Mr. Gentleman was a light of bright sunshine at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo. The world Gentleman is defined as:

 A chivalrous, courteous, or honorable man.

Hopefully all you men out there are gentleman, but if you aren’t, you can at least dress like one with the new Mr. Gentleman collection. The collection is a delightful mix of color blocking–whites and brights combined to ring in spring. Trenches and blazers make the collection preppy and business-like, yet casual. Short suits, the vibrant color selection and the light crispness of the looks really works for spring-summer.

The brand was founded in 2012 by design duo Takeshi Osumi  Yuichi Yoshii.  The team feels their collection is wearable and basic, but with a contemporary and modern twist, turning all men into gentleman.

BDMOTP Favorite: decorative patterned blazer.

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Posted by Lori Zaino and images from FPBB News/JFWO/MBFWT.


Cue Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo, and this season there were some shining moments of menswear among the hoards of womenswear.

Patchy Cake Eater, despite the interesting name, is a subtle and elegant brand that takes inspiration from vintage and antique. Of course, a more contemporary take is then layered onto the designs, and the brand often hints reminiscence of the 80’s, everyones’ favorite fashion decade.

This season, long haired models sported long, boxy trenches and blazers (again giving us that 80’s look), button down jackets and hats. A bold neon yellow was the chosen standout color and in coat form. Short pants are a reappearing trend and white seemed to also be a distinct color of choice.

Don’t be put off by Patchy Cake Eater’s unique name, the as the designs are well-tailored,  refined and worth checking out.

All images from “AFPBB News/JFWO/MBFWT”
























Posted by Lori Zaino and images from FPBB News/JFWO/MBFWT.


When you think DC, I’m sure you think of monuments, The President and maybe Marvin Gaye, but DC also has its fair share of fashion too. In fact, this was the 10th year anniversary of DC Fashion Week–four full four days of fashion shows and networking.

ANTM Keith Carlos

America’s Next Top Model contestant Keith Carlos

During the week, I ran into America’s Next Top Model contestant Keith Carlos, whom I chatted with for a bit regarding fashion. When asked what makes a man the best dressed, ANTM Cycle 21 Model Keith Carlos said,”Energy. It’s not what you wear but how you wear it.”


The opening event was at the National Archives Building and it was a sold out standing room only success. The feature designer was Ean Williams collection named after two of his sons Corjor International. Guest Model Keith Carlos of America’s Next Top Model walked in this supplicated and glamorous show.


At the Emerging Designers Showcase, the menswear designer Andrew Nowell had a standout showing.  His collection was modern, masculine, and wearable.  Of course, there was a large showing of women fashion but this is Best Dressed Man On The Planet–menswear only! However, brands like Conrad Sinclair, Geek Trendz and Leighel Disiree had interesting pieces in their collection.


At the 21st International Couture Collections Show, Perfect Gentleman by P.S.W. gave a theatrical presentation. Can we say opera, anyone?


All in all, the week was exciting and there was great fashionable time had by all. Fashionistas/os out there: the next fashion week is in February, and tickets usually go on sale a month in advance. Hope to see you there!

Post and photos by Denee Davis.

87MM is a sporty Korean brand that features sporty, comfortable looks. The designs are definitely street wear, and meant to look casual and cool.

The collection could easily be sported in London, as that new-age, casual look is beginning to come into play there. BDMOTP photographer Alex Finch was able to get backstage during their Seoul Fashion Week runway show to snap some of the looks.

Baseball hats, anoraks and overalls were juxtaposed with a business-like pinstripe and colorblocked blazers to make for some interesting looks. The clothes seem durable and wearable, useful and yet fashionable. After all, an anorak on a rainy day in London or Tokyo can certainty come into play, however you want to seem stylish at the same time.

Long trenches and details like zippers and patches with numbers on them were also seen on many of the garments. No one can argue that this collection is quite unique in its own way.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Alex Finch.

Studio K is a Korean brand that is simply put, cool. Men seeing these fashions, well, it makes any regular dude want to be sporting a Studio K blazer or outfit!

BDMOTP photographer Alex Finch was able to shoot backstage, getting a vibe for the whimsical and funky feel of the collection, called “Reinvented”. Although this line has a distinctly Korean vibe, this is a collection that could work on an international level, as it’s preppy, light patterns and color combo’s are quirky and fun.

Suits with shorts, colorblocked and patterned jackets were accessorized with mirrored sunglasses, the hot trend in Seoul at the moment. Stripes somehow look impeccable and elegant when tailored perfectly in a suit form. Mixing patterns is a trend we just can’t stop seeing on this season’s runways. Confident models worked the looks, making every man watching just hoping for a chance to rock some Studio K fashions.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Alex Finch.


BDMOTP is back at Seoul Fashion Week and as always, the scene is filled with trendy, hip and modern looks. Asian fashion is always cutting edge, and Seoul is one of our favorite spots to take it all in. Not to mention, the street style is to die for!

Starting out with the shows, BDMOTP photographer Alex Finch was able to get backstage for several of them and get some in action shots of the models preparing for the runway walks.

Beyond Closet is a sporty, urban brand which is quite popular in Korea and the rest of Asia, and known for being ultra-hip. This season, Beyond Closet  stuck with their usual sporty approach, and including trends like mixing stripes with plaids, and dressing down blazers to be more casual. Backwards baseball caps embraced the sporty, and a whimsical touch was added with cartoon like animal drawings such as dogs and sheep on tee-shirts, sweatshirts and even pants. Baseball jackets, ties paired with shorts and even backpacks kept the college youthful, giving it a schoolboy feel.

Sunglasses and necklaces accessorized the looks, adding that extra look of Asian edginess, making the models look uber-cool and sophisticated. Anyone who can look sophisticated in pants patterned with baby lambs on them is pretty cool, so these models really took the designs to the next level.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Alex Finch


GQ Magazine is helping the gentleman all over the USA step up their game nationwide by hosting The GQ “How To Series”. I was lucky enough to catch it,and attended the “How To Pump Up Plaid” event at Lord and Taylor in Chevy Chase.


Nicole Spagnola was the GQ rep on hand to talk about these events nationwide. So what’s this all about? GQ will be showing up in clothing stores, bars and grooming lounges to give men the tools they need to be better 10.2 versions of themselves. The event at Lord and Taylor was a clear success, as all types of men attended in hopes of gaining so great fashion knowledge. Even better, GQ Style Ambassador Sabir M. Peele was on hand with his GQ picks. While talking to Sabir he remarked that the men who attended the event “had a lot of questions and really utilized his expertise”


GQ Style Ambassador Sabir M. Peele

Attendees were treated to yummy canapés and cocktails while shopping for pieces to add to their wardrobes. There was a DJ to keep the energy up. One of the gentlemen I spoke to, Alex Tzavellas, came from Virginia just for the event and said it was totally worth the drive.


GQ will be hosting more of these “How To”  events in cities like Chicago, San Francisco, NYC, Miami, Boston Portland and more. Find out more details on the GQ ” How To” website, and see if GQ is coming to your city.

If you are looking for an original pair of handcrafted, trendy boots, look no further than Hey Mr. in Vienna, Austria. Everyone knows that booties are trending this fall, and Hey Mr.’s high end materials and funky patterns should have everyone man in the world jonesin’ for a pair of these original kicks.

Hey Mr. shoes focus on the quality of the materials used, with an emphasis on soft, supple leather, and even more taboo materials for menswear such as lace and satin. However, his shoes retain a masculine and stylish appeal, while retaining a subtle elegance to them. The company also has a small output of production, so it may be possible that your pair of Hey Mr. shoes is truly a limited edition.

A focus on environmental concerns keeps the company using local materials and labor–it’s always a plus to know that beautiful shoes can be made without destroying our precious environment.

Matching your bag, wallet and shoes isn’t just for the women out there. Hey Mr also creates matching bags and wallets which you can carry separately or together with your fabulous new boots or shoes. Try the bold gold booties for a night out on the town, of the dual black patent leather and pattern shoes for a more professional look.

Laszlo Lukacs, the young designer of Hey Mr., has a distinct eye for style and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.












Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.


I was first made aware of Tailorable&Co as a cafe last year, but later came to realize that it is a center of an philosophy, or perhaps ‘trend’ is a more accurate term, that I have noticed gather pace around the streets of Seoul. Koreans are more aware of what happens at Pitti Uomo and other fashion weeks than ever before and it shows. I was lucky enough to get a chance to speak to the owner of Tailorable&Co recently and chat over a coffee.


“In my early twenties I worked at a select shop which gave me first-hand experience with high fashion brand suits. I was always interested in suits, but I noticed that the cut and the details of these off-the-rack suits were not that good. This is when I began to explore the art of bespoke suits as well as the history and culture that surrounds it. I began Tailorable&Co, inspired to introduce authentic tailored suit culture to my home city, Seoul.”


Behind a potted plant and a beautifully tailored suit, you can see the master tailor at work. He carefully cuts lengths of fabric, all the while going back and forth between the measurements to make sure it’s of the correct size.

Fabric is obviously important, but what makes a good suit?

“A good suit is defined by the same things that inspire all great art: craftsmanship, attention to detail, a respect for the history of the suit. But most importantly, a good suit starts with recognizing the individual needs and inherent style of each unique customer. An important thing about suits that I think some people forget is that the suit one wears shows their level in society. A suit is a status symbol.”


Considering the plethora of different cuts and finishes that a suit can have, where do you draw your inspiration from? 

“I am inspired by the suits in classic movies and the style of presidents and business owners of the past. I take great inspiration in classic elegance, particularly from the 1930’s and 40’s. My style is a reflection of these inspirations combined with an awareness of the present.”

Do trends not play a big part in how you plan your collections?

“I do not trust trends – trends are a result of fashion and I don’t make fashion. I make suits.”

I explain that I first saw a photo of him at Pitti Uomo and he laughs.

“I do not attend foreign fashion weeks, but I am a regular at Pitti Uomo.”


The conversation moves onto this season’s current collection and what makes it different from previous collections.

As a Brit, I hear that there are parts of the collection that I might be especially interested in.

“This season’s collection is Tailorable and Co.’s tenth collection. The collection contains both Italian and old England-inspired suits and a wide range of world-class fabrics.”


That’s fantastic. Assuming I was to ask you for a recommendation, what would you suggest?

“Because you are tall and thin, I recommend a three piece suit in a light grey, checked fabric. You will look like Fred Astaire!”You can’t really do better than that.

This trend looks like it’s here to stay and while the followers are quite few and far between, it’s reassuring to know that some are taking the timeless look of a tailored suit very seriously.



Interview and photos by Alex Finch.
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