The Hakan Akkaya Show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Istanbul was the show I enjoyed most.  Beautifully tailored menswear of wonderful fabrics, solids and plaids.

Alton Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Istanbul

2013-03-15 16.27.17

2013-03-15 16.03.44

2013-03-15 Hakan Akkaya

A few of my favorite looks.  In that lot, my favorite piece in the show, a plaid top coat.  Might have to get one.













Hakan my friend.  Send me that coat!

You can find out more about Hakan Akkaya at his website.


Oxford is an Australian based menswear boutique established in 1978. The shop started in a small suburb of Sydney with the concept of bridging designer retail and an overcrowded middle market of chain shops. They wanted to offer something new that hadn´t been done before.

With their first store being a huge success, 20 stores were later opened in Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane throughout the 1990´s. Now, over 40 store have been opened in Australia and they have recently started selling womenswear as well.

Oxford Mens Suits

Oxford Ties and ShirtsOxford focuses on a streamlined and comfortable shopping experience, meaning they put a lot of emphasis on a clear and accomodating store design. The shops are all designed to have a welcoming vibe. The store vision is, look that is individual and aspirational, successfully combining good design, high quality and excellent value.

Oxford Men 1

You can visit them on Twitter, Facebook, the Oxford Website, and they even have aStyle Blog you can check out to get ideas for shopping and new looks. You can also shop online via their website. And of course, take some advice from their motto below!

Oxford Men

Images from the Oxford Facebook Page.

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Spy Henry Lau

Henry Lau is one of Hong Kong´s most popular up and coming designers. His shops, entitled ¨Spy Henry Lau¨ are popping up all over China and his clothes are described as ¨casual street style with sophistication¨.  Lau´s mission is to make the average person feel and look beautiful and trendy with his clothes.

The designs do err on the edge of trendy. Lau likes to take a classic look and add twist to it by using modern fabrics and cool patterns and cuts. For example, below you can see his take on the classic blazer. Shiny fabrics, interesting cuts, and pocket patterns spice up an otherwise traditional look.

Spy Henry Lau 2

Lau has showed at many international fashion weeks and has also designed for a number of celebrities and performers, such as Hacken Lee, Denise Ho, Leslie Cheung and the late Anita Mui. He has even collaborated with international brands such as DeBeers Diamonds, Nokia and Motorola.

His designs have walked runways at Hong Kong Fashion Week, Australian Fashion Week and Bejiing Fashion Week.

The first Spy Henry Lau shop was opened in 1996 in Hong Kong. Today, shops in Kuwait, Sydney and Dubai now sell his collections and he has a huge store in Bejiing, among several others. The boutiques have both menswear and womenswear.

For more information, or to shop online visit the Spy Henry Lau Website.

Images from the Henry Lau Facebook Page

Hong Kong Store Spy Henry Lau Hong Kong Store Spy Henry Lau 1Posted By: Lori

Pockets Menswear has been a Dallas menswear staple for over 35 years. This made to measure menswear boutique focuses on establishing and maintaining relationships with each and every customer, making sure each one leaves Pockets happy.

The team of two owners, David Smith and his wife Margaret, started remodeling a small space in 1974 which would later become what is now Pockets.   David was the main salesman and Margaret the tailor.

Now in 2013, not only is Pockets focused on fantastic customer service and relations, but also on bringing the newest and latest menswear trends and brands to Dallas. Many of Pockets customer base is created solely through word of mouth and referrals. Tailoring is still done down the street at their Highland Park Tailor Shop. Style and service, a perfect combination in my opinion!

Highland Park Tailor

The made to measure section allows you to choose a garment to be created and tailored exactly to your likes and measurements. You can choose from suits, sportcoats, pants and shirts. Some brands offered are Ermenegildo Zegna, Sartorio Partenopea, Canali, Hamilton Shirt Co., Finamore and the list goes on.

Pockets also carries denim, footwear, belts, and other accessories, both casual and of course work appropiate office wear as well.


For more information, visit the Pockets Webpage or follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

DALLAS, TX 75025
TEL: 214-368-1167
FAX: 214-368-1208


10:00 am — 6:00 pm

Image from the Pockets Webpage

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Georgina Vendrell Menswear is a collection created by Georgina Vendrell herself which debuted in 2007. She is one of the few designers in Spain that dedicates her designs entirely to menswear.

While chatting with Georgina at the EGO section of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid, we asked her why she decided to focus on menswear amist a sea of womenswear. She explains ¨I started with menswear because no one ever seems to design for just men in Spain. I wanted to fill that niche. There´s so much you can do with menswear that hasn´t been done.¨  And she´s right! I see a huge opportunity in Spain for menswear, and so many places to go with it.

There was a small stand with some of Georgina Vendrell´s designs outside of the runway shows and we were able to not only chat with her but try on some of her designs. Alton looked especially cool in a one of a kind turquoise sweater and then a polka dotted jacket.

IMG_5716SM IMG_5723SM

Her collections are fun and funky, focusing mainly on interesting fabrics and textures. Georgina explained to us that she looks shopping her for her fabrics in London, even though she designs in Barcelona. She likes to include colorful accents to make the items more interesting and unique. A lot of her pieces are just one of a kind, because the fabrics are rare in certain colors and impossible to find more of. Price points are also reasonable, for example, the turquoise one of a kind sweater featured above was under 100 euros.

IMG_5713SM IMG_5732SM

In past years Georgina has had the opportunity to show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid EGO, 080 Barcelona, Valencia Fashion Week (where she won the Best Fashion Designer Award) and Iceland Fashion Week. Unfortunately, she did not show this year at Madrid Fashion Week, but I am hoping to see her designs on the runway in seasons to come.

For more information, visit the Georgina Vendrell Website.

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Chicago might not be associated with high fashion like New York or Los Angeles, but look no further than the city’s incredible, Magnificent Mile if you want to dress like the best of the fashion elite. This 13-block stretch of North Michigan Avenue is the ultimate Chicago experience and home to some of the best restaurants, luxury accommodations and best shopping the city has to offer. The area begins near the famous Chicago Water Tower one of the only buildings that survived the Great Fire of 1871 at the edge of Oak Street and extends south until the banks of the Chicago River. Over time, the area has expanded and now includes a full square mile from North Michigan Avenue. When you are looking for a place to pick up a few items or revamp your entire wardrobe, no need to look further for the best trendy boutiques, premier retailers and upscale department stores in the city.

With over 450 individual retail stores, it can be hard to narrow it down to the best. Besides the big department stores and brand names (Neiman Marcus, Brooks Brothers, Hugo Boss), here are a few top selections to get you started as you window shop your way down North Michigan Avenue.

George Green

49 E. Oak Street (between Michigan Ave & Rush St)

Tel: (312) 654-2490

George Greene Website

Enter this shop and feel as though you’re walking into a world of luxury. Sales representatives are attentive and helpful, eager to guide you to the latest fashions by Luciano Barbera, Band of Outsiders or Yohji Yamamoto. If you are looking for a more personalized touch, visit their in-house tailor who will happily fit your new Kiton suit to perfection. Unless you have the option to travel to Italy or Paris, stop by this family business and pick up all the same fashions right in the heart of the Magnificent Mile.

Magnificent Mile

Photo Credit:


830 N Michigan Ave
(between Pearson St & Chestnut St)

(312) 280-6834

Topman Website

This famed British fashion retailer recently debuted their flagship Chicago location right in the heart of the Magnificent Mile. With European styling and fashion-forward pieces on a budget, this open floor plan covers three floors, the top of which is dedicated to men. So if you’re looking to make a statement with a pair of fresh kicks, some wayferers or a graphic printed t-shirt, check out the ever-changing and ever-trendy collection at Topman.

Magnificent Mile



607 N State St (at Ohio)

(312) 440-1300

haberdash website

This Chicago hidden-gem is a blend of classic cool style with a modern twist. The store itself was founded by Adam Beltzman a former lawyer who felt that the traditional men’s store of yesteryear was missing from the retail landscape of the city. Offering a one-stop shop for men, their two locations throughout the city offer excellent service in a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Carrying brands from Aesop to Wolverine, this outfitter has everything to dress you with style from head to toe.

Magnificent Mile

Photo credit:

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Toby by Hatem Alakeel is a collection that combines cultures and breaks barriers. It embodies harmony between the traditional and the modern.

¨Toby¨ meaning ¨My Thobe¨ in Arabic, is basically a long floorlength traditional robe. Alakeel explains ¨The name is a symbolic metaphor for unrivaled personal individuality.¨ The Toby collection presents these traditional, cultural robes, but in a contemporary way by using details and accents to make them fun, trendy and modern.

Toby by Hatem Alakeel starts with the Classic Collection, which offers traditional cuts and lines. Alakeel has also created collections for juniors and children, and even designs items which are not exactly robes, but present a similar vibe and style. For example, a dress shirt that emodies the traditional thobe look. Additionally, Toby offers the Sporty Collection, the Trend Collection, the Bohemian Collection, each one following the vision of their given title.

The line has a strong international appeal, and this thobe was even worn by Snoop Doggy Dog during his Dubai concert.

Snoop Dogg in a Toby by Hatem Alakeel

The designer, Hatem Alakeel, has been named a design genius, often called the Middle Eastern Tom Ford. He was raised between Saudi Arabia, the United States and Europe, giving him a very international design aesthetic and allowing him to work with designers around the world.

You can read more on the Toby by Hatem Alakeel website or visit the Toby Facebook Page or Twitter page.

All images from the Toby by Hatem Alakeel Facebook page.

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Buenos Aires is known for many things, but the main attraction is its beef! The culture is defined by Sunday afternoon asados, where grilling up thick steaks and sausages is the social event of the weather. So what does prime cute of beef at nearly every establishment have to do with fashion? Well, lots of cows means lots (LOTS) of quality leather. You don’t need to look far to find a buttery smooth leather jacket or other accessory item, and here are some places to start with in the land of leather. Now that we know leather is trending for Fall 2013, it´s the perfect time to plan your trip to Buenos Aires and shop for leather. Check out any of the following to begin your search of the best brands and quality vendors.

Murillo 666

Address: Murillo 666, Villa Crespo

Phone: (+54) 11 4855 2024

Murillo 666 Website

Photo credit:

Although most people will guide tourists to shop on Florida Street or Palermo SoHo, the best leather prices are found in nearby up-and-coming Villa Crespo. Located just a few blocks from the heart of Buenos Aires fashion center (Palermo SoHo), this barrio is much more local in terms of its offerings and pricing. Despite many great options along Murillo street (between Thames and Malabia), the most famous is Murillo 666. With everything from furniture to leather jackets and accessories, this place is a must-see in the heart of the leather district here in Buenos Aires.


Address: Thames 1855, Palermo SoHo

Teran Website

Owned by Gonzalo Teran, this store is definitely one of the coolest showrooms in the city. As you glance through the floor to ceiling glass doors, each pair is displayed like fine china in a high-end antique store. With quality that matches their appearance, you can’t go wrong with spending a little extra for this elevated fashion and workmanship. Shop the assortment of crocodile embossed loafers to ankle high lace up combat boots, two-tone lace-ups to vintage wingtip dress shoes, and leave with a purchase that will last a lifetime.

Lopez Taibo

Address: Avenida Alvear 1902, Recoleta

Phone: (+54) 11 4804 8585

Lopez Taibo Website

Photo credit:

For business travelers looking to spice up their look, you must make a stop at this small Recoleta boutique. With the main location just a few steps for the famous Recoleta Cemetery, enter and step back into the traditions of 1897 with hand-stitched creations that are perfected after over a century of craftsmanship and technique. Filled with attractive and professional staff, the best business travelers in Buenos Aires flock to this mascot of Porte shoemaking for everything from their signature full brogue oxford dress shoes to belts, jackets, wallets and briefcases. With several other locations throughout the city, you will have no problem finding one to stop by and pick up that special accessory that will have everyone back home feeling envious!

Posted By: Rachel M.G.

The EGO at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid is the final day of runway shows featuring new and up and coming designers. For Fall/Winter 2013-14, there were 10 EGO designers with runway shows, and only a few featured menswear.

Although the menswear was lacking at The EGO at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid, there were a couple of designers which showed some very creative and original menswear looks within their collections: Eugenio Loarce and Pablo Erroz.

Eugenio Loarce only featured 4 menswear looks, but all 4 were showstoppers. His collection ¨Amado Mío¨ which means My Love, focuses the ups and downs relating to love. Colors used were red, white and black and fur, leather, and silk fabrics were also featured. Loarce states that the red and white colors focus on the happy times when in love, and the black signifies that rough parts of being in love. Note the the white and black shoes-absolutely fabulous!

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid the EGO Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid the EGO Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid the EGOPablo Erroz had a collection that was slightly more masculine and modern. He also used trending fabrics in his collection such as leather and fur. Pablo Erroz created some amazing jackets focusing on mixing fabrics and using accents like zippers, patterned sleeves and buttons for a unique touch. I think the modern man who wants a touch of trend would love these looks.

The EGO at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid The EGO at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid The EGO at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid The EGO at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid The EGO at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid

Obviously if you want to be on trend for the fall, you´ll definitely look into purchasing some items with fur or leather. As you can see above, they can add a that extra touch to make an outfit perfect. And you can´t go wrong with a burst of red!

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Diego Vanassibara is an up-and-coming shoe designer with a fresh outlook on the typical English oxford. He handcrafts his own unique collections of shoes, boots and loafers.Diego Vanassibara

The Brazilian designer comes from an architechtural back ground. These skills, when combined with his shoemaking talent, create finished products that are aesthetically pleasing structural masterpiece. His main motivation is: ¨Give men the opportunity to dream too.¨ And men most certaintly will dream about these amazing shoes.

Diego Vanassibara´s work is extremely special because of it´s craftmanship. His work showcases exclusive wooden details hand carved onto the oxfords, boots and loafers. The hand crafted mahogany and rosewood components make for the perfect combination of a classic and modern shoe or boot.

Diego Vanassibara

The shoes are colored in a mix of earthy and dusty tones like olive and grey leather. Even better, the collection is ethical and ecological : the wood components come straight from a sustainable plantation. The shoes are clean, contemporary, comfortable, and easily combinable with a man´s wardrobe. If you are looking for something ecological, beautiful, and comfortable all in one, then Diego Vanassibara shoes are for you.

Diego VanassibaraDiego VanassibaraDiego Vanassibara


For more information and where to purchase, visit the Diego Vanassibara Webpage. 

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