And for all those who care, and who waited so long, finally, here it is! The Jersey – Italian look. Unadulterated and brought to a summer week-end drag race on some lost local highway near you in 2018 like a newly polished gem from some old storied past by Roberto Cavalli creator-in-chief of this New Generation since 2000 collection. Slick. Greasy. Shameless. Yay! For this veritably we may well call a form of Backwater Chic that would do really well in either Naples, Marseille, or in New Jersey. Whereas perhaps not as much in cosmopolitan New York, Paris, or in Milan. So that JUST you may remember that Locals Always Rule.

Not to say that Roberto Cavalli is not an accomplished and well-renown designer for his adult line equals high class and chic for a very long time now, but that this splendid off-shoot for the same brand is a most excellent diffusion of some serious retro-chic for young adults going back to the seventies. I mean really, which brand today advertises still with word-slash-concept of rock ‘n roll? That’s so seventies. And rock has long been dead, so, aye, why not leave it up to Just Cavalli to tap into Roberto’s singular and patented class of the heritage of experimental graphics and printing to recreate THAT look – but for young people forty years later.

So yes, especially those exotic printed sweaters and pull-overs and sports jackets are worth their high-end pricing as youth emblems of a once forgotten past because they can bring back a world of yesteryear into the millennial generation. Zebra patterns? Checkers? Aye, glam rock guitars in rouge? Some of his prints are so over the top that Roberto Cavalli in the past has had to defend himself from allegations of cultural mis-appropriation.

We’D also like mention here that it was Roberto Cavalli who is responsible for the first patent on what everyone today now recognizes as the iconic sand-blasted jeans which perfectly fits in the idea of a youth brand image, so yes, hence JUST Cavalli – rock ‘n roll for the digital age – with garishly unique prints, motifs, patterns, and a variety of ugly sunglasses, blasted jeans, street wear sneakers, and some glam square-buckled snake leather belts to boot. This is the grand art of the tasteless. All pay attention.

Thus what makes this collection so cool and refreshing today is that all of it is so far past its selling date so that one may very call the JC SS18 collection a new dawn of the walking dead as long as you keep calling it cruise & resort. Because this high-end pricy menswear from a lost and forgotten decade is made JUST for shameless millennials today: voilà the Return of the City Slickers.

Words by Sandro and images from Just Cavalli by GPS Radar



























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