When seeing pictures of models wandering backstage (the June 23, 2017 runway show of Namacheko SS18 in Paris) like zombies about to be thrown into the limelight comes to mind the immortal grunge anthem phrase “Here we are now, entertain us!” (credit Nirvana) because the show is about to commence but the fashion purgatory that comes right before escapes most people in general, if not the fashionistas on front row – but not the camera. Models under tense pressure but in natural poses, texting, talking, waiting, and getting styled while anticipating the worst critiques, this is clearly a mighty opportunity to capture men’s fashion unawares and in its natural basic state, so that an ever style – hungry public is apt to get a more oblique and interesting look at what is possible outside the lights and glamour of the runways.

Namacheko (since 2015) are your proverbial ‘young designers’ in that they are brother (Dilan Lurr) and sister (Lezan Lurr) who came from Kurdistan but who grew up in Sweden and who are now hitting the runways in Paris with a remarkably fresh SS18 collection. Their inspiration is the juxtaposition of western sartorial arts with the songs, dreams, patterns and colors they knew from when they left the Levant. Old love songs from the sixties in Kurdistan come to mind. But because we are living in 2017 where everything is fast and furious and hardly traditional here is a reported quote by the designers when describing the SS18 collection:

“The most important aspect, is the present, the now.”

And that brings us back to the typically western style trepidations of professional performance and pressure of models you can find backstage anxiously waiting for the curtain to fall. So we do not wish to withhold from you these quality images as they can well show us the ephemeral beauty of men’s fashion still in disguise: for with the lights out, it’s less dangerous, and you may feel stupid, and contagious – of not knowing what is about to happen until when you step blindly up onto the runway.

For here we are now, entertain us…

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