Birkenstock is a very old family company (AD 1774) of master cobblers from the Frankfurt region of Germany who learned their artisanal accessory-making skills from working for centuries in orthopedics but who now offer a wide range of very interesting products for men around the globe who are interested in casual urban chic. That the company’s motto is simply ‘a healthy living’ should stand for something because BDMOTP is glad to introduce here Birkenstock’s very functional and beautiful current variety of bags and sacks for men that surely would look very good in Milan, New York, Paris, London — or Shanghai for that matter.

The Handbag

Birkenstock Group

Always super useful we like to dub this a ‘City Bag’ as you can take it anywhere anytime and it comes in handy always both for business or personal affairs. Everything fits in there from laptops, notepads, and books, to writing materials and personal belongings.

The Duffel

Birkenstock Group
Of course this is better than a NorthFace duffel bag — what are you thinking, and it may even be better than a real Louis Vuitton because at LVMH you are paying for the name and not so much for German quality. Highly recommended for the tough and rough traveller who goes a bit unshaven with some boots and Stetson perchance. Travel the road in style with Birkenstock and noone will ask you where you got your bag.

The Rucksack

Birkenstock Group
But of course in Germany they would use the English and call it a backpack whereas rucksack is a German notion to begin with – but it’s basically the same; you wear it on your back, to go to school, to hike, or to go trekking. Please note that as far as functionality goes Birkenstock makes several types of backpacks, in order words the range for the models in this product category is higher than with the other assorted bags. Again, it’s functional, durable, simple – and therefore quite classy.

The Sports Bag

Birkenstock Group
Just as sturdy, but a little more space than the handbag or travel bag, this one even carries your bowling ball, so let’s call it a sports bag. Perfect to crumble up your dirty clothes after a good sports match, whether that’s going to be racketball or squash, tennis, bowling, soccer, or basketball. Good for all sports and leisure except for hockey or football or other sports where you need a lot of equipment, this beautiful Birkenstock sports bag is going to turn you into a gallant locker room hero as you will be known for your classy sports elegance.

The Travel Bag

Birkenstock Group
Birkenstock likes to call it a weekend bag which is quite to the point as this the bag you need for a quick weekend getaway with your friends for a day or so. Comfortable, spacious, and durable this is going to give you lots of joy when fellow weekend revelers are trying to either show off their latest Gucci bags, or worse, that ubiquitously boring Fred Perry monster which seems to be made for people who loves to only carry their court shoes and a polo in a mistaken effort to be super cool. No, go for the sturdy tough quality look of Birkenstock and bring away some weekend items which others do not expect.

The Man Bag

Birkenstock Group
And finally, of course, the man bag, that deliciously ambiguous item which still today has the potential to get some men talked about in ways that society at large would least have one suspect it because of the very notion of a man being entitled to have a hand bag is still considered as ‘strange’ in some parts of this world. But let’s get over that, and what better way to do it than with a sturdy and tough looking durable German-made Birkenstock with its traditions going back all the way to 1774.
Birkenstock, excellent accessories for men of today.

Words by Sandro and photos from GPS Radar by Birkenstock.

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