The Agnès b. show and collection this week in Paris is as elegant and timeless in its beautiful simplicity as ever and because indeed it is becoming difficult to still find nice words to describe her style and way with fabrics, it came as a welcome relief that Agnès herself is always very keen in her press release to write down very precisely not only what the collection is all about and how it was inspired, but also that she always likes to leave a few encouraging words and some motivation for those who so admire her creations.

So here from above as per directive from the boss herself here is a short guide for gentlemen on how to wear it in style when you dress:

  • Dare to be yourself
  • Mix raw materials with sophisticated materials
  • Be authentic
  • Be faithful to your own values
  • Assert yourself
  • Pick a full jersey outfit: coat, jacket, pants, and shirt
  • Never sacrifice to your style
  • Keep a couture style always
  • Make it wear easy

Inspiration for this latest Agnès b. marvel of a collection came from the early seventies, from Bob Dylan, from the rock band the Animals, and from the desire to always create new personalities from different eras in this case bringing back the Parisian dandy from the streets of yore.

With this type of class on display one of course cannot fail to spot then some unusual items which may seem out of style today but which are really timeless menswear stalwarts if you think about it: the knickerbocker with pulled up socks, berets and classy hats, simple windbreakers, wool pullovers in faded colors, tweed patch pocket jackets, wide cotton trousers, etc. etc. and this list goes on and on and on to show you (just take a look at the slideshow) that in order to look timeless and elegant and feel great and wear a simple smile on your face rather than a sullen urban scowl that you really need no trendy urban chic or contemporary cool or popular clothes – because life is not about you after all when you finally get away from your smartphone. No, the latest Agnès b. grand collection proves once again that dressing nicely for men is, and always was, about feeling happy and looking good, and stylish, and comfortable. No likes necessary.
























Words by Sandro and photos from Agnes b.

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