BDMOTP is back at Milan Fashion Week and ready to check out the AW18 collections, starting with fancy shoe designer Guiseppe Zanotti, known for his glittery and bedazzled footwear collections.

This season’s collection was called Versatile, and we here at BDMOTP were thrilled to see that so many different shoe styles and types could all live under the same roof of one season’s collection.

As usual, Zanotti has his elegant shoes — velvet slip on’s embellished with jewels, studs or even a subtle ‘Bonne Nuit’ — which means ‘good night’ in French. Colors are dark and stylish, and velvet is a key player in the fabric game this season. All sorts of boots, like the combat are found with the collection too, reminding us that this is a fall-winter collection.

Then there’s the sporty set — bold and bright colors cover the certain attention-grabbing sneakers, though we suppose you could wear them to the gym. Neon and patent leather, tennis shoes and plenty of zippers, laces and more, these shoes are made for those wanting to be noticed.

This season, the brand upped their game with a new style (remember, versatility!), which was a sneaker with a built in Guiseppe Zanotti sock, taking out the complication of trying to find a fashionable pair of socks to sport with your hip trainers and cuffed trousers.

Of course, this ‘sock’ isn’t removable or washable, so you’ve got it there, attached to your shoe for life, so perhaps don’t plan to get too sporty in this particular pair!


















Words by Lori Zaino and photos from Guiseppe Zanotti.

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