Everyone’s favorite classic white court shoe — but in natural rubber.

The concept, in fact, is very simple and traditional but new and creative nevertheless: Take classic court shoes, do 30 years of research in how to work and design natural rubber into different forms of liquid latex, make brand new type of elegant shoe wear on the high of the market. Thus, this innovative yet elegant French brand (www.both.com) has been around only since last year and is showing BDMOTP today their latest collection SS17. And it sticks to basics as you can see, not only as to the shape and form of the shoe wear, but also where colors are concerned. Because you can only get them in Khaki, Nude, Black, and White.

A nude natural rubber court classic.

As far as style is concerned the court shoe of course is the typical urban chic which is so very popular and ubiquitous today on the high end of the market. In fact, everybody does it. From luxury brands willing to show casual chic to sports brands promoting their latest designer styled capsule collections to designers and fashion houses themselves, everyone and everybody just LOVES to make a beautiful court shoe. And with BOTH, here for the first time, we find them in what is aptly called ‘sophisticated rubber’ – let’s do not call it liquid latex – by veritable French independent design label.

Simple yet elegant.

As a final point of importance for this new high tech sartorial marvel BDMOTP likes to note that unlike most branded court shoes, the BOTH court shoe thankfully does not show off any mark, name, stripe, or color that could identify with it either one brand or the other. No sir, this court shoe is simply made for you, to be discrete, pretty, functional, and, of course, very comfortable – regardless of the price.

And that should be what chic is all about: BOTH fits like a glove around your foot!

Discrete, chic, and khaki.

Words by Sandro and photos from Both.

Trap music lovers can now help end child poverty and stay stylish at the very same time by purchasing this shirt designed by Uniform and rap artist/fashion icon A$AP Ferg. The shirt was designed for Red Nose Day, which falls this year on May 25, 2017. You can buy this funky teeshirt for $28 and the proceeds go to support children in need.

Pickup this cool shirt and support a charity.

Pickup this cool shirt and support a charity.

If you’re wondering what Red Nose Day is, it’s a day that benefits a charity that helps kids stay safe, healthy and empowered through education and care. The charity donates to programs in every single state in America as well as communities and projects in places like Latin America, Asia and Africa.

If you want to know exactly where your shirt money is going, it may be for an American child to eat a meal. It also might give a Ugandan child access to clean drinking water or vaccinate a child in Asia. It could even help at at-risk teen or child participate in an after-school activity or help a homeless child get off the streets.

Being a gentleman isn’t just about fashion, it’s about helping the world become a better place. Plus the shirt is pretty cool, so why not kill two birds with one stone and snap one up and wear it on May 25, 2017 to show your support. Uniform also offers some other tee shirts for purchase, by the one designed by A$AP Ferg is by far the most stylish and cool.

Words by Lori Zaino and photo of shirt from Uniform.


Several months after direct Peter Dundas left the label, Cavalli has appointed a new creative director: Paul Surridge.

Surridge isn’t new to the game, as he’s worked with Z Zegna, Acne studios, Calvin Klein, Burberry and more. When Dundas left, Cavalli was headed for a radical turn. A large company reorganization moved the headquarters from Milan to Florence and spurred 200 layoffs. The idea, as is with most fashion brands, is to turn a profit, which seems to be hard in this day’s market with shifts in shopping styles and increased millennium online-shopping.

The CEO of the company Gian Giacomo Ferraris explains that “In this environment, only iconic brands with a coherent business model and an efficient organisation can survive. I believe the Cavalli brand has what it takes to succeed. But the reality is that the company’s costs must be in line with its revenues and that is the task we now have to embark upon.”

The hire in Surridge several months after Dundas’ departure was an intentional one, according to the brand. They first wanted to have the restructuring in order before someone new came on to take the reins, ready to take a strong lead in a new direction. Of the reasons Surridge was such an idea candidate was because he has strong digital communication skills, and that’s what it takes to succeed in today’s fashion game: social media and digital skills.

You’ll be able to see Surridge’s footprint, but not for awhile. His first season will be shown in the fall, the Spring/Summer 2018 collection in Milan.

Roberto Cavalli hires a new creative director in hopes of turning profit. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Roberto Cavalli hires a new creative director in hopes of turning profit. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Words by Lori Zaino and photo as specified in caption.



One of BDMOTP’s favorite British fashion brands, dunhill, has announced they’ve hired a new creative director, Mark Weston. Some of his vision for the brand will be shown as part of the Autumn Winter 2017 collection at London Fashion Week: Men’s this June, which BDMOTP will surely have an opportunity to check out (and report back, of course).

Mark Weston, the new creative director of dunhill. Photo from dunhill.

Mark Weston, the new creative director of dunhill. Photo from dunhill.

Mark Weston comes to dunhill from the brand Burberry, and his goal is to bring a classic yet relevant design aesthetic to the brand. The brand itself dates back to 1893 and not only creates menswear clothing but also delves into fun accessories that yet again, remind us what it means to be a Brit.

Dunhill's chic leather goods. Photo by Darrel Hunter.

Dunhill’s chic leather goods. Photo by Darrel Hunter.

BDMOTP has always been a fan of dunhill’s British bespoke designs. In fact, we love the brand for gifts. With Father’s Day coming up, the accessories like flasks, keychains, money clips, vintage lighters and even Backgammon sets make for great gifts. Let’s hope Mark Weston doesn’t plan to get rid of any of their fabulous accessories (or dapper, preppy jackets, bowties and printed shirts either). Or their chic leather goods, which BDMOTP especially loves in the form of wallets and change holders. In any case, we look forward to see what Mark Weston will bring to this iconic English brand.

A preppy look from dunhill. Photo by Darrel Hunter.

A preppy look from dunhill. Photo by Darrel Hunter.

Words by Lori Zaino and photos as specified in caption.

Athleisure is spring’s hottest trend, though we’ve been seeing gentleman pairing casual kicks with snazzy suits for quite awhile now. While this gives me mild flashbacks to the 80’s businesswoman look, where you’d see a stout woman in business casual sporting white Reeboks racing to the office on the mean streets of New York City, BDMOTP is onboard with the sneaker trend. If you follow these key tips, you can sport the trainers with a classy outfit and look right on trend.

1.Make sure your shoes are clean. There’s no excuse for sloppiness

Just because you’re wearing gym shoes doesn’t mean you need to look a total mess. The idea is that the sneakers are clean and well-cared for (no shoes that are falling apart) giving the suit or dressier outfit a casual yet clean kick.

Make sure your shoes don't look dirty.

Make sure your shoes don’t look dirty.

2. You can be bold with color and style, as long as it’s chic. 

Don’t be scared to go bright, studded or 3-D. But do make sure it fits with the look and isn’t obscene.

Try something a little different.

Try something a little different.

3. When it doubt, go with black, white or beige. 

Basic colors make not be as crazy, but if you’re just starting to embark on this trend, you may want to ease in by doing something you’re sure will work. If you select white, make sure to adhere by rule number 1, and black is easy as it matches everything and never gets dirty.

White and crisp.

White and crisp.

4. Be comfortable. 

The whole point of pairing sneakers with your suit is to not only make it a chill look, but to be comfortable. If you have shoes that don’t fit correctly or a cheaply made, you may as well just wear a pair of dress shoes.

Be comfortable.

Be comfortable.

5. Wear socks or foot covers.

It may look like these dudes are going sockless, but really, you’ll be much more comfortable if you wear socks or at minimum, a pair of hidden footcovers. This keep you comfortable and avoid sweating in your gym shoes. After all, having gross foot odor will make your look decidedly less awesome.



Word by Lori Zaino and photos by Darrel Hunter.

So here is your pre-summer assignment should you chose to accept it. You are a wannabe rich kid of Instagram and because you missed the Coachella 2017 event in mid-April (while all your super cool friends went anyway) you just paid several thousand to attend the Fyre Festival on the Exumas later in the month to make up for things as you do not want to lose any followers. So you want to wear something cool and chic which is going to set you apart – in style – from whom you consider your peers. But they already have whatever you are having because they are just as wealthy and just as desperate for attention. What do you do now? Think quickly.

Too late; but here is the BDMOTP summer style solution 2017 which of course has been flying high in Italy, Spain, Greece, and France for ages (after all is this where Ibiza and all the other party islands are located) and forever: You buy what is called in French ‘a foulard’ – a summer silk holiday scarf.

The summer silk holiday foulard 2017.

The summer silk holiday foulard 2017.

Obviously a company making such gems ought to be called aptly Les Belles Heures (the beautiful hours) where they introduce to you what they call their ‘effortless chic’ (gotta love that one as euphemism for silky or smooth) multi-colored silk neck scarves.

Yes, yes, yes – this is actually what the boys wear ON THE BEACH. Don’t be shy! At 120 dollars each, it’s so very perfect to make a simple and discrete impression on your friends and followers while they are struggling to scramble for a flight back home from the Exumas. Everyone is looking miserable except you, because your silky neckerchief is giving you the perfect day-look as the salty Atlantic wind is too brisk even for your friends’ long hair to remain clean while attempting their best impression of Jay Alvarez.

Make my summer holiday.

Make my summer holiday.

It could have all been so perfect. But now you are the only one to have things still under control. Thanks to your Les Belles Heures Summer Holiday Foulard 2017. Let the party begin.

And guess what, this latest item by Les Belles Heures was released on the same date (April 28) when Fyre Festival was supposed to open. No coincidence that and it would have made for a nice promotional tie-in had the party not ended in organizational disaster thanks to inadequate planning. But that is not your problem now – no need to go into losermode, because you are ready under all circumstances. Instagram here I come. Party or no party.


Words by Sandro and photos from Les Belles Heures by GPS Radar.


That it’s relevant we know from the press release and it is interesting to note that relevancy has become a catch-all phrase for yet the latest quality urban chic high end homme collection, but it is well put indeed because in order to stay relevant today, you also will have to be able to keep setting the trend, from season to season, from social media to media, and from city to city.

So ladies & gentlemen: enter Cottweiler – originating on Savile Row since 2012 as a new sartorial concept homme creation by designers Ben Cottrell and Matthew Dainty from England.

The designers.

The designers.

The other reason that it is relevant is because today when you launch a brand you need to be already accomplished.

Note therefore that Cottweiler works with a litany of performing artists in the music and entertainment industry as stylists and is currently spicing and sprucing up Reebok to get on the nearside (or should we say far side) of what is considered high end or quality wear (Adidas and others are trying to get their too with capsule collections featuring the latest designers).

But that is not all. Because you can actually find their collections as well in some modern art museums in England, Germany and beyond. Yes, that is right, fashion design is a modern art. And as such we should not fail to mention that Cottweiler has won prizes with Louis Vuitton, the British Fashion Council, and with Woolmark recently. The still add to this an exclusive and selective list of high end stockists in a limited number of countries and the picture is complete. Cottweiler ready to launch.

All relevancy comes at a price.
























Words by Sandro and photos from Cottweiler.

It’s said that a good perfume never goes out of style, and thus BDMOTP was lucky enough to be offered an exclusive in Paris on a new perfume by Boris Bidjan Saberi called 11 (eleven) which matches the designer’s most recent fashion collection and accessories under the same name.

Photo from the Boris Bidjan Saberi 11 collection

Photo from the Boris Bidjan Saberi 11 collection

It used to be the case of course (in a now long distant past) that only a real house of perfume (think Guerlain, Dior, Fragonard etc.) would be able to come out with the latest bottled scent so as to set the trend, but today scents and essences and fragrances have become so ubiquitous that trying to dictate the latest style in scent is no longer just the domain of specialists, but has become a must-and-have-all for the latest brand of celebrity (mostly singers, performers, entertainers, sports personalities, and influencers), as well as for almost every designer and fashion house on the block, and not to forget to mention of course for every luxury car and watch maker – everything, anything, to promote a name by means of the fifth sense, which is called smell.

Photo from the Boris Bidjan Saberi 11 collection

Photo from the Boris Bidjan Saberi 11 collection

So here is the exclusive deal: of the new men’s fragrance called 11 by the fashion designer from Barcelona, Best Dressed Man was given a sample for testing and since the fragrance wheel is divided in either the opposites of Floral (more feminine) and Woody (more masculine), and Oriental (sensuous) and Fresh (sharp), we would like to place this essence somewhere between Fresh and Woody, noting that indeed it has 11 (eleven) ingredients.

The top notes are super fresh (that’s the smell which you smell first and then evaporates immediately), the heart notes (the notes that you smell right after) are pretty earthy actually, and the base notes (the ones that remain) are softer and sweeter and verge on the Oriental side of things rather than the Fresh. Clearly there are no Floral notes in 11 but then again it is of course a men’s fragrance.

Photo from the Boris Bidjan Saberi 11 collection

Photo from the Boris Bidjan Saberi 11 collection

The creators themselves (essence 11 is created by BBS in collaboration with Geza Schoen) describe the product as having ‘Vegetable Tanned Horse Skin Notes’.

Finally the Boris Bidjan Saberi fragrance is rated as being a 22% essence, which probably puts it somewhere on the scale between Cologne and Eau de Toilette, rather than on the list of the higher concentrations of Eau de Parfum or simply Parfum, perfume –, which of course is not only the name for a world famous product known for smell and scent, but also the selfsame title of a thriller of a book by Patrick Suskind (original in German) from 1985 (highly recommended as an introduction into the world of scent).

Proof of timelessness of essences: an old advertisement for perfume for men, no credits needed because it is from 1935; the name of this perfume is “For a Man” in French; “elegant at night” it says, it is made for “the elegant man who likes perfume that gives energy and activity”

Proof of timelessness of essences: an old advertisement for perfume for men, no credits needed because it is from 1935; the name of this perfume is “For a Man” in French; “elegant at night” it says, it is made for “the elegant man who likes perfume that gives energy and activity”

Indeed a good perfume – like any good and original scent – never goes out of style, and at BDMOTP we are confident 11 will be around for a very long time.

Words by Sandro and photos by Boris Bidjan Saberi.

Juanjo Oliva launched his very first ever menswear line for AW17/18 at MBFW Madrid. The collection, which was varied and ample, showed an eclectic mix of casual sportwear, leisurewear outerwear and suits.

Outerwear came in the form of long trenches and even cape-style coats for men, piggybacking on the cape-trend for women that seems to be back season after season. An interesting windbreaker rain poncho cape was something we haven’t seen before, and there was also a very 80s-style boxy cropped jacket paired with matching pants. Perhaps a modern day take on the suit? A mid-length leather orange coat with a scrunch waist was also something new and bright for fall.

Cropped pants, hoodies and bomber jackets walked the runways and we loved the pops of gold Oliva set throughout the show, especially the gold suit and trench.
























Words by Lori Zaino and photos from Ugo Camera IFEMA.

Custo BCN is known for wacky patterns, bright colors and patchwork designs. The AW17/18 collection was no different. Menswear looks were shiny and bold, with metallics being the main focus on the line. Shimmery pants paired with shimmery coats covered with glittery furs were looks that both men and women sported.

All combined, these looks may be a bit much for the average gentleman, the trick with Custo is to take key pieces and combine them with basics. For example, this gold coat would be a great look layered over an all-black outfit.


Or this white could work nicely over any outfit really. The purple glittery bomber jacket could be paired with dark denim or some Y-3 track pants for a casual look.


With Custo, it’s all about finding those key pieces to make a look fit together perfectly.

Words by Lori Zaino and photos by Ugo Camera IFEMA.

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