Guiseppe Zanotti comes at AW17/18 with a trendy set of very Italian footwear. Starting off with loafers and oxfords, see trends like a tapered toe capped with silver, suede, and embellishments such as tassels or studs and jewels. Although you can find a tamer style here and there, the Zanotti line is all about getting noticed.

Bulky high top sneakers in bold colors, topped with metal detailing, zippers and buckles provided more casual footwear for a more urban customer.
















Words by Lori Zaino and photos from Zanotti.

The Zakirov AW17/18 collection at Milano Fashion Week was the perfect combination of Italian style and impeccable British tailoring. BDMOTP loves a brand where all the garments are created and constructed in Italy, and even better, using Italian luxury fabrics.

This season, among the beautiful suede, silk and leather, the colors grey and oxblood really gave the garments a unique edge. As usual, we adored the jackets, especially the suede and leather bombers. A beautiful silk screen printed blazer would also be perfect for a special night on the town.
























Words by Lori Zaino and photos from Zakirov.

French-inspired, the Cifonelli AW17/18 collection was dedicated to the Valencay Castle. Built in 1540, at one time the castle belonged to Napoleon who used it to host important military and royal meetings.


The collection reflects the regal heritage of the castle, with dapper, elegant suits covered in capes and long military-style coats.


Luxurious tweeds, velvet, cashmere, silk and sateen all contribute to the classical feel of the collection, which is mainly made up of beiges and blacks for a subtle grace.


Word by Lori Zaino and photos by Cifonelli.

Dancers crying and screaming. Giggling men dangling off ladders. Women playing hide and seek. A haunted house, but not for Halloween. Instead, to showcase the AW17/18 Antonio Marras collection.

Artfully titles “Haunted,” the collection started off with dancers performing a longing and sad lyrical routine. Proceeding forward through a long, dark hallway filled with sculptures and mounted exhibits, one might forget this is fashion and instead, think they’re at an artistic performance or a  modern art show. Fashion is art, after all, is it not?












The creepy yet whimsical installations were so elaborate that at times, you might almost forgot to notice the fashion, but the patterns and florals were difficult to forget. Trench coats and parks reminiscent of a London dock worker next to a gown splattered with leopard print and floral made the Antonio Marras collection a memorable one. A mix of cultural influences, it wasn’t strange to see a kimono next to  a wool coat next to an upholstered jacket with gold threads or a military pattern. Even streetwear reared its head, with long, 90’s style dresses and boots.

Having had not only our fashion fix but also our cultural experience of the week, it’s safe to say that Marras showed one of the most memorable collections at Milano Fashion Week this season.
























Words by Lori Zaino and photos from Antonio Marras.

Dondup’s AW17/18 collection was a colorful one, almost spring-ish, with its pops of yellow, bright red and blue. The collection is for a casual man, featuring a variety of jackets (trench, puffy), blazers and sweaters. Many of the looks were paired with a basic white pant, proving that winter white is most definitely still a trend.

Dondup is all about making dressy look casual. Suits are paired with gym shoes and long plaid trenches layered over sweats– a new way to combine all types of looks.




















Words by Lori Zaino and photos from Dondup.

Minimalist designer Qasimi shows his Middle Eastern-inspired collection for AW17/18 at London Fashion Week Men’s. Walking the delicate line between pajamas fit for a prince and underground street wear, Qasimi’s collection, characterized by straight, simple line and long, floating scarves was a breath of fresh air for the coming season.

From pale pink robes to chartreuse turtlenecks, the colors and basic shapes of the collection immediately catch the eye. Outerwear in sheepskin, leather and knit covered the looks, and all were paired with slippers, again, giving us that desert nomad vibe.





















Words by Lori Zaino and photos from Qasimi.

Songzio, a South Korean brand showed their AW17/18 collection entitled “Misanthrope” at London Fashion Week Men’s. The clothes take on a sartorial vision of traditional suits and fancy style, with Songzio’s Paint on Black look, where the designer paints on his pieces. Long trenches and oversize outerwear are an important part of the collection, and nothing seems to stray far from grey, black and brown, except for the occasional pop of orange.

An interesting take on ties should be noted, extra skinny or extra wide. Layered leather with knits, flashes of velvet and the occasional hat walked the runway as well.
























Words by Lori Zaino and photos from Songzio.

Blood Brother showed their AW17/18 collection “Thames” at London Fashion Week Men’s, inspired by the underground subculture of the British Thames river. They consider themselves to design “men’s sartorial sportswear,” another designer added to the list of many British brands catering towards a shift in fashion away from the Savile Row suits and towards a more urban streetwear style.

The looks are modern and contemporary, using straight lines and black and navy with pops of bright orange. Long scarves, baseball hats and metal embellishments on belts and suspenders added detail.
























Words by Lori Zaino and photos from Blood Brother.

Kent & Curwen is distinctly British. The AW17/18 collection, created by Daniel Kearns and British soccer star David Beckham at London Fashion Week Men’s focuses on outerwear. Featuring coats in every shape and style, BDMOTP is particularly drawn to the longer and shearling-lined coats, perfect for a chilly winter. Bomber jackets and blazers are for fall, and the army-green coats layered over blazers and shirts are appropriate for those blustery November days when you just don’t know what to put on.

Daniel Kearns and David Beckham at the Kent & Curwen show.

Daniel Kearns and David Beckham at the Kent & Curwen.

Their take on the military trend includes long, wool overcoats with gold buttons (if Beckham’s wearing it, we want it) and the aforementioned army green jackets. These take on that vintage feel but are still modern enough to feel relevant. Continuing with outerwear, warm knit scarves and pageboy caps complete many of the looks. There’s also an Ivy League feel to the collection, as one might see a student and Princeton or Yale sporting a button up sweater with a motif pocket or patched blazer.

The pieces are casual yet elegant and could be worn to work, on campus or for a weekend brunch or dinner out on the town. There’s something for every man in this collection, holding true to their English roots but still appealing to an international customer.
























Words by Lori Zaino and photos from Kent & Curwen.

The Private White V.C. collection at London Fashion Week Men’s turned to unisex trends for the AW17/18 season. Cocktails, press, buyers and one dog wandered around the event, checking out the durable yet fashionable fabric choices for the coming season. Everyone’s whispering about the “Family Coat,” an androgynous style coat with an oversize fit that can work for anyone in the family.

Creating a broader range, one more inclusive of the changing world around us is never negative. As a female, I’ve always admired menswear and it seems like designers are stepping into new territory and opening their collections to a unisex customer, one not bound by gender norms that perhaps governed the fashion choices made by our parents or grandparents. I’m pleased to know I can now wear Private White V.C. alongside my male counterparts.

The family coat, among other unisex wear from Private White V.C. won’t compromise quality. As usual, the designs are classic but also relevant and always well-tailored. AW17/18 also brings layers, plaids, soft knitwear and military references.
























Words by Lori Zaino and photos by Dan Watson for Private White V.C.

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