ASOS is a British menswear brand which has been around since 2000 – early hours for the internet still – and one of the first brands to tackle the online market for generic fashion shopping, marketing, and branding, and as such honoring its very name As Seen On Screen in the form of a cool acronym. Interestingly – as so often happens these days in different industries – its online presence has become the standard – perhaps for its sartorial quality – but then definitely for its own generic style so as to create something completely new & different in fashion retail which we may very well call Online Chic.

For this is quite a large company with 4000 employees featuring 850 brands and 80,000 branded products which is doing business online in a 140 countries worldwide but whose main markets can be found in the UK, the EU, the US, China, Russia, and of course Australia. In fact its popularity is such that ASOS has its own reality TV dating game show which can be followed online. Everyone dressed in ASOS product methinks of course. So that this becomes the new wave: a completely digitalized fashion brand where ASOS is to fashion as Bitcoin is today to the currency markets.

So why not come out with its own generic collection SS18 showing us your latest Online Chic menswear?

Funny thing is that when browsing the images online that a certain London Street Style does actually become visible as a signature and that each shown image is always nicely annotated with certain style tips or hints for each item while on display, so that the sartorial arts are now described in the form of faux fashion chic staccato marketing blending with branding blending with price blending with styles – no runway show or fashion critics necessary – as all can easily be shared before it can be seen or evaluated. Hey, why do you need a concept at all if you can instantly LIKE something with one single click? No need for a review!

ASOS from London, Alexander McQueen it is not, but it does have a unique signature and concept that in its generically created street style is cool and which will be the brand of choice for Generation Z. And for whichever generation comes after. For this is the Omega brand which is always selling, creating, and recreating in copy and paste, and in share and like, so that you can have your very own latest version of Online Chic, each click changing the trend as you go along.

Three stars please.





















Story by Sandro, Photos by ASOS through GPS Fashion Radar

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