The Midwinter A/W 2014-15 collection from Etxeberria was all about volume. Fur, leather, feathers, pleats, whatever it took to amp it UP, Etxeberria brought it to the table. Or better said, to the catwalk. In fact, even the boots and shoes were covered in fur to maximize volume.

I am not sure how wearable this collection is, but it was definitely fun and eye catching. We also see elements of the cape, which could easily be paired with something a little more basic, as could several of the coats featured. The colors are quite basic, featuring mainly black, grey, and touches of white and tan.

Coats are always a strong point of the collection, and this year some of the longer coats were really well done. Another interesting point is that all their clothes are almost all androgynous, meaning both women and men can wear the looks. Since the masculine look is very much in style for women, especially in cities like London.

The collection was also heavily focused in mixing fabrics. Leather pants with a strip of fur along the side, tweed or herringbone mixed with leather, a lot of detailing with different styles of fabric in general.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.


Roberto Verino, always a crowd pleaser, showed a Fall/Winter 2014-15 collection inspired by the 1950´s and 60´s. The line, entitled ¨Street Chic¨ gives off a very glamorous, luxury vibe, sprinkled with vintage fabrics like, tweed, houndstooth and herringbone juxtaposed with big furs and crystals.

The collection was extremely cohesive, with both the looks for men and women almost feeding off of each other. The garments for women truly complimented the mens looks, you could absolutely see a power couple wearing these looks to a gala or fashionable evening event. The show was divided into three distinct parts-Pret-A-Porter (camel colors), La Calle Es Chic (chic streetwear with houndstooth and herringbone looks) and Desayuno Con Diamantes (breakfast with diamonds, very retro chic).

The collection was also inspired by icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, of course the most gentlemanly of all gentleman, John F. Kennedy. The rich fabrics and warm tones give a powerful look to the menswear portion of the collection. After all, what´s more inspiring than looking like JFK?

BDMOTP favorite: brown coat with fur over brown and tan tweed suit.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

BDMOTP is here in Madrid, ready to kick off another edition of MB Fashion Week Madrid. The very first show of the season, Amaya Arzuaga, (who recently started including menswear into her collections) did not disappoint. The catwalk this season embodied what I consider to be one of the greatest fashion classics of all time: the cape.

Obviously the cape for men is walks a fine line…you really don´t want to go overboard and look like you are in a Harry Potter or Scrooge movie. But when done correctly, the cape can be amazing for men. Especially when the trend is not executed in full-maybe just a coat inspired by the cape design, or a small silhouette change. We also see some retro colors and silhouettes, like the tan suit.

Arzuaga also used a large variety of fabrics. Just within menswear we see cotton, knits, leather, fur, and even vinyl (everyone needs a waterproof raincoat!). It wouldn´t be a Fall/Winter 2014-15 collection without fur, of course. Cuffed pants made an appearance and so did the color evergreen, which I haven´t actually seen a lot of for the coming season.

BDMOTP favorite: fur vests, tan suit, evergreen…well, everything!
























Post and photos by Lori Zaino.

Belgrave SQ 1820 is a Spanish based menswear brand which combines British tradition with Italian and French trends. All of their designs are made from natural fabrics and all production is done in Europe, mainly in Italy and the UK. They also offer bespoke tailoring in the back of their flagship store in central Madrid.

Something else interesting about Belgrave is that they offer two distinct types of fit in their designs: The Cool Fit, which is a tailored slim fit designed for the modern man who wants his clothing to be tailored to the body, and the Gent Fit, which is more conservative and specifically designed for men who prefer a more traditional and relaxed look.

Both of these “fits” are apparent in their Fall/Winter 2014-15 Collection. The designs were all encompassing, as they day looks, formal looks, casual and sportswear, coats and of course pajamas all strutted the runway. Men could easily live, breathe and sleep all in this collection. The clothes were well tailored and preppy, and yet still trendy. Simply well cut and well fit. A gentleman would have many options with the Belgrave Fall/Winter collection.

BDMOTP favorite: Plaid blazer, brown winter coat.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.



Mirto dates back to 1956, where it began creating shirts for men, and later branched out to creating more items to outfit a man in casual and formal wear, and even pajamas. Mirto products are sold in 25 countries around the world.

Their Fall/Winter 2014-15 runway show started off with pop and current music playing, but not over a loudspeaker, via violin. This of course peaked interest immediately.

The collection was called Dream, because it also included pajamas. The first thought that passed through my mind was colorful. It’s nice to know that colors will be back in fall and winter. Things get so dreary sometimes with simple blacks and greys all winter long.

All the right trends were there. Dashes of plaid, velvet blazers, tweed coats, retro patterned shirts and warm knits walked the runway. Even pajamas, and a plaid robe made the cut. Something new-the knit beanie cap made an appearance several times. This was a nice change to the fedora style hats we saw in Milan and London.

BDMOTP favorite: brown velvet suit (so 70’s!) and suspenders with patterned shirt and plaid pants.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

El Ganso is a spanish brand that began in 2004. In 2006, they opened their very first shop in Madrid, followed  by stores in London, Lisbon, Santiago and Mexico City. Starting in 2014, they are moving all their production to Europe…there will be nothing “made in China” about this company!

The Fall/Winter 2014 collection is comfortable street wear and was designed not only to protect from the rain and the cold, but also to invite style and color into a winter wardrobe.

The designs are tailored and sleek but also do seem very wearable, I would love to see a man stroll down the streets of Madrid in any of these clothes. Of course we see plaid here, so much plaid, done in so many fabulous ways! Also present were cuffed pants, decorative socks, and a few more professional looks for the office or a work event.

BDMOTP favorites: Plaid blazers with matching plaid duffle bags.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

The next stop for MFShow Madrid was Tenkey, a funky and casual menswear brand. For their Fall/Winter 2014-15 collection, Tenkey took all the great elements out of Italian and British tailoring, and added that to a more modern design and concept. Therefore, within the collection, you have that feeling of sharp, detailed and well fitting clothes, with a contemporary edge.

We noted distinct elements of plaid (what Fall/Winter 2014-15 collection have we seen without plaid yet?!) cuffed pants, bright colors and patterns, and pairing unique fabrics with one another.

The collection also has a bit of an East Coast feel to it, a little Boston prep school lacrosse player. Sort of a young Ivy league gentleman, with a little British and Italian influence and a modern edge, would be wearing a Tenkey outfit.

BDMOTP favorites: anything plaid, anything polka dot.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

MFShow Men is a new concept of fashion shows, conferences and other events all related to men and fashion. Now that Milan, London and Paris all have a separate fashion week for men, I think Madrid wants to get in on all the fun.

And fun it was! The first show seen was Anglomania, where the love of British tailoring definitely shines through these preppy designs. Right on trend with London and Milan, Anglomania showed lots of plaids, 3-piece suits and mixing prints. The bright colored pant made an appearance, as well as the occasional hat.

Anglomania, a spanish brand created about 12 years ago, prides itself on being the only Spanish brand to truly adopt British style and tailoring into their design aesthetic. They consider their designs and products to be not just stylish, but almost a way of life and a sense of being.

BDMOTP favorite: plaid vest under plaid suit, polka dot tie paired with bright blue suit.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

Stop into Patch, a Madrid menswear boutique with two locations.

Stop into Patch, a menswear boutique with two locations in Madrid.

100 % spanish. That´s just one unique aspect of the Patch Textiles Ltd. boutique, located in Madrid, Spain. I stopped in one Friday afternoon, anxious to check it out after seeing their special shopping bags around the city.


The distinct Patch shopping bag

Patch did not disappoint. I walked in and was warmly greeted by a salesperson. I then asked to speak with the manager and Javier came out with another warm greeting and began explaining the concept of the store to me.

First and foremost this store is Spanish, as I mentioned earlier.  All their fabrics are made in Spain, all the sewing, dyeing, every single thing in this store is created within the country of Spain.  This is a welcomed change from everything being made in Asia.  They create all their own silhouettes and colors, for example, they’ve created 84 different shades of blue for their shirts and trousers since they’ve opened in 2010.




At Patch, they try to make you feel at home.  The Patch team writes special messages out on chalkboards so their customers can feel these extra personal touches.  Their motto is actually ¨we prefer to help than sell¨.  Fit and a happy customer are very important to the Patch team and they try hard to spend time with each customer, helping them find the perfect item.  Included in every purchase is free alterating.  The customer can try on any pant or shirt in the store, and have it tailored to fit their needs.

For no extra charge, Patch will tailor anything you buy!

For no extra charge, Patch will tailor anything you buy!

Here at Patch they know exactly what customer they are creating for. Although their age range is from 13-70, they don´t sell a single t-shirt here, a suit, nor a blue jean.  They know what their customers want, and this would be collared shirts, trousers made of cotton, khaki and corduroy, blazers, 100% cashmere sweaters, pajamas, socks, underwear, scarves, shoes and backpacks.  In fact, their corduroy trouser is already flying off the racks, a fall necessity!


Try a stretch corduroy pant this fall. The two blues you see are custom made for this season here at Patch.

The clothes at Patch are basic but interesting.  They have several double sided scarf options which were fun and would add some detail to a basic outfit. Several of the oxford shirts have different plaid patterns, and you can even get your self a pair of plaid pajamas or a plaid nightshirt, which the Patch team created for business men who travel and need a smaller option than pajamas for sleeping!  Plaid is considered a staple item here at Patch-each season, even in spring/summer, they have different patterns and colors of plaid.

Double Sided Scarves

Double Sided Scarves

Some of the plaid and oxford shirt options

Some of the plaid and oxford shirt options

There are two Patch locations in Madrid, one in Barrio Salamanca and the other in the Alonso Martinez area.  Make sure to stop in!

Posted by Lori Zaino

Photos by Yulia Gromova

Barquillo 42 is a menswear boutique in the trendy Chueca neighborhood of Madrid.

Barquillo 42 is a menswear boutique in the trendy Chueca neighborhood of Madrid.

Barquillo 42 is a menswear boutique in the trendy, funky neighborhood of Chueca in Madrid, Spain. With the natural light streaming in and the boutique’s high ceilings, it’s the perfect shopping setting. Co-owners Javier and Gonzalo opened the boutique three years ago, and since then business has been going strong.

As I calmly browsed the collection of pants, shirts, jackets, shoes, boots, scarves, accessories and more, I realized that the items had a real universal appeal.  This was confirmed when I was able to chat with one of the co-owners of Barquillo 42, Javier.  Javier explained to me that their clothes attract people from 15-70 years old, a large range.  Note he said ” people” and not “men”. Although the clothes are not feminine in the least, Barquillo 42 has a small portion of women that swear by their clothes.  This doesn’t surprise me, as the new hot thing is the androgynous look.  Women sometimes purchase their shirts, pants, and scarves.  Clients also range from artists, decorators, Spanish celebrities, even university students.  They certainly have something for everyone.

Barquillo 42 (12)

Barquillo 42 (6)

Barquillo 42 (3)

Barquillo 42 (2)

This season, Javier mentioned that the down feather vests and jackets, even though winter has not made an appearance yet in Spain, are flying off the racks.  The scarves, sweaters and boots have also already been big bestsellers this fall, despite the ongoing high temps.

Barquillo 42 (4)

Barquillo 42 (10)

Barquillo 42 (5)

Most of the items are purchased from designers based in Italy, England and Denmark, however their wallets and bracelets are made and bought right here in Spain.

Barquillo 42 (8)

Barquillo 42 (11)

My personal favorite was the blazers.  I thought the styles were extremely unique, and I loved the patterns on the inside for that extra added detailing.  The blazers were made from various fabrics, which was nice because this created casual and dressy looks, of course wool for a warmer more classic look etc.

I highly recommend if you happen to be in Madrid that you pop into Barquillo 42 and look around-you won’t be disappointed.

Posted by Lori Zaino

Photos by Yulia Gromova

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