Sandrine Philippe, a designer from France presented her collection for the first time at Serbia Fashion Week for SS16. The line was comprised of dark shades of grey and black and inspired by the idea of self protection in the future. Using leather, sharp cuts, dark make-up plus strong music, everything appeared to be an urban jungle–without animals, of course.

Her collection was a reference to the process of metamorphosis: The organic evolving nature of clothes revealed strange materials, such as wild animals skins. Models seemed wild and even wore grey and black paint on their hands and faces, showing the savage, free-spirited wolf-man vibe of her collection.

Maybe, just for a moment, too much black seemed monotonus, but Sandrine Philippe is definitely a woman who pushes the boundaries, breaks down barriers and shows dominance. No wonder she took home the award for the best international designer at SFW!

When we look into her unique world, her dark land, we spot blazers with elongated panels, embroidered pullovers, restitched clothes and so much black.

A man who wants to show his strength, lead and protect should definitely invest in some Sandrine Philippe pieces.

Vincere aut mori!
























Posted by Nikea Vucetic and photos from the official Serbia Fashion Week.

Retienne Zammit, a designer from Malta showed a mixed men’s and women’s collection at Serbia Fashion Week which was playful, colorful and lively. Suits and T-shirts with prints of human faces or newspapers aimed to present the culture of this Southern European Island country and the lovely spirit of this young artist. She has energetic approach to color and she’s not afraid to show it.

The faces on the creations are well-known Maltese poets created with simple materials and interesting collages. Paper mustaches were attached to the models for the utmost elegance. Using patches of anatomical hearts and monohromatic newsprint, she showed us her vision of love for her country. The fashion show ended with the Maltese flag proudly in the hands of each model.
























Posted by Nikea Vucetic and photos from the official Serbia Fashion Week.

Are we in a comic strip? No, just a runway show! Serbian designer and ex-TV host Bosko Jakovljevic opened his show Strip(ed) Soul in a crowded “Master” hall, presenting “3 shows in 1”. The first part of the show marked the eighties, accompained by the music of Duran Duran and David Bowie. The second part attracted special attention, because garments were made out of hand-painted paper, clearly for a very modern man.The third part of the show was quite spicy with coats in all colors, “hanging” tracksuits and sweaters with a large zippers. The collection could be characterized as many things: urban, chic, pop-art style and classic, interesting design, with bright colors. Andy Warhol in a suit, anyone?

One of the most memorable elements during the show was the model’s interesting cartoon speech bubbles, casually shadowing over them as they walked down the runway, with phrases such as “Like me”, “Follow me”, etc. This meshed fashion with the social media age we live in, and it totally worked. You felt like you were in a comic strip after seeing the models sport tailored suits with asymmetrical lines, large scarves, florals and cartoon or comic book prints. Does he recycle these paper suits or what?!

A relief to all audience members: the paper fabric is not as delicate as it may seem: of the models tried to rip his jacket off mid runway and failed.
























Posted by Nikea Vucetic and photos from the official Serbia Fashion Week.

Winner of the best male collection at the Serbia Fashion Award, Bata Spasojevic, closed the autumn edition of Serbia Fashion Week.  Bata Spasojevic definitely brought refreshment to the local fashion scene.His urban and strong collection for SS16 helped him to be selected to show his next collection at the New York Fashion Week in February 2016.

bata 2

This season, over 20 men models showed how this collection makes a man  daring, courageous, confident, bold, strong, safe and solid. Black fur, silver zippers, buttons, leather printed T-shirts and baggy trousers were all spotted in the collection. Key pieces included coats and a very eye-catching yellow sweater.

From the audience a resounding:

























Posted by Nikea Vucetic and photos from the official Serbia Fashion Week.

 The famous Novi Sad stylist-turned-designer, Mladen Milivojevic Baron boldly combined a blend of modern and traditional for his presentation at  Serbia Fashion Week. This wandering circus was composed of plaid suits, bowties, vests and wool capes in rich jewel tones. The looks were complemented with runway accessories: baskets filled with flowers, top hats, brooches old suitcases, a bundle of books, newspapers and identical rubber green boots. It was a modern take on elegant, historic clothing. Perfect for a modern-day baron!

The designer found inspiration in the sunflower blossom and the architecture of Novi Sad– the small place where he lives and owns his fashion brand and hair salon. Althought he pleasantly surprised the public with an outstanding menswear collection, he is better known for his designing women’s dresses and won the award for the best women’s collection (which he shared with the designer Marija Sabic). The Mladen Milivojevic Baron’s men’s collection was colorful, cheerful and playful, as a wandering circus arriving into a small village…bringing happiness, harmony and spreading love!
























Posted by Nikea Vucetic and photos from the official Serbia Fashion Week.

Sitting on the Front Row with my friend in the business Jamal Abdourahman, the guy that has made Vancouver Fashion Week one of the largest and most significant events in North America.  We initially met at the PeruModa event in Lima, Peru in 2014.

Alton Serbia

When I got the invite to Serbia, I put him in touch with Svetlana and Marcellous of Serbia Fashion Week and knew it would a great connection.  We have all benefited from the business relationships.

Scenes in the Novi Sad Town Square.

alton 2

A quaint city in Serbia, but as an African American, I stuck out a bit.  Not a problem for me, as I’ve been in this situation many times before.

alton 1