Bangkok Fashion is a staple at Vienna Fashion Week, and it’s a showcase of promising young Thai designers. This season, Bangkok Fashion: The Next Generation featured four talented young designers from Thailand: Adhoc, Paul Direk, Lakwilai and Pattric Boyle.

Additionally, there is always a feature on the traditional Thai silk. This season, the Thai silk presentation was actually two parts: designs by Kamlangjai and by Sacict. Kamlangjai is a design group where female prison inmates are taught to sew and design and they themselves have created the garments. The second part was by Sacict and the museum shop of the Grand Palace in Bangkok, which featured the Princess of Thailand walking the runway in a traditional Thai silk gown, among many other silk designs—two of which were for men.

Pattric Boyle

The first designer, Tanyapat Srivisakorn showed his Pattric Boyle menswear collection. Having seen some of his designs last season, I was excited to see what he would come up with. The result was “Once Upon a Time in Mexico”, a collection of whimsical and playful t-shirts, shorts, pants and even suits patterned with typical and cultural references such as chili peppers, cactus, and my personal favorite, Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Day references. The Pattric Boyle collection is perfect for a young male, perhaps college age, looking for a casual, eye-catching way to stand out in a crowd.



Paul Direk



Krungthep Direkmahamongkok showed his Paul Direk collection, geared towards what he considers “high street men”—urban streetwear for the young and fashionable. His menswear looks were few but featured black and white patterened shirts and shorts, adorned with his logo, topped with bowler hats.

Sacict: Thai Silk



Finally, the two silk looks for men from Sacict  were definitely different, but it’s always special to see something that is created from a deep cultural back ground into the Thai culture. The colors of pale blue and beige/brown were soft and welcoming.

Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

MAREUNROL is a fashion brand that devotes itself to a number of interesting projects beyond creating the typical two fashion collection per year. They build set designs and fashion installations, make fashion movies and even create costumes and period pieces for opera and theater performances.

Japan, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Russia and Chile are just some of the places MAREUNROL has debuted their fashion collections, and recently created the costumes for operas in both Latvia and Russia.

The brand has a presence in the  “ARRRGH! Monsters in Fashion” exhibition, which has been traveling to different museums around the world such as Paris, Athens and the Netherlands.

Each design from MAREUNROL  is unique and the fashions are truly “works” of art and not just clothes, as they are literally 3-D installations of fashion. Wearable? Not exactly sure… but eye-catching, artistic and innovative? Absolutely!
























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Jose Clemente showed his newest collection at PeruMODA, which is one of Latin America’s biggest fashion trade fairs and also hosts several fashion shows too.

Originally from Peru, Jose Clemente has taken inspiration from his travels around the world, including other spots in Latin America and stints in Spain for his collections.

Jose Clemente showed a little bit of everything in his Fall/Winter 2014/15 collection. Starting off with undergarments, the line then transitioned to a selection of casual and weekend wear for a confident and modern man.

A few original looks include a casual vest and scarf with tie, some interesting scarves and a leather blazer paired with bright red pants.

BDMOTP favorite: Longer brown coat, tie paired with grey cardigan.


























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Raul Sifuentes.

The VNRO collection, designed by Edward Venero, walked the runways of PeruMODA which is one of Latin America’s biggest fashion trade fairs and fashion weeks.

Edward Venero is 100% Peruvian and incorporates his cultural pride into the styles for many of his amazing designs.

In the Fall/Winter 2014/15 VNRO collection, the Peruvian influence comes flying through with poncho, hand woven designs, as well as original silhouettes, not forgetting the ever trending plaid and colorblocking too. The models walk with confidence and fierceness, showcasing the soft browns and beiges spiked with bold blues and the occasional red.

BDMOTP favorite: the Peruvian inspired ponchos.

























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Raul Sifuentes.

Sergio Davila showed his newest collection at PeruMODA, which is one of Latin America’s biggest fashion trade fairs and also hosts several fashion shows too.

Having been noted as the “new Narcisso Rodriguez”, the talented Sergio Davila considers his styles to be “for men from the three Americas: South, North and Central.” He often shows his lines at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York, but is a Peru native who chose to head back to his roots to show his latest and greatest collection in Lima.

His Fall/Winter 2014/15 collection featured some of the hottest current trends for menswear like cuffed pants, and pairing suits and tailored clothing with gym shoes. Models walked the runways with pastel suits paired with brightly colored Nikes.

Trench coats were a popular style as well in the Sergio Davila collection, paired with both pants and shorts. Plaid and a spattering of knitwear were also shown. The looks were casual, fresh and light.

BDMOTP favorite: pastel blue and green suits.


























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Raul Sifuentes.


Every March, about 175,000 athletes and enthusiasts converge on Columbus, Ohio for the Arnold Classic,a sports festival created by none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s Fashion Week on steroids for the fitness industry; a mix of major players and mom-and-pop companies flexing their fashion muscles.

Arnold Classic 1

Many of them employ some of the best bodies in the industry to pitch their products,  wearing muscle shirts and tight-fitting t-shirts emblazoned with the brand name they’re representing.  After spending two full days making my way through the maze and malaise, I spotted some definite trends:  neon green is alive and well, making a bold statement – and working well as an accent color with slate grey.  Other strong colors are  aqua blue, bright red and fuchsia – especially on gym bags and  posing bikinis for fitness models (and adventurous drag queens?).  My favorites were created by a small venture calling itself “Suits by Sassy”, featuring bikinis bedazzled with all kinds of accents, from faux pearls to sequins.

Arnold Classic 2

Successful companies that made names for themselves as gym chains or supplements are turning that brand awareness into fitness fashion, most notably Golds Gym, where a young Arnold pumped iron in Venice Beach.   Many popular tshirts and hats include tough-talking, inspiring slogans like, “Stop Whining,” “Get Strong” and “Go hard!”. Elite Physique also featured some bold statements and a cool logo that made their workout clothes an attractive option. The most impressive and creative use of these slogans was presented by Quest Apparel, incorporating a subtle “never quit” on their fashion forward dressier shirts that would be perfect for clubbing or an outdoor party in Miami or Ibiza.

Arnold Classic 5

When it comes to fitness bags, the company making the biggest splash here was Six-Pack Fitness, out of San Francisco. Creative Director Misha Breyburg  told me he came up with the idea in a dream.  A fitness fanatic, Breyburg was a realtor who was always on the go and could never eat the right meals to get him that fabled six-pack.  So he designed a bag that enables you to carry meals that you can eat throughout the day, complete with a compartment to keep them cool and room for all of your gear.  The bags are colorful and well designed and their logo really pops.  They did the best job of creating a fun experience at The Arnold.


Some notes on hair styles – spiky, gelled looks were everywhere, as were all manners of Mohawks, including a faux feathered version in neon yellow.  As for shorts, the U.S. Army – here to recruit as they often do at major sporting events around the U.S., outfitted their soldiers in Rugby style short-shorts.

Arnold Classic 6

Arnold Schwarzenegger has not only created a terrific venue where everyone from bodybuilders to gymnasts compete for medals and trophies – he’s brought together some of the best names in the fitness fashion business for an expo that’s not to be missed.

Post and photos by Steve Oldfield.



Diesel! Only the brave. Since 1978.  This year of inception probably explains some of Diesel as a style as it was the epoch of the irreverent anti-rebel-rebel years when blossomed punk rock – the global anti-counter culture movement and anti-rebel force against those who had believed that the sixties with its tepid student demonstrations, it’s free love, and it’s overplayed rock ‘n roll, had been the top of what freedom for mankind would have to offer for the age to come. Thus yesterday (april 23, 1978, Olympia Theatre Paris to be precise) Sid Vicious irreverently killed the cat (no worries just a song) by doing it ‘muayyyyyy wayyyy’ and Joey and Dee Dee Ramone would rather be bored to death and sedated (1978 release of ‘I want to be sedated’ by the Ramones) than rebelling against a cause, and they expressed this in many shades of grey and no colors, please no colors – and in mono-tones – no tunes please, no Beatles tunes –, and not for the reason to try to upset anyone’s apple cart, but to just for once and for all NOT to have to prove any point at all to anyone in society except perhaps to let it be known that all rebellion is doomed from its inception anyway while inevitably leading to a grand failure: irreverence as a cultural movement was born.

And thus somehow, this time specific irreverent & disinterested way of life calling for a ‘and we don’t care’ attitude expressed through a monochrome & monotone dis-engagement from life as a lifestyle statement, we can still find represented today in the Diesel Black Gold men’s style & fashion collection for the fall & winter of 2014/2015. Diesel! Only the brave. Since 1978.

Sid Vicious

Sid Vicious, poster boy ‘style irreverent’.

Flashforward : Action

Only the Brave!  When once in Florence one may as well try to wedding-crash the hottest ticket in town, which was the secluded Diesel Black Gold runway show at an old abandoned train station somewhere off the periphery of town during Pitt Uomo 85 last January. The BDMOTP team had not arrived yet and invites were impossible to get (hmm number 27 on the waiting list) so the only approach was the ‘only the bold’ velvet ropes routine:  Dress like James Bond style Casino Royale, wait at the ropes, and just hope to ‘get lucky’ while wearing dark aviator style Gucci sun glasses for an evening show outside in the cold and the dark (this only works in Florence).  When then some desperate losers without invites actually decided to try to jump the ropes and got caught, it was the obvious time to make a polite, Clooney-esque, approach to the woman in charge of operations.  She asked us for press credentials and the simple open-sesame magic word proved to be “BDMOTP, New York”. Now that’s a lie, because BDMOTP is from DC. But we got in!


Andreas Melbostad

This would prove a highly interesting (but rather short) and explosive runway show and probably more than we had bargained for in the end, and not having an official invite BDMOTP ended up in the fourth row in the stands not too far from the podium. The show was short, rocking, colorless (white, black, and many shades of grey and metal) and powerful, and was hosted by the singular Diesel guest-star men’s wear designer from the high gothic north: Andreas Melbostad of Norway; Imagine the cry of the Valkyries descended upon a warm and colorful Florence for one winter evening bringing cold from the north to take over a dark abandoned train station for 15 minutes. Dark castles made of ice and Nordic looks, Gothic inspirations – both in ambiance and design: Ice Black Gold. Glacial yet dark; a haunting mix.


When asked later about the Black Gold style by Vogue in an interview, Andreas would define the collection as ‘fearless’, and would call the inspiration for the collection an ‘irreverent rocker attitude’ while also using the word ‘subversive’ to indicate the Diesel Black Gold code for men. Thus his guest-star designer interpretation of the Renzo Rosso (the godfather of Diesel) style & man’s wear collections of yore lead to what Andreas in the Vogue interview calls the making of a ‘restrained rebel’ while emphasizing an irreverent rocker-attitude of the ‘bold and the brave’. Sounds to BDMOTP to be very close to the punk rocker creed and logo of the seventies, except for the word ‘restrained’ – but that is fashion, that for under the gross veneer of any man going in style, the objective can never be to really be offensive, but rather to please, and to impress. It’s called civility where the offensive morphs and changes into style! And thus style irreverent is also a style beautiful.


The Return of the Fonz

Yet despite the 50 shades of grey, charcoal, ice, silver, metal, steel, and nickel – brooches included – doing the rounds in all its splendor in front of us, the star of the show was not a special style modeled on display on the runway, nor was it Andreas Melbostad or Renzo Rosso , but undisputedly someone who can only be described as special guest of honor:  Matteo Renzi , mayor of Florence at the time and PM of Italy today, who very well indeed may qualify as the Best Dressed Man on the Planet. Kennedyesque in his youth with a swagger like Fonzi, and dressed more casual than Dean Martin on his best day, Renzi’s star appearance before seating was such that the runway resembled the Louvre on a crowded summer afternoon tourists flashing the motionless Venus de Milo all at the same time out of the fear of missing the moment and not being able to prove to anyone else later that they were ‘there’.


Matteo Renzi

Director’s Cut

And this is precisely why in Italy even in the winter and in the dark, amid fifty shades of grey, one still needs a dark pair of Gucci sunglasses, so that you can hide your eyes. In Italy beauty or intrigue are never far away, and the unexpected can strike you with its charm, or scare you with a checkered mask. For long after the show had already begun and the taking of pictures of Mr Renzi had long stopped, a suspicious looking and not-so-well-dressed bold man seated silently & alone two rows down from BDMOTP was still taking close-up pictures of Mr Renzi and his entourage who were sitting right across the aisle by quietly using his iPad to click and zoom in on every movement and every face – except for those of the models on the runway.

Imagining things? Maybe! But definitely the right time to use steel-colored Gucci sun glasses in the dark and no longer letting them sit uselessly on your head. Be fearless! Viva Italia! And for Diesel, only the Brave!

Posted by Sandro Joo.


If you ever wanted to know what the French acronym BCBG means in fashion lingo, now you know (not to be confused with CBGB the old punk rock haunt of Ramones legend in NYC, or BCBG Max Azria, a female fashion brand): it stands for Bon Chic Bon Genre (Bon Chic = good elegance/style & Bon Genre = good class/manners, but, in double entendre, also ‘the right kind (of people)’) which, for purposes of talking about the interesting, fresh, and elegant style of Vicomte A., we are going to translate freely as either ‘preppy, upper crust, upper class, or gentry’.

We all know the look very well:  It’s that polo, hunting (not fishing), horse & yacht racing look often copied and woven into the fabric of elite global institutions of higher learning who have appropriated it as the trademark, and the introduction, of what is claimed to be a superior education and Preparation (‘preppy’ as in ‘preparatory school’) before real pitfalls and rumbles of life commence – even inside the doldrums of High Society. It is that collegiate look, in which a tie (or the colors of the stripes thereon) or a butterfly around your neck becomes a tool, not to succeed in dress-for-success business meetings, nor to simply show your fashion for the sake of pleasure or style, but to set yourself apart – and distinguish yourself – from other levels & classes of society, assuming others’ values are different from yours, not even mentioning the quality of taste of others’ fashion: because not everybody is equal!


So which a grand idea indeed to make this type of exclusive high society style (Vicomte A. has its origins in Paris and Palm Beach) available to all people and to the general public at large, ready-to-wear, ready-to-buy, and in the grand array of all the effervescent colors siring the rainbow! Back in the sixties it was precisely this power that Yves Saint Laurent harnessed by ‘democratizing’ fashion with prêt-à-porter, the ready-to-wear, in a time when both sex and rock ‘n roll (and also fashion) conspired for the great universal brotherhood and equality of mankind; so why not also make the preppy collegiate look available and accessible to everyone: superior ‘gentry’ style for the masses and affordable to all, in many bright colors, in many different forms & patterns, and of course not without the odd accessories to go along (hmm binoculars maybe).  Because not just every look comes with so many values or pretensions!


So do allow me, Sir, to wear this hunting jacket, even though I do not own any hounds; and please I would also like to have that bright yellow parka, so that I may impress my friends with my own importance despite not visiting any races; and, for esthetic pleasure’s sake, also, please, that college scarf, it is no ordinary Scottish square I presume that pattern, but verily a checkered ‘Prince de Galles’ (Prince of Wales), is it not, and by all means not to be confused with an ordinary boring ‘brownish’ Burberry I hope?  Ah, a real Vicomte A., you say – the French answer to (Polo) Ralph Lauren and Paul & Shark; but you still won’t find me in the Hamptons, in Newport, or Gstaad, Switzerland, for now, mind you; I will just wear all of this on the streets; the streets of my small provincial town. For I am not Jay Gatsby; and I like to be stylish, but not so preppy!


Thus Vicomte A. is a very interesting, successful, and young & fresh French fashion company founded in 2005 and managed well by viscounts Arthur de Soultrait and his brother Marcy. The brand has many stores world-wide in upper crust locations and the brothers made good use of branding their aristocratic title for a global audience while creating a multi-effervescent colored style of high-line high class collections made available and accessible to the public at large. Like at Ralph Lauren the original colors and styles of Vicomte A. originally hark back to the sport of polo, but also, in lesser extent, to ‘hippique’ (horse racing/riding), hunting, and yachting. Yet the colors used are much brighter than in the Ralph Lauren collections; this must be that famous Paris light effect of which Parisian painters spoke of old. The style of the collections can be considered as‘chic’ (VA’s motto is ‘l’instinct chic’, the chic instinct) but probably a little more sporty and casual (décontracté in French) than Ralph Lauren, perhaps a little bit closer to the collection of GAP, but of course, not nearly as ‘common’. BDMOTP would call it sporty, collegiate, yet fresh & elegant.


So to finish off this ‘colorful’ essay on collegiate wear for the upper classes now available to the masses thanks to Vicomte A., of course BDMOTP would not let fashionistas off the hook without a fine (mass marketing) sample of some of the sophomoric behavior and taste which every now and so often inadvertently seems to accompany the global elite on their travails, long-sufferings, travels and behaviors.  Benetton does it and is well known for it.  Abercrombie & Fitch thrive on it, and even have a budget for it in case it leads to lawsuits.  Calvin Klein pioneered it.  And so Vicomte A. apparently does it every once in a while by throwing a party:  it is called shock or scandal marketing for the very reason that it can never be considered real branding. A most royally colorful assembly indeed!

Photo from Flynet.

Photo from Flynet.

Voici Monsieur le vicomte Arthur lui-meme, during the bash for the 7th anniversary of Vicomte A. in 2012. And here, perched above his left shoulder, we see Pippa Middleton – related to British royals, but not by blood – dressed in the very same pink colors as the bright anniversary pink of the Vicomte A. house brand. So scandalous, so naughty, so bad!

Back in the 17th century Monsieur le vicomte would probably have been imprisoned (‘embastillé’ in French, as in ‘sent to the Bastille’) for ‘lèse majesté’ (co-optation of royal prerogatives, of the royal pearls and insignia, while not mentioning the perversion of  the royal court’s morals as a serious crime because this type of offense was better left to be pursued by ‘lettre de cachet’) in much the same way as Nicolas Fouquet, the first French minister of Finance, was imprisoned for life by Louis XIV after simply daring to build a more beautiful chateau and garden (Vaux-le-Vicomte) than the Sun King had ever owned himself.

And so today, 350 years later in our contemporary climate of global buzz marketing & instant publicity, anything with a direct mass appeal to popularity and your ‘number of likes’ is allowed: Voila Vicomte A.: because it is good to be the King!

Posted by Sandro Joo and photos by Yulia Gromova.

Strolling the Pitti Uomo in Florence in the first week of this year we discovered Spiewak & Sons from New York with their latest collection called Golden Fleece.  Their truly remarkable new collection of parkas, pea coats, and deck & flight jackets is for real men only. Losers not apply. Or perhaps we could say that any man wearing one of these gems will never be a loser, but will have graduated into the realm of the classic man of action, endeavor, endurance, commitment, and determination. Think Ernest Shackleton – an explorer, Eisenhower – a field general, or perhaps even Che Guevara – a rebel.


The Spiewak N3-B Parka comes in different colors, in brown, navy blue, and in that light grayish military sort of green which you recognize immediately when you see it. They are durable, resistant, and either made of authentic flight satin (used by the US airforce), cotton – nylon, or waxed cotton. The cotton waxing is done by Martexin for extra heavy weather and the cotton – nylon items are produced only in limited edition. This model was originally developed in the 1950’s. Of course such a timeless piece of wear-and-no-tear deserves a critical code name, as if it could be classified as by default in case it goes missing during time of action:  The illustrious N3-B.


The next collection item needs no introduction as it is such a classic that it has barely changed in more than 200 years: it is the double breasted Melton wool Navy Pea Coat, of which the brochure simply claims that it ranks as “one of the most classic and functional coats ever produced.”  Indeed this model harks back even to the 16th century when seamen and ship captains of yore were roaming the seven seas, at a time when the world was still not fully explored and still full of dangers and adventures both great and small. It is the type of jacket you will draw as a ten-year old when asked to produce the image of the captain of a ship- but don’t forget the sailor’s hat and a smoking pipe!


The Navy Deck Jacket (the BDMOTP favorite) was originally first produced and developed in the 1940’s for navy crew and vessel workers and is made again of Martexin waxed cotton. Because it is shorter than the pea coat and the parka (like also the flight jacket) it allows for more movement of the body. It clearly is a jacket ready and fit for action; for a man on the deck on the high seas, ready to roll with the waves. Besides it’s wax it has a special outer layer of cloth for protection from cold, rain, wind, and salty waves. Original code name:  N1.


And that brings us to the final part of this small tour of action coats and jackets: the stuff of legend – not only for those who wore them during their endeavors, but also both in movie & fashion, and probably everyone’s favorite:  The MA-1 flight jacket. From Obama to Kanye West, from Tom Cruise to Jimmy Dean, from Marlon Brando (On the Waterfront) to Paul Newman, from Steve McQueen to Jean-Paul Belmondo, from Shia LaBeouf to Prince Harry: any man with a respectable claim to a life of action, whether in truth or in fiction,loves the flight jacket!  This is surely a group that spans the generations. The MA-1 is not just a classic, it is a timeless piece of men’s wear for the ages!


But we will leave you the shocker for the end: just compare the random screenshot of Niko Bellic of GTA-IV infamy above trying on a flight jacket, with the picture of Steve McQueen in the caption of this article. There is almost precisely 50 years between the time of the two different images.  Both men are wearing a flight jacket. One is a man of virtual action in a post-modern dystopian video game. The other is a movie action hero in a classic film. But they have the exact same body language, the very same facial expression, the same look, the same stare even. Only the hairstyle is different.  And they are dressed in the same flight jacket. Coincidence?  BDMOTP does not think so.


In the satirical universe of GTA-IV a large collection of action coats and jackets can be found in the ‘Russian Shop’ on Mohawk Ave, Hove Beach, Broker in Liberty City (which must be a take on Brighton Beach, New York in all probability). The storefront of the shop proclaims in Cyrillic that here you can buy the “latest fashion novelties.”  There, flight jackets, woodland coats and parkas come in the different colors of gray, sand and black and you can purchase one good flight jacket for the excellent virtual price of $26. When you pay at the counter your virtual account is being accurately debited, and when you are about to leave, the cashier bids you goodbye, and tells you with a fat Russian accent:

“Makes you look very strong!”

Posted by Sandro Joo and photos by Yulia Gromova.


The Sundance Film Festival offers more than a tremendous variety of independent films from all over the world – you see anything and everything when it comes to fashion here. From jeans and a bright orange 1970s hippie shirt and bandana worn by a 20-something who looks like he just picked his clothes off the floor of his condo after a wild night of partying; to a crisp, Brooks Brothers style blazer worn by tea-totaling Mitt Romney, here at the festival to support the premiere of Mitt, a very supportive behind-the-scenes documentary about his failed presidential campaigns.

Why not bring a little color into it?!

Why not bring a little color into it?!

Former U.S. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and a few members of his giant family didn't leave their comfort zone when it came to dressing for the premiere of Mitt, a flattering behind-the-scenes look at his campaigns.

Former U.S. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and a few members of his giant family didn’t leave their comfort zone when it came to dressing for the premiere of Mitt, a flattering behind-the-scenes look at his campaigns.

Greg Whiteley, the director of Mitt, about Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, wore a vintage letter sweater that belonged to his late-father.

Greg Whiteley, the director of Mitt, about Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, wore a vintage letter sweater that belonged to his late-father.

At one of the celebrity gift suites (more subdued than the outrageous ones of seven or eight years ago that were later deemed too conspicuous and tacky) you have a mix of Sean John’s interpretation of festival-worthy coats next to work boots by CAT – a brand that like Carhartt is typically worn by blue collar workers in the U.S. but is considered high fashion in Europe.

A Sean Jean coat from a Gifting Suite.

A Sean Jean coat from a Gifting Suite.

Fashion Gifting Suite.

Fashion Gifting Suite.

CAT books are popular in Europe.

CAT books are popular in Europe.

Some festival goers are no doubt hoping to get discovered as they strut their stuff on Main Street in the ski resort town of Park City. One fierce young New Yorker looked more like he was dressed to walk the runway in Milan than to dodge piles of old snow on the sidewalks here.

While Jason Schwartzman looked smart in his suit and tie, it was as if he forgot he was walking the premiere line in Park City instead of Los Angeles.

While Jason Schwartzman looked smart in his suit and tie, it was as if he forgot he was walking the premiere line in Park City instead of Los Angeles.

Others keep their quilted black leather skinny pants at home in the Village and opt for jeans and an Army Surplus coat – making their statement with a giant (and often gawdy) fur hat. One hipster appeared to have the entire carcass of an animal wrapped around his head – complete with a tail that reached nearly to his waist.

Fur hood.

Fur hood.

Fur was plentiful at Sundance.

Fur was plentiful at Sundance.

Fur Trim.

Fur Trim.

The Grunge Look is alive and well in Park City – and not just during the festival but all year round. Flannel shirts – new by Walmart or the old vintage variety – are paired with tattered jeans and often accented with hearty beards – some even braided. Visitors who vow never to change their look that works in Venice Beach or Seattle feel right at home here. Despite temperatures in the 30s and lower, more than a few in this group still opt for shorts with their work boots or skateboard sneakers.

Festival goers in cowboy boots also feel welcome – whether they’re the real deal from Cheyenne or some West Hollywood type who just wants to play dress-down.

A popular look for those still wanting to show their flair with a little more subtlety: a tweed or even lighter weight gray or brown blazer with a bulky scarf instead of a necktie.

Jonathan Pryce donned a popular look: a blazer with giant, bold scarf.

Jonathan Pryce donned a popular look: a blazer with giant, bold scarf.

Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin opted for the dated but popular hoodie with a blazer.  He is here to promote The Case Against 8, the documentary that looks at the battle over marriage equality in California.

Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin opted for the dated but popular hoodie with a blazer. He is here to promote The Case Against 8, the documentary that looks at the battle over marriage equality in California.

You’ll also find stars and their chasers in ski parkas. While they remain colorful, they also seemed a bit more muted than the neon greens and oranges that used to be all the rage.

Entourage's Adrian Grenier dressed like a pro when he hit the slopes.

Entourage’s Adrian Grenier dressed like a pro when he hit the slopes.

All black skiwear is trending too.

All black skiwear is trending too.

More subtle colors dominated the ski-lifts – instead of the bright neons of recent years.

More subtle colors dominated the ski-lifts – instead of the bright neons of recent years.

Basically, the only thing I haven’t seen this week Black Tie – but I’m sure someone hoping for stardom got that formal – but I’m guessing the “tail” was on his hat instead of his tuxedo.
Captions for some photos:

While Jason Schwartzman looked smart in his suit and tie, it was as if he forgot he was walking the premiere line in Park City instead of Los Angeles. Jonathan Pryce donned a popular look: a blazer with giant, bold scarf.

Post and photos by Steve Oldfield.

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