Voila the new collection for Cali brand UGG 17/18 (for men since 2012) for any guy who needs a good action boot but who does not want to go to his local sports authority to walk away with a daft regular hiking, tracking, biking, or other type of action boot, but who likes to go surfing, climbing, trekking, free running, or do parkour in STYLE, with a little velvet here and there on the ankle boot, some cool signatures on your quality loafers, and in some awesome posh colors and patterns like norse green, slate, chestnut, or camouflage, or aye, why not grizzly, while a Timberland is certainly not the answer either because it is too heavy and because it lacks that Aussie casual flair and style (UGG was founded by an Australian).

Yes and of course they come with a good inline, with ankle protection, cool strong laces, and in waterproof and weather resistant materials if you want – cold weather or warm, and yes there are exclusive boutique stores in the world’s major cities where you will have to go to find them – exclusively – for this is footwear for men of action who like to go in style as well as looking for adventures. Here at BDMOTP we will it Action-Chic.

In this particular slide show below done for the new fall-winter 17/18 collection you can just picture the boys celebrating the Australian heritage of a shoe accessorized down under in casual chic somewhere in Queensland perhaps, and worn casually, but with the important intent so as to be able to avoid stepping by mistake on a stray local huntsman spider or an indigenous black-bellied swamp snake – because – aye that is what chic ankle boots are for, not to take a selfie to be cool on Instagram but to be weather, terrain, and wildlife resistant while you are at it in wild nature on your latest adventure, hunt, or walkabout – rough weather or wild creatures notwithstanding.

Hence that the action-chic ankle boot collection you can see below is called by name respectively as Sneaker, Casual, Vestmar, Weather, Heritage, Holiday, and Olivert. And not Chelsea boots they are, so let’s call them Aussie Boots in honor to their original creator.

Words by Sandro and photos from UGG.
















If you’ve ever watched an actor promoting a movie on a news program, chances are the set was designed by Lenny Lubrano. He works with Full Tilt Productions owner and designer Anthony Macchio in creating all kinds of eye-catching sets for the major studios in Hollywood. Over the past 15 years, they have worked with nearly every major star and director – and many of them have complimented Lenny on his wardrobe – which is as distinctive as his designs.

Lenny Lubrano.

Lenny Lubrano.

BDMOTP’s Steve Oldfield caught up with Lubrano on the interview sets for the new film, Heaven is For Real, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Lubrano starts off by explaining to BDMOTP that, “just recently on the Need for Speed interviews, Aaron Paul clapped me on the back and said ‘I like the whole deal man,’ referring to my outfit. I complimented him on a very cool brown leather jacket he had on.” Once we heard that, we knew we needed to hear more about Lubrano’s style!

I’ve always admired your sense of style. How would you describe your fashion philosophy?
My personal philosophy is to be bold and stand out, it’s made me the man I am today and opened many doors for me. I also believe in a hi/low eclectic mix of layering designer apparel with lower cost clothing, even thrift shop items that I’ve collected over the years. I’m known for mixing patterns in my wardrobe, stripes with plaid, chevron with polka dots etc to create a bit of drama on set while making it seem effortless. In fact, I think closely about the patterns I mix and always choose one color that ties the various patterns together. Without doing that, it would never work.

How do you use your fashion to keep it interesting on the job?
I sometimes wear outfits that evoke a style of the movie we’re promoting, but not always. For American Hustle, I wore red/blue patterned bell bottoms, platform shoes and gold accessories-and it was a blast!

Lenny Lubrano in his American Hustle outfit.

Lenny Lubrano in his American Hustle outfit.

I know you’re on the road a lot. What are your must-pack items?
I live out of a suitcase roughly 60 days a year. I always pack a basic fitted black blazer and skinny black trousers that can carry me from day to night, where ever I am. I always pack several different patterned socks, scarves, ties and hats so I can change up my look without over packing.

I know you share my love of London – where do you shop when you’re there?
I’m always inspired by London fashion and style. From prep to punk, they really nail it. Christopher Bailey of Burberry and the late Alexander McQueen are two of my all time favorite designers. I love to shop at TopShop London — the US store doesn’t have the same inventory. I always visit the Camden Market for unique finds.

What’s your advice to the readers of BDMOTP?
Have fun with your wardrobe and don’t be afraid to look unique. Obviously, no one wants to look clownish but just adding one bold item to your daily attire will make you stand out.

Post and photos by Steve Oldfield.

About Last Night stars Kevin Hart and Michael Ealy talk about their style with BDMOTP’s Steve Oldfield in Beverly Hills and get reviews by their female co-stars Regina Hall and Joy Bryant.

BDMOTP Interviews Stars From Film “About Last Night” from BDMOTP on Vimeo.

Day two of Orange County Fashion Week took place inside a vast hangar at Lyons Air Museum in Santa Ana, California. Guests dressed in their finest mingled around the polished aluminum World War II aircraft and rare automobiles and memorabilia, making for a high class yet retro scene. Bartenders were mixing cinnamon-garnished drinks or pouring Ardbeng single-malt Islay scotch whiskey.  Newport Italian Vespa offered several of their colorful models to grace the runway for photo opps before the show.

OC Fashion Week at the Lyons Air Museum.

The scene at OC Fashion Week at the Lyons Air Museum.

Celebrity stylist Daniel Musto interviewed guests Neel Grover, CEO of BlueFly.com, John Trainer of Glenmorangie & Ardberg, Scott Shaw of Call & Jensen, and Gordon Clune with the Left Shoe Company, each with their own stories to share about their experiences in the world of fashion, business, and originality.

Neel Grover, CEO of Bluefly looking stylish in a suit.

Neel Grover, CEO of Bluefly looking stylish in a suit.

Gordon Clune from the Left Shoe Company.

Gordon Clune from the Left Shoe Company.

The pop-up shop featured at the event was the Clune’s concept, the Left Shoe Company. This innovative new concept creates handmade footwear via a digital foot scan that allows the shoes to be custom-built to the specific needs of each individual. This could be likened a modern twist on the bespoke cobblers of days past; literally building a shoe last off of the specific needs of each client that entered their shop. In addition to this fascinating approach to building shoes; Gordon has created some very eye-catching and very fashionable designs in his line.

Some styles from the Left Shoe Company.

Some styles from the Left Shoe Company.

Ranging from woven tweed jackets and tailored suits from Pal Zileri and Taylor Stitch to beach-ready boardshort and streetwear insipired ensembles from Valor Collective and Rip Curl, the runway exhibited a broad range of men’s fashion.

Pal Zileri

Pal Zileri

Pal Zileri 4

Pal Zileri

Pal Zileri 12

Pal Zileri

Rip Curl

Rip Curl

Rip Curl

Rip Curl

Valor Collective

Valor Collective

Valor Collective

Valor Collective

The catwalk was abuzz with men’s styles that could be worn from the most formal occasions all the way down to the local surf break. Each trip down the runway was punctuated with a dimming of the lights and a spectacular performance by the Orange County Ballet.

orange county ballet 3

A performance by the Orange County Ballet.

The night was a spectacle of men’s fashion in unique setting; everywhere offering a glance into the future of fashion amidst a backdrop of history, featuring a dynamic and powerful collection of styling from industry leaders.

Post and photos by Kevin Sutton.

It’s the combination of sharp tailoring with quirky and vibrant prints that Agi and Sam use to create the kind of dapper eclecticism which seems most at home in London. There is absolutely no doubt that Agi and Sam is a label for the modern day gentleman with a funky personality.

An SS14 look from Agi and Sam.

An SS14 look from Agi and Sam.

Their complementary backgrounds, Agi studied fashion design, while Sam illustration, helped them to establish a bond from the moment they met in the Alexander McQueen studio. Three shows later and they were already nominated for the British Fashion Awards further holding the attention of the British Fashion Industry. Four seasons later and they are well on their way to becoming a British Institution.

Although the London fashion industry have their ears pricked, it’s thanks to their consumer awareness that has helped Agi and Sam to gain the attention of the mainstream.

Their collection “The Owls” released for Topman earlier this year, managed to successfully bring their sense of humour to the masses. While still being true to their tailoring roots, the collection has a strong focus on sportswear.


“The Owls”-by Agi and Sam, a collection for Top Man.

This consumer awareness is also present in the casting of their AW13 as well as their recent SS14 show. While watching the varied men and boys walking down the catwalk, each outfit became more than just a trend; Agi and Sam developed characters, demonstrating the ability to suit anyone with the right attitude and the sense of humour. Robert Johnson, associate editor of GQ points out, “They’re good at making clothes that people want to wear, as well as knowing what makes a good picture, which is the ultimate catwalk success.”


One of the simpler outfits of the SS14 collection is this turquoise Blazer. Simple yet statement with a slender forgiving cut.


Another great outfit from SS14 is their dark printed suit. It remains subtle because of the monochromatic pallet but the detail of the print makes an exciting and unique change to an otherwise classic look.

Agi and Sam dark printed suit.

Agi and Sam dark printed suit.

Agi and Sam are currently stocked in Liberty, Harvey Nichols, Mr Porter, Machine-A and Topman within the UK but are also available internationally in Nightvision Singapore, D-Mop in Hong Kong, The Foundary in Los Angelas and Amna in Saudi.

Posted by Emma Pulbrook.


Steve Oldfield for BDMOTP interviews Matthew McConaughey about his new movie Dallas Buyers Club. He also talks fashion with McConaughey, discussing the the original “skinny jean”-Wranglers!

BDMOTP Interviews Matthew McConaughey from BDMOTP on Vimeo.

George Pennacchio: InVESTed In His Reporting


George Pennacchio is one of America’s best-loved critics and entertainment reporters – not to mention one of the most dapper dressers. The three-time Emmy winner has worked for KABC-TV in Los Angeles for nearly two decades and he is seen around the world on ABC’s syndicated Oscar “pre” and “post” shows. He also has covered Dancing With the Stars (U.S. Edition) since the beginning.

Every time George is working, he wears a different vest, all made by his designer wife, Erin (Pennacchio), who designs custom clothes for women. George is her only male client. Erin’s made him more than 300 vests and everyone from Sandra Bullock to Russell Crowe has complimented George on the look.


When they’re not attending a major premiere or traveling around the world, George and Erin help to rescue Greyhound dogs.

George talked with long-time friend and colleague, BDMOTP’s Steve Oldfield, about his vests and his keen sense of fashion.

How did you get started wearing vests?
“One day, some 20+ years ago, my soon-to-be wife decided to make me a vest. She thought it might look nice on television. No one was wearing them at the time so it quickly became a look. My then boss decided he wanted me to look more casual on the newsroom set so he asked me to take off the suit coat! I did. The vests then became even more noticeable. I’ve worn them ever since.
I’ve bought fabric from our travels all over the world–from Milan to Vietnam. Friends and fans have also gifted me with fabrics that Erin has turned into vests. My collection also includes vests made just for the Oscars celebrating the nominated pictures.”

Erin, the mastermind (and George's wife!) behind George's fantastic vest collection!

Erin, the mastermind (and George’s wife!) behind George’s fantastic vest collection!

I know Erin is very clever –Can you share some of the family’s fashion secrets?
“You need a varied wardrobe when you’re on television every day so I find myself buying a lot of ties. As styles have changed and more mixed patterns are being used, Erin has been taking old ties and turning them into new pocket squares! Also, when nothing seems to work to put in the suit pocket, she has me drop my pants and then she just scissors off the bottom of the shirt enough to pin into my suit pocket. The look is suddenly complete! She also pins all of my pocket squares into my suit so they never disappear from view. Another trick, to make an inexpensive look more expensive: Change the buttons! Most men’s suits–whether they’re $100 or $1,000–have the same cheap buttons. I’ve walked into interviews with major movie and television stars who’ve said to me, “Great suit!” I just say, “Thank you.” I know the buttons have improved the look of a suit I paid $120 for on sale!”

What’s your advice to men about fashion – and rocking the perfect vest?
“When it comes to fashion, own your look. I’ve worn vests when they’re “in” and when they’re “out” and I’ve always felt at home in them. Whatever you rock, roll with it!”


I have always respected your work covering “Dancing With the Stars.” What do you love about the cast/crew?
“I’ve covered “Dancing With The Stars” since the first week. Now, in Season 17, it’s still a lot of fun and a lot of work! I like covering it because the stars and their partners really work very hard and they’re excited when they do well, sad when they don’t, irritated when they think they unfairly scored, exuberant when they do something special, heartbroken when they’re eliminated. The teams almost always become very close and it’s emotional every week as people are sent packing. It is nice to see these friendships bond with- sometimes–the unlikeliest of people. I feel like a part of the furniture now.”

A very well-dressed part of the furniture – with a VEST of course!


You can Follow George on Twitter @abc7george

Posted by Steve Oldfield

BDMOTP’s Steve Oldfield interviews celeb Julianne Moore as her new movie ” Carrie” hits theaters. Moore explains her thoughts on the best dressed man in Hollywood and gives men out there some useful advice on footwear.

BDMOTP Interviews Julianne Moore on Men’s Fashion from BDMOTP on Vimeo.

BDMOTP’s Steve Oldfield catches up with Godfrey Gao, considered to be the ” First Asian Supermodel” in Los Angeles.  Gao, starring in a new movie,  “Mortal Instruments: City of Bones”, speaks about his must-have items and gives style advice.

godfreyGao BDMOTP from Alton Barber on Vimeo.

At 25, Jake Hamilton is one of the most popular young film critics in the United States. While his main job is working for KRIV-TV, the Fox station in Houston, Jake is seen by audiences the world over, with his popular channel on Youtube. He has had several celebrity interviews “go viral.”

Jake is known as one of the most stylish critics on the circuit. We caught up with him outside the SLS Hotel, in Los Angeles – which has its own red carpet – a place where Jake is at home when he’s not in Houston. Jake was there to interview the stars of “You’re Next” and “Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.”

JakeHamilton head shot

1. What’s your must-carry item when you’re on the road to feel stylish?
It’s all about the little things — a nice tie-clip, a classy pair of cuff links, a colorfully popping pocket square. To add attention to a detail of your ensemble that might initially go unseen says you care less about what other people think of you and more about what you think of yourself.
2. Where did you learn your sense of style?
My sense of style comes from details over history that have remained timeless. A well fitted black suit will NEVER go out of style — that’s the sort of thing that has always been appealing to me. Boys may have swag, but men have class.
3. What do you love about the store that supplies your clothing?
For me, it’s all about the fit. Whether the pieces of my ensemble come from Banana Republic, Express, H&M or Target, they all have one thing in common — they fit like they were made just for me. I’ve often paid more for tailoring than I have for the suit — and that’s where it counts. The name on the inside of the jacket doesn’t matter as much as the name of the tailor who fit it for you.
4. Who do you think are the most put-together, stylish actors you’ve interviewed? And why?
I’m always impressed by actors who rock what they know works for them. I could never pull off Johnny Depp’s look, but it fits who he is. So that sort of thing is what impresses me — not having an actor wear what I would wear, but wearing what works best for them. Style isn’t always the clothes on your back, but the confidence you use to back it up. That goes a long way.


Interview by Steve Oldfield


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