Seeing Diego Vanassibara at the London Collections: Men showrooms is always one of the highlights of our time in London. Diego is a footwear designer who creatives stunning shoes for men, using architectural lines and his signature wood panels. For his SS15 collection, Diego surprised us by expanding his collection to also include more casual footwear, with sneaker options, which was exciting. Of course, even the casual shoes retain the air of elegance and confidence that all of his shoes do.

Diego Vanassibara and his team are not only incredible innovators, but also lovely to chat with too

Diego Vanassibara and his team are not only incredible innovators, but also lovely to chat with too

This seasons looks also combined colors. My favorite shoe actually had navy, grey and orange on it, three colors I would never imagine I would like together, but the shoe is absolutely fabulous. A baby blue was also used, brightening up everything for spring.

The shoes ranged from formal wear, casual wear and a mix of in between. The collection is classic yet whimsical and most of all, the shoes are of sound design. Vanassibara explains, “Men have the right to dream too”. I bet all men will dream of owning a pair of these once they see the new collection!












Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

Vivienne Westwood is a wonderful person and designer. I always love seeing her shows because not only do I adore her designs but I love how she fiercely fights for what she believes in. People that feel strongly about a cause do not often have a platform in order to have access to a lot of people, but Ms. Westwood is able to express her concerns about the world and share her views through her designs and runway, and I appreciate the way in which she does so.

This season, her collection was inspired  by the fight to end cruelty to pigs and the inefficiency and pollution caused by factory farming. The designs are eclectic and modern, colorful and fun. Some of the models sport tee-shirts supporting the cause saying “Moral Outrage”, and some even wear top hats and an ironic pig nose. Our favorites are always the innovative suits, this season with extra big squared prints, a-la-window pane-esque. Westwood’s patterns are always exciting and fresh. I think the designs speak for the themselves really, and if you want to support the cause and/or sign a petition boycotting meat from animal factories, please visit Pig Pledge.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

I normally associate Chester Barrie with formal wear, but excellent news: they are expanding into resort and cruisewear as well for SS15. The upstairs, more casual resortwear designs were colorful and preppy. I got a great vibe from the new collection, in fact, it made me want to sip a mojito on a yacht, or watch young men play croquet while eating garden sandwiches in Boston. Plaids, paisleys, florals and stripes adorned on summery fabrics like linen gave the line a beachy vibe. Cuffed pants and preppy boat shoes completed the looks.






Once I headed downstairs, I got some of the more formal suiting options, dapper as per usual. Chester Barrie is capable of making any man look eloquent and perfect for any occasion.













Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.


The SS15 Xander Xhou collection is called “Hyperdrive” and its inspiration stems from gender and sexuality. This is the second designer we’ve seen here in London that has used elements reminiscent of a teenage, adolescent existence. Again, this brings us back to the 1990’s era, where teens ruled the world.

Xander Xhou is hthe first designer based in China to be given the license to use original Star Wars imagery within his designs. Now, the black-and-white futuristic space-like designs make more sense. He also uses denim, again bringing us back to those teenage years.

The coats in the collection were phenomenal, which I don’t often get to say in a spring collection, but they are long and trendy with square collars and modern imagery. The boxy shapes and cool colors resonate with everyday people. Some of the coats even had air blowers, which added a cool futuristic touch.

BDMOTP favorite: evergreen coat
























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When I got the invitation for the Sankuanz runway show, sponsored by GQ China, I knew I was in for a treat! How could a show with that invitation not be fun?

The invitation for the Sankuanz show.

The invitation for the Sankuanz show.

The show was fun and crazy, with white oufits with all sorts of writing on them in various languages. AThe prints were inspired by Russian prison tattoos from the 1940’s, and the looks are sporty and casual. The second half of the show, models walked with giant hand-pieces. Although the clothes might seem a bit extreme, having been to Asia, this type of stuff, especially paired with more basic pieces, is quite popular there, and could easily be trending in your city soon!

GQ China, having launched in 2009, plans to be part of London Collections: Men in future years, bringing new Asian designers to the British market.
























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In the Casely Hayford SS15 collection “Art Intervention”, we see how the world of fashion is changing. The designer’s aim is to bring sportswear into formal, therefore making a casual look seem, well, not-so-casual. Pinstripes, typically a more formal look have been toned down to everyday wear, made it to coats and shirts.

The collection also features looks from the “normcore” movement, which is defined as “stylized blandness”. Really, taking something basic and making it stylish due it’s almost lack of design, perhaps the Joan Miro of the design world?

Long coats are making a comeback for SS15, and we see plenty of modern, sharp ones in this collection. The patterned jackets and blazers were also spectacular.
























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James Long brought us back to the early 90’s for a little peek at a “modern” grunge look for his SS15 collection. The collection was inspired by elements of boxing and the “haze” of island life. Taking “city” clothes and wearing them down in a relaxed and calm atmosphere was the message the line brought across.

We still see flashes of Long’s signature stripe, and the collection is full of colorful fabrics, including abstract graffiti of the name “JAMES” printed on some shirts. Most models also had a streak of red or color in their long, shaggy hair, complete with stylish sunglasses.

BDMOTP favorite: the ripped, grunge jean jackets
























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Oh, a life of luxury! Duchamp is a gorgeous brand that I always love to see at London Collections: Men. One of the things I always appreciate about their presentations is the effort the put into showcasing the models as wearing their designs as moving, breathing beings (after, all, humans will be wearing these clothes!). The models are typically engaged with those around them, laughing, chatting, having a cocktail, showing how people would “live” in the clothes. After all, clothes are meant to be worn and not just walked down a runway.

For those who appreciate the finer things in life, Duchamp presents a collection of glamour that can be put into three distinct categories: Elegant English Gentry, Comtemporary Riviera and Summer Evening wear. The designs mesh English, Scottish and Italian fabrics into a mix of glamour and casual.

BDMOTP favorite: Purple silk jacket part of the Evening wear collection
























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90’s minimalism was the name of the game this season for CMMN SWDN. The line was fresh and bright, and extremely streamlined, using mostly grey and white. Using surface decoration like needlework and ink, the some of the pieces seem almost 3D geometric.

Because the designs are simple, the line focuses on perfect fabrics and impeccable tailoring. The jackets were a eye catching focal point in the collection, which seemed to be androgynous for any of the women out there they may want a jacket from CMMN.

BDMOTP favorite: the grey jackets–in fact, all the jackets
























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The SS15 Maharishi collection was entitled the Viet-Afghan Coalition Tour. Hidden away in the trendy basement venue of the London Edition hotel, a collection of underground, hip young people awaited the start of the show. Red lights flashed and back drop resembling a colorful map appeared. My interest peaked.

The garments were a combination between young men hiking to Mount Everest and trendy, urban streetwear. Needless to say, I adored the collection. The Middle Eastern vibes combined with the durable, functional and weather proof fabrics seemed ultra hip. Models with face tattoos and turbans strutted to cool rap and house beats, and I was enthralled.

In the world of fashion, it’s hard to claim originality, but I thought the Maharishi SS15 collection was not only creative and aspiring, but trendy and wearable as well. Wearing Maharishi will make you look fashionable but not as if you are trying too hard, and of course if you are planning on backpacking, hiking or camping, you will look awesome while doing so. And of course, only made for the coolest of cool men.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

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