ASOS is a British menswear brand which has been around since 2000 – early hours for the internet still – and one of the first brands to tackle the online market for generic fashion shopping, marketing, and branding, and as such honoring its very name As Seen On Screen in the form of a cool acronym. Interestingly – as so often happens these days in different industries – its online presence has become the standard – perhaps for its sartorial quality – but then definitely for its own generic style so as to create something completely new & different in fashion retail which we may very well call Online Chic.

For this is quite a large company with 4000 employees featuring 850 brands and 80,000 branded products which is doing business online in a 140 countries worldwide but whose main markets can be found in the UK, the EU, the US, China, Russia, and of course Australia. In fact its popularity is such that ASOS has its own reality TV dating game show which can be followed online. Everyone dressed in ASOS product methinks of course. So that this becomes the new wave: a completely digitalized fashion brand where ASOS is to fashion as Bitcoin is today to the currency markets.

So why not come out with its own generic collection SS18 showing us your latest Online Chic menswear?

Funny thing is that when browsing the images online that a certain London Street Style does actually become visible as a signature and that each shown image is always nicely annotated with certain style tips or hints for each item while on display, so that the sartorial arts are now described in the form of faux fashion chic staccato marketing blending with branding blending with price blending with styles – no runway show or fashion critics necessary – as all can easily be shared before it can be seen or evaluated. Hey, why do you need a concept at all if you can instantly LIKE something with one single click? No need for a review!

ASOS from London, Alexander McQueen it is not, but it does have a unique signature and concept that in its generically created street style is cool and which will be the brand of choice for Generation Z. And for whichever generation comes after. For this is the Omega brand which is always selling, creating, and recreating in copy and paste, and in share and like, so that you can have your very own latest version of Online Chic, each click changing the trend as you go along.

Three stars please.





















Story by Sandro, Photos by ASOS through GPS Fashion Radar

South Korea is rapidly becoming  fashion capital. This season, although Seoul’s catwalks coincided with Tokyo’s, the turnout was bigger than ever, with fashion-hungry stylists, buyers, press and tuning in to see what the city had to offer for SS18.

Munn was easily the strongest menswear show, starting off with a plethora of fancy colors like pale pink pastels from bright orange to brown plaids. Functional athleisure came in the form of windbreakers and track pants, though the volume and form was right on trend, keeping the garments relevant.

The suits were all about volume, with baggy trousers combined with more fitted blazers with nothing underneath, making an otherwise-elegant look more like streetwear. Details like zippers, ropes and panels sewn into the garments keep things interesting. Baggy military coats and pastel pink shorts suits brought some vintage into the designs. Baseball caps and sunglasses accessorized the outfits.

We also can’t help but notice the appearance of the ‘murse’ or the man purse, which came in several different forms, like small clutches, backpacks with plaid print and wallet-like bags attached to trousers with rope.

Although there were also several female looks, the  menswear was really where the Munn collection made its mark and it seemed like everyone was talking about the innovative designs well after the show ended.

Munn would be perfect for a man who wants to push the envelope with cool fabrics and voluminous silhouettes this spring. When in doubt, pair one of the windbreakers with a pair of jeans or layer a baggy suit over a well-pressed shirt.

Words by Lori Zaino and photos from Munn.

























Fall is here. The leaves are changing, the pumpkin spice lattes are out in full force and most importantly, fall fashion trends are on the go. Here are some of this season’s most popular trends and ideas on how to make them work for you.


If you don’t want to buy a whole new wardrobe, you can simply go at this trend on a grassroots level: pairing various solid-color items together. If you want to invest in a key piece, a jacket or sweater is perfect. Make sure the colors work with your particular skin tone and don’t wash you out. Often times, one color paired with black is a great way to interpret this trend.

Image by Darrel Hunter.

Image by Darrel Hunter.

Trench coats

Pretty much every single designer showed a trench coat on their fall runway and this is a really easy trend to participate in. It’s likely you have a trench already hidden in the back of your closet, so dig it out. If not, purchasing one in a basic color like khaki or black will ensure you can sport your trench for many  years to come. You can push limits and go uber-trendy with a giant, oversize coat, or stick to a more classical design.

Image by Acne Studios.

Image by Ermanno Scervino.


It’s fall so that means plaid anything and everything is fair game. This season, feel free to mix plaids, wear different color and pattern styles of plaid — just go crazy with plaids. Even better, this trend can carry on into those colder winter months too. If you don’t want to invest in a coat or blazer, a plaid scarf is an easy way to participate in this trend without going overboard.

Image Tommy Hilfiger.

Image by Darrel Hunter.

Words by Lori Zaino and images as specified.

It’s fashion week in Paris and BDMOTP is invited at the K – fashion event at the Palais Brongniart hosted by the Korean fashion industry where we can do a backstage interview with one of five acclaimed young designers and the only one who is doing real menswear. Voilà Bumsuk Choi, designer and creator of the brand General Idea.

Backstage is underground, where a quite amenable and classy modeling and styling parlor comes to life by scores of Hollywood vanity mirrors and powder tables and where a special fashion week buffet featuring low calorie diet potato chips and coconut juice will keep the crew and models going throughout the day.

We get to speak for ten minutes with mister Choi and his manager and it appears he is a big fan of New York and its style and runways, but that he also loves Paris (he is wearing a royal blue French beret for good measure on some great pastel colored azure sweater with a light jade screen scarf), and of course we speak about K – pop and K – fashion of which here below you will find a small summary. The General Idea collection here discussed is last year’s SS17 but we’ll be sure to show you the SS18 before the year is over.

Q. For the Mars collection where did you get the inspiration for the salmon red background color?
A. A lot of travel (Cuba is mentioned).
Q. What is the name of the Mars color?
A. Red Pink
Q. What is the name of the Korean style pants in the collection?
A. The baji.
Q. Why you use many pastels whereas so often so much black is used in Asian fashion?
A. Sunlight is different in Asia but we like to use soft milky colors.
Q. What you think of Zio Song (Songzio) as the godfather of Korean fashion?
A. He is conservative and old school and has older customers. I am a second generation designer.
Q. What is the advantage of having your fashion displayed at Colette (Paris’ most famous high-end retail outlet located on 213 rue St Honoré)?
A. It’s the scene. Influence. Young people will see it.
Q. Do you use traditional Korean techniques or materials in your creations?
A. Mostly western but we do use traditional Korean hanbok dress as a model which requires special skill.

We thank mister Choi and his manager for the interview and exchange business cards, and indeed his reads Gangnam, Seoul at the bottom. At BDMOTP we may therefore safely assume that we have discovered (after Gentle Monster earlier) Gangnam style.

Word by Sandro and photos from General Idea.

























Ok. Leave it to the Dutch to yet still improve on an American classic. And why not? As denim always is as denim does ever since the birth of the Levis 501 in 1873 as casual workman’s clothes for strong and sturdy men in America there have always been improvements, additions, subtractions, changes, and aye, even a legion of perversions to what is normally ubiquitously well-known all around as traditional Blue Jeans. So much so in fact that a veritable global fashion cult has grown up over the popularity of these items for more than one century in the making with the result today that we may very well speak of what BDMOTP likes to call Denim Chic.


  • Shredded jeans. No problem.
  • Torn up jeans. Yes sir.
  • Stonewashed, discolored, or disfigured jeans. Of course.
  • Ripped, threadbare, frayed, or laddered jeans. Absolutely.

But enter G-Star RAW from Amsterdam with their urban denim high-end collections and indeed few would dare not to admit there is room for innovation and improvement still on the world’s most favorite pair of trousers: For the many folds and creases that naturally appear in jeans are carefully worked by this company into glorious shrivels and withering wrinkles while a natural body shape is seared and pressed into the denim at the same time so that a new type of ‘street rodeo’ effect becomes visible – aye even tangible.

In fact this may very well be a fashion signature of such import and innovation that indeed it warrants a whole new brand by itself just for being so highly recognizable. So let’s leave it to the boys from Amsterdam, who work in partnership with Pharrell Williams since February 2016.

Admire the slideshow below for what it is, but please notice the individual personal character style changes that each pair of jeans takes on as they have been worked differently from pair to pair. As urban chic goes, this is a stunner and will be a must-have item for many.

Word by Sandro and photos from G-Star RAW (via GPS Fashion Radar)

RE Staq 3D Tapered, Rake denim, 3d raw denimRE Motac 3D Slim, Rake denim, raw denimRE Lanc 3D Tapered, Rake denim, raw denimRE Staq Parachute 3D Loose Cropped, Sato denim, 3d rinsed




















Custo BCN’s SS18 collection, which indeed was not shown on the catwalks of BCN 080 Fashion Week, but instead first debuted at New York Fashion Week and a few days later at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid made a colorful splash, as usual. The collection, entitled Call Me Tomorrow, had its roots in athleisure mixed with a little hip hop and street wear. There were less male looks than female, but that’s on par with what most designers who design both menswear and womenswear do.

The male looks were just as bright and bold as the female looks, using almost every color under the sun with a focus on blues, greens and red/orange. Baggy and casual seemed to be the name of the game, and it’s not surprising that comfortable athleisure is taking over the menswear runways as well as the womenswear ones. Who doesn’t want to roam around in baggy, relaxed gear while still looking stylish?

We can always count on Custo BCN to stay true to their colorful and playful style, and SS18 was no different. The menswear also featured some brocade and jacquard style looks, keeping with Custo’s usual patterns. Striped zip-up cardigans also seemed to be a popular trend too.

Combined all together, Custo BCN’s designs may seem a bit much for the average man, especially one who typically wears all black, for example. But pairing a solid piece for the Custo collection with a tamer set of trousers and footwear could be the perfect combination, adding just the right amount of punch to an otherwise tamer outfit without going overboard. BDMOTP will likely hop onboard with one of those snazzy zip-up cardigans. What will you be digging into this season from Custo BCN?

Words by Lori Zaino and photos from IFEMA.
























A first in the line of many (we hope) Garcia showed an elegant line of mainly suits for men at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid,. Though the brand dates back to 2006, this is the first time we’ve had the pleasure of seeing their collection walk the illusive runways alongside Madrid’s most designated designers. With stores in Madrid, Barcelona and Chile, it seems like the brand is well on their way to success.

For SS18, the brand had a very literal translation. The colors were a more traditional navy and and khaki, but with fun spring touches like a polka dot pattern and pale pink. We also saw a nice army green carrying over from fall into spring. The looks, some which were more formal than others, were made to seem slightly more casual with the addition of flip flops paired with several of the suits. If you aren’t in the mood for a gym shoe, which is the trend that seems to have been paired with suits for the last few seasons, now you can simply throw on a pair of beachy flip flops — if the occasion for a suit with sandals suggests itself, of course.

There were a few more urban additions, such as some pants tapered with an elastic drawstring at the ankle, blazers paired with tailored shorts and an interesting cropped jacket over a shirt, tie and polka dotted pants. Any of us here at BDMOTP would happily sport one of these suits, or even perhaps a polka dot addition to spice things up a bit. We look forward to see what Garcia will bring to the Madrid runways in coming seasons.

Words by Lori Zaino and photos from IFEMA.

























Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid is once again upon us and there were only two designers showing menswear as part of their SS18 collections. As usual, Ana Locking was one of them, and we at BDMOTP were curious to see what this season would bring, since last season’s collection had a very strong Black Panthers political message.

This season’s “Preachers and Believers” collection had a mix of elegant suits that were lightly touched by an American Wild West cowboy theme, an inspiration that locking has used in past collections, too. Inspired wholly by what’s happening in the Americas, Ana Locking’s designs consisted of silk suits and colorful blazers layered over bold tee-shirts paired with cowboy hats and loafers.

The “preacher” inspiration can be seen in the form of the navy floor length trench coat, which light resembles a priest’s famed traditional outfit, but the “believers” is slightly more difficult to differentiate. Believe in what, exactly? Well, we at BDMOTP believe in fashion and we loved the bright colors Locking used in her collection, especially the splatters of yellow and the shiny new fabrics. Blazers paired with shorts and cropped trousers were layered in all sorts of  patterns and shades of pinks, turquoise and green, and there’s no doubt in our minds that this collection was definitely created with spring and summer in mind.

In any case, if you aren’t on board with the colors, perhaps you can simply pick up a cowboy hat and pair it with your outfit — PREACH!

Words by Lori Zaino and photos from IFEMA.























If you’re hoping to see selections from almost thirty years of fashionable undergarments designed by Manuel Gotor for men in the form of artistic and eye-catching photographs, you can’t miss the exhibit ‘La Otra Piel,’ meaning ‘The Other Skin’ now showing at the Axel Hotel in Madrid.

Photo by E.Moreno Esquibel.

Photo by E.Moreno Esquibel.

Spanish designer Manuel De Gotor has been creating undergarments and swimwear for men since 1989. Starting off by showing his collections on the Spanish runways, De Gotor then had a brief period of made-to-measure, handcrafting only the most original and one-of-a-kind garments: underwear and sleepwear for his most loyal customers.  In 2009 he started his Ready-To-Wear collections once again, insuring that Spanish, European and men all over the world look good underneath their fancy suits and casual activewear. It’s exciting to see a designer paying so much attention to what is so often ignored when it comes to men: quality undergarments.

The designer himself.

The designer himself.

Gotor’s designs have encompassed a variety of styles over the years which you can see in the photographs. From colorful and bold swimwear to sleek and wearable briefs to silk, sultry robes, there’s something special for every man in Gotor’s collections in the past, present and surely the future. The photos show the versatility and luxury of the collection, as well as Gotor’s eye for fit and trend.

Image from Manuel de Gotor from the Summer 2014 collection.

Photo from Manuel de Gotor from the Summer 2014 collection.


You can check out the exhibit through October 15, 2017 in the lobby of the Axel Hotel in Madrid, Spain (Calle Atocha, 49) after successful stints in both Barcelona and Bilbao. If you won’t find yourself in Madrid anytime soon, then you can check out the below photos, which embody the spirit of Manuel de Gotor’s many different designs.

From the Ansia collection. Photo by Javier Carrion.

From the Ansia collection. Photo by Javier Carrion.

A piece from the Ice Summer 2013 collection. Photo by Errejota Kreatif.

A piece from the Ice Summer 2013 collection. Photo by Errejota Kreatif.

Photo by Enrique Toribio.

Photo by Enrique Toribio.

Words by Lori Zaino and photos as specified in caption.

Timeless elegance for men going the distance with Loris Azzaro, the late French – Italian jet-set stylist (1933 – 2003) who obtained the French legion d’honneur for his work and contributions in perfumes and fashion and whose brand has been around since 1967 (today is the occasion to celebrate the 50th anniversary), but whose ultimate legacy in the annals of history may very well turn out to be that he was an early pioneer of what today we know as the fashion party, but which in the early seventies was still a highly exclusive affair for very important people without all the photographers, mock celebrities, or hysterical Instagram wannabes fighting mindlessly over instant access.

Iconic turtleneck with classic optical style.

Iconic turtleneck with classic optical style.

Anyways, the man had a way with class and style which becomes immediately evident still in the pictures hereby attached, and which in all its raw simplicity has sometimes been called ‘élegance intemporelle’ in French which translates simply as timeless elegance. But that is for what we still can see today when we recognize these universal style signatures so many years laters as classy, but when then you would also consider that Loris Azzaro was once the preferred stylist for no one less than Brigitte Bardot, Liza Minnelli, Tina Turner, Claudia Cardinale, Romy Schneider, Jane Birkin, Raquel Welch, and Sophia Loren, then perhaps the timeless elegance of the photos hereby attached pour homme may start to take on a new meaning. Or as Loris Azzaro was famous for saying:

‘On est pas belle / beau par hasard’

(one is not beautiful just by chance)

Iconic turtleneck II with aviator sunglasses.

Iconic turtleneck II with aviator sunglasses.


So there it is, in that first image some magic French Chic Intellectuel which somehow still brings back seventies memories of Yves Saint Laurent, or – flashforward 25 years – memories of the last decade of Steve Jobs as High Tech guru par excellence, wearing a real Pull Col Roulé (knitted woolen turtleneck sweater), white court shoes, and metalic nerd glasses notwithstanding, a little bit unshaven in pepper & salt of course – as what would be one outstanding male Loris Azzaro icon for all time.

And so the second image gives a classic Italian impression, a real Viaggio in Italia hallmark with those sunglasses and shades ready for the journey, which again gives evidence of the timeless elegance of the Loris Azzaro Homme collection in that this universal style so easily has the ability to cross over from one culture into the other. So much so that from here on it is not difficult to imagine the Hollywood version of the continuation of this story.

The blue velvet tuxedo dinner jacket with bow tie.

The blue velvet tuxedo dinner jacket with bow tie.


Therefore, here come out the dinner jackets now – by Jeeves, which are going to be necessary so as to be socially successful at your next event – be it fashion, business, or even pleasure, so aye, why not show up in a blue velvet tuxedo with black bow tie knowing you already made the part and aced the casting, because indeed you now per Loris Azzaro himself that ‘one is not beautiful just by chance’.

Grey wool coat on wooly turtleneck sweater, wool scarf, optical glasses.

Grey wool coat on wooly turtleneck sweater, wool scarf, eyeglasses.

So credit must go out to stylist Jérome André who so flawlessly brings back this raw simplicity of timeless elegance for this particular collection of Loris Azzaro Homme FW 17/18. For who today still would dare to go in different shades of grey and different knits of simple wool thinking you be cool and casual – or even chic, while spotting a pull col roulé wearing nerd glasses? Noone, lest there be no need to be either casual or cool. And this precisely is perhaps a tall order for today’s man. Unless you posses that timeless elegance of Loris Azzaro.

The pull col roulé on sunglasses

The pull col roulé on sunglasses

Words by Sandro and photos from Loris Azzaro

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