The future of fashion is now. This was the clear message at the YashkaThor party at Sketch, London, where an uber-stylish crowd in extravagant headwear enjoyed a variety of entertainment such as edible pyramids, a sitar player performance and reading of philosophical parable.

A scene from the YashkaThor hat party

A scene from the YashkaThor hat party

Two men in hats at YashkaThor party

A model and designer enjoying the YashkaThor party

YashkaThor is a hat brand, which is devoted to creating a radical luxury. It was founded by two philosophy students who decided to make hats, as they are objects which can interact and play with people on different levels.

Even though YashkaThor hats will remind you of 60th’s riding hats, national Chinese or dervish hats, they are very unique. The designers managed to invent completely new hat shapes. There are now twelve very special and minimalistic, but also very pure and powerful hats in their collection.

Each of the 12 hats has it’s own philosophical meaning, aura and energy. YashkaThor believe that, “hats have transformative powers that affect the wearer’s mood, appearance and experiences”.

All the hats are made of spectacular rabbit fur material, each one is hand molded and sewn with sheepskin napa leather and hand painted with 23.5 carat gold, which is part of the brand’s recognizability, along with the very simple and clear forms. It’s the most exclusive hat you can buy in London at the moment!

The Draaoe Hat

The Draaoe Hat

The Gilgamesh Hat

The Gilgamesh Hat

The Leonard Hat

The Leonard Hat

The Prinn Hat

The Prinn Hat

YashkaThor duet describe their own view of the brand-concept:

“We think that when one places a luxurious hat onto one’s head, you prime yourself for luxurious thoughts and luxurious living. By luxury we mean the ability to crown every moment. YashkaThor hats are for people who put a high value onto living consciously.“

Philosophy of YashkaThor comes through everything they do, no matter whether it’s a their wonderful hats, designer’s surrealistic outfits or reading of pseudo-mythic story of Kazakh on their party. Everywhere you’re trying to find a hidden sense and allegory; it’s a kind of a very clever riddle posing. The pair explain how they work:

“We start the day with meditation and sing out the YashkaThor mantra. Then we structure out our day and create hats. The life of the philosopher is often seen as one of contemplation, and after sitting and looking at the mountains we decided to climb one and well, the mountain was a hat.”

One of guests shared his feeling about wearing a YashkaThor hat: “ It makes you feel  taller, it makes you aware of your whole body. The whole energy and aura, which comes with the hat makes you feel more beautiful and you look more beautiful to the outside world.  I think you can connect with a lot of interesting people with these hats. You will only know what I’m talking about, when you wear one of these hats for a day through London and feel how people look at you differently and ask where you’ve gotten the hat. “

So, wearing YashkaThor hat is a serious fashion and life statement. A whole new philosophy. It’s for those who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd and want to try new.

You can purchase a YashkaThor hat at their atelier in London or at one of the two boutiques that stock YashkaThor in Moscow.

A YashkaThor Hat

A YashkaThor Hat

A YashkaThor Hat

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Day 2 of Pitti Uomo in Florence was just as hot and just as rewarding as Day 1.  We were able to see some more great brands and some of our favorites were Angelo Galasso, Broska, and Pasotti.  Each brand is extremely different and features something unique and special.  Angelo Galasso features clothes, shoes and accessories, Broska carries scarves and pocket squares, and Pasotti designs umbrellas, shoe horns and canes.

Angelo Galasso

Angelo Galasso is a high end, luxury brand that has shops in New York, Moscow, Milan and London.  This season the collection has a safari theme and includes some very sharp shoes and jackets, among other things.  Galasso is also known for a special touch/detail on his shirts.  On the sleeve, he allows for a small open space in order to have your watch face peek through. No more having to push up your sleeve to see the time!  Genius!

BDMOTP Favorites: Blue Shoes

Pitti Uomo119 Pitti Uomo126 Pitti Uomo140


Broska is a German brand, based in Frankfurt, that creates original pocket squares and scarves.  Some of the pocket squares have up to 4 different patterns per square.

BDMOTP favorite: Grey, blue and brown patterned scarf

Pitti Uomo181 Pitti Uomo186 Pitti Uomo187


Pasotti is an Italian brand, based near Milan, which offers umbrellas, canes and shoe horns with unique patterns and of course, funky handles decorated with silver, studs, skeletons and more.  These items would be great as gifts, especially for those difficult to shop for men!

BDMOTP favorite: The Umbrellas

Pitti Uomo195 Pitti Uomo193 Pitti Uomo194

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Qasimi, named for designer Khalid Al Qasimi, actually began as a designer for womenswear, and then switched over to making menswear. He debuted his first menswear line at Paris Menswear Week in 2009 and womenswear has been on hold ever since. His collections are now a permanent fixture at Paris Menswear Week every spring and fall.

Al Qasimi was born in United Arab Emirates but then moved to the United Kingdom at age 9. His multicultural background and upbringing led him to base his designs on architecture, art, and even socio-politcal issues.

His designs are dramatic and streamlined, and his recent collection featured leather and shearling fabrics. Volume also plays a big part in Qaisimi´s designs and he usually throws a bright color into his spring collections.

Now his clothes are available in various countries around the world, for example, Russia, China, and South Korea to name a few.

You can view more of his most recent collections and find more information at the Oasimi website or follow him on Twitter or Facebook.

These three looks are from his Fall 2013 collection and runway show.

Qasimi 3

Qasimi 1

runway show

These next two looks are from his current spring collection runway show.

Qasimi 4 Qasimi 5

Photos from designer´s the Website and Facebook page.

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Miharayasuhiro 1

Miharayasuhiro is a muted, monochomatic and overall, distinctly modern brand created by designer Miharaya Yasuhiro.

Miharaya Yasuhiro began designing footwear in Japan in 1994. In 1998 his first store was launched in Tokyo and by 1999 he had decided to expand into mens clothing and accessories. In 2000 he collaborated with Puma to create a funky line of sneakers and sports clothes, ¨The Black Line¨ which featured fur, studs and metallic on the shoes and clothing. In 2004, his success continued with fashion shows in Milan and eventually in Paris.

He´s been chosen by as one of the Top Mens Designers and he´s collaborated with not only Puma but also Husam el Odeh and Tasaki on jewelry and other projects. Miharayasuhiro stores are spread out over several countinents and many different cities. However, his flagship store in Tokyo is the biggest and brightest of all. Recently, he´s branched into womenswear as well which you can find online and in his shops.

Mihara Yasuhiro´s urban and trendy designs make him one of the world´s most fashionable designers. Make sure to stop into one of his boutiques or visit the Miharayasuhiro Webpage, Facebook or Twitter.



The below images are from the Miharaysuhiro RTW Fall 2013 Collection.


























All photos from the Miharayasuhiro Facebook Page.

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Leform Boutique, a multi-brand shop, opened it´s doors in Moscow in 1997. This was really first store of its kind in Russia. When it opened almost 16 years ago, Leform boutique sought to provide original, unique clothes amongst a sea filled with high- end designer chain stores. Back in 2009 the shop was named the best luxury multi-brand store in Russia. Fast forward to 2013, where Leform is thriving via their strong following of celebrities, hipsters, business men, bohemians, and even students.

The boutique is not limited just to menswear but also carries homewares and items for women as well. Some of it´s most popular brands hail from far away lands, such as Dirk Bikkembergs, Dries Van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester, and Dirk Van Saene from Belgium, Junia Watanabe, Rei Kawakubo and Yoshiki Hishinuma from Japan and Helmut Lang from Austria, just to name a few.

Whether you are looking for elegant, classic, trendy, or casual, Leform Boutique has it all. The clear, modern store set up will help you find what you are looking for quickly and easily.

There are two Leform Boutique locations in Moscow.

35/28, Povarskaya str. +7-495-691-8220
7, Dmitrovsky per. +7-495-660-0280

High top shoes from Leform BoutiqueSummer outfit from Leform BoutiqueLeather and stripes at Leform Boutiquecolorful sweaters at Leform BoutiqueImages from Leform Boutique  Facebook page

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