With an original mix of cultures, which varies from the British style to the Zanzibari, the Spanish designer Lucas Balboa presents a collection full of style and elegance, perfect for dressing the modern gentleman.

The philosophy of the Brand is based in the cultural shock that took place when the British forces took part of the colony of Tanzania, which leads to a combination of classic semi slim fit jacket and vest with Arabian inspired accessories, such as light bishts (men’s cloaks) and white agals (traditional hats).

Apart from the straight cut, the designer has decided to include for the first time in his career masculine shorts and Bloomberg trousers, along with the almost-forgotten summer trench and dust-coat, which combine perfectly for cooler environments.

Colors are based in a spectrum typical from the culture and character of the location, like sand, ocher, earth, cobalt, blue and marsala, believed to be the color of the season. These shades are present in light but smart fabrics, such as cotton, linen, terylene, bird’s eye, silk and mohair.

The final touch is added with the British dandy accessories like scarfs, handkerchiefs, pocket watches and leather backpacks and shoes that come with some 1940’s inspiration.

It is, without any doubt, a collection that would set up a before and after in the career of this promising designer, and certainly one of our favorite for next season.
























Post and photos by Paloma Canseco.

70’s was the name of the game at the MFShow Madrid SOLOLiO catwalk for SS16. There collection, entitled Wallpaper actually resembled that antique wallpaper at your grandma’s house, but in a very cool, thrifty way.

Mixing funky, faded prints alongside printed ties and hats and even paired with what looked like vintage bowling shoes all made for a very disco-looking collection. However, the collection still had a modern feel to it, incorporating shorts, fresh jackets and even some polka dots.

Small neck bandanas, also covered in print, completed the collection, as well the occasional Toms-like shoes. It’s back to the basics for the SOLOLiO man in SS16: flared printed pants, printed ties, shirts and may we add some BeeGee’s tunes in as well?
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

“Definitivamente habra que rendirse a la evidencia que todo el mundo esta loco.”-Sacha Guitry.

Roughly, this translates to “We definitely need to surrender to the fact that the entire world is crazy.” And then MFShow Madrid’s X-Adnan gave showed the world just a little something different today. Crazy, I don’t know, or perhaps something we can turn to put on when we realize the world is in fact, completely crazy.

Coral suits, spirited patterns and long silky robes walked the runway. Garments full of life for a dynamic and dazzling SS16. A eagle screen printed on various garments seemed to be a various theme, and it was a neat added detail for a casual vibe. The pattern trend seems to be in full force here with X-Adnan.

Vertical stripes were an interesting addition we don’t, and a welcome one at that, since men out there who may not boost the perfect figure may find vertical stripes becoming.

BDMOTP favorite: Coral suit
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

It was a delightful day of blue at the Mirto show, kicking off the start of Madrid’s small but impactful fashion week for men, MFShowMen. The SS16 collection, #WELOVEBLUE paid homeage to Mirto’s current obsession with the color blue. All shades and patterns of blue were used along summery fabrics like cotton and linen to create a cool collection for day or night for all summer long.

First off, the suits were dead on, and the sharp tailoring mixed with bold blue shades made them uber-trendy. Light beach and daywear was offered in the form of striped linen tops, crisp white shorts, TOMS-style realxed footwear and even the occasional beach tote. Happening trends like the short suit and mixing patterns will thrown into the collection.

Fun touches like a colorblocked belt in shades of blue or a little shoutout to Spanish running of the bulls holiday San Fermin with a red bandana.

WELOVEBLUE encompassed what any man might need truly for day and not just ending in the night, going through the night with a line of sleepwear. Striped robes, cotton light pajamas and comfy boxer shorts ensured that the Mirto man stays stylish all day long and all night long too!
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

The MBFW Madrid: Jesus Lorenzo collection only showed four menswear looks, but they certainly were “wow” looks. As Lorenzo specializes in fur and leather, the AW15/16 collection entitled “Natural Look” was bound to scream luxury, and that it did.

The history of fur in Spain is a lengthy one. Both the young and old invest in a good fur coat, and these days, fur is trending everywhere, in hats, gloves, scarves, detailing and  more. And of course, leather never goes out of style. No one in Spain worries about animal cruelty or any of those things that those in the United States rave on about and where I’ll back away from any personal fur political commentaries, it’s important to know that wearing fur is simply part of the European culture.

But men? Can men wear fur? Will they look silly, or overdone? According to Jesus Lorenzo’s collection, my firm answer is that men can most definitely wear fur.

Now, Lorenzo gives men some options. If you are feeling confident about your fur, and want to dive right in, or live in say, Siberia (or Chicago) where it’s quite cold, a large and luxurious fur coat or even a fur cape for a dressy evening out would be appropriate. If going head-to-toe in fur is just too nerve racking for you, you can always just add touches. Fur is appearing everywhere these days, on hoods, hats, scarves and even gloves. Jesus Lorenzo showed a plump, soft looking scarf paired with a leather jacket that would be perfect for man to start with fur. It’s just a little Fur 101.

If fur just isn’t your thing, don’t worry, because leather can be considered much more masculine (just think of all those Harley motorcycle dudes that sport leather all the time) and you can again, go all out with say, an orange leather jacket, or just add it touches, like a cool pair of leather driving gloves or leather trim on a wool coat.

























Photos and post by Lori Zaino.

The MBFW Madrid: Ana Locking collection was entitled “Doppleganger.” The word comes from German orgins and is used to describe someone that looks like someone else.  I’ve read more than once that apparently EVERYONE in the world has a look-a-like (doppleganger), but who knows if that’s really the case.

Ana Locking played on the idea that not only does everyone “have” a doppelganger, but that everyone wants to look like someone else and people are just imposters, trying so very hard to be like other people.

The idea of making a collection where people strive to look like others is an interesting one. I mean, they say you are what you wear…so if you dress for the person you want to be, does that mean you really are that person? Deep questions for a Wednesday morning, I know!

The menswear in the show was a perfect combination of wearable and dapper (suits and warm jackets) mixed with a vintage, 70’s carefree trend (this is the man the office guy dreams to be).

The fabrics and colors were juxtaposed (probably to reflect the doppelganger concept) with flashy, fun fabrics faux-fox hair, yak hair, and glossy silks in bold turquoise and mustard with muted wool browns giving off this office-by-day, worldly-gentleman-by-night vibe.

Funky detailed additions like tri-color faux fur mittens, hats and hoods, turquoise man-totes, and sunglasses added that extra bit of sparkle to the collection. Perfect for the man who loves himself but also wants to live vicariously through his doppleganger in another world.

BDMOTP favorite: oxblood suit
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.


The MBFW Madrid: Ion Fitz collection  Apres Ski had a major geometric theme. Pops of evergreen and pastel pink dotted the garmets and many a luxury fabric prevailed, such as fur, cashmere, wool, silk and even mohair.

The collection did have a significant winter weather theme. Balls of yarn and fabric were sewn onto many of the clothes as if to represent a winter wonderland of snow.

The name Apres Ski leads us the belive the collection will be sporty, but really elegance was the name of the game here. Evening wear and professional looks prevailed, however the looks were autumn and winter appropriate, and touches of fur were beautifully placed (*see above snowflake reference). Again, we see the appearance of the man-skirt, which we’ve come across quite a bit this season, most recently in Madrid at the davidelfin and Francis Montesinos runway shows. Touches of tweed also “winterize” the collection.

Fitz describes the collection as being for an ” urban dandy” type, which I feel is definitely the vibe that comes accross. The men wearing Fitz are classic with a trendy twist, and always want to be kept warm during the cold winter. However, one need not be a skier to wear Fitz. One must just need to be sophisticated.

BDMOTP favorite: silk evergreen suit
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

The MBFW Madrid: Francis Montesinos AW15/16 collection was filled with vibrant color, which will make for a grand sendoff if the social media rumors are true, that this may be Francis Montesino´s last catwalk before he retires. As usual, the scene was set with a backdrop of bright flowers and decorations, and there was life music included in the show, making it truly a ¨show.¨ Nayala Brown, a singer who often performs at Supermartxe and other Ibiza-style clubs, delighted fans in belting along to her soundtrack as the models walked the runway.

Beautiful, flowing womenswear accompanied men in floral, bright colors, and even colors typically clashing, like an orange floral shirt paired with neon pink pants. The men were often shirtless and wearing metal, extravanagant  artifacts reminscent of gladiators or greek warriors. A show juxtaposing the intense masculine warrior look with a warm, feminine floaty world of florals and love. And yet again, we see men in skirts.

I am not sure how wearable the Francis Montesinos menswear is, but it certainly provides a nice complement to what may be a grand womenswear selection. Of course, we aren´t here for womenswear, otherwise the website would be called ¨Best Dressed Woman on the Planet¨and really, it just doesn´t have the same ring to it. So back to the men. Several of them also wore transparent trousers and shirts, but really, is there a point to transparent trousers and shirts? A few of the man wore vests and other items that seemed like a throwback to the bullfighter look, a Spanish torero. Montesinos never misses a beat to add in a little inspìration from his home country, as well as an ode to a ¨Carnival¨style, meaning colors, ruffles and extravagance. And extravagant it was.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

The MBFW Madrid: Davidelfin AW15/16 collection Inferno was the third collection in the process of three (No One, Time of the Monsters, and now Inferno) which was sort of an end. Kind of a sad ending, one which ends up in hell, I suppose, but since he used the quote “I have been to hell and back. And let me tell you, it was wonderful” said by Louise Bourgeois, perhaps this isn’t truly an ending, only a small stop along the way featuring dark, mysterious looks.

The front row was filled with the usual Spanish celebs, like Rosy de la Palma and Alaska & Mario. A surprise appearance by Canadian singer Michael Buble shocked and excited all the attendees.  Another nice surprise was that almost all the models were men and all the designs really were for men, although Bimba Bose as well as one other female model did walk the runway (in menswear, really).

Nothing fire-ish, however, actually, all the looks were black, and again we see the comeback of the man skirt, and what I’d go as far to even name “The Man Skort” which was an original creation of pants plus a skirt. It takes a certain type of man to wear a skirt, and let me tell you, those men are out there, we’ve spotted the likes of them in Paris, in London, in Tokyo and in Milan, although we’ve yet to spot a man skirt OR man skort in the United States, I think it’s mostly an Asian or European trend.

Utilitarian black jumpsuits, sturdy collars, stiff shirts paired with baggy pants or a “man-skirt/man-skort”, light patterns of grey over the black, and some funky mini backpacks all walked the Delfin runway. The models sported signature black Dr. Marten shoes and boots. A modern and futuristic inferno, if you will. A cold and dreary one, filled with black and grey. And that, my friends, was Davidelfin AW15/16.























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

One entering an Etxeberria show may never know what to expect, except perhaps a bit of fur. Fur there was, and the AW15/16 collection entitled “Roots” was actually phenomenal. I was mentally prepared, after seeing the high neck action in the Roberto Verino show (plus all over the London, Milan and Paris runways….New York yet to see) for the start of the show featuring not one, but FOUR turtleneck, grey sweaters. Wonderful news for all those around the world with cold necks.

It seems as though MBFW Madrid: Etxeberria takes the idea of a dapper, tailored (British-style, of course) suit and then makes it well, cool and trendy. Instead of buttons, these grey “suits” were zipped up, with stripes mixed with plaids, short at the ankle or even trousers tucked into into modern-looking boots/shoes with side laces. Most of the looks were grey (grey is the new black, apparently, and 50 shades of it too) and the grey suits mixed with the bright brown boots actually worked really well. Colorblocking with shades of grey is something I haven’t ever seen, although it’s a rather simple concept, and it 100% worked. Volume around the hips (something we women fear was used to accentuate the silhouettes of the suits, and actually looked pretty good on the straight forward male figure.


Of course, there was a spattering of female models walking in the show, appropriately dressed in menswear, of course. It wouldn’t be Etxeberria without that hint of fur, sewn into the bottom of the suits or the big finale two-tone fur coat, fit for a king.























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

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