Miquel Suay may just be BDMOTP’s favorite show of the BCN080 FW SS16 season, thanks do his uber-modern geometric shapes and colorblocking styles. Finally, a collection that seemed to be one of the few that steered away from prints and focused on cuts instead of patterns.  We do love prints here at BDMOTP but it was nice to see something a little different this season.


Suay took his inspiration for this collection called Lapislazuli (Ultramarine, in English) the Mediterrean sea and we can feel the pops of blue coming out in the clothes, not to mention the subtle streak of blue in the each of the model’s hair and blue paint on the inside of their hands.

Clothes that can double for casual Friday or weekend chill-out, the linen and cotton styles were perfectly styled with modern cuts.

The linen suits with colored pockets and collars were super-cool and office appropriate. The shorts suit is here to stay, as it seems.  The pale pink pops were just right and I think any men could get on board with an elegant take on the deep V-cut shirt.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

The Punto Blanco collection at BCN 080 FW was certainly caliente this season.  The collection was entitled Holiday Dreams, and the concept was a suitcase full of perfect designs you could take away on holiday with you.

I think any man would love to take some of the comfortable shorts, swim trucks, swimsuits and socks away on a holiday. Imagine, the perfectly packed suitcase filled with polka-dot shorts, a bright green lightweight sweater, yellow swim trunks and colorful skivvies. You’ve got everything needed for a day on the beach, a stroll through the village, a day out yachting, or drinks at the beach bar. Not to mention a few suit jackets thrown in for good measure, just in case you want to have a fancy night out on your holiday.

The looks were accompanied by NoSolo espadrille footwear, delicate but still ever so masculine.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

The BCN 080 FW Edgar Carrascal collection Warrior was a juxtaposition between a sporty, tracksuit style collecion mixed with a tailored, more buttoned-up look. The mix was an interesting one, featuring track pants with collared shirts, and of course, the illusive use of the onesie as we have seen extensively along the Barcelona runways in addition to catwalks in Milan and London. We shall see in the coming of the first ever New York mens fashion week if the onesie will transfer over to the Americas, as such trends often seem to stay firmly planted on the European continent.

Slits, layers and capes also made a brief appearance, but all staying within a springish mode, light, soft and floaty, yet still masculine. Interesting headwear was worn as well as long cotton robe-like cardigans.

Each of the looks was paired with an ever-so-comfortable pair of gym shoes, because, well, why not?
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

Oh, the heights Georgina Vendrell has grown since we last saw her small capsul collection at the EGO designers (for new and young designers) area at MBFW Madrid a few seasons back. With a whole new sense of refinement combined with flawless tailoring, Vendrell’s collection Urban Warrior was on point.

The concept of an urban warrior is an interesting one. In a sense, as city-dwellers, aren’t we all urban warriors? Fighting the weather, the competative job atmosphere, the high price of real estate, dirty subways, angry cab drivers, relentless walkers, annoying tourists…and the list goes on! Anyone who has ever lived in New York City or London understands the daily grind of an urban warrior…and now we have the clothes to match.

What might an urban warrior wear? Georgina Vendrell’s urban warrior collection, of course.  Funky cottons and linens, urban lines and comfortable flow are all a neccesity for the modern man. Vendrell uses trends like the onesie and funky sandals and each look is simple, clean and relevant. Pops of bright red-orange give the collection warmth among the more neutral blacks and whites.

Any urban man should jump on Vendrell’s casual sportswear…it will help you weather the mean streets of the urban jungle!

























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

What does one do in Barcelona? Enjoy the Custo Barcelona fashion show, of course! As usual, the SS16 was filled with energy and vibrant colors, bold prints and crazy patterns. There is really never anything timid about the Custo Barcelona man!

The Gaudi of clothing, Custo’s patterns are often similar to a kaleidoscope, you can squint and turn and never really figure out the design, but still find it intriguing and lovable just the same.

This season, the menswear was preppy and fun. Of course, filled with patterns, mixing prints and generally just a grand ol’ time. The looks were summery, beachy, and filled with shorts and beachy wear.

Round eyeglasses also made their mark on this seasons models. Again, a tanned Jon Kortajena sported the looks with a smile, among other healthy, bronzed models.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

BDMOTP fondly recalls seeing Pablo Erroz a few seasons back at MBFW  Madrid with a trendy line when he was just starting out. In fact, this designer showed his first collection back in 2012, just a few years ago.

In just a few seasons, his design aesthetic has become refined and chic with amazing SS16 collection entitled Simbiosis. Sleek summer coats in navy and yellow plus juxtaposing fabrics like leather mixed with cotton allude to a huge leap of maturity for the designer and well, we love it.

Onesies see to be trending here at BCN 080 and you don’t hear any complaints from us. Model Jon Kortajena wore his onesie impeccably and we certainly hope the trend catches on and is here to stay. We also love the pops of bold yellow splattered throughout the collection. Erroz seems to have focused on perfecting his menswear this season and it shows. We can’t wait to see more from this up-and-coming young designer!

BDMOTP favorite: the jackets, each and everyone.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

The BCN 080 FW: Krizia Robustella collection was entitled After Sun, and featured almost exclusively printed apparel. Not necessarily for every day wear and certainly not office-appropriate, this fun-loving collection offers casual streetwear with a punchy kick to it.

When or where might one sport a garment from the After Sun collection? The title easily alludes to a beach day that goes well into the evening, when one may need to slip on a comfortable yet funky coverup or outfit to overlap their sun-kissed skin from a long day outside.

The clothes featured a lot of pink for men (because we know, real men wear pink) as well as bright crayola colors like neon orange, sharp yellow and bright green. Each of the looks features an iconic print from illustrator Susana Lopez.

After Sun also featured equally exciting, bold looks for women too. So anyone can really indulge in a little “Fun in the After Sun” if they so desire.






















Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

Brain&Beast is a relatively new brand founded in Barcelona back in 2010. The designs are borderline crazy which just makes them all the more fun, of course. The slogan printed on some of the SS16 garments was ¨Don’t hate what you don’t understand.¨

Sure enough, we don´t hate it, but we definitely don’t understand it. That is, until we read into a little bit of the brand’s history. Brain&Beast explains that their designs represent structural simplicity where nothing is random. Hmm. Again, we don’t really understand it, but we don’t hate it!

You have to have a sense of humor to enjoy the Brain&Beast collection. Skirts for men, stripes, long shirts that almost look like nightshirts and funky slogans are all part of the Brain&Beast wardrobe. Interesting layers and draping creating texture within the looks. Models with painted faces, serious as could be strutted the designs down the catwalk.

Whereas Brain&Beast isn’t for the faint of heart, it was certaintly an original take on fashion and in small doses, could fuel grand inspirations for many men around the world.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

The BCN 080 FW Josep Abril catwalk was almost entirely comprised of menswear: fresh, straightforward looks. However, nothing is as it first appears, which is conveniently the title of the SS16 collection. Behind the effortless designs lies a little bit of fun, a modern detail, which takes this collection to the next level.

The collection, in general, was quite utilitarian as well as androgynous (we see one female model sporting almost the same look and style as the male models). Uniform and basic, the light beige, navy, grey and black suits, casual looks, even onesies reminiscent of a car mechanic (but in a good way) remind us of the London catwalks just a mere few weeks ago. Apparently the trend has spread. Spanish model Jon Kortajena, tan as ever, walked the runway alongside the french and stature Clement Chabernaud.

Of course, the detailing…we see interesting monochromes and colorblocks, as well as a baggy pant (also a style we saw along the Milan runways) as well as some criss-cross secret strap suspenders in a variety of looks. Josep Abril’s signature knits made a small appearance in the sweater form. The short suit is still trending for SS16 and shows no signs of stopping.

All in all, a solid collection any man would love to sport.

BDMOTP favorites: the onesies, of course.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

Summer has hit us head on, and it’s time to soak it all in. I find that there is very little available on the market for in footwear for men that isn’t a super casual sneaker, a boat shoe moccasin, or a dressy lace up shoe or loafer. Enter ACT Footwear.

ACT (2)

ACT footwear is changing all that. The brand is giving men a new option–a summery, unconcerned shoe, appropriate for the city but reminiscent of a summery, spontaneous beach holiday.

The brand originated in Mallorca, Spain, the native land of designer Isabel Rotger. In fact, the idea to create the brand was just an impulsive, spur of the moment idea she came up with while working in Berlin.

Rotger explains that “In Mallorca, the espadrille is a traditional item that marks the start of summer. We thought it would be fun to create a new look, to revamp the classic espadrille with modern details, convenient for a city dweller.” She now operates the brand out of Berlin, Germany, bringing the classic espadrille look to an urban man (and an urban woman, as she also designs female footwear).

ACT (1)

ACT (5)

Although the original espadrille is beach-appropriate, ACT shoes aren’t necessarily meant for beach wear. The brand combines the traditional espadrille material with high-grade suede and leather, so the shoes are better used in a less rural (or sandy) setting. A casual brunch or a walk in the park would be where you would sport these kicks.

ACT (4)

ACT (3)

For all of you men out there that want a touch of beach holiday to incorporate into your daily summer city look, try a pair of ACT shoes.

Posted by Lori Zaino and images from ACT Footwear.

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