the United States, Armani being one of them. He opened the shop thinking that succesful men may know how to run a business, but they may need a little help in the clothes area or forming their own personal style.

Both of the shops have been renovated in 2012, and have been beautifully transformed to create a fantastic shopping experience. The brightly lit, inviting stores both include high end designer boutiques, carrying brands like Valentino, Pierre Hardy, 3.1 Philip Lim, and Lanvin Mens, just to name a few. Wilkes Bashford shops cater to a specific clientele ¨the bold conservative¨.

For more information, visit the Wilks Bashford Website or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

Wilkes Bashford Manniquins Wilkes Bashford shirt tie Wilkes Bashford Store Wilkes Bashford Store 1

All images from the shop´s Facebook page.

Posted by: Lori


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