While there for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week I was going out to do a little shopping when I walked head on into a group protesting in the streets of Madrid.  As many of you know, the economy in Spain is facing severe challenges, not least of which is high unemployment.  In particular for young people, with more than 50% with no job.  This protest was well organized and the people resolute.  Out of respect and solidarity I turned around and joined them, if only for a moment!

2013-02-23 protest1

This particular protest was about the need for transparency and information.  Public radio and television are very important medium to get information to the masses.

2013-02-23 protest2

If you are exploring opportunities for a holiday, add Spain to your list.  Beautiful country…beautiful people.

Spending some time down south(USA) for the holidays, I had plans to do some after Christmas sale shopping in New Orleans on December 26, 2012. I was staying at the Loew’s Hotel on Poydras St. which is a short walk to Canal Place Shopping Mall. My favorite place for after Christmas sale shopping in New Orleans is Saks. How do I know?…I’ve done this sale many times.

It’s not New York City, so it’s a smaller store. For the fewer more stylish guys in this smaller market, there are many wonderful items to choose from after Christmas and less competition for them. This season did not disappoint, as there were lots of great pieces to desire.

I got up early on the 26th and walked over as they were opening the doors. My strategy for this sale is to quickly peruse the racks looking for complementary pieces to round out my wardrobe. I pushed and pushed racks, collecting pieces for a couple hours.

What did I pick up?

Hugo Boss Orange Label Navy Jacket from Saks

Hugo Boss Orange label navy jacket. Great fit and concept.

Vince bd Black Sweater Saks

Vince Double breasted sweater in black.

I have this exact sweater in navy, and like the fit and look so much I had to have it in black. Here is a case where patience paid off, because I had seen this sweater in Saks Chevy Chase, but decided not to spring for it at the regular price. Saved some lunch money!

MK Pinstripe Jacket Saks

Michael Kors Flannel pinstripe Jacket with zip in lining. A cool look to keep warm.

MK Sweater Jacket

Michael Kors sweater jacket. A unique piece.

Gucci Patent Leather Shoe

Gucci Formal black patent shoe.

Suede Lace Up Boot

Suede lace up boot in brown.

Bally Red Driving Slippers

Bally Italian driving slipper in red to match my red Italian sports car.

I’m pleased with my purchases at Saks, as each piece is wonderful and at these prices a great value. A couple I never would have bought at this point, if they weren’t aggressively on sale. I spent a couple grand yet saved about a grand. Not bad.

For a break from a 38th parallel Northern hemisphere December, Singapore is a great destination. Well, once I got there anyway. For you intrepid executives out there, I did DCA-JFK-HND-SIN, 23 hours out and SIN-NRT-JFK-DCA, 31 hours(extended layover at Narita) on the return flight. Got rained on a bit while there as well, but the weather was mostly great compared to what I left in DC.

I chose the Grand Hyatt on Scotts Road because I wanted to be near the main shopping district on Orchard Road. After an afternoon and night of sleep to recalibrate, the next day I got out and walked around Orchard Road. The street was bustling and everyone was out, all social and economic strata. I popped in a few of the malls on the street, and saw all of the usual suspects…venerable global brands that you would find in NYC or London. I know that I overlooked them or didn’t know where to look, but I didn’t see much in the way of mens boutiques that was unique or remarkable. (I later had drinks with my B-school buddy Laurent, a fellow BDMOTP who now lives there, and he mentioned a couple nice boutiques but I didn’t get to check them out this trip…next time)

Orchard Road 2

Although not in the Orchard Road district, I heard about a custom shoe boutique, ed et al, and wanted to make certain that I visited before leaving Singapore. I took a 15 minute taxi ride out and found it on the side of what seems to be a small apparel mart called The Mill.



I took a look around the shop then spent a little time with the owner of the boutique, Edwin Neo. He gave me the basics on the different product lines and the particulars of their custom made(from S$800) and bespoke(from S$1500 + one time S$1000 last) shoe processes.


Bespoke is a pretty straightforward process, but you need to be in the city for a few days to come back for multiple fitting. This was a problem for me, as I was flying the next day with no plans to return.


Not to worry, there are many wonderful off the rack shoes to choose from for a realtime purchase. To make sure I saw as much of the line as possible, everything is not on display in the boutique, a salesperson brought me a catalog and offered a drink. Several styles caught my eye as I sipped a bottle of water, but a taupe lace up boot really stood out. I tried them, they looked great, are well made, and are a reasonable price(S$350.) so I bought them.

EdEtAlBoot2SM EdEtAlBoot1SM


I thanked Edwin for a wonderful experience and promised to see him for a bespoke appointment on my next visit to beautiful Singapore.
The next time you are in Singapore, visit with Edwin at ed et al, and make sure you tell him that Alton from BDMOTP suggested you stop by.
ed et al @ The Mill
5B, Jalan Kilang
Singapore 159405
HP: (+65) 8383 2685
Skype: edetal
1. The shop is on a small side street, so make sure to plot the location on a map to hand to your driver beforehand.
2. Ask to see their catalogs, as everything that is available is not on display in the store.
3. Remember, if you want a bespoke, make certain you can arrange multiple fittings.

While at The Mill, I stumbled upon a custom tailor, Kevin Seah Bespoke, in the building and popped in to take a look at their offerings. They did very nice work, had some nice linen pieces on display, but a bit pricey for a whim purchase. However, it is certainly a place I’ll plan a proper visit to on my next trip to Singapore and will also check out on Facebook.


KevinSeah2SM KevinSeah3SM

Finally, after grabbing a bite (in some mall, I don’t recall the name), I came across a wonderful Asian textile company by the name of Sahib. They had some of the nicest shirts I have seen in the most beautiful fabrics. I was rushing so I did’t buy anything, but will certainly plan a visit again. These shirts could be the focal point of any ensemble. They also had a host of other interesting items, including storage trunks, and some womenswear as well.

Sahib1SM Sahib2SM Sahib3SM Sahib4SM Sahib5SM Sahib6SM

Plan to visit these boutiques when in Singapore. It is worth your time.

Having a few laughs with super stylist Lisa Berman in Los Angeles at the Produced By event.

2012-06-09 Lisa 1 2012-06-09 Lisa 2 2012-06-09 Lisa and Dominique

Also a great shot with the very talented film maker Dominique Luchart.

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