Toby by Hatem Alakeel is a collection that combines cultures and breaks barriers. It embodies harmony between the traditional and the modern.

¨Toby¨ meaning ¨My Thobe¨ in Arabic, is basically a long floorlength traditional robe. Alakeel explains ¨The name is a symbolic metaphor for unrivaled personal individuality.¨ The Toby collection presents these traditional, cultural robes, but in a contemporary way by using details and accents to make them fun, trendy and modern.

Toby by Hatem Alakeel starts with the Classic Collection, which offers traditional cuts and lines. Alakeel has also created collections for juniors and children, and even designs items which are not exactly robes, but present a similar vibe and style. For example, a dress shirt that emodies the traditional thobe look. Additionally, Toby offers the Sporty Collection, the Trend Collection, the Bohemian Collection, each one following the vision of their given title.

The line has a strong international appeal, and this thobe was even worn by Snoop Doggy Dog during his Dubai concert.

Snoop Dogg in a Toby by Hatem Alakeel

The designer, Hatem Alakeel, has been named a design genius, often called the Middle Eastern Tom Ford. He was raised between Saudi Arabia, the United States and Europe, giving him a very international design aesthetic and allowing him to work with designers around the world.

You can read more on the Toby by Hatem Alakeel website or visit the Toby Facebook Page or Twitter page.

All images from the Toby by Hatem Alakeel Facebook page.

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Buenos Aires is known for many things, but the main attraction is its beef! The culture is defined by Sunday afternoon asados, where grilling up thick steaks and sausages is the social event of the weather. So what does prime cute of beef at nearly every establishment have to do with fashion? Well, lots of cows means lots (LOTS) of quality leather. You don’t need to look far to find a buttery smooth leather jacket or other accessory item, and here are some places to start with in the land of leather. Now that we know leather is trending for Fall 2013, it´s the perfect time to plan your trip to Buenos Aires and shop for leather. Check out any of the following to begin your search of the best brands and quality vendors.

Murillo 666

Address: Murillo 666, Villa Crespo

Phone: (+54) 11 4855 2024

Murillo 666 Website

Photo credit:

Although most people will guide tourists to shop on Florida Street or Palermo SoHo, the best leather prices are found in nearby up-and-coming Villa Crespo. Located just a few blocks from the heart of Buenos Aires fashion center (Palermo SoHo), this barrio is much more local in terms of its offerings and pricing. Despite many great options along Murillo street (between Thames and Malabia), the most famous is Murillo 666. With everything from furniture to leather jackets and accessories, this place is a must-see in the heart of the leather district here in Buenos Aires.


Address: Thames 1855, Palermo SoHo

Teran Website

Owned by Gonzalo Teran, this store is definitely one of the coolest showrooms in the city. As you glance through the floor to ceiling glass doors, each pair is displayed like fine china in a high-end antique store. With quality that matches their appearance, you can’t go wrong with spending a little extra for this elevated fashion and workmanship. Shop the assortment of crocodile embossed loafers to ankle high lace up combat boots, two-tone lace-ups to vintage wingtip dress shoes, and leave with a purchase that will last a lifetime.

Lopez Taibo

Address: Avenida Alvear 1902, Recoleta

Phone: (+54) 11 4804 8585

Lopez Taibo Website

Photo credit:

For business travelers looking to spice up their look, you must make a stop at this small Recoleta boutique. With the main location just a few steps for the famous Recoleta Cemetery, enter and step back into the traditions of 1897 with hand-stitched creations that are perfected after over a century of craftsmanship and technique. Filled with attractive and professional staff, the best business travelers in Buenos Aires flock to this mascot of Porte shoemaking for everything from their signature full brogue oxford dress shoes to belts, jackets, wallets and briefcases. With several other locations throughout the city, you will have no problem finding one to stop by and pick up that special accessory that will have everyone back home feeling envious!

Posted By: Rachel M.G.

The EGO at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid is the final day of runway shows featuring new and up and coming designers. For Fall/Winter 2013-14, there were 10 EGO designers with runway shows, and only a few featured menswear.

Although the menswear was lacking at The EGO at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid, there were a couple of designers which showed some very creative and original menswear looks within their collections: Eugenio Loarce and Pablo Erroz.

Eugenio Loarce only featured 4 menswear looks, but all 4 were showstoppers. His collection ¨Amado Mío¨ which means My Love, focuses the ups and downs relating to love. Colors used were red, white and black and fur, leather, and silk fabrics were also featured. Loarce states that the red and white colors focus on the happy times when in love, and the black signifies that rough parts of being in love. Note the the white and black shoes-absolutely fabulous!

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid the EGO Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid the EGO Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid the EGOPablo Erroz had a collection that was slightly more masculine and modern. He also used trending fabrics in his collection such as leather and fur. Pablo Erroz created some amazing jackets focusing on mixing fabrics and using accents like zippers, patterned sleeves and buttons for a unique touch. I think the modern man who wants a touch of trend would love these looks.

The EGO at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid The EGO at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid The EGO at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid The EGO at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid The EGO at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid

Obviously if you want to be on trend for the fall, you´ll definitely look into purchasing some items with fur or leather. As you can see above, they can add a that extra touch to make an outfit perfect. And you can´t go wrong with a burst of red!

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Diego Vanassibara is an up-and-coming shoe designer with a fresh outlook on the typical English oxford. He handcrafts his own unique collections of shoes, boots and loafers.Diego Vanassibara

The Brazilian designer comes from an architechtural back ground. These skills, when combined with his shoemaking talent, create finished products that are aesthetically pleasing structural masterpiece. His main motivation is: ¨Give men the opportunity to dream too.¨ And men most certaintly will dream about these amazing shoes.

Diego Vanassibara´s work is extremely special because of it´s craftmanship. His work showcases exclusive wooden details hand carved onto the oxfords, boots and loafers. The hand crafted mahogany and rosewood components make for the perfect combination of a classic and modern shoe or boot.

Diego Vanassibara

The shoes are colored in a mix of earthy and dusty tones like olive and grey leather. Even better, the collection is ethical and ecological : the wood components come straight from a sustainable plantation. The shoes are clean, contemporary, comfortable, and easily combinable with a man´s wardrobe. If you are looking for something ecological, beautiful, and comfortable all in one, then Diego Vanassibara shoes are for you.

Diego VanassibaraDiego VanassibaraDiego Vanassibara


For more information and where to purchase, visit the Diego Vanassibara Webpage. 

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While in town for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, I found a little time to do menswear shopping in Madrid. With no destination in mind, I took off from my hotel, the Urban on Carerra San Jeronimo, to see what I could see. On my way to Puerta del Sol I ran head on into a protest (see “Protesting….” post), so I reversed course and walked with them a bit to support the people.  After a few blocks I turned off and headed to Gran Via.

Cortefiel 1Cortefiel 2

I came across a nice menswear store named Cortefiel. I hadn’t heard of them, but they are a Spanish company with many stores throughout Spain. Several nice mid-priced items on the main level. I debated a navy DB casual knit jacket, but passed because it was a bit too close to a sweater that I have. It was nice though. Then went down to the basement and was pleasantly surprised. Very nice full line of mid range pieces. Great value, quality for price, on sweaters and suits. I pushed a few racks and found a sweater that I liked. I knew that the silhouette worked for me because I have something close, but it was a dark green color which I did not have. It looked great on and was on the sale rack so I couldn’t pass it up.

Cortefiel green sweater

I pushed on and went into Nino’s. A very small boutique, that I might have walked by but a sweater in the window called me in. I tried the sweater, but it didn’t work for me. I looked further and found a sweater with a unique leahter closure on the shoulder. It looked great when I tried it and the price was reasonable so I bought it. I must admit that in my haste, I did not check the content label, and once I got back to the Urban I discovered it was acrylic. A fabric that I generally stay away from because they peel sometime, but at the price I’ll get over it and see how the fabric performs.

Cortefiel  gray sweater

Next stop was my most exciting find, a boutique called Eduardo Rivera.  It was full of great items but I did not have time to check them out properly. Check out the pictures. I assured the manager that I would have Lori, our multi-talented Madrid specialist, come by and do a follow-up post on the shop. I’ll definitely look forward to spending more time there on my next trip to wonderful Madrid.













Madrid is a great place to find nice garments reasonably priced.


1.  Be certain to take the time to check out the fabric content in a new garment purchase to fully appreciate the value.

MBFW Madrid

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid featured menswear far and few between this season. However, when it was present, it was truly excellent. Opportunity knocks in the mens fashion space, anyone out there?

The designers that included menswear this season used a lot of rich fabrics such as leather and fur. Fur, fur, fur everywhere! No one will be cold next winter with the amount of fur predicted to be worn here in Madrid.

We´ll start with the collection entitled ¨Paris, Berlin, Moscu¨ from Exteberria. Exteberria is one designer at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid which specializes in menswear (however, they still also create looks for women too). This season the focus was on coats, and of course, you guessed it, fur. The models were very unique and presented a very firm, intense look, and even their hair was made to look grey. Note the fabulous boots they are all wearing.

MBFW Madrid Fall 2013 MBFW Madrid Fall 2013 MBFW Madrid Fall 2013 MBFW Madrid Fall 2013

Next Martin Lamonthe brings us her collection ¨Mechanics¨ which focuses on straight lines and forms, but with a vintage and warm spirit. A definite 70´s vibe was present.

MBFW Madrid MBFW Madrid

Miguel Marinero blew us away with his preppy riding looks, featuring leather, fur, even a horse saddle on the shoulder of a male model. With the leather soft and the fabrics rich, his few menswear looks looked wearable and luxurious.

MBFW Madrid MBFW Madrid


Finally Jesus Lorenzo´s collection ¨Steam Glam¨ was inspired by a vintage New York City. As ¨steam” blew down the runway, models walked wearing clothes emitting steam punk (metal and gray colors, metallics) as well as the glam side, including leather and high end furs.

Jesus Lorenzo Jesus LorenzoPosted By: Lori

Fashion designer Narendra Kumar has a long history in the world of fashion and style.

His fashion career began when he was the founding fashion editor for Elle India and following that, he mentored and taught college courses about fashion. This background prepped him for his journey into fashion design. Narendra Kumar launched his first collection in 2000 and it was an immediate success.

His clothes are widely popular due to their perfect lines, fit and cut, showcasing Nari´s (many in India refer to him as Nari) refined tailoring work. He is innovative and modern, yet stays true to his Indian roots. He´s been involved in several fashion weeks, including LA fashion week and Australia Fashion week. His work has been featured in several Bollywood projects and been worn by famous Indian celebs such as John Abraham, Akshay Kumar, Priyanka Chopra and Saif Ali Khan.

Nari is the brand ambassador for Swiss Air, and has created looks for their signature SWISS calendar since 2009. He has also designed exclusive collections for Debenhams and Westside. Recently, he has collaborated with Mattel to design an exclusive kidswear line for their Hot Wheels Extreme brand. Nari also helps with corporate clothing projects for companies such as HSBC bank and Unilever.

Narenda Kumar has also been the recipient of many prestigious awards such as MTV´s Breakthrough Designer of the Year. His products include not only menswear, but womenswear, couture, Indo-Western, bridal and ethnic items.

You can visit his shop in Mumbai at this location:

Store Address: Dhariya Apts, Ground Floor, Near Madhu Park, 11th road, Khar (W), Mumbai- 400052.

Tel: 65224842

For more information, visit the Narendra Kumar Website, Facebook page or follow Nari on Twitter.

Photos from the Narendra Kumar Facebook Page.

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Excessive snow and winds didn´t stop Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York City from happening this year. Many fashion lovers trekked through severe weather conditions to see this year´s Fall/Winter 2013 runway shows. Michael Kors even showed up in Uggs (gasp!).

In spite of the weather, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York City brought to light some fabulous new collections and debuted some new menswear trends as well.

This season on the catwalks the baggier, fuller cut pant made an appearance. This wider leg pant often popped up in which otherwise seems to be a more tailored outfit-a suit or coordinated trousers and dress shirt. It also showed up in a few unique ways: first, there is the ¨fuller wide leg all the way down¨ look (Alton’s favorite) which we see with Marc Jacobs (note the beautiful red top coat), Lacoste and Libertine.

Baggy Pant Marc Jacobs, Lacoste, Libertine

Then we have the ¨baggy at the top slimmer at the bottom¨ look, which worn with the right outfit can absolutely work. Here are some options from Perry Ellis, Roberto Seco and Robert Gellar.

Baggy Top Slim Bottom Perry Ellis, Ricardo Seco, Robert Gellar

Both baggier styles provide an interesting new tweak to the otherwise basic suit or tailored outfit.

In contrast, if the pant isn´t baggy, it´s super tight and/ or cuffed. I saw very little ´straight leg´ this season.

David Hart (2) and Marc Jacobs (1)

Utilzing the skinny pant gives a fresh look to these three 1970´s style patterned and bright colored suits. The first two by David Hart and the oxblood by Marc Jacobs, these designers are putting a modern twist on a previous trend.

Cuffed Pants by Nautica, Todd Snyder, Raif Adelberg, Y-3

The cool thing about the cuff is that you can cuff the straight leg pant, the skinny pant OR the baggy pant, as shown above by the Nautica straightleg (well, borderline baggy!), the Todd Snyder skinny pant, the Raif Adelbergn baggy pant and the Y-3 baggy pant. (For help cuffing the Best Dressed Man on the Planet way, refer back to previous post Cuff ´Em).

If you want to be on trend, make it wide leg, baggy, or skintight, maybe with a cuff.

All images from the offical Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York City Photo Gallery. 

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The 11th edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion was an impressive three day run of fashion shows and events. This edition boasted several menswear designers and collections, some of which were pretty spectacular. Trending for autumn/winter 2013: knitwear, layering, volume, and of course the trusty black and grey color scheme.

080 Barcelona Fashion080 Barcelona Fashion080 Barcelona Fashion080 Barcelona Fashion080 Barcelona Fashion080 Barcelona Fashion080 Barcelona Fashion080 Barcelona Fashion080 Barcelona Fashion080 Barcelona Fashion080 Barcelona Fashion080 Barcelona Fashion080 Barcelona Fashion




















Jan Iú Més for Punto Blanco shows some warm, baggy knits, cottons, and linens, all while staying within a basic color scheme of gray, black, beige and white.  The looks are casual and low- key but with a sexy, touseled touch.

Slazenger brightens things up with more tailored, preppy London- style looks. The collection, ¨Heritage¨ features sweaters and knits, but with more form fitting pants. It includes accessories like hats, fingerless gloves and cuffed pants with patterned socks to spice up a dull wintery day.

Torras brings us back to basics with knits, leather, and of course the signature grey, black and blue colors. The ¨Black Torras Collection¨ which is aptly named for it´s color scheme, is a minimalist collection aiming for simplicity, elegance, quality and austerity.

Brain & Beast is a relatively new line of menswear created in 2010 by three spanish designers: Angel Vilda, Ceasar Olivar and Veronica Raposo. The pieces are designed with a geometrical thought process and a structural simplicity. The collection is quite different than most of the more basic looks we´ve seen so far at 080 Barcelona Fashion, and it has a fun and exciting twist to it.

Josep Abril, founded in 1996 by you guessed it, Josep Abri himeself, is a successful menswear line that has walked catwalks in Barcelona and Madrid for several years. The collection shows the trending fall colors of grey and black, but with interesting layers and volume, and a unique pattern here and there.

Images from the 080 Barcelona Fashion Facebook page 

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Leform Boutique, a multi-brand shop, opened it´s doors in Moscow in 1997. This was really first store of its kind in Russia. When it opened almost 16 years ago, Leform boutique sought to provide original, unique clothes amongst a sea filled with high- end designer chain stores. Back in 2009 the shop was named the best luxury multi-brand store in Russia. Fast forward to 2013, where Leform is thriving via their strong following of celebrities, hipsters, business men, bohemians, and even students.

The boutique is not limited just to menswear but also carries homewares and items for women as well. Some of it´s most popular brands hail from far away lands, such as Dirk Bikkembergs, Dries Van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester, and Dirk Van Saene from Belgium, Junia Watanabe, Rei Kawakubo and Yoshiki Hishinuma from Japan and Helmut Lang from Austria, just to name a few.

Whether you are looking for elegant, classic, trendy, or casual, Leform Boutique has it all. The clear, modern store set up will help you find what you are looking for quickly and easily.

There are two Leform Boutique locations in Moscow.

35/28, Povarskaya str. +7-495-691-8220
7, Dmitrovsky per. +7-495-660-0280

High top shoes from Leform BoutiqueSummer outfit from Leform BoutiqueLeather and stripes at Leform Boutiquecolorful sweaters at Leform BoutiqueImages from Leform Boutique  Facebook page

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