BDMOTP can always count on Oliver Spencer to give us just what we hope to see each season in London: traditional British topped with just enough trend to keep things relevant, but not enough to spoil its distinctly British roots. This is a brand we’ve always loved not just because of its dapper style, but also because of its diversity, using models of all ages, sizes shapes and colors, reminding us that Oliver Spencer’s clothes are for every man.

The collection for AW18 was titled ‘Love Is The Drug,’ and, fittingly enough, was inspired by a day in the glorious city of London. Perhaps the dark grey trousers and jackets bring up thoughts of the Thames or London’s skyline. Touches of burgundy remind us of London’s thriving nightlife scene, and help us remember that love is indeed, the drug.

Fabrics like corduroy and velvet are serving a purpose other than style — making sure that our men are kept warm and comfortable during cold and blustery winter weather. Touches of cream and winter white bring in thoughts of warmth. Other wintery fabrics like sheepskin and fur line coats are are used in collars. Jackets come in various fabrics, lighter for autumn, like leather and BDMOTP especially loved a colorblocked wool coat. We’re a little unsure about the cuffed pants — after all, with the recent winter weather, those ankles need to be covered up, but we can only hope for a 2018 winter warm enough for ankle exposure.
























Words by Lori Zaino and photos from Oliver Spencer.

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