And just when you thought you could no longer be shocked or seduced in men’s fashion, there he is – God’s gift to women: Christian Louboutin – with the ultimate men’s shoes collection. Behold and be awed, for here they are:

Heels for Men

The Palace Boot

Glam Boots

So, John, how tight of a fit are your Christian Louboutin Huston pair of boot heels? Clearly this is a brand that needs no introduction, but for that it now highly prizes shoes for men as well as for women. So isn’t that the ultimate poetic justice in the age of equality? For that boot looks very beautiful on you.

And have you tried the medium heel calf glitter Lord Cubanos yet, for the dance floor? I love them in silver. Clac clac clac.

And then there is that sporty lavender light blue paisley Louboutin pair of low top sneakers. They are so cute. Were you able to get them? As there are probably not many pairs of that kind around they may have been sold out.  But they are too swag! You should get them quickly.

Or perhaps get one of them loafers called By the Sofa for evening at the loft, but please don’t get the Alpha Male derbies, shiny in all black with a baroque in gold embroidered derby tip – that’s too much pimping for me, unless this is your style of course – but then again you are not …

Or are you?

Because in Christian Louboutin, a man is always whomever he wants to be.

Oh, and BDMOTP’s favorite in the slide show below is the Mortimer














Story by Sandro

Photos from Christian Louboutin through GPS Radar

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