Voila the new collection for Cali brand UGG 17/18 (for men since 2012) for any guy who needs a good action boot but who does not want to go to his local sports authority to walk away with a daft regular hiking, tracking, biking, or other type of action boot, but who likes to go surfing, climbing, trekking, free running, or do parkour in STYLE, with a little velvet here and there on the ankle boot, some cool signatures on your quality loafers, and in some awesome posh colors and patterns like norse green, slate, chestnut, or camouflage, or aye, why not grizzly, while a Timberland is certainly not the answer either because it is too heavy and because it lacks that Aussie casual flair and style (UGG was founded by an Australian).

Yes and of course they come with a good inline, with ankle protection, cool strong laces, and in waterproof and weather resistant materials if you want – cold weather or warm, and yes there are exclusive boutique stores in the world’s major cities where you will have to go to find them – exclusively – for this is footwear for men of action who like to go in style as well as looking for adventures. Here at BDMOTP we will it Action-Chic.

In this particular slide show below done for the new fall-winter 17/18 collection you can just picture the boys celebrating the Australian heritage of a shoe accessorized down under in casual chic somewhere in Queensland perhaps, and worn casually, but with the important intent so as to be able to avoid stepping by mistake on a stray local huntsman spider or an indigenous black-bellied swamp snake – because – aye that is what chic ankle boots are for, not to take a selfie to be cool on Instagram but to be weather, terrain, and wildlife resistant while you are at it in wild nature on your latest adventure, hunt, or walkabout – rough weather or wild creatures notwithstanding.

Hence that the action-chic ankle boot collection you can see below is called by name respectively as Sneaker, Casual, Vestmar, Weather, Heritage, Holiday, and Olivert. And not Chelsea boots they are, so let’s call them Aussie Boots in honor to their original creator.

Words by Sandro and photos from UGG.
















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