BDMOTP couldn’t agree more with Liam Hodges tagline for their AW18 collection — “Everybody’s Free to Feel Good.”

This rings true when it comes to fashion. Men should feel good in what they wear, selecting garments that give them confidence and poise. Liam Hodges aims to tell men that they can still be boys if they want. They don’t have to grow up, suit up and become stuffy if they don’t want to.

And it’s true. It’s easier now than ever to be stylish and fancy man without looking stuffy, as fashions are shifting from Savile Row to streetwear. Long gone are the days you’ll be tossed out of an expensive shop for wearing a track suit or sweatpants. The more relaxed, the better.

Liam Hodges AW18 collection is all about being youthful and fun. With references to 90s TV shows, denim, tracksuits and airbrushed garments take the front line. Silhouettes range from baggy to slim, but you still see elements of the suited male, with plaid from head to toe and the ever-trending long trench coat. Warm puffer jackets and soft fabrics make the line not only trendy but practical for a cold, windy winter, one in which you’ll need to be protected from the elements.

Typically BDMOTP goes for a more structured look, but we are trying to loosen up a bit and enjoy the current moment in fashion, which is all about casual, comfortable activewear. It is what all the cool kids are wearing these days, anyway.
























Words by Lori Zaino and photos from Liam Hodges

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