The Larenza SS17 Mexico-themed collection was showcased at the BONAVERIMILANO showroom, a simple, grey space with high ceilings and plenty of light. This small and curated collection was focused on the Mexican luchador and the bright colors really jumped out against the crisp metals and woods of the showroom.


The Luchador collection was inspired by masked Mexican fighters, and the vibrant colors, masks and stripes all represent the liveliness and boldness of these fighters. The collection, contained to mainly knitwear, would be something fun and casual to pair with denim or khaki for a chill weekend outfit.

























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos from Larenza.

This season at Orciani BDMOTP fell in love with the stunning leather backpacks in beautiful, bold spring colors like baby blue. The SS17 collection also features many bags in a new hammered leather style, of course, only the most luxurious leather used. Whereas the collection isn’t “officially” unisex, we think that women would enjoy it just as much as men, though please, gentleman, don’t get the wrong idea, these gorgeous leather goods are not feminine in the least. There are a few leather jackets in the collection too.

We especially enjoyed the return of the belts, as Orciani continues strong in SS17 with their famous No-Buckle belt, which allows you to pass through airport security without removing it, a dream come true for frequent travelers. Regular belts are also designed with grommets/studs and geometric woven patterns intricately sewn into the soft leather. As usual, we can’t wait to get our hands on this collection!

























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos from Orciani.

BDMOTP loves anything art deco, so we immediately fell in love with Bertoni’s art deco-inspired collection of bags for SS17. Molded in with the concept of a dreamer, the collection is not only cool but functional, offering silhouettes such as weekender bags, totes, backpacks and practical items like iPAD or e-book cases.


Each bag has an inspiring painted image of a plane or aircraft on the front. Baiting the travel-obsessed with bags and suitcases featuring planes? We are honestly surprised no one’s though of such a wonderful idea before!

Bertoni shooting-SS2017-easrtpack_terrabruciata+aereo_6496

In any case, we can’t wait to get our hands on the new three-fabric backpack or one of the plane clutches. Not to be left out, the Bertoni’s signature collection of trunks (a tribute to the brand’s heritage which dates back to 1939) offers the allure of the rich and famous, now of course, with plane images to boot!

Bertoni shooting-SS2017-UOMO_gulliverGrande_tessuto_terrabruciata-6635

The Junli SS17 collection at Milan Uomo was a pleasant surprise for BDMOTP. The collection was inspired by the idea of destruction and raw parts, giving form to trends like many layers and sharp cuts. Long vests and jackets are ever-present within the line. But don’t think this collection is a mess: the tailoring and craftsmanship is impeccable. Colorblocking is another concept used within the collection, taking to a whole other level of contemporary. We look forward to seeing what Junli can bring to the table in future seasons.

Eleventy prides themselves on being the perfect brand for a contemporary young man. Their light and airy spring collection is idea for a modern male, offering plenty of casual and dressy options for any occasion. This season, Eleventy takes a whole new take on the suit, creating what they deem a relaxed suit– sporty pants featuring an elastic waistband as well as a smart casual suit, which is the concept of wearing baggy, more casual pants paired with a formal suit jacket on top. We saw quite a bit of crisp white in the collection, which we absolutely loved for summer.

BDMOTP loves the concept of taking elegant looks and creating a more casual style for a modern man. Whereas we love a solid formal look, the reality is that this day in age, men need options. Being able to own a regular suit, a relaxed suit and smart casual suit ensures you’ll be covered for any of your (suiting) needs.

























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Eleventy.

Uzbek entrepreneur and designer Ferutdin Zakirov showed a three-part collection for SS17 almost entirely in grey and blues. Each garment is carefully constructed in Italy by only the best tailors and artisans. The first part of the collection consists of the famous Naples-style suits, perfect a business gentleman heading to work or meetings. Leather and snakeskin jackets for light outerwear go that extra mile.

FZ Indossato 1


The second part of the collection is all about elegance. Tuxedos and silks create simple yet luxury looks appropriate for evening.

FZ Indossato 3

Finally, the third part of the collection is dedicated to leisure wear. Denim, cotton shirts, swimwear and even underwear make up this part of the collection.

FZ Indossato 4

All gentlemanly needs are met by this large collection, and we can’t help but yearn for our very own snakeskin leather jacket, made from only the softest and most supple leather. Not to mention the snakeskin shoes, of course.

FZ Still life 4

Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Ferutdin Zakirov.

The Junli SS17 collection at Milan Uomo was a pleasant surprise for BDMOTP. The collection was inspired by the idea of destruction and raw parts, giving form to trends like many layers and sharp cuts. Long vests and jackets are ever-present within the line. The concept of deconstruction might lead you to believe the collection was messy, but don’t worry, that was not the case. Actually, the tailoring and craftsmanship proved impeccable. Colorblocking is another concept used within the collection, taking to a whole other level of contemporary. We look forward to seeing what Junli can bring to the table in future seasons.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Junli.

Slip on the glam with Edhen’s SS17 collection, which has a jungle-inspired theme.

Edhèn- mod. Brera suede

Perched upon tropical plants, the Edhen collection was a fun one, with brightly colored slip-ons and bold loafers.

Edhèn- mod. Marais

A ballet-flat style for men is something BDMOTP hasn’t seen much of before and Edhen offered this shoe in a tweed, straw woven material, which was very summery.

Edhèn- mod. Operà

The red, yellow and blue flats with animal and palm tree motifs could take any suit to the next level, in a sort of Mad Men-esque weekend in Palm Springs or Miami.

Edhèn- mod. Kensington

Posted by Lori Zaino and photos from Edhen.

The motto for the Dondup presentation for SS17 was “A journey. A style. A man.”


Simple yet elegant, just like the actual Dondup collection! The collection included mixed sportswear separates and suits that were relaxed and fun, with a large focus on stripes. Materials like leather, suede, denim and linen were all used, and the looks ranged from day to evening, though all were paired with relatively casual shoes like sandals, lace ups or even Tom-style espadrilles.


The Dondup SS17 collection was youthful and cool without being weird or too crazy and any young gentleman should pickup a garment from them.

Silvio Fiorello showed a wild collection of silk prints on ties, bowties and shirts for SS17. The collection at Milan Uomo Fashion Week, which just so happened to honor their 30th anniversary, was bold, bright and shiny.

The accessories were printed with intricate paisleys and funky prints. The concept I see for these particular items is giving personality to an otherwise tame suit or outfit. Why not at a bit of pizzazz to your black suit with a printed ladybug pocket square?

But don’t let these loud colors and prints fool you as the collection is very high-end. Regardless of the colorful prints and patterns, this silk is perfection. One tie in particular even had real silver threads woven into it.

Decidedly Italian, Fiorello brings a little bit of fun to the table. Just enough to spice up your outfit, but not so you much you won’t be taken seriously as a gentleman.












Posted by Lori Zaino and photos from Silvio Fiorello.

Nigel Cabourn’s SS17 London Collections: Men line, The Desert Rats, was inspired by the British WW2 Field Army. The three separate lines, Authentic, Lybro and Army Gym collections, while all being quite different from one another are all tied together with this common base.

The Authentic collection is the most classic, featuring traditional British style suits, of course with that desert vibes. The Lybro collection offers a more relaxed style of cotton separates and denim. The Army Gym is the most casual, featuring sweats and active wear appropriate for spring.

BDMOTP loves the soft khaki and brown stripes with pops of red and green color, and the earth tone vibe in general. It seems for SS17, we’ll be moving into a very brown and beige color palette, but don’t worry–pops of color will still keep things fresh.























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos from Nigel Cabourn Press Office.

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