While waiting for my LIN to LHR flight, I noticed Vivienne Westwood sitting at  Linate airport.  I had just taken in her show at Moda Uomo in Milan the day before, and thought I’d let her know how much I enjoyed it.  You know, you always wonder if a well-known person is okay with an admiring fan approaching, but as homo sapiens go I’m fairly confident.  Also I figured I’d heighten my senses and look for immediate signs to indicate if she was interested to chat or not.

Clearly I was thinking about it too much, as she gave me a wonderful smile and hello as I sat down beside her.  Once through the introductory formalities, I shared with her that I really enjoyed certain aspects of her show, like her use of big plaid, suit cuts and very lightweight sweaters.  I also mentioned that I liked the berets that some of the models were wearing, and gave her the term “berets for Bradley” that I thought of the previous day, while watching the show.   She smiled.

We then segued into more about BDMOTP, she really focused in and wanted to understand the concept.  She mentioned that she was getting more into social media, and that she wrote a blog longhand that someone posted for her.  Longhand, classic….contemporary, either way is hot!  We went on to discuss the possibilities of the internet vis-a-vis empowering the masses.  Real global democracy, ideal.  We bounced ideas off of each other with regards to wealth distribution, health of the people and health of the planet.  I noticed she was reading “Broken Republic” by Arundhati Roy.  I hadn’t read the book, but had heard about it and that gave me further insight into Vivenne’s thoughts on active resistance.  It also gave me an appreciation of her relationship with India.

Thoroughly stimulated, I bid her adieu and headed to B Gates to catch my flight.  Still today, I continue to contemplate our conversation during my altruistic moments, in hopes of finding that solution.

No picture today….would not have been cool to snap her at that moment….so you’ll have to imagine….and I’ll have my memory!

Outside of the Vivenne Westwood Show in Milan, I was approached to do an interview with Fashion TV Germany.  They initially, just wanted to snap my photo but inquired about who I represented.  Once they appreciated what BDMOTP is about, they quickly changed to wanting my opinion about the show and trends.  Then asked is they could interview me on camera…and what did I say…of course, it would be my pleasure.

Interview with Fashion TV Germany

They wanted to know my thoughts about guys in printed pants, shorts over tights, and skirts, three trends that were apparent during this European tour.  In my opinion it can be a challenge for men to add color to their outfits.  Printed pants are a good way, provided that the print design is apropos, to add color and a bit of flair.  For example, I saw a nice paisley print design that was great.  We have a few pics of printed pants up on out street style section, check a few of our favorites here and here.

As for the shorts over tights and skirts, I’m not a big fan.  I am a proponent of men being confident and owning their look.  I would say, that it takes a lot confidence, or the total opposite being a seeker of attention, to pull off tights and/or a skirt.  As you get to know me, you’ll find that I’m into nuance, so when I say I want men to display confidence in their dress, I really mean a subtle rock solid confidence.  I learned something about myself today.  Other than ethnic dress, I’m not sure how you pull off a skirt subtly, just my humble opinion, but please allow me space to evolve.  And because BDMOTP is such a cool site that’s bigger than me with room for everyone, we have a few pics of guys in tights and skirts as well, that our team thinks pulls the look off.

Thanks Fashion TV Germany….look forward to seeing you in Germany in a couple months.

The Vivienne Westwood Spring Summer 2014 catwalk at Milan Moda Uomo was outstanding.   The suits really carried the show and were definite focal pieces.  Immpecable tailoring and attention to detail added to the intensity of the show.

Plaid made a grand appearance in several of the looks.  (Plaid is obviously going to be trending big time next spring…so start thinking about getting a few pieces to add to your wardrobe if you don´t already have some.  It’s a great time to pull out some vintage plaid from the back of your closet too!)

Another big trend to note-any way to shorten those pants up, go ahead and do it.  Almost all the pants in the Vivienne Westwood collection showed pants slightly above the ankle…some simply tailored that way, other ones cuffed or rolled.  Jump on it!

Berets are back with a vengeance.  YMC also showed berets in the SS14 collection.

Finally, some South Asian influence was definitely present.  Some of the looks had silky fabric shirts with a kimono- like feel and Asian patterns.  Light sweaters were also a great call for spring.

BDMOTP Favorite: Sky blue suit
























Posted By: Lori Zaino

Photos By: Yulia Gromova

The first day at Milan Uomo Collections  was a grand success.  We were able to catch 3 runway shows, all which were fabulous: John Varvatos, Les Hommes, and Philip Plein.

John Varvatos

Starting off with John Varvatos, the venue was fantastic.  The room in which the show is presented often has a lot of to do with the vibe of the show.  The details of the SS14 collection were refined, yet not stuffy or aged.  The rhinestones on the lapels provided trend and youth to the looks to give it an extra push.  The cardigans and jackets were exceptional.  An occasional un-tucked shirt gave the show a carefree kick of attitude.

BDMOTP favorite: light blue/grey suede jacket

Milan Uomo SS14Milan Uomo SS14Milan Uomo SS14Milan Uomo SS14Milan Uomo SS14Milan Uomo SS14Milan Uomo SS14Milan Uomo SS14Milan Uomo SS14























Les Hommes

Les Hommes, French for ” The Men” , showcased their SS14 collection in a beautiful venue with 30 foot marble columns.  Immediately enchanted with the room and our front row seat, we had a good feeling about this show before it even began!  The show did not disappoint.  The suits were fresh and crisp, with the perfect edge of tailoring.  Leather made an unexpected appearance on panels inside and outside of jacket, as ties and even as a pullover shirt.  Touches of red and blue color broke up the black, white and brown throughout the collection.

BDMOTP favorite: Black and white window pane suit

Milan Uomo SS14Milan Uomo SS14Milan Uomo SS14Milan Uomo SS14Milan Uomo SS14Milan Uomo SS14Milan Uomo SS14Milan Uomo SS14Milan Uomo SS14























Philip Plein

Philip Plein presented a theme that inspired the SS14 collection: Casino!  Everyone loves a good theme and there were even craps tables at the entrance of the show.  Isabel Fontana, international top model, opened the show as Philip’s Plein’s ” Goddess of Fortune”.  The models walked a ” roulette runway”  lit up with colors and lights. The line was very edgy urban and tattooed models even presented an underwear line.  A lot of studs, leather, and faded, washed jeans were shown.  ” Urban glamour” would be an appropriate way to describe the collection.  Some of the highlights were the slim suits with leather welts and the models even made it ” rain”, tossing ” It’s a Mans World” dollar bills!

BDMOTP favorite: Leather studded jackets

Milan Uomo SS14Milan Uomo SS14Milan Uomo SS14Milan Uomo SS14Milan Uomo SS14Milan Uomo SS14Milan Uomo SS14Milan Uomo SS14Milan Uomo SS14























Posted By: Lori Zaino

Photos By: Yulia Gromova

Day 2 of Pitti Uomo in Florence was just as hot and just as rewarding as Day 1.  We were able to see some more great brands and some of our favorites were Angelo Galasso, Broska, and Pasotti.  Each brand is extremely different and features something unique and special.  Angelo Galasso features clothes, shoes and accessories, Broska carries scarves and pocket squares, and Pasotti designs umbrellas, shoe horns and canes.

Angelo Galasso

Angelo Galasso is a high end, luxury brand that has shops in New York, Moscow, Milan and London.  This season the collection has a safari theme and includes some very sharp shoes and jackets, among other things.  Galasso is also known for a special touch/detail on his shirts.  On the sleeve, he allows for a small open space in order to have your watch face peek through. No more having to push up your sleeve to see the time!  Genius!

BDMOTP Favorites: Blue Shoes

Pitti Uomo119 Pitti Uomo126 Pitti Uomo140


Broska is a German brand, based in Frankfurt, that creates original pocket squares and scarves.  Some of the pocket squares have up to 4 different patterns per square.

BDMOTP favorite: Grey, blue and brown patterned scarf

Pitti Uomo181 Pitti Uomo186 Pitti Uomo187


Pasotti is an Italian brand, based near Milan, which offers umbrellas, canes and shoe horns with unique patterns and of course, funky handles decorated with silver, studs, skeletons and more.  These items would be great as gifts, especially for those difficult to shop for men!

BDMOTP favorite: The Umbrellas

Pitti Uomo195 Pitti Uomo193 Pitti Uomo194

Posted By: Lori Zaino


Pitti Uomo is a gigantic trade fair for all things fashion and men.  The fair is overwhelmingly large and after one very hot afternoon, we sifted through hundreds of vendors and stumbled upon two of our favorites:  the Italian brand JW Tabacci and the French brand Vicomte A.

Tabacci had a great collection of blazers.  They were lightweight, some were linen but they were all very summery and perfect for warmer temperatures. They also were using scarves as belts, which was a fun idea.

BDMTOP favorite: beige window pane blazer

Pitti Uomo048

Pitti Uomo053

Pitti Uomo055

Vicomte A had a very trendy, poised collection called ¨Exotique Safari¨ which as you may have guessed, is French for exotic safari in English.  The clothes were all very ¨safari like¨but also very wearable and trendy. They also design and create their very own prints, which were found in surprising places, like the underside of a jacket collar.

BDMOTP favorite:  the jackets with the patterned collars

Pitti Uomo080

Pitti Uomo078

Pitti Uomo087

Posted By: Lori Zaino

Biffi is a must if you are shopping in Northern Italy.  With locations for both men and women in both Milan and Bergamo, it´s the perfect place to shop if you want designer brands but something a little different the the big names like Dolce & Gabana or Versace.

All store locations are large and bright, and that extra space is needed as to house their large selection of designer brands.  Of course, it has that extra sleek and cool feel…I find that many shops in Italy give off that vibe.

Biffi 4 Biffi  5

For men, choose from 7 for all Mankind Jeans to Lanvin to Moncler.  They have almost 30 menswear brands just for clothes alone, and about 12 for accessories, including Cappalletti, Kolor and Tendence.   And if it is big, bright designer names you desire, they also have a small spattering:  Dior, Gucci and Fendi.  And of course, this is JUST menswear.  Pick something up for your sister, wife, or mother in the extensive women´s section.

Biffi 1 Biffi 3 Biffi 2

Not a fan of picking out your own items or simply have no time?  No worries, because Biffi offers personal shoppers create your style for you!

Images from the Biffi Facebook Page.

Posted By: Lori

Julian Fashion logo

Julian Fashion is the perfect example of a fashion foward, stylish, trendy Italian boutique.  With a men´s boutique and a woman´s boutique just down the block from each other, this fabulous shop has got all fashion needs covered: suits, shoes, bags, casual wear, coats and more.

JUlian Fashion 3 Julian Fashion 5 Julian Fashion 4

The numerous amount of high-end brands that the boutique carries is almost exhausting.  The shop sells  designer collections from  Prada to Polo Ralph Lauren, Burberry London to Givenchy, and more obscure brands (with cult followings!) like Fay, Kiton, Closed, DNL, and Yohji Yamamoto.   As if those were not enough…the list of shoe brands is  just as extensive, with footwear from Alexander McQueen, Carpe Diem, Giacomo Morelli, and more.

Julian Fashion 6 Julian Fashion 7

This Milan Marittima based boutique also carries a few colognes and skincare items especially for men by Comme Des Garons and Molecule.  Don’t forget to shop the Bottega Venetta or Tom Ford man bags either!

All images from the Julian Fashion Facebook Page.

Posted by: Lori

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