Watching those Rock Chic Beatle wigs in vibrant anime style pass by on the RYNSHU runway can be lots of fun and we hope you get a good impression from the pictures below. Because this old Japanese master who changed his name many times but who eventually settled for RYNSHU always managers to deliver.

This time he is inspired by a rock tune music video he has been working on in collaboration with musical artists, but the basic concepts for his collections are always nearly the same: Classy Japanese techniques that go back ages, a wealth of fancy materials (Alpaca, Cashmere, silks, and viscose), flower embroideries and special stitching, and aye, those many shades of black supported with some cool sotto voce hues like eggplant, fuchsia, lilac or midnight blue.

This all always for a grand show makes. And if you then still add to this those androgynous anime looks as if it is the latest installment of your local cosplay event the picture becomes complete.

RYNSHU has a store in Paris on 270 rue St Honoré and undoubtedly would be an excellent stylist for a major movie release in Hollywood one day if he is not already collaborating on a similar project. And yes, hence all the praise, celebrities are seen at the RYNSHU events but thank god not every designer frequented by the Instagram elite has yet gone mainstream. For it is often the mainstream that has the ability to kill off an original style by demanding that the speed of reinvention and innovation is increased manifold. But there is nothing to reinvent here it is just perfect as is.

Therefore, that the Rock Chic of RYNSHU may last forever.






















Words by Sandro and photos from RYNSHU

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