Ok. Leave it to the Dutch to yet still improve on an American classic. And why not? As denim always is as denim does ever since the birth of the Levis 501 in 1873 as casual workman’s clothes for strong and sturdy men in America there have always been improvements, additions, subtractions, changes, and aye, even a legion of perversions to what is normally ubiquitously well-known all around as traditional Blue Jeans. So much so in fact that a veritable global fashion cult has grown up over the popularity of these items for more than one century in the making with the result today that we may very well speak of what BDMOTP likes to call Denim Chic.


  • Shredded jeans. No problem.
  • Torn up jeans. Yes sir.
  • Stonewashed, discolored, or disfigured jeans. Of course.
  • Ripped, threadbare, frayed, or laddered jeans. Absolutely.

But enter G-Star RAW from Amsterdam with their urban denim high-end collections and indeed few would dare not to admit there is room for innovation and improvement still on the world’s most favorite pair of trousers: For the many folds and creases that naturally appear in jeans are carefully worked by this company into glorious shrivels and withering wrinkles while a natural body shape is seared and pressed into the denim at the same time so that a new type of ‘street rodeo’ effect becomes visible – aye even tangible.

In fact this may very well be a fashion signature of such import and innovation that indeed it warrants a whole new brand by itself just for being so highly recognizable. So let’s leave it to the boys from Amsterdam, who work in partnership with Pharrell Williams since February 2016.

Admire the slideshow below for what it is, but please notice the individual personal character style changes that each pair of jeans takes on as they have been worked differently from pair to pair. As urban chic goes, this is a stunner and will be a must-have item for many.

Word by Sandro and photos from G-Star RAW (via GPS Fashion Radar)

RE Staq Parachute 3D Loose Cropped, Sato denim, 3d rinsedRE Motac 3D Slim, Rake denim, raw denimRE Lanc 3D Tapered, Rake denim, raw denimRE Staq 3D Tapered, Rake denim, 3d raw denim




















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