Pitti Uomo is a gigantic trade fair for all things fashion and men.  The fair is overwhelmingly large and after one very hot afternoon, we sifted through hundreds of vendors and stumbled upon two of our favorites:  the Italian brand JW Tabacci and the French brand Vicomte A.

Tabacci had a great collection of blazers.  They were lightweight, some were linen but they were all very summery and perfect for warmer temperatures. They also were using scarves as belts, which was a fun idea.

BDMTOP favorite: beige window pane blazer

Pitti Uomo048

Pitti Uomo053

Pitti Uomo055

Vicomte A had a very trendy, poised collection called ¨Exotique Safari¨ which as you may have guessed, is French for exotic safari in English.  The clothes were all very ¨safari like¨but also very wearable and trendy. They also design and create their very own prints, which were found in surprising places, like the underside of a jacket collar.

BDMOTP favorite:  the jackets with the patterned collars

Pitti Uomo080

Pitti Uomo078

Pitti Uomo087

Posted By: Lori Zaino

It is fairly easy moving around Florence, Italy if you are comfortable with a map.  Even then there are a few major landmarks that help….Santa Maria Novella train station, Duomo, and River Arno.  Great city for walking, and walking, and walking, and walking.  Chatting with a gentleman he mentioned that some friends were averaging 11 miles per day on their pedometer over a few days.  I didn’t have a pedometer with me, but I am certain I eclipsed that figure on a couple days.  Just have comfortable shoes…no revelation there.

Getting a taxi on the other hand can be a bit of a challenge.  Unlike New York City, London, or most other large cities for that matter, you cannot just step to the curb and hail a taxi.  You need to call for a taxi or reserve one the day before.  On busy days like Pitti Uomo, even when you call ahead, you may be waiting.

Pitti Uomo114

Waiting for a taxi…waiting…and waiting…

We walked to Fortezza da Basso, the Pitti Uomo venue, after it became apparent that our taxi was not showing up.  The walk turned out to be not so bad.  We got a jump on our 11 miles for the day!

London Collections Men SS14 – Days two and three were packed with more exhibits, presentations and runway shows.  First up was to Hunter Gather.  The HG shop felt good and the clothes chic casual.  My favorite piece was a real funky T-shirt, in an eye-catching black and white print with a mint green collar.  It would add a little color to an otherwise basic black and white ensemble.

Hunter Gather (4)

Next was the Olebar Brown presentation, with a theme that takes us to Monaco.  They offered a great line of casual wear in unique shades, Riviera Blue and Marshall Orange.  Something for the yacht owner, gran prix driver, fan and pit crew.  A merchandised line of pieces perfect for strolling Bd des Moulins or Av Atlantica for that matter.  By the way for you intrepid executives, I recommend the Design Suite with Panoramic view at the Le Meridien Hotel in Monaco.  Sweet curved rooms with “the” view.  Now back to overcast London.

orlebar brown

Then to the Hospital Club and spent time with Frank Phillips of  ToBeFrank, Jae Wan Park, and ESK cashmere company.

TOBEFRANK blazer with velvet lining

TOBEFRANK jacket with velvet lining

In between all of that I stopped by Victoria House to see a couple of brands that I met at this same event in January 2013.  The most exciting shoe designer Diego Vanassibara and a great accessories brand Marwood.  Both of which we have big plans for!

Alton with Diego Vanassibara´s line of shoes

Marwood (4)

We also stopped in on the Oliver Spencer runway show.  Tailored as expected with his combinations of colors and fabrics.  My favorite piece was a navy peacoat with brown collar trim.  Very well done.

Oliver Spencer

I ended Day Two at the Marylebone Cricket Club.  The Savile Row Association put on a phenomenal event, The English Gentleman, showcasing what seemed to be 100 ensembles designed and produced by Savile Row shops.  Difficult to pick just one, but one of my favorites was by Edward Sexton.  It was a pistachio sports jacket worn with White Oxford Bags, and shoes by Manolo Blahnik.   You can read more about the event in our post on The Savile Grand Match.  

Savile Row (11)

On Day Three we had time for one show before taking off for Florence.  The James Long runway  show was a splash of color.  Wonderful separates with sublimated horizontal print patterns.  Splashes of color for a season.

James Long

For more on these designers, visit our Day 2 runway show post and our Day 2 presentation post.  

The Gucci Museum

Gucci.  An emblematic Italian brand.

Believe it or not, Gucci goes way back in history, and no visit to Florence, Italy, would be complete without passing through this unique space: The Gucci Museum.

The museum is a tribute to Gucci, who opened his first store in Florence back in 1921.  The musuem is almost 2000 square meters, spanned accross three floors, and divided into different sections inspired by the different Gucci symbols over the years.

The ground floor has a coffee shop and an outdoor terrance, which you can get a cup of delicious ¨Gucci¨themed coffee.

Gucci Museum Coffee

Gucci Museum Cafe

The ground floor is also home to the exclusive gift shop, where one can purchase iconic and special edition Gucci items.  It´s also home to the bookstore, which has the most fabulous extensive collection of coffee table books I have ever seen, including books on architecture, photography, home decoration, and of course, fashion.

The highlight of the gift shop was the Gucci Special Edition Sunglasses for Men, available ONLY at the Gucci Museum.

Gucci Mens Special Edition Sunglasses

Gucci Mens Special Edition Sunglasses…ONLY available at the Gucci Museum


The first floor features the travel section.  Suitcases, travel bags, trunks, ranging from vintage to new, are all displayed here.  Even a Gucci themed car!

Gucci Trunks Gucci Trunks Gucci Car

The remaining floors feature different symbolic items, like dresses worn by the likes of Blake Lively or Rachel Evan Wood, a Gucci tea set, a tribute to the evolution of the double G signature Gucci print, the history of the bamboo purse handle, and of course, several photographs of iconic celebrities wearing Gucci, like Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren.

Admission is 6 Euros with 50% of each ticket sale benefitting to help the City of Florence preserve and restore the city’s signature art treasures.  More details, like opening hours, can be found at the Gucci Museo Website.

Gucci Museo

Posted By: Lori

Julian Fashion logo

Julian Fashion is the perfect example of a fashion foward, stylish, trendy Italian boutique.  With a men´s boutique and a woman´s boutique just down the block from each other, this fabulous shop has got all fashion needs covered: suits, shoes, bags, casual wear, coats and more.

JUlian Fashion 3 Julian Fashion 5 Julian Fashion 4

The numerous amount of high-end brands that the boutique carries is almost exhausting.  The shop sells  designer collections from  Prada to Polo Ralph Lauren, Burberry London to Givenchy, and more obscure brands (with cult followings!) like Fay, Kiton, Closed, DNL, and Yohji Yamamoto.   As if those were not enough…the list of shoe brands is  just as extensive, with footwear from Alexander McQueen, Carpe Diem, Giacomo Morelli, and more.

Julian Fashion 6 Julian Fashion 7

This Milan Marittima based boutique also carries a few colognes and skincare items especially for men by Comme Des Garons and Molecule.  Don’t forget to shop the Bottega Venetta or Tom Ford man bags either!

All images from the Julian Fashion Facebook Page.

Posted by: Lori

Jack London Logo

Fan of 1960´s British rocker style? Love the the outfits the Strokes, Blondie and the Beatles sported? Want to look like the Rolling Stones? Then Jack London is the menswear shop for you.

Jack London is an Australian boutique inspired by the European mod rocker scene. The attitude and edge of men during this time period, the confidence, and the rock and roll attitude all helped contribute to the Jack London collection of blazers, narrow pants, slim ties and belts, leather jackets, polos, and more.

Jack London 5 Jack London 6

Jack London 7

Don´t get me wrong, these clothes are not just for hipster youth, everyone can find something here, a coat, an accessory, some shoes, that add a little 1960´s edge to your classic outfit.

You can find Jack London Stores in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth, and also in New Zealand.

The store, of course being a fan of the British Rocker scene, often has giveaways to concerts like the the Artic Monkeys, to win a wardrobe of Jack London Merchandise, a guitar, or even a Vespa to zip around on.

In addition to casual wear and suits, the shop also has a wedding section, which you can shop online or in store, to help you look extra spiffy for an upcoming nuptials you may be attending.

For more information, visit the Jack London Website, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

All images from the shop´s Facebook Page.

Posted by: Lori

For Argentines from the metropolis of Buenos Aires, Punta del Este in Uruguay is the ultimate summer destination. Punta and surrounding towns have fine sand beaches, highly rated restaurants, and an epic party scene that makes it an international destination for the most stylish jetsetters.

Although the city of Punta del Este used to be one of the swankiest places along the Uruguayan coastline, the wealthy and fashionable have since moved a bit more far afield. Jose Ignacio, which is about an hour drive from the center of Punta, is a small, but exclusive beach town that feels like a never ending fashion spread.

At Jose Ignacio beach, South Americans strut their stuff, swim in the breaking waves, and drink white wine sangria along the coast. It’s imperative that you embody the laid back cool of the seaside town.

For some local swimwear, check out Uruguayan body wear designer Molto Giusti, who produces a small line of swimwear and skivvies for the modern Uruguayan man. With the European feel of Jose Ignacio, you’ll fit right in with their smaller than average swim trunks.


You’ve got to keep it simple on this beach, so limit your style choices to a bright bathing suit and a killer set of aviators. Of course, the best shops in town sell both.

Check out Mutate for a small selection of luxurious men’s clothes and accessories mixed with carefully curated vintage goods. Think Mad Men at the beach. If you’re more into the laid back surfer look, pop into La Isla for a mix of local and international surf brands that will make you the look like you belong on that board.

Molto Giusti

Paraguay 990, Montevideo


Los Cisnes, José Ignacio

La Isla

Saiz Martinez y Los Bigua, José Ignacio

(598) 486-2557

Posted by: Rachel

Spending some time down south(USA) for the holidays, I had plans to do some after Christmas sale shopping in New Orleans on December 26, 2012. I was staying at the Loew’s Hotel on Poydras St. which is a short walk to Canal Place Shopping Mall. My favorite place for after Christmas sale shopping in New Orleans is Saks. How do I know?…I’ve done this sale many times.

It’s not New York City, so it’s a smaller store. For the fewer more stylish guys in this smaller market, there are many wonderful items to choose from after Christmas and less competition for them. This season did not disappoint, as there were lots of great pieces to desire.

I got up early on the 26th and walked over as they were opening the doors. My strategy for this sale is to quickly peruse the racks looking for complementary pieces to round out my wardrobe. I pushed and pushed racks, collecting pieces for a couple hours.

What did I pick up?

Hugo Boss Orange Label Navy Jacket from Saks

Hugo Boss Orange label navy jacket. Great fit and concept.

Vince bd Black Sweater Saks

Vince Double breasted sweater in black.

I have this exact sweater in navy, and like the fit and look so much I had to have it in black. Here is a case where patience paid off, because I had seen this sweater in Saks Chevy Chase, but decided not to spring for it at the regular price. Saved some lunch money!

MK Pinstripe Jacket Saks

Michael Kors Flannel pinstripe Jacket with zip in lining. A cool look to keep warm.

MK Sweater Jacket

Michael Kors sweater jacket. A unique piece.

Gucci Patent Leather Shoe

Gucci Formal black patent shoe.

Suede Lace Up Boot

Suede lace up boot in brown.

Bally Red Driving Slippers

Bally Italian driving slipper in red to match my red Italian sports car.

I’m pleased with my purchases at Saks, as each piece is wonderful and at these prices a great value. A couple I never would have bought at this point, if they weren’t aggressively on sale. I spent a couple grand yet saved about a grand. Not bad.

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