The SS15 Tenkey collection is marked with the phrase “New Traditional”. It seems that Tenkey has fallen ‘victim’ to the temptation of summer…that need to wear shorts, t-shirts, summer shoes, even tank tops. Don’t we all fall suspect to this every year when June rolls around? I know in the midst of a long hard winter, I dream of those light summer days where I can lose the heavy wear and sport something a little lighter.

Enter “New Traditional” from Tenkey. A classic look adapted to let in that summer temptation of wearing casual and lighter clothes. A dark black suit! Never! Your “New Traditional” look would include some cuffed yet tailored shorts, a crisp white shirt and a straw hat. Let’s ring in the summer boys!

The collection take inspiration from the movie The Talented Mr. Riley, where Dickie (Jude Law) wears almost excessive amounts of linen, light polos, brightly colored shorts, straw hats and even espadrilles.  A very Mediterranean look, easy to emulate here in Spain as Madrid is just a few hours drive from the Mediterranean cost.

The small neck scarves, hats, straw belts and espadrille shoes are all touches added on, giving life to many looks featuring cuffed colored shorts and tops. Men who wear Tenkey are also not afraid to wear pink, as many of the models sported pink shorts. Let’s not forget the light summer jackets in several silhouettes, a bomber look, a more refined trench and a funky zip up.

Tenkey is an ode to summer, and proves that you can still dress eloquently even though the weather has turned hot. Lightening up doesn’t mean giving up looking dapper!
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

The Jockey brand, created back in 1876, has been making undergarments for both men and women for a very long time. A sort of “innovator” of the underwear world, Jockey is created with creating the first slip, the first boxer short and being the first brand to print their brand name in the waistband of their underwear.

Jockey, a brand full of “firsts” is credited as being a staple to the “all American” man or woman. The brand represents comfort and style, without going overboard. These days, Jockey can be found in 142 countries around the world, such as Spain, for example.

The SS15 Jockey collection for men is split into two collections: the African jungle and the US Originals. The difference between the two collections is clear from the title. Everyone who wears Jockey is looking to be that “All American” man or woman, and the US Originals collection really gives out that vibe of solid comfort.

For a man who wants to walk on the wild side, the African Jungle collection may be more your style. Models “danced” and “flipped” down the runway, showing how the Jockey undergarments stay put, providing support and comfort, for even the most active of men. And not just undergarments: the collection includes undershirts, activewear, pajamas, swim trunks, even wet suits in addition to the typical boxers and briefs.

Both of the lines are sold exclusively at El Corte Ingles in Spain.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

Soloio, an Italian brand, is actually quite well known in Spain for being a shop that sells ties. But really, the brand offers so much more in the world of masculine fashion that just fancy neckwear. However, they did live up to their expectation of providing effective accessories, as they outfitted their models in not just clothes, but with ski hats, suspenders, bowties, scarves, beach towels, bags, and of course their famous ties.

The clothes, although paired with ski hats, were patterned and bright, offering several vibrant, summer looks for a gentleman looking to stand out. Decorative polka dots, stripes, flowers, plants, and even fish covered the shots, shirts and bags. The collection offers colors in a rainbow-variety of colors, with looks ranging from yellows to pinks to blues, mixing patterns and pushing the limits.

Soloio explains their collection as “mysterious and impactful” and where I am not sure there is any mystery to it,  I definitely find it to be impactful and bold. Soloio has definitely left it’s mark at MF Show Men. Any men out there who are truly ready for a intensive soulful summer should pick up garments from the Soloio SS15 collection.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.


MFShow Men is a relatively new fashion week in Madrid put on by large department store El Corte Ingles, dedicated to fashion for men. It’s great news that Madrid is following the likes of London, Paris and Milan and creating an environment exclusive to style and trends for men.

This season’s MFShow Men kicked off with a runway show by designer Emidio Tucci, which is sold exclusively at El Corte Ingles. The Tucci style is sartorial and preppy, reminiscent of Savile Row and British style, dapper at every turn but with new urban details to maintain it’s freshness, and don’t forget a touch of Italian sleekness.

This season, the SS15 catwalk was jungle themed, complete with a rainforest centerpiece and even tropical parrots squawking away. Suits were the name of the game, and not only did they appear in many a color, but also some patterned looks, staying true to the jungle theme appeared in the line. Pops of color rang out in the name of orange, army green and various shades of blue.

It was interesting to see that many of the models walked barefoot, making their suits seemingly less intimating, as if they were able to walk out of the runway show onto a boat or a grass filled pasture of sorts. This touch added a feeling of relaxed summer to the line. A touch of spring plaid was preppy yet trendy.

Emidio Tucci is style for a chic man, one who wants to look polished, yet approachable.
























Post and images by Lori Zaino.

While roaming about Cibelespacio, the area where MB fashion Week Madrid is located, several designers and brands set up stands where you can explore and shop between shows. This season, Lord Wilmore was in attendance, a relatively new Spanish eyewear brand.

Lord Wilmore (1)

Lord Wilmore was created for people who want to be adventurous and live life to the fullest. Doing so, of course, while wearing glasses. Here in Spain, getting a solid pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses can prove to be extremely expensive, and not to mention sometimes lacking if you want something a bit stylish. Enter Lord Wilmore. This brand isn’t cheap, but it does provide quality at a reasonable price.

Lord Wilmore (8)

I have to give the Lord Wilmore team a high five, because really, opening a successful business in the midst of Spain’s economic crisis must have proved to be difficult. The fact that they seem to be doing quite well is an enormous feat. They sell their product online, and ship to countries throughout Europe and North America. You can also buy their products at various optics shops here in Madrid.

Lord Wilmore (7)

Lord Wilmore creates a sort of nerdy, funky line of specs, the kind that are trending right now. I luckily, happen to be rather blind, and my glasses are the real deal, but for those who don’t need glasses, you can easily fake it. One doesn’t need to have poor eyesight to wear Lord Wilmore’s glasses…they can be purchased with or without corrective lenses. Both sunglasses and eyeglasses alike nowadays are not just a corrective tool for poor vision; they are a true style accessory, especially for men. A certain style can completely change your look for the day. And Lord Wilmore can certainly offer you style.

Lord Wilmore (6)

The “Walt White” style glasses, popular due to the television show “Breaking Bad”.

Some of the styles are the wayfer, the circle style glasses (think early 1990’s journalist living in NYC), the Urkel look, the ones that seem to be Brooklyn hipster and of course, the newly trending “Walter White” style glasses with a thin, squareish frame, made popular by cult favorite television series Breaking Bad.  Of course, most options are available as sunglasses as well.  All options are marketed as unisex, so you can get a matching pair for your girlfriend. And I can sleep easy at night knowing that being blind puts me right on trend with my nerd glasses!

Lord Wilmore (3)

Lord Wilmore (10)

Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

To close out MB Fashion Week Madrid, Jesus Lorenzo and Miguel Marinero did a joint runway show, mainly devoted to fur and leather looks. There were only a few menswear looks within each designer´s  Fall/Winter 2014-15 collection, but they looks were dramatic and luxurious.

Jesus Lorenzo

Jesus Lorenzo is actually the youngest fur fashion designer in Europe. His showcased collection, entiteled ¨Groenlandia¨ features looks inspired by film noir and the 1980´s. Dye was used prominently in the fur looks as well, creating bright and pastel looks. The looks are obviously for the elegant man. We loved the brown leather coat with fur hood look, perfect for a cold, wintery day. Anyone could easily survive the polar vortex with one of these furs!
























Miguel Marinero

The Miguel Marinero collection was inspired by the 1990´s. Finally, we are far enough into the 2000´s to have our new designs inspired by the 90´s! There were only a couple menswear looks in the collection, but the were strong ones. I hope to see more mens looks in his future collections. The two looks were black and grey and also quite formal and appropriate for an evening look.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

¨Nobody loves no one¨. This phrase, said by Chris Issak at the end of his song ¨Wicked Games¨, was the inspiration for the Fall/Winter 2014-15 collection ¨NO ONE¨ by Davidelfin. The idea of the double negative implies a play on words, that actually, everyone loves someone…and these juxtaposing ideas strongly influence the line.

Models walked down a staircase ending on the runway and the show opened with female Spanish celebrity Bimba Bose (model, actress, singer, DJ). The front row was packed with Spanish ¨famosas¨ like reality TV celebs Alaska and Mario, actress Rosy de Palma, and socialite Carmen Lomana, among more.

The collection was symbolized by a black and white print that appeared in several of the looks, and Dr. Marten boots to match. The menswear included this print, with brightly colored winter coats in jeweled tones and fedoras. Both men and women alike carried totes, duffles and purses with the words ¨NO ONE¨printed on them (bags were designed by Pelayo Diaz). An interesting look was a collared shirt, cut halfway off and attached to another upside down collared shirt. The second collar hangs over the stomach, and the sleeves tie behind. Original, to say the least. Another unique piece was the onesie tuxedo…a fun take on a normally quite formal look!

This line is for a man that is confident, modern and quirky. Someone that wants to be stylish but also doesn´t really care what anyone thinks of them.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

The Ion Fiz Fall/Winter 2014-15 collection ¨Geografía¨, or ¨Geography¨in English, was inspired by an area of central spain that is known as being a flat and dry grassland. The colors in the collection-greys, browns, and neutral greens reflect this. The menswear, which the designer considers to be ¨New Dandy¨is just such, rather British, classic and tailored to perfection. The more evening looks are considered to be ¨Smoking¨looks, which I am certain are titled in this way to refer to a typical after dinner situation in which the smell smoke cigars, drink brandy and play cards.

An interesting trend in this collection was the shorter jackets, lately things have been longer so that was an original touch. The hats were also very elegant and classic. The line also featured glasses, as Ion Fiz has a line of optics.

BDMOTP Favorite: olive green outfit with short jacket, glasses and hat.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.


Ana Locking´s Fall/Winter 2014-15 collection ¨American Landscape¨ is a mishmosh of the American dream: pioneers, cowboys, indians, the Wild West, beautiful mountains and blue skies. Here we see it all, cowboy hats, cowboy boots, aviators, ponchos, a little bit of everything that pays homage to our dear America and it´s past.

Before the runway show started, we were able to get a sneak peek backstage of some male models and of the makeup and hair going on.












Railroad folk tunes remixed as models walked down a runway with a quilted map of America in the background.  The typical farmer in middle America, or the cowboy riding his horse through the Southwest are glammed up in this collection. Turqouise and Sedona reds are frequently used within the line, as well as that dusty rose often seen in Southwest sunsets or rock formations along Route 66.  Of course we see some plaid and denim, and a new take on the cowboy boot. Several shirts said phrases like ¨The American Journey Is Emotional¨and ¨Life is an Experimental Journey¨.

Does this mean an urban cowboy is back for fall? Will will see our farmers strolling down 5th avenue in glittery chaps and shiny hats? Maybe not. But it´s not a bad idea to incorporate a little American glam into your look. After all, all of us have a little cowboy inside just waiting to come out, no?

BDMOTP favorite: dusty rose suit, newfangled cowboy boots.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco

The Fall/Winter 2014-15 Francis Montesinos collection ¨Silk On The Road¨ is not for the faint of heart. This original, creative line inspired by the Silk Road showed a large amount Middle Eastern and Asian influences.

The peacock feather theme and bold, bright colors were apparent throughout the entire collection. Although the menwear was sparse, what was shown was one of a kind. There isn´t much that BDMTOP has never seen before, as we make it a habit to see fashion shows around the world, but I can honestly say I saw some styles I have never seen before.

One of the looks I found extremely interesting was the extra baggy trousers. Of course in the 1990´s baggy pants were popular, but I have don´t think I have actually ever seen super baggy, yet tailored, trousers, especially in a non-denim fabric. Mad props for being original Mr. Montesinos!

Another unique look was the transparent, sporty body suit. It sounds like something a bit odd, but seeing it on the runway was very intriguing!  I really have never seen anything just like this either.

Although I am not sure how wearable most of the looks are (to his credit, he did show a few very wearable plaid sweaters and trousers), I really appreciate that Francis Montesinos pushed the envelope and created something new and different, which is actually a very difficult feat in the fashion industry today.

BDMOTP favorite: green velvet suit with a sheik-like tunic underneath
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

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