Had le Corbusier still been alive today he would undoubtedly have worn The Whip by Gentle Monster. For this is celebrity and designer eyewear only. These items are so cool and stylish that we are giving them a second look and review today right before Christmas, so that, like a luxury watch for whose delivery you need to wait a cool 6 months or up to a year, you can still order them right now on time for use on front row during fashion week in June 2018. For Gentle Monster is the ultimate Christmas gift to oneself.

Yet despite having done a previous review of Gentle Monster, we are doing it again because getting one’s hands on such pictures (as with all high design items) is a veritable Tour de Force and an occasion and opportunity not to be missed. Press kits and fashion pictures / shoots come and go, and even celebrity pics do the rounds rather easily, but to be able to find the latest photos of a high design chair, table, lamp, or aye, even a fork or spoon, is usually far more difficult. Reason being is that what such photos bring is not just the introduction of a new style, but of an entire new concept.

So this is why, and for those who are familiar with Hermès or other lifestyle products it will not come as a surprise, that each new pair of designer glasses released and launched in the market becomes an event in and of itself, where a carefully crafted design and concept is introduced with the latest encomium, and with a peculiar name, a different shape, and a new outrageous color to a hungry fashion public always wanting more. For these are not mere products, but items which will come to denote the latest power, privilege and exclusivity.

And so it is with Gentle Monster. Expect to find them in the world’s most famous concept stores (sadly Colette’s in Paris is closing this week), or at a few very select high-end eyewear stores.

Following is the list of names and titles of the full Gentle Monster collection featured below:

Absente, Add Moon, Ami Adam, Black Peter, Deborah, Granny Ring, In Scarlet, Jumping Jack, Last Bow, Lovepunch, Lovesome, Mad Crush, Odd Odd, Second Boss, Sign of Two, Switch Back, The Whip, and Tool.

Words by Sandro and photos from Gentle Monster.















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