This is not the first time we are covering Sankuanz, the designer better known as Shangguan Zhe from China, whose emphasis in his creations and his collections lies with advanced materials / fabrics and the concept of functional urban warrior outerwear. As we are used of course to seeing North Face, Columbia, Patagonia, Kathmandu, and other outdoor action wear companies like Carhartt, the difference with Sankuanz is that here we find a high end designer / brand collection which purports to create high – end functional clothing (called engineered outerwear) made for the urban jungle helping you with ‘fighting for a living’ (from the press release).

Advanced and innovative materials, fabrics, and techniques are used in the creation process which allows for some interesting stalwarts like neoprene menswear and fiber protected parkas, hoodies, or even jeans. Protection from outer elements is thus a strong motif in this collection as also the shoes-turned-rubber sandals is meant to protect you from the urban wilderness. After wading outside on the dirty streets, you can just shake them off your transformable sneakers. And clearly protective motor cycle tops and pants, as well as motor cycle gloves, would then also feature well into this show.

Add still a couple of multi-task pockets and safety straps here and there and indeed you get the idea of an individualist avant-gardist urban fire fighter who sets out to solve issues on his own account. Or for the account of Sankuanz who manages still to ‘break the wall’ (show theme) into the direction of unexplored sartorial horizons in engineered urban outerwear for the AW 18 collection.
























Words by Sandro and photos by Sankuanz.

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