Not the first time covering Acne Studios we notice each time and again the remarkable care and precision and quality of the work of creative director Jonny Johansson. This time no exception. And there is always this elegance of the simplicity of the creations that shines through. And colors that are unusual and rare. Patterns, ideas, and forms taken from new and refreshing sources such as in this collection the drawings of children who were asked what they think of clothing. Elegance, simplicity, naïve artwork with some chunky cotton flocking, pastel colors like camel and pastel grey mixing with electric blue and the red-orange of mandarin, poppy stripes warm pulls and sweaters. Knitwear, knitwear and more knitting even going as far as knitted necklaces of metallic yarn. Oversize is the ruling signature as in many other fashion shows this Paris fashion week as a sign of the times. Different yarns and wools. Beautiful bountiful sweaters, the hallmark wear of any good winter, but in gorgeous and simple tones and patterns. Pullovers, crew necks, turtle necks.

One has to love this work and these creations for the simple ambition in that it highlights the beauty of the core value of what we think of first as when we think of clothes (and indeed such it may be in the child-like conception) in general: The knitted sweater or pull-over! Where did you get that sweater, it looks beautiful!? It is the very first think we see on a person before we see their jacket, their coat, or their shoes – let alone your pants.

Thus the knitted sweater is the one piece that offers most room and inspiration for creativity and for the courage to express yourself, and it is the first thing ever we remember as a child of having worn that was both beautiful and special. And so Jonny Johansson is our master sweater maker. In fact it is remarkable in how the coats come to look like beautiful sweaters in this collection.

Some of the secrets of the special simple beauty of the Acne Studios collections we see year in year out probably lies in the meticulously consistent sartorial work processes that are implemented in the making and fabrication thereof. For we were once privy to see all the different look books and drawings that it takes to make a single collection. The wealth of detail and precision was truly astounding, so when seeing the Acne Studios collections on the runway or live in person you know you are witnessing a creation as a result of a superior production process. And this shows.

So nothing to reinvent here. No false millennial dreams. No deconstruction necessary. Just beautiful and elegant knitted sweaters slowly becoming classy coats. Timeless. Superior. Beautiful. Only by Acne Studios with Jonny Johansson.























Story by Sandro and photos from ACNE.

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