Going to a Boris Bidjan Saberi show is always a guilty pleasure that leaves you for wanting more. So to the next show you go. Despite the theme always being the same. Long lost travel. Overcoming impossible obstacles. Adventurism and masculinity from a forgotten era before Disney bought Star Wars. Think Dune (there is a reason this fabulous book was never put on a film again). More so think Chronicles of Riddick. Radiation goggles. Leather hides and straps with buckles made from mysterious rare earth materials or tar-like synthetics with properties never seen before. Monochrome colors for long dusty roads that never end. Sunsets or dawns that never come. You get the drift as you drift away slowly when watching this gem of a show.

So for those of you who are new to the work of this middle aged master, Boris Bidjan Saberi, besides being a prolific designer, is also an adventurer, an ice climber, and a cave explorer, who is apparently quite capable in channeling his inner Han Solo from experience so that in artistic life he finds the creativity and the energy to put up futuristic characters for all to be seen – aye encountered – as personas on the runway.

We’re here …

In the past we had the chance once to try on one of the boots that belongs to the costumes and they are mighty heavy, pointy, and frankly – dangerous to boot. We also had the experience of sampling his dark perfume and again completely in line of character of his stark and dark and dusty creations this dusky smell fell right home. So it is funny to think that the Boris Bidjan Saberi Flagship store is in Barcelona, which is such a colorful and happy place, whereas then it must be said that there is also a store somewhere in Gotham – New York.

Which ultimately may be more of the right fit as a setting for this type of the Boris Bidjan Saberi Philip K. Dick universe:

“You mean old books?”

“Stories written before space travel but about space travel.”

“How could there have been stories about space travel before –“

“The writers, made it up.”

― Philip K. Dick in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
























Words by Sandro and photos from Boris Bidjan Saberi.

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