This Ephymol collection was designed by model-turned-designer  Ephraim Molingoane. The line features suits and dressy outfits in luxury fabric and print colors.

The silhouettes of the suits take us back to the 70’s with a retro vibe. The patterns and colors are strong and bold and give the collection a summery, resort feel. The suits still stay modern, despite their bright blue and teal colors, due to urban cuts.

The Ephymol line is for a bold gentlemen, someone with sass and style that is ready to walk out into the world with confidence.

BDMOTP favorite: tangerine jacket paired with bright blue pants
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos from the official SA Fashion Week website.

The JD by Shaldon Kopman collection is designed by you guessed it: designer Shaldon Kopman. This authentic South African collection is casual, bright and effortless.

Shaldon Kopman used colorblocking and bold colors to make his point in this collection. It’s perfect for a summer weekend, and it’s bright colors are fun and playful. The warmth of the reds and the brightness of the blues is definitely in accordance with the the bold and fashion forward South African trends.

Models sported cool oxford colorful wing type casual shoes with all the outfits. Colorful hats and cotton cloth bags accessorized the collection. Military style jackets and three quarter sleeved shirts are frequent silhouettes used in the line. Mixing red and orange, which is usually taboo, somehow works here.

BDMOTP favorite: the interesting and original “hoodie” blazer, mixing both dressy and causal styles.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos from the official SA Fashion Week website.

Miharayasuhiro 1

Miharayasuhiro is a muted, monochomatic and overall, distinctly modern brand created by designer Miharaya Yasuhiro.

Miharaya Yasuhiro began designing footwear in Japan in 1994. In 1998 his first store was launched in Tokyo and by 1999 he had decided to expand into mens clothing and accessories. In 2000 he collaborated with Puma to create a funky line of sneakers and sports clothes, ¨The Black Line¨ which featured fur, studs and metallic on the shoes and clothing. In 2004, his success continued with fashion shows in Milan and eventually in Paris.

He´s been chosen by as one of the Top Mens Designers and he´s collaborated with not only Puma but also Husam el Odeh and Tasaki on jewelry and other projects. Miharayasuhiro stores are spread out over several countinents and many different cities. However, his flagship store in Tokyo is the biggest and brightest of all. Recently, he´s branched into womenswear as well which you can find online and in his shops.

Mihara Yasuhiro´s urban and trendy designs make him one of the world´s most fashionable designers. Make sure to stop into one of his boutiques or visit the Miharayasuhiro Webpage, Facebook or Twitter.



The below images are from the Miharaysuhiro RTW Fall 2013 Collection.


























All photos from the Miharayasuhiro Facebook Page.

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African textiles generated a lot of interest at New York Fashion Week.

An example of African designers presenting at New York Fashion Week.

Ozwald Boetang