Of course it would be New York that pioneers the man-bag to become a common feature on the grand slam runways. For this is certainly not Milan elegance. Parisian chic. Or not even London swag. No, for the ultimate insult to be able to hit or slap someone you don’t like with your man-bag could only happen and come to pass FIRST on the streets of New York City. It’s so insolent. So uncivilized. So very passive-aggressive. So very New York. Funny thing then that the comment most overheard during the Helen Anthony show during New York fashion week on front row about the beautiful and stylish W I L L I A M man-bag collection was ‘it’s about time’ (for man-bags to become mainstream).

So here is a New York exclusive as BDMOTP was granted backstage access after the Helen Anthony show in New York City in February 2018 for our special reporter to do a small interview with man-bag designer William Ayers himself on W I L L I A M: or on how to introduce man-bags for men both manly or androgynous, or … for any kind of man really, to a larger audience.

  1. Must be an honor to work with Helen Anthony. What did you learn about style for men for handbags by the collaboration?

It was fantastic. Antony and I have been working together for a little while and I have been very much inspired by some of his patterns, and also I have been working with the jewelry designer, our handbags working off exotic materials (which) all came together for the texture.

  1. Why should men carry handbags today – is this the trend?

It’s been a trend around certain parts of the world for a long time. Certain things we brought to New York, and that’s the way things should be going.

  1. What’s the best occasion for a man to carry a W I L L I A M handbag if it’s not a briefcase?

Anytime. Men’s rules for handbags is completely changing. Anytime. When you are going to the airport, or if you are just going to dinner.

  1. Is the choice of materials important in making handbags or a briefcase for men?

One hundred percent. As important for women materials in every collection that I am inspired by. A certain origin for this (collection) was the concept of the fork, and then from that we extracted what we wanted to pull up from nature so we used crocodile, stingray, pony hair, etc.

  1. Why is the W I L L I A M collection called F U S C I N U L A?

That’s the Latin word for fork.

  1. What’s the best way for a man to carry a W I L L I A M handbag or briefcase on the streets of New York?

Any way they want.

  1. Is the W I L L I A M collection for men designed just for pleasure or more for work purposes?

More on the pleasure side.

  1. We all pretend to know what’s in a woman’s handbag; but what item goes best in a man’s (if it’s not a briefcase)?

Daily wallet, keys. A man’s life is a little more simple so he does not need so many things.

  1. Can we find W I L L I A M at Bergdorf Goodman Men’s very soon (if not already)?


  1. Who would be the best dressed man on the planet carrying a W I L L I A M bag?

Oh wow … I don’t know! Anyone that is just fantastic.
























Interview by Gaby, story and questions written by Sandro and photos from Helen Anthony through W I L L I A M.

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